Chapter 256: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 256 Let Doris Do It

To acquire Marquis? Nina felt as if she had heard wrong.

But Ellie continued to speak, “You must’ve known that all of Marquis cargo ships are currently being detained, Assistant White. As an industry-oriented company, the aftermath of the cargo ships’ detention will be very serious.”

“I think that if they are detained for another day, the losses could be hundreds of millions, right?”

Nina clutched her hands. Ellie was right. It’s too fatal for them.

But she wouldn’t show her weakness, “Mrs. Ye, Marquis hasn’t reached that situation yet.”

Ellie smiled, “I personally witnessed Colin being taken away. He won’t be released in a short time for such a serious criminal charge. Even he has no chance to be released at all. Marquis won’t be able to hold on for long without him.”

“I’m acquiring Marquis to help you now so that Marquis won’t have a bigger loss.”

“But I know, you’re just a secretary and you’re not authorized to do so. So, please relay the message to your chairman and give me the prompt answer.”

After speaking, Ellie left.

She also knew when she came today that it’s impossible to immediately acquire Marquis so she wouldn’t pester further. She only needed to wait for Nina’s reply.

Since things had turned out this way, Nina became more anxious.

As per Ellie’s words, Colin wouldn’t be able to make it out in a short time indeed. Someone must take charge of Marquis’s current situation.

After thinking up to this point, she immediately thought of Doris. Doris is Colin’s wife. As chairman’s wife, she could replace the chairman temporarily.

But Doris’s current situation wasn’t fitting. Could a child manage a company?

Or, should she let Baker do it?

After a continuous hesitation, Nina decided to go and inform Baker and the others, and let them decide.

Soon, Nina arrived at the hospital.

Inside the ward, Baker and Eva were puzzled seeing Nina came.

“Assistant White, why are you here?” Eva asked.

Nina’s expression was very bad then she explained the situation briefly.

“What did you say?” Eva responded fiercely, “Colin is detained at the police station?”

“Why can’t he keep it down a bit? He always stirs up for trouble and it irritates me every time I see it.”

“It’s better if he’s arrested, otherwise he will keep causing trouble!”

Baker slightly frowned, “How is Marquis now?”

“It’s in a semi-paralysis state. So, I need someone to act on behalf of the chairman, otherwise….” Nina said nervously.

Baker also understood. This situation wasn’t favorable and someone must act the pillar.

After thinking about it, Baker said, “Let Doris do it. She’s the most suitable one.”

Eva couldn’t help but yell after hearing it, “Ask Doris to do it? What are you joking about? Doris is just a child now and you want her to go? What can she do there? Aren’t you asking her to be bullied?”

Nina slightly nodded. Those executive directors of Marquis weren’t easy to deceive.

Baker also knew about this but he still insisted on, “Doris’s status is the most appropriate, as long as you teach her how to talk later.”

Nina could only do as she was told.


After Nina left, she went to the police station to ask Jason if she could meet Colin now. Jason still shook his head. Nina had no choice but to find Doris.

Doris was at Flora’s house and she asked for Vanessa to go together.

Both of them arrived at Flora’s residence and Flora brought Doris out.

Nina explained briefly about the situation at Marquis, “Doris’s status is the most appropriate for now.”

“And some directors already know about the rumor and immediately call for the board of directors. There’s still an hour before it starts.”

“Let’s go then.”


Doris, who didn’t know what they’re talking about, could only let herself being dragged to go to Marquis.

However, at the same time, Jason’s car arrived. As soon as he ran out, he asked them anxiously.

“Have you seen Colin?”

“Huh?” They were confused, “Isn’t he at the police station?”

Seeing this, Jason knew that they hadn’t seen Colin, then he sighed, “Colin wounded the officer and escaped when everyone’s on lunch break.”

“What?” All three of them were shocked and puzzled at the same time. Why would Colin break out of the prison?

Knowing that they’re worried, Jason changed the subject, “Where are you going?”

Nina replied, “We are going to Marquis. We have to deal with some things.”

“I’ll go with you. Perhaps Colin has returned to the company.” Jason suggested.

So, five of them drove to Marquis together.

Unfortunately, Colin wasn’t here.

Jason sighed, “I’ll go to another place to look for him.”

“Then, I’ll drive you!” Flora initiated to speak.

Jason didn’t mind and nodded to agree.

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