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Chapter 257 – 258: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 257: The house was taken way

In the afternoon, Mary was in high spirits and went to the mall with Yuan Liu to buy many things.

Although the house in Hejing Garden was well decorated, there were still many furniture that needs purchasing. The house had eight bathrooms, three living rooms, and one kitchen. There were too many things needed.

Kris didn’t know how many goods Mary bought in the afternoon, but he only knew that the hundreds of thousands of dollars she had were all spent.

It was exhausting, but Kris was happy. This was the house that really belonged to the two of them.

Looking at Mary, who was loved by Kris, Yuan Liu was envious. After the purchase, Yuan Liu treated Mary and Kris to a meal. Kris bought this house, she made a big profit. At least for the next two years, she would not have to worry about life. After the meal, she and Mary exchange numbers, and then she leaves.

When Yuan Liu left, Mary looked at Kris and said, “Is there something you want to tell me?”

At Mary’s words, Kris smiled. After hiding it from her for so long, he finally needed to tell her.

“Honey, actually I…” Before Kris finished his words, he was interrupted.

At this moment, Mary’s phone rang. It was a call from Mina Li.

“Mary, when will you be back?” Mina asked.

“We’re out shopping. We’ll be back soon.” Mary said and then hung up the phone.

“Honey, let’s go back.” Mary smiled, hugged Kris’s hand, and headed to Mina’s house.

When she arrived at Mina’s house, Mina had already prepared a meal.

At the table, Kris was a little embarrassed. So was Li Mina. She didn’t even dare to look at Kris.

Today at work, she was all absent-minded. All she thought about was Kris.

Mary didn’t know what was going on between the two of them. She complimented Mina on her cooking as she ate. Mina suddenly felt guilty about her

After the meal, Kris took the initiative to wash the dishes, and Mary and Mina sat on the sofa and chatted.

When Mary said she would move out tomorrow, Mina’s smile disappeared, and she felt a bit sad.

Especially when Mary told her happy that she bought the furniture, Mina envied her very much.

“I’ve been single for so many years. It’s time to find a boyfriend. “Mina thought.


In a luxurious villa of Westriver City, an old man was sitting on a sofa, and across from him, sat a young girl.

The old man was the person who had eaten an expired Obstacle-Breaking Pill and fainted last time at the Dingding Auction.

He was Yuhan Qin’s grandfather, Tongtian Wu, one of the great envoys of The Holy Dragon Cult.

“Grandpa, please don’t be angry…”

Yuhan sat beside her grandfather and shook his hand, “Grandpa, it’s just thousand-year-old wild ginseng. We can find another one.”

“How can it be so easy to find another one,” said Tongtian angrily, “The thousand-year-old ginseng is very precious. It is used to treat your illness.”

Tongtian used to pamper Yuhan very much, but the fact that Yuhan had sold the thousand-year-old wild mountain ginseng really made him angry.

He begged an old friend to sell wild ginseng to him in order to treat Yuhan’s illness. But Yuhan sold it to others without hesitation.

Yuhan pouted, tears coming out of her eyes, “You never talk to me loud like this. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

In the past, when Yuhan pretended to be angry in this way, his grandfather wouldn’t be mad at her. But this time, Tongtian was really angry. He held back his anger and said, “Without the wild ginseng, what if your illness recurs when I am dead?”

Hearing Tongtian’s words, Yuhan cried even more fiercely, “No, I don’t want you to die. I don’t want you to leave.”

In fact, Yuhan knew that she had survived until now thanks to her grandfather, who helped her suppress the poison in her body again. If not for this, Tongtian Wu would have been able to break through the back-to-self stag more than a decade ago and wouldn’t have been trapped in the return-to-nature stage for so long.

Tongtian sighed, “Don’t worry. Grandpa won’t leave you.”

After saying this, he seemed to think of something and then stood up and said, “Pack your things and come back to the Divine Dragon Island with me.”

“Grandpa, why do you want to go back to the Divine Dragon Island?” Yuhan sobbed.

“I’m going to help you find a husband.”

“No. I don’t want to get married. I don’t want to go back to Divine Dragon Island.”

“Yuhan, don’t blame grandpa.” Tongtian thought, and then he used his genuine energy to shock Yuhan into unconsciousness.


The next morning, when Kris was sleeping, Mary ran down from upstairs in a panic and said, “Wake up. Kris, something happened to my parents.”

Hearing this, Kris woke up instantly.

At 9:00 a.m., when Kris and Mary arrived at the Tianmengyuan Villa, Jane Tang and Changhe Su were standing outside in their bare feet.

The villa’s front door had a seal on it.

As soon as she saw Mary, her mother cried, “You’re finally back, our house is taken away.”

“Mom, what happened?” Mary said, looking at her mother.

“Your mother mortgaged the house to the loan shark.” Changhe Su said, “This morning. We were sleeping, but a group of people broke in from outside and kicked your mother and me out, even changing the locks.”

“If it weren’t for you to put the money into your project, I would have paid them back,” Jane cried and accused Changhe.

“What the hell is going on? Didn’t you mortgage the house to the bank? Why did you mortgage it to the loan shark again?” Mary frowned and said

“I’ll be honest with you. Please don’t be angry.” Jane Tang said, “Actually, I didn’t mortgage the house to the bank last time, but mortgaged it to loan sharks.”

“What?” Mary was stunned when she heard this.

“The house is in your name. Without your presence, the bank would not be able to lend me money, so I mortgaged the house to loan sharks.” Jane said.

“Mom, how could you lie to me?” Mary looked at her incredulously and said, “Okay, don’t you have thirty million dollars? Why don’t you pay them back?”

“I… I wanted to pay back the money, but…….” Jane said hastily, “Your dad invested the money in another business.”

Kris, on the side was speechless.
Changhe can’t invest money with good judgment. Since he returned from overseas, the Su family had almost gone bankrupt due to his investment advice.

“Dad, can you get the money back?” Mary looked at Changhe and said.

Changhe shook his head, “Not now. But I promise that the business is very profitable. It only takes a week to get back 50 million dollars with profits.”

“A 30 million dollars investment can earn 50 million dollars with a profit in one week? This is a lie.” Mary said, “How can there be such a good investment in this world?”

Seeing Mary’s unbelief, Changhe hurriedly explained, “It can’t be a lie.”

“The initiator of the project is my college classmate. He will definitely not lie to me.” Changhe said with a mysterious face, “It is said that this is a state project.”

“Dad, is it called the Northern Development Project?” Kris said.

“It’s none of your business. You just shut your…..” Changhe said, stunned, and immediately looked at Kris with a dumbfounded look, “How do you know that? Did you also invest it?”

“Dad, this is a hoax,” Kris said.

“Impossible, he is my best friend in college,” Changhe said in disbelief.

“Dad, you just call your friend,” Kris said.

“How could he believe in such an obvious scam?” Kris thought.

Seeing that Changhe was indifferent, Mary said anxiously, “Dad, you call him quickly.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll call him now.” Changhe nodded and said, “Since you don’t believe me, then I will call to confirm it.” Changhe dialed the phone confidently.

“Sorry, the number you are calling is out of service, please…”

Hearing the voice prompt on the phone, Changhe quickly said, “He still has another number. Maybe he doesn’t use this number now.”

Then he dialed another number, “Sorry, the number you dialed is not in the service area…”

After hearing the voice prompt on the phone again, Changhe was startled. His phone fell from his hand to the ground, and the screen is broken.

“No. It’s impossible, how could he lie to me?” He said with a dull face.

Jane burst into tears suddenly. Her money was gone. She was cheated of the money, and she had to pay back loan sharks. Seeing his wife crying, Changhe also cried.

Kris didn’t know how to comfort them.

“Now, you should pay back the money first and redeem the house,” said Kris.

To be honest, the villa in Tianmeng Garden was worth thirty or forty million dollars at the current price. It was impossible to redeem the house with twenty million dollars.

Hearing Kris’s words, Jane said, “Where do we get the money to repay the loan shark?”

“I have money,” Kris said.

“You have money?” Jane said with tears, “How much money can you have? I guess you have at most twenty thousand dollars. But this money is not enough.”

Chapter 258: The jewelry was gone

Jane pointed at Kris and cursed, “You’re such a loser. If you had wealth and power, things wouldn’t be like this.”

“Exactly. You really are completely worthless.” Changhe Su said, “You go divorce Mary right now, I don’t want to be your father-in-law anymore.”

“What are you talking about?” Mary said angrily “It’s obviously your fault, why are you blaming Kris?”

“Why do they always blame Kris when it’s not Kris’s fault?” Mary thought angrily.

Kris was already used to their scolding. He was happy that Mary spoke to him.

He took Mary’s hand and said, “Don’t worry. Let’s pay off the money first and get the house back.”

After saying that, he looked at Jane, “Mom, do you have the number of the loan shark?”

“What for?” Jane asked.

“Call them,” Kris said.

“Are you out of your mind?” Jane said,” What’s the point of calling them? They’ll do what you say?”

“If you don’t give the number, then you two stand here barefoot.” Mary said, and pulled Kris’s arms, “Let’s go home.”

She was about to leave here with Kris.

“Mary, don’t go.” Jane even walked over to Mary and pulled her, “If you leave, what should we do?”

“Mom, why don’t you give the number?” Mary was puzzled.

“I…” Jane sighed, “Okay, I’ll give you the number. I’ll see what you can do with people.”

Then Jane took out her phone and gave the number to Kris.

At that moment, in the Audi A6 car, Xiaoqiang Shao looked at the jewelry excitedly.

Loan sharks at least knew how to identify the authenticity of jewelry. Xiaoqiang Shao was no exception. He could tell that the jewelry he was holding was real. He didn’t expect to be so lucky today.

In his opinion, the Cartier bracelet, Kimberly diamond ring were already worthless. The most valuable was a necklace and bracelet on his hand and a sapphire ring. These three pieces of jewelry were worth a hundred or two hundred million dollars.

“Mr. Xiang will be very happy about this. Maybe he’ll agree to me joining his organization.” Xiaoqiang Shao thought.

He was thinking of reporting this to Bao Xiang when his phone rang. When he picked it up, it was an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, who is it?”

“Hello, I’m Jane Tang’s son-in-law.”

“Jane?” Xiaoqiang Shao was stunned. Was that the woman just now?

“What’s the matter?” Xiaoqiang said impatiently.

“I want to foreclose the house.”

“Redeem the house?” Hearing this, Xiaoqiang smiled wickedly, “Ok, you can. But you need to pay for it.”

“How about twenty million dollars plus interest? My mother-in-law lent you the money for just a week, so I’ll give you twenty-five million dollars?”

“Twenty-five million?” Shao smiled coldly, “No, It isn’t enough. The house is mine now. If you want to redeem it, you have to buy it at the current market price.”

“How much money do you want?” Kris asked.

“Fifty million dollars,” Xiaoqiang said.

“Okay, fine.” Kris said, “Remember to bring the IOU.”

Then he hung up the phone.

Xiaoqiang smiled and said to the driver, “Turn around. I can make a big profit again.”

“Honey, what did they say?” Mary looked at Kris and said, “How much money do they want?”

Kris laughed and said, “Not much, just wait here until they come.”

Jane looked at Kris and smirked, “What if you can’t get the money when they come later?”

Twenty minutes later, two Audis stooped in front of them.

Followed by a few strong people from the car, a man with dyed red hair walked toward them.

This man was Xiaoqiang Shao.

“Who just called me?” Xiaoqiang came over and said.

“It’s me.” Kris stepped forward and said.

Xiaoqiang looked at Kris up and down and said contemptuously, “You don’t wear more than two hundred dollars in total. You have fifty million dollars?”

Hearing this, Jane and the others were stunned. They can’t believe Kris promised to redeem the house for $50 million.

“You said three million a year in interest. I’ve only borrowed the money for a month, so the interest is a few hundred thousand dollars at most. “

“You shut up.” Xiaoqiang yelled at Jane, “The house is mine now, and I’ll ask as much money as I want. You didn’t pay me the first installment on time. You’re the one who breaks the contract in the first place.”

“You…” Jane had no reason to retort him.

“It’s illegal for you to be a loan shark. Who gives you the right to confiscate our house? I need to call the police,” said Mary.

Xiaoqiang was about to get angry when he heard this, but when he looked at Mary, he was instantly captivated by her beautiful face.

He was drooling over Mary. “What a beautiful woman.”

Then he said to Mary, “I have the contract. It’s written in the paper.”

Xiaoqiang took out the contract. It clearly stated that lenders had the right to confiscate the house if borrowers broke the contract. And if borrowers wanted to redeem it, borrowers had to buy it at the market price.

“This is blackmail.”

“Blackmail?” Xiaoqiang said, “Anyway, the IOU is here.”

Then he said to Mary, “Now you are homeless, why don’t you be my girlfriend?”

Before he finished speaking, he was thrown far away. Then he fell heavily to the ground.

A few of his men hurriedly went over and helped Xiaoqiang up.

“Fuck you. You dare to hit me, beat him to death.” Xiaoqiang gave his order, and a few of his men immediately surrounded Kris with an iron cudgel in their hands.

“Damn it. He said that he could handle it, but he brings us so much trouble.” Jane cursed Kris in her mind.

Jane was so scared that she hid behind Changhe.

Kris smiled coldly and was busy standing in front of Mary.

“He dared to molest Mary. I must teach him a lesson.” Kris thought.

A few strong men that were about to hit Kris were knocked off their feet. These people were quite powerful to ordinary people, but Kris can beat him easily.

Jane was stunned, and so was Changhe. Mary couldn’t believe what she saw.

Xiaoqiang, on the side, was so frightened that his legs were going weak.

Looking at Kris who was walking towards him, Xiaoqiang was afraid and said, “Don’t come over, do you know who I am? You have to…..”

“I don’t care who you are.” Kris walked in front of Xiaoqiang and was ready to punch him.

Immediately, Xiaoqiang closed his eyes in fear.

When he opened his eyes, he found a deep fist mark on the Audi. Cold sweat instantly slid off his forehead.

“Tell me your bank account.”

“What?” Xiaoqiang thought he had heard wrong.

“Tell me your bank account quickly,” Kris said impatiently.

Xiaoqiang cringed in fear and gave Kris his bank card.

Two minutes later, Kris tossed the bank card to Xiaoqiang and said, “Okay, I’ve transferred the money. Give me the keys now.”

As soon as he finished, Xiaoqiang’s phone rang with a text message beep.

He checked the message and found that he received the transfer of $25,000,000.00.

“Didn’t you promise to redeem the house with $50 million?” Xiaoqiang asked.

Xiaoqiang was about to curse, but thinking that Kris was good at fighting, he held back his anger and handed Kris the keys.

“Can….. I go now?” Xiaoqiang asked.

“Give me the IOU.”

Xiaoqiang quickly handed the IOU to Kris, then hurriedly turned around and ran back to the car. All of his men got into the car as well.

When they left, Kris tore up the IOU in pieces.

On the way, the more Xiaoqiang thought about it, the angrier he became. He had never been humiliated like this before.

“I must get my revenge, otherwise how can I hold my head high in front of my men?” He thought.

Thinking of this, he took out his phone and dialing Bao Xiang’s number, “Mr. Xiang, You must help me take revenge. I’ve been hit by a man.”

“I said I’m your man, but he kept scolding you and despising you.” Xiaoqiang deliberately made up a falsehood to anger Bao Xiang in order to let Bao Xiang get revenge on Kris for him.

“What? Does he really dare to despise me?” Bao Xiang asked angrily.

“Yes. He also said that if you dared to take revenge on him, he would make you kneel on the ground and let you call him daddy,” Xiaoqiang said as he wiped his tears.

“Fuck, he’s looking for death.” Bao Xiang slammed the table, blazing anger burning in his heart.

“Where are you? Take me to find him. I’ll take my revenge.” he asked.


On the other side, Kris removed the seal from the door and used the key to open it. It was a mess in the room. All the drawers and cabinets were open.

Mary’s face turned pale and ran up the stairs. Two minutes later, Mary rushed to Kris and said, “Kris, all the jewelry you gave me is gone.”

When Jane heard this, she ran to her room and found all the drawers open. Her jewelry also disappeared.

“They stole all the valuables.”

“We need to call the police.”

“What’s the use of calling the police? Do you have any proof that they took it?” Jane cried out.

“Honey, don’t worry.” Kris comforted Mary and said, “I’ll find a way to get it back.”

“How are you going to get it back? Jane shouted at Kris bitterly, “Can you find them? Even if you’re a good fighter, can you beat ten men together? Why didn’t you check Xiaoqiang’s Audi before you let him go?”

Kris was about to say something when he heard a rush of footsteps from outside the door. His face changed, and by the sound of it, there were at least ten people outside.

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