Chapter 256: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 256 Kerry’s Secret (1)
“How long has it passed?” Venus Mu tightly gripped Xiran Xiao’ s hand, conveying her inner panic.

“Three minutes.” Xiran looked at the time on her phone.

There was only a minute and a half left just now, and now…It’s already the time to blow up.

“I’ll call him.” Venus looked panicked and the phone taken out dropped on the floor. Tianye Mu bent down to pick it up for her and calmly said, “I’ll do this.”

Venus nodded.

He then made a call to Kerry Ye, but a mechanical female voice came, “Sorry, the phone you dialed cannot be connected at the moment.”

This was the last thing they wanted to hear.

“Something must have happened to him. Brother, I’m going to look for him.” Venus said, tears about to fall again.

Tianye couldn’t sit still any longer, “Okay, I’ll take you to him. But you’d better tell Yehuang’ s vice president, so he can keep the party running.” As for the enemy in the shadow, Tianye thought they had withdrew.

“Good.” Venus squeezed out a smile on her face and strode over to one vice president. Seeing the boss’s wife coming over, he hurriedly got up.

“Mr. Chen, I wanna talk to you, alone.”

“Oh, good.” Manager Chen was obviously full of doubt, but he followed Venus and went to a corner.

Venus remembered that Kerry had mentioned that Mr. Chen was always his henchman, who was loyal to him.

“He asked me to tell you that the rest of the meeting will be hosted by you, and that it must end perfectly.”

He was surprised at first, but quickly returned to normal, “Okay, don’t worry. We’re here and I promise that nothing will happen.”

“Well, that’s good. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. That’s what I should do.”

When Venus was talking to him, Tianye also received the information that all monitoring facilities were damaged a few minutes ago, and had not yet been recovered, so the hotel’s technical department was trying to solve it.

“Got it. You guys patrol around the venue and immediately detain any strange people if you see them.”

“Yes, boss.”

Tianye hung up the phone and looked at Xiran with concern.

Xiran knew what he was considering, so she said, “Don’t try to get rid of me this time. Let me do some something. Although I don’t have much affection for Kerry, this time I don’t want to just sit there and wait for news.”

“Xiran, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry about that. I can’t defeat you, but ordinary people are definitely not my opponents.”

Tianye smiled helplessly, “Okay, but promise me, if you really encounter any danger later, you must stand behind me.”

“OK! I promise you.”

Arranging things, the three hurried out of the hotel and Tianye’ s car had been waiting at the door.

“To the beach.”

Looking at the neon lights outside the car window, she suddenly remembered Pingan, so she made a phone call to the villa. Luckily, it was answered after several beeps, “Hello? Ye family’ s villa.”

“John, it’s me. How’s Pingan?”

“Oh, young lady. He’s fine. Henry accompanies him. Don’t worry.”

Venus said in a serious tone, “We have some problems here and you have to be careful. Make sure he’s safe, please.”

John also turned serious, “Oh, I see, young lady, don’t worry. Even if I die, I won’t let Pingan get hurt. Young lady, what’s going on? What do you need us to do?”

Venus was about to say no, but she still told the truth, “Someone just tried to attack the annual meeting with a bomb, and Kerry left alone with the bomb in order to save everyone. My brother now was heading towards the beach.”

John gasped, “Really? Young lady, don’t worry, Henry and I will protect Pingan here. Please take care of yourself.”

Venus was somewhat a little moved, “I see. Thank you.”

After finishing the phone call, the tears ran down her eyes. Xiran hugged her and wiped her tears with a tissue, comforting her, “Kerry was born different from us. He’ll make it. He won’t die so easily.”

Venus cried for a while, easing a little bit of her nervousness, before straightening her back from Xiran’ s arms.

“Xiran, thank you.” Venus said with no energy.

Xiran almost slapped her on the head, “What are you talking about? That’s what we should do.”

Venus bit her lower lip, full of worries.

Tianye, who was on the passenger seat, fiddled with his phone. Xiran asked, “How can you just sit there?”

Without looking up, Tianye said, “A bomb that big would make a huge noise if it exploded, and I’m trying to find out if anyone has sent out any information about it on the Internet.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I’ll look for it too.” Before Xiran’ s phone was taken out, she heard him exclaim, “There it is.”

Venus and Xiran immediately leaned in and asked, “What did it say?”

Tianye read, “When I was about to sleep, there was a loud bang outside the window, which broke the glass. Was there an explosion somewhere?

Attached to the bottom of the tweet was a picture of the dark night sky with a reddish glow, which, if they were right, that was the place where the bomb went off.

“Do you know where it is?” Venus asked nervously.

Tianye zoomed in the picture and looked at it again and again, “It’s too vague…Don’t worry, I’ll ask him by private message.”

Venus gazed at his screen. That’s her only hope.

“He said it’s on the beach, but he doesn’t know the exact address.”

Venus weakly returned to her seat with frustration. Her hope had lost again.

The car ran towards the seaside at a crazy speed. Inside the car was too depressing, so Xiran broke the silence and asked Tianye, “Do you think who sent the bomb?”

Tianye was looking ahead, his voice full of deep concern, “I don’t know. Kerry has offended so many people.”

Xiran pinched his shoulders. What was he talking about? He would only make Venus more worried.

“He is right. Kerry does have many enemies.” Venus’s tone was very low.

Xiran said, “But there has to be a target.”

Tianye was silent for a while, “I don’t think it has nothing to do with Gavin.”


He explained, “In Sky City, no matter how much grudge someone holds towards Kerry, he will at least show some respect to Chinese culture. And he will do that after the Spring Festival. Besides, if the bomb is denotated, big wigs will all die. Do you think he can face the cost?” Tianye paused and continued, “But only Gavin won’t care about the rules or who are inside, for he just wants to take crazy revenge on Kerry.”

Venus trembled at these words. The masked Gavin didn’t look so vicious, who was also warm to Pingan, could do such a thing?

“But there are doubts about this, too.” In the meantime, Tianye was not sure about his judgement.

“What?” Xiran asked.

“According to Kerry’ s information, the friend of Gavin, Xuan Chu, is still looking for Gavin on various islands, so if Gavin came to the mainland, he should have been informed already.

Xiran did not think so, “It made sense, OK? If this bastard is well hidden and he doesn’t want Xuan Chu to know his whereabouts, how can he find him?”

That’s what worried Tianye, “If our enemy is Gavin, it’s very dangerous. He knows every one of us, but we don’t know anything about him. Even if he comes to us one day, we won’t know him at all.”

“Exactly.” Xiran echoed, turning back to look at Venus, who was full of worry and frustration, wondering why God treated such a good girl unfairly. She kept running into paranoids.

The road to the east sea was smooth, and it was almost late at night, so there were almost no vehicles on the road. They didn’t know the exact address, so they could only follow the road first.

As the car came to the seashore, Venus got out of the car once it stopped. Her dress was too long, and she almost stepped on it and fell down, but Tianye was quick enough to support her, and helped her put on the driver’s jacket and wrap it around her naked shoulders.

As for Tianye’ s own jacket, it was of course on Xiran.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 256 Kerry’s Secret (2)
The sea in the darkness was very mild, with the only sound of wind and waves, but fortunately, there was a full moon hanging in the sky, providing a dim light for them.

Venus Mu shouted at the sea, “Kerry! Kerry!”

What answered her was the wind.

Tianye Mu, Xiran Xiao and the driver did not dare to go too far away from her, who were also looking around.

“Kerry!” They were searching for him with no stop. Not far away suddenly came the sound of footsteps, so they looked towards the direction with cautiousness, only to see two people running this way.

“Don’t get too nervous. They are my men.” Tianye said.

The ones who came were the subordinates that Tianye had ordered to come over earlier, who were also looking for Kerry on the beach, and when they heard a noise over here, they came over to take a look.


“Have you found anything?” Tianye asked straightforwardly.

The man shook his head, “Not yet. But when we came here, there was still the smell of gunpowder in the air, but due to the sea breeze, it quickly dissipated.”

Tianye further asked, “Is it strong?”

“It’s not very strong. Maybe we came too late.”

It was at least an hour from the time the bomb blew up until they came to the beach, but the smell of gunpowder was still in the air after such a long time, which showed the power of the bomb.

That bastard, planned to flatten the building.

Tianye cursed inside and said to his men, “Keep searching. And, bring some lifeboats. Search both the beach and the sea.”


Venus’s high heels had already left her feet, and her long dress was also a trouble, causing her to trip over her feet almost every time she took a step. Therefore, from the cut line of the dress, she shortened it to her knees. She found it easier to walk, not caring that she herself would be cold.

“Kerry!” Venus called out again and again and how she wanted him to respond. No matter what he became, even without arms or legs, she wished he was still alive.

The coastline was so long that no one knew where the bombs had gone off, so they searched the area with only a little hope. Half an hour later, five or six cars appeared in the darkness and drove this way.

Tianye took out his pistol and blocked Xiran and Venus behind him, while the rest of his men were also on standby.

The cars were getting closer and closer, and the headlights are very bright at night. He aimed at the driver in the first car with his gun, but the man seemed to see him, so he flashed the lights. The car also slowed down.

Tianye wondered whether they were the ones on his side?

The car stopped three meters away, with several people getting out of the car. Venus walked up from behind and pressed down her brother’s gun.

“Brother, Kerry’s men.”

The leader hurriedly ran up to ask Venus, “Young lady, Henry ordered us to come here to look for boss.”

“Are there enough people in the villa?”

“Young lady, don’t worry, Henry has made all the arrangements. There are enough people over there at the villa.”

“That’s good.” Venus’s voice was a bit hoarse.

“Young lady, where do we start?”

Venus moved away and said, “Let my brother tell you. Follow his orders.”

“Yes, young lady.” They did not have any objections. Although there was some friction with Tianye in the past, he also knew that now the relationship between the two families were repaired.

Tianye directly ordered, “Bring as many lifeboats as possible. You guys go to search the inner part of the beach. Be careful and move fast.”

“Yes, Mr. Mu.” The leader then gave others the order, and soon, dozens of people disappeared in the darkness, only the sound of calling “Kerry” could be heard.

Venus’s feet hurt, and she didn’t know what she had just stepped on. However, she couldn’t stop. Maybe Kerry might be waiting for her to rescue her.

“Venus, there are enough people here. You and Xiran go sit in the car.” Tianye didn’t want his two most important women to bustle about like this.

“Brother, I’m not tired.” Venus refused.

“Listen to me, OK?” Tianye got a little bit fierce.

Xiran said, “At this time, one more person, more help. Just one night without sleep won’t be a big deal.”

“But it’s too freezing. You two might get sick.” Tianye insisted.

Xiran, however, didn’t care, “Just a cold. Some medicine and injections will help.”

“Brother, she’s right. Don’t worry about me. Now I don’t know where Kerry is, so how can I just sit there? Brother, I’m not a little girl.”

Facing two stubborn women, Tianye had no choice but to surrender, “Okay, but don’t be stupid. As soon as you can’t hold on, get back immediately.”

“Yes, yes, I will.” Xiran patted his arm and smoothly took out the pistol from his waist, “I’ll take this with me and I’ll go with Venus. We know how to protect ourselves.”

Tianye didn’t have any objections, “Well, I’ll be around. Call me if you need anything.”

“Got it.”

When it’s getting darker, the temperature got lower. Venus held her shoulders tightly as she walked step by step on the beach, whose legs were so numb because of the sea wind.

Xiran supported her and went with her. The sea waves kept lashing the shore, and the waves were like white foam under the moonlight.

Their throat was so dry that they could only cry out after a long time, “Kerry, where are you?”.

In the latter half of the night, more than ten lifeboats arrived, and they immediately threw themselves into an intense search, so the sea became crowded.

As time passed by but there was no information about Kerry. Venus was losing her hope. She didn’t dare to think about what would happen if Kerry died, so she kept recalling that Xiran’ s words—he was different and God wouldn’t let him die so easily.

3:00 AM, 4:00 AM, 5:00 AM…

Venus was torn by something and also, she was so tired that she fell straight to the ground, taking Xiran with her.

“Venus, how are you doing?” Xiran asked her anxiously, whose melodious voice was now hoarse.

Venus bit her teeth and shook her head, whose voice was also the same, “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

“Come on, get up and sit down for a while. Let’s take a break.” Xiran grabbed her arm to help her up. When she touched her, she felt she was hot. Then she quickly put her hand on Venus’s forehead, saying seriously, “You’re having a fever.”

“I’m fine.” Venus repeated over and over again. Fever was not a big deal, compared to Kerry’ s death.

Xiran sighed, “Your body is still recovering. Don’t you remember your wound? How can you withstand the cold wind overnight? Get into the car to have some rest, OK?”

Venus, however, didn’t move. Xiran couldn’t persuade her and when she took a look at her, she found Venus was crying.

At this moment, Xiran’ s heart ached.

Venus was calm and her sadness couldn’t be sensed, “Xiran, please help me. I need to search again those places. I don’t believe he’s dead. Even if he is, I want to see his body.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 256 Kerry’s Secret (3)
Xiran didn’t know what to say. She had always been under the impression that Venus was a girlie and fragile little woman. But now she realized that Venus is as tough and strong as her brother is.

Xiran helped Venus up, and they turned around and began retracing their steps. Dawn was breaking over the ocean. Another day was coming, and their hope was fading.

The sun finally rose up, and their vision cleared. Venus noticed a car was driving towards them. She squinted at the car and found it was Ye Family’s car.

Henry jumped out of the car and rushed towards Venus. He looked exhausted, and obviously, he didn’t sleep the whole night.

“Mrs Ye, Have you found Mr Ye?” Henry asked while running towards them.

Venus shook her head with disappointment. “No, I haven’t. Why are you here? How is Pingan?”

“He is fine.” Henry said. “Where is Mr Mu?”

Venus pointed at a figure in the distance and said: “There he is.”

“Thank you. I have something to tell him.” Henry said and was about to leave. He looked anxious.

“Wait a second.” Venus stopped him. “What happened?”

Henry turned back. He wanted to say something but he checked himself.

Venus felt angry. “What is it? Why can’t you tell me?”

“I don’t want to make you worry, so……”

“Is it Pingan?” Venus felt worried.

“No, no. He is doing fine.” Henry thought about it and finally said: “A group of people tried to break into Ye Family’s villa at three o’clock am. We fought with them, and they retreated.”

“Who are they?” Venus asked.

Henry shook his head. “It was too dark. But they were all armed. And from the bullets they left behind, we can tell they are using guns made in another country.”

“It was must Gavin! He wants to take Pingan away! That bastard loves Pingan a lot.” Venus said.

“Many of their people are injured. So they are not going to launch another attack within a short period of time. But I need to talk about it with Mr Mu.”

“Oh, I see. You can go now.”

Henry nodded. He then noticed Venus’s foot was bleeding. He gasped and said: “Mrs Ye, your foot ……”

Venus and Xiran looked down, and found blood was oozing out of Venus’s left foot. Xiran bent down to see whether the injury was serious, but Venus only said: “Forget it. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

“How can you be so irresponsible to yourself?” Xiran was angry.

“Henry, what are you waiting for? Tell Tianye what happened”

Henry heaved a sigh and left. He knows how stubborn Venus is.

“Venus, you must take a rest now! You can no longer feel your feet!” Xiran said in a serious tone of voice. She stood in front of Venus to stop her from taking another step.

Venus thought about it. She knew she couldn’t be of any help when she is in this condition, so she agreed to take a rest.

“Good. I’ll take you into the car. It’s so freezing.”

Tianye’s anger flared up in an instant when he heard Henry’s report. He said: “Damn it! I swear to god I will destroy that bastard! Tell the police what happened last night.”

Henry nodded. He just realized the police would surly intervene when they learn that there is a group of armed mercenaries in this city. Because it is a serious threat to public security. And when the police intervenes, Ye Family will be more safe.

At that moment, Tianye’s phone rang. It was one of his inferiors.

“Sir, we found a suit. We don’t know whether it is Mr Ye’s suit or not.”

Tianye’s heartbeat quickened. “Where did you find it?”

“It was floating on the sea. I’ll send it to you right now.”

Tianye then looked towards the sea. A lifeboat was returning. He was so nervous. That suit was such a bad omen. If that suit was indeed Kerry’s , Kerry had probably fallen into the sea, and his chance of survival would be slim.

Tianye waited for the boat and prayed. They would still have hope if that suit wasn’t Kerry’s.

The lifeboat finally arrived. The lifeguard gave the ragged suit to Tianye, and when Tianye saw the suit, his mind went blank. It was Kerry’s suit.

Henry took the suit into his hands and looked at it carefully. His eyes then brimmed with tears. He said in a choked voice: “These are his clothes. It was made to measure. I can recognize it!”

Tianye noticed some parts of the suit were burnt. Maybe Kerry failed to escape the explosion. He thought to himself. He clenched his teeth and refrained his anger. He said: “Now it is dawn. Ask everyone to get prepared to sail. We will find Kerry dead or alive.”

“Yes, sir.”

Of course, they all knew it wouldn’t be possible to find Kerry’s body if he was really dead.

“Henry, there is no time to feel sad! If, I mean if, Kerry is really dead, you will have lots of work to do!”

Henry nodded. “I know.”

“And also, I think you should ask Kevin to come back. So much has happened, and he should be here to help.”

“Mr Mu, I just can’t believe Kerry is really dead.” Henry said. His eyes were bloodshot.

Tianye looked at the sun. He heaved a deep sigh and said: “Me neither. But maybe that’s life. There are always so many uncertainties in our life. We always need to get prepared for the worst.”

A drop of tear rolled down Henry’ s face. “I know. I will tell Kevin about it.”

Things escalated. It was eight o’clock. The vice manager of Yehuang company called Henry suddenly. Henry picked it up.

“What’s the matter? Manager Chen?” Henry asked. His voice was tinged with sadness.

Manager Chen sounded very anxious. He said: “Henry, I tried calling Mr Ye many times but I can’t get through!”

“Maybe his phone is off. What’s the matter?”

“Just read the news! Everyone on social media is talking about Mr Ye!”

Henry said: “Fine. I’ll check it right now!”

Henry hung up the phone. He went to a website and found there was a piece of news which was titled: The CEO of Yehuang Company Disappeared Suddenly During the Annual Meeting. And there was a video, which had been viewed for over five million times.

Henry clicked on the video. It was the annual meeting last night. Kerry and Venus were opening a gift box, but when the box was opened, their faces changed dramatically. Kerry then closed the box very quickly. People can’t see what’s inside the box because of the angle. But what’s truly shocking about this video was that Kerry, who was in the middle of the picture, disappeared suddenly together with the gift box. After watching this video, Henry finally knew what happened last night.

People left all kinds of comments below the video. Some people say Kerry must has a kind of super power, and some people say this video is obviously edited.

One comment got the most likes. It says: Last night, someone appeared suddenly in front of me, but then he disappeared again. At first I thought it was an illusion, but now I believe this kind of thing happens.

Manager Chen called Henry again at that time. He asked: “Henry, what on earth happened?”

Henry took a deep breath and said: “Mr Chen, do you really believe this kind of stuff? Do you really believe Mr Ye has super power?”

Manager Chen gave an awkward laugh. He said: “Of course I don’t believe it. I’m just curious.”

Henry said: “Mr Chen, Yehuang company has achieved so much development over the last year. Even Mu’s Group is now our friend. Some people are must feeling jealous, so they want to defame Mr Ye by making this silly video.”

“Oh, I see. People were indeed shocked when they saw Tianye appearing in our annual meeting. Okay. Don’t tell Kerry about our conversation. Or he will be angry with me.”

Henry said: “Sure, I won’t. New year is coming. I wish you a happy new year.”

“Happy New Year.” Manger Chen said.

Henry hung up the phone. He sighed with relief. Luckily, it was the winter vacation after the annual meeting, and the staff could go enjoy their vacation instead of spending their time pondering on this incident.

There hadn’t been any progress. Henry didn’t dare to show Venus the suit. He knew she would go crazy when she saw it. So he called Kevin immediately. Kevin is very smart. He knows what to do in this situation. Henry thought.

“Hello, Henry. How is everything going?” Kevin said. His voice is young and energetic.

“Sir, something bad happened.” Henry’s voice was chocking.

He then told Kevin what happened in the simplest language. Kevin’s voice also changed when he learned what happened. He said: “I’ll be right back. Do remember not to tell anyone outside the family about this. If people ask you, just tell them that he has gone abroad to see his grandfather.”
“I know.” Henry said. He felt much relaxed knowing that Kevin would soon be back.

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