“You keep your mouth shut!” Chuck said coldly.
“Ouch, you still want to give her a hard time?” The strong man sneered, upset, and a few of his younger brothers came around.
“Release him!” Chuck’s face did not change.
“Release him?” The strong man scorned, “Five million principal is paid back, but what about the interest? How about 100,000 a day in interest? He borrowed it for a total of 15 days! It’s one and a half million, pay up!”
“You guys!” Yolanda is angry.
Yolanda’s mother is stunned, his daughter actually has five million in the card?
“If you don’t pay, your father still won’t leave today!” The big man snorted, “Sure, what if you stay with me for a few nights and I give you a discount? Haha!”
“Shame on you!” Yolanda was annoyed, she really didn’t think it would be like this, 1.5 million!
Chuck pulled her behind him.
“Not releasing anyone is it!” Chuck stared at these people.

As expected, his hunch was right, these people would really mess up, they had collected five million, but now they wanted one and a half million in interest?
Open robbery?
“You’re looking for death, aren’t you, boy?” The big man came over with a sneer, carrying a steel pipe and a murderous look on his face, and the other boys all came around, their eyes fierce.
“Go die!”
Chuck grabbed the back of the iron bar and smashed it out.
Ouch! Hitting the strong man on the head, he immediately had blood coming out all over his head and sat down on the ground, looking shocked that he had been hit?
“You, on, waste him, waste him!!!” The big man was annoyed, what had he ever been beaten like that?
The other boys were also confused and they rushed up.
“Yolanda, take your aunt and uncle away,” Chuck shouted, what the hell, kick it out and say it again.
One little brother fell to the ground screaming as he covered his stomach ouch.

Chuck didn’t have any intention of stopping, how heavy was the kick, how could a skinny guy resist it? It was good that he didn’t get kicked unconscious.
But seven or eight people beat Chuck with a steel pipe, and he was a little unable to carry it, and he was hit a few times, grimacing in pain, but fortunately, he had learned a few days of boxing and was quick and accurate in his strikes.
He was beaten, but there were also three people who were writhing and screaming on the ground with their blood-soaked heads covered.
“Come on, Yolanda! You guys go first!” Chuck yelled, he was in pain but was excited by the fight, he felt that the fight was fun.
Yolanda was red-eyed, she ran over to untie her dad and let him leave with his mom, she picked up the stones on the ground and went over to help Chuck, she really couldn’t leave Chuck alone like that.
Chuck was surprised that Yolanda came over, he couldn’t care about the man’s what, he lifted his leg and kicked his crotch, a few sobbing screams rang out inside this ruin.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the other side of the car and see if it’s a good idea to take a look.
Chuck was only relieved that he had hung himself, but having knocked out so many people, Chuck thought that he would be a fighting master in the future, along with his old mother, ah?
“Are you okay, Chuck?” Yolanda ran over, she saw that Chuck was sweating, this was from hitting too many people earlier, he had also been hit a few times and it hurt.
“It’s fine, you should get out,” Chuck said, he still had to talk to this person, or else Yolanda’s family would have no peace in the future?
“No, how can I leave alone it’s you who helped me?” Yolanda shook her head, she could never do such a thing.
Chuck looked at her a few more times and walked up to this strong man, who was also shocked that a few of his little brothers had been knocked unconscious like this?
“You, what do you want?” The strong man stood up with his head covered.
Chuck kicked out and the strong man fell to the ground screaming, “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me!”
“Do you know who I am?” Chuck squatted down and stared at him, his eyes were cold inside.
“I don’t know,” the strong man shook his head, but at this time, the coldness in Chuck’s eyes made him afraid.
He felt like an ant for such a moment.
“If you bother Yolanda again, I’ll let you know who I am!” Chuck stared at him and smashed the iron rod in his hand on the ground, the strong man was scared to death.

He felt fear, “No more, no more.”
“Remember, mess with me and I want your whole family dead!” Chuck stood up, for that moment, like a king, Yolanda was dumbfounded, she had never seen Chuck like this, this kind of look! , even she felt fearful.
The strong man’s face was white with fear, and Chuck stared at him one last time, turning to Yolanda and saying, “Let’s go out.”
“Good.” Yolanda came back to her senses and followed Chuck out, this strong man got up from the ground and so did the other little brothers, these little brothers had Had to cover his stomach, some had to cover his head, but all were furious, “Boss, let’s get someone to scrap him!”
“Yeah, this kid actually hit us like that! I can’t swallow this!” A bloodied junior said fiercely.

Strongman slaps out a takedown!
This little brother was confused, “Boss, why are you hitting me?”
“This man is not simple, let’s not mess with him!” The strong man’s heart was palpitating, the look in his eyes just now was too frightening, he had the kind of look he had when he saw Master Hong in the capital.
“Why ah? Isn’t this kid a fighter? Let’s call twenty of our brothers and make sure we beat the shit out of him!”
“It’s not that simple, this person is probably in the same category as Master Hong in the capital, can’t afford to mess with him.” The big man shook his head.
“What? Master Hong?” These boys are paralyzed with fear, they are the loan sharks, how can they possibly compare to the capital’s Master Hong? Not even qualified, people stomp their feet, but they’re dying people!
This strong man nodded, “Yes, someone similar to Master Hong…”

At this time, Chuck, Yolanda, and her parents had already walked to the side of the road, in stopping the car, Yolanda’s father was too embarrassed to talk, while her mother was different, more and more satisfied with Chuck, she thought her daughter’s boyfriend was very good, her daughter will be lucky.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it’s a good idea to take a look at the car.
Logan, of course, wouldn’t be angry, smiling, and saying that Chuck shouldn’t think too much about it.
Chuck was only relieved to hear Logan’s gentle voice, he took off his clothes, his back was bruised, he had just been beaten with a few sticks, and this time finally started to hurt, Chuck was in pain.

“What’s wrong Chuck?” Over here Logan heard Chuck’s squeaky grin, and she was concerned that the
“Nothing.” Chuck certainly didn’t want to say that he had been beaten.
“Chuck be careful.” Logan was worried, she’d been feeling a little unsettled all afternoon, she was waiting for Chuck to come over and take her out, but all afternoon there hadn’t been. She was still a little disappointed, but even more worried that something had happened to Chuck?
“En, Aunt Logan, you go to bed early,” Chuck said.
Chuck hung up the phone.
But when he went out, he heard noises, and he came out of the bathroom confused.
And then he saw that Aunt Yolanda had actually come to the door, what was this?
“Grass mud horse’s, How poor you are, owe someone money her mother to solve her own, ah, now people have found me.” She was annoyed, she just went shopping well, was dragged into the alley and threatened, said to pay back the money, she doesn’t even owe anyone money, what money? She’s all scared to death, and after the people leave, she immediately thinks of Yolanda’s family, and she thinks she’s been implicated.
But she didn’t know that it was her that the others were looking for!

“Auntie, we’ve paid off our money,” Yolanda explained.
“Paid off?!” The aunt slaps Yolanda heavily, and a slap mark immediately appears on Yolanda’s white cheek, Yolanda sighs, this is even Auntie got, she felt guilty so she wasn’t going to return the favor, she shook her head, “Auntie, we have really paid it off.”
“Paid off in one afternoon? Do you think I’m stupid? Where did you get $5 million? To steal, to rob, or to sell, eh?” Auntie stared at Yolanda.
“Auntie, don’t go too far.” Yolanda stared at her.
“Too much? You poor bastards, you’re threatening me. Why don’t you die? If you can’t pay back the money, go jump off a building, then you don’t have to!” Auntie screamed in annoyance, how did she get a relative like that?

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