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Chapter 257: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 257 Kevin Was Back (1)
A long time had passed. With every minute that passed, Henry’s heart sank a little more. He looked at the vast ocean and felt more worried than ever before.

“Henry, come here.” Xiran shouted from the side of the car with anxiety in her voice.

Henry ran over, as Tianye Mu was in the lifeboat.

“What’s wrong, Miss Xiao?”

“Venus has passed out with a high fever. You need to send her back.” Xiran’s eyes fell on the clothes in his arms and asked, “This is ……”

“This is a freshly salvaged shirt that Kerry wore last night.” Henry said with a pale face.

“Fuck!” cursed Xiran in a low voice. “It looks like Kerry is really in trouble this time.”

“Miss Xiao, you don’t look well either. I’ll have someone send you and Venus back.” said Henry.

Xiran knew it was pointless for her to stay here, so he looked up at Tianye on the sea and said heavily, “Fine, I’ll go back with Venus first. Let us know immediately if you find anything about Kerry.”

“I know, but…..” he continued, shaking the suit in his hands, “Please don’t tell Venus about the salvaged shirt.”

Xiran gave him a quick glance and nodded.

Henry gave the drver instructions. Then he told Dr. Han to the Ye family villa.

In the car, Venus’s temperature was extremely high. She was murmuring. Xiran leaned in and listened carefully, and found that she was calling Kerry’s name.

Xiran found something cold from the car and put it on her forehead to cool her down.

“A very long piece of glass is stuck in your foot., but you’re still walking all night. Doesn’t your foot hurt?” Xiran said to Venus, even though she knew Venus was in a coma and probably couldn’t hear her.

The car was going fast, but Xiran kept urging the driver to go faster, though.

An hour or so later, the car sped up to the Ye family villa, but what Xiran didn’t expect was that the gates were already surrounded by reporters.

“Why are there so many reporters?” Xiran was confused.

“Miss Xiao, didn’t you watch the video online this morning?” The driver said seriously.

“Nope. My phone ran out of battery last night. What happened?” Xiran asked.

“The Internet has a video of the Yehuang Group’s annual meeting last night,” the driver said, pulling out his phone and showing it to Xiran. “People all say Mr. Ye is a monster.”


Xiran curiously took it, and after watching it, she couldn’t help but curse. “Damn it, Tianye was right. Someone was spying on Kerry.”

She looked straight through the windshield at the dozens of reporters in front of her.

As the car slowly came to the front door, the driver sounded the horn many times, but the reporters turned a blind eye. Not only did they not get out of the way, but they surrounded the car. They all wanted to know who was in the car.

Xiran became more and more anxious as he watched Venus, who was already in a coma.

“Tell the people at the villa to open the door,” Xiran said to the driver.

“But these reporters will run into the villa.”

Xiran really wanted to take a stick and drive these people away.

In the midst of the anxiety, there was the sound of police cars whistling from behind. Soon, several police officers got out of their cars. One of them came to Xiran’s car and calmly said to the dozens of reporters.

“You have been charged with trespassing, so please leave here as soon as possible.” the police said to these reporters. “Your job has affected other people’s lives. Please get out of here or we will take you to the police station.”

The reporters had no choice but to get out of the way. At the same time, the gate slowly opened and John, the butler, appeared in the door. The driver quickly drove the car into the villa.

In the rearview mirror, Xiran saw that when the gate closed, some reporters still wanted to rush in, but they were blocked by the bodyguards inside the gate. Seeing this scene, she had the urge to laugh. However, she finally sighed deeply instead of laughing.

Dr. Han came early in the morning and brought two nurses with him.

As soon as the car pulled up, Dr. Han was shocked when he saw Venus’ condition, “My God, how did she get into this mess?

The two maids went to assist her, but Xiran stopped them, “She’s got a piece of glass stuck in her foot, so she can’t walk. You come and take her out.” Xiran said, pointing to a tall, strong bodyguard.

The bodyguard was hesitated, because Kerry wouldn’t allow them to touch Venus.

Xiran got angry and almost kicked him, “What the fuck are you standing there for? Hurry up!”

The bodyguard didn’t dare to hesitate any longer and bent down to carry Venus out.

Xiran breathed a sigh of relief as she watched Venus being placed on the hospital bed.

“Miss Xiao, thank you so much,” said John, “You needn’t worry too much about Venus. I’ll have the maid show you to the guest room.”

Xiran then followed the maid upstairs. She wanted to take a bath now. Even though it was winter, her clothes were soaked with sweat, and her shoes were full of sand.

The maid brought her a change of clothes, underwear and panties.

“Miss Xiao, please call me if you need anything, I’ll be at the door.” The maid said, bowed and then left.

After taking a hot shower, Xiran’s nerves, which had been tense all night, gradually relaxed.

Dr. Han’s brow was furrowed as he watched Venus in a coma. This was perhaps the most serious condition Venus had been in since he had treated her. Her body was as hot as fire, but her legs were as cold as ice, Dr. Han wondered if the piece of glass stuck in the bottom of her foot had hurt her vital meridians.


Pingan came out of his room and looked around the living room, but didn’t see anyone. So he climbed up the stairs to the second floor to look for his mom and dad.

Long before Pingan returned to the villa, John had carpeted each flight of stairs with thick carpets and installed padding on the walls so that Pingan would not be seriously injured, even if he rolled down the stairs.

When he reached the seventh or eighth floor, Pingan heard footsteps upstairs. When he looked up, he saw Xiran. He was very happy.

Xiran was wearing Venus’ clothes and her hair was still dripping wet. When she saw Pingan, who was climbing the stairs, her mood immediately improved.

“Pingan, what are you doing?” Xiran came down the stairs and sat down in front of him.

Xiran straightened up and said, “I want to find mommy.”

Xiran touched his little face, took him into her arms, and said softly, “Your mother isn’t in the room. She’s sick. The doctor is treating her.”

Pingan’s eyes were wide open. He understood what Xiran was saying, but didn’t know how to express it, so he just took Xiran’s hand and tried to get her to take him to his mother.

“We’ll go see your mom when she’s better, okay?” Xiran tried to use the words he could understand.

Pingan was silent for a moment, and asked, “Where’s Daddy?”

It was the first time he said the word “daddy”. Kerry would have been very happy to know that his son could finally say the word daddy.

Xiran kissed him on the cheek and said,”Your daddy has gone off to do a very great thing. He’ll be back in a few days.”

Kerry went off to drop bombs alone for the safety of thousands of people, and that was definitely something great.

Pingan believed her and smiled again, “Will you play with me?”

“Okay.” Xiran picked him up and walked down the stairs to the toy room. She really wanted to see Venus, but didn’t want to disturb Dr. Han’s treatment of Venus.

Dr. Han first gave Venus an antipyretic injection to reduce her fever. Then he asked the nurse to clean the broken glass from her feet.

John stayed with Mrs. Qin outside the door.

Nearly three hours passed, and Dr. Han came out of the room, his brow still furrowed.

“How is Venus?” John was busy asking.

“Her fever hasn’t completely gone down, but the glass has been removed from her foot. Jesus, it is three centimeters long. I can’t believe she stand it all night.” Dr. Han shook his head and said, “Venus’s feet may have been hurt badly, so she ……”

“Will she never be able to stand up again?” Mrs. Qin asked worriedly.

“That’s not so bad. But she can’t stand for long, and her feet may stay cold.”

“When will she wake up?”

“I’m not sure. She’s still in danger. As long as she gets through the night, she should wake up soon.”

John sighed heavily, “Dr. Han, you’d better stay at the villa for the next two days. You may be needed at any time.”

Dr. Han nodded, and then went back into the room.

“It’s time for Pingan to drink his formula,” Mrs. Qin suddenly remembered this and ran to the toy room. When she pushed open the door, she found Xiran and Pingan lying on the bed, and then she went to gently cover them with a blanket.

Xiran fell asleep while telling Pingan a story and Pingan fell asleep as well.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 257 Kevin Was Back (2)
Rescue work was under way at sea. Rescuers continued to expand their search area, plunging into the icy water many times, but they still could not find Kerry.

The news about the sudden disappearance of Kerry was still keeping rolling in. Around noon, the news broke that Kerry’s eyes turned purple every time he used magic, that he had a son with blue and purple eyes, and that his son was also a freak.

All of a sudden everyone started talking about Kerry’s son. Some said the news was false. Others said they had seen a child with blue and purple eyes that looked like Kerry.

All of this was just speculation, so the public expected Kerry to address the issue head-on. However, no one from the Ye family clarified the matter. All of the Yehuang Group’s employees had gone home for the New Year holiday. These reporters were at the Ye family villa in order to get first-hand information. There were more and more reporters at the gate.

It was getting dark, and the plunging temperature made the search and rescue work extremely difficult. Everyone was exhausted.

Tianye Mu stared at the setting sun in the west. His heart was filled with sadness, and finally he said to Henry, “Let the search and rescue people on the sea go ashore.

He knew what his decision meant. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to save Kerry, but after all this time, there was little hope that Kerry would survive in the sea.

Henry also knew that Kerry’s chances of survival were slim, so he could only nod his head and then turn around to notify the dozens of lifeguards that the search and rescue effort was over.

Ending the surface search and rescue did not mean that they were no longer looking for Kerry. They continued to search for him along the shoreline as best they could, hoping that he would be swept up on the beach where he had a good chance of surviving.


In the early hours of the morning, the plane landed at the airport in Sky City. It was a flight from Europe. Fang waited anxiously at the departure gate, and soon his eyes lit up. He saw Kevin, wearing a long black down jacket and a pair of Martin boots. He looked tired, which may be due to the long flight.

Fang quickly walked towards him and took the suitcase from his hand, “Sir, you’re finally back.”

Kevin forced a smile at Fang. “How are things at home now?” he asked.

Fang followed less than half a meter behind him.

“They are still looking for Mr. Ye. Venus was still in a coma when I left Ye family.” said Fang.

“What happened to my brother? Tell me about it in detail in the car later.” Kevin said.


The Bentley drove to the Ye family villa. It was just after dawn when he arrived at the gate. Most of the reporters were still sleeping at home, so Kevin made it home without incident.

John, who had barely slept all night, heard the sound of the car and ran to the door.

“Kevin, you’re home,” John said excitedly.

Kevin smiled lightly and gave him a hug, patting him on the back, “John, don’t be sad.”

“Go get some rest first. I’ll ask Mrs. Qin to cook for you.”

“I had a long sleep on the plane.” Kevin asked, “Where is Venus? I want to see her.”

“She’s still in the villa’s infirmary,” John said.

Then Kevin rushed to see her.

He had mixed feelings as he saw the girl he loved so much now lying quietly in bed.

When he came back, Kevin thought he would be thrilled to see her. Strangely, when he looked at her now, it was as if he was visiting an old friend, simply wishing her well.

He felt the temperature of her forehead with his hand. Her temperature was still high.

“Venus, what were you dreaming about? Why do you frown when you’re in a coma?”

Kevin took off his jacket and threw it on the seat, then sat down in the chair next to the bed.

Daylight came. The sun was nowhere to be seen in the sky. It was overcast, and the air seemed to be filled with dirt.

At around seven o’clock, the door was gently pushed open. Kevin slept in the chair and did not get up. He thought the person who pushed open the door was a maid who came to clean the room.

However, in the next second, he heard a young, cute voice.

“Daddy, you’re home.”

He was surprised. Then he snapped back and saw a little boy in a yellow jacket standing there. He looked like an angel in a European fresco, and his eyes glittered in the light.

Pingan was surprised when he saw his face. He realized that the man in front of him looked like his father, but he was not his father.

Kevin was caught off guard by his sudden appearance and didn’t know what kind of expression or attitude to give him.

“Who are you?” Pingan asked curiously.

“I’m Kevin, and you should call me Uncle.” Kevin smiled.

“Uncle?” Pingan said

Kevin nodded and said, “You are Pingan?”

Pingan also spoke like him, “I am Pingan.”

“Come here.” Kevin waved at him.

Pingan hesitated, and then stepped forward. He was picked up by Kevin.

“Pingan, this is the first time we’ve met.” Kevin said gently. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Kevin didn’t know if Pingan understood him or not. He just nodded his head.

Kevin smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

Perhaps it was because of the blood relationship, Pingan liked Kevin too. He looked at his mother, who was still sleeping, and turned his head to Kevin and said, “Mom is sick.”

“She’ll be fine soon, don’t worry.” Kevin reassured him.

“I have never seen you before.”Pingan looked into Kerry’s eyes and said.

“I’m studying abroad. I rarely come back.” Kevin answered.

“Studying? Is it fun?” Pingan didn’t understand this new word and asked.

Kevin thought for a moment and said, “You’re so smart. It may be fun for you to study.”

Soon some people pushed open the room again. A beautiful woman came into Kevin’s view.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 257 Kevin Was Back (3)
As soon as Kevin Ye saw her, his face went cold.

“Who are you?” asked he.

“Who are you?” Xiran asked, too.

They both asked each other in unison, and stared at each other for two seconds. Then they both spoke again, “I’m asking you.”

Pingan heard them say the same thing and giggled.

Xiran Xiao’s hands crossed on her chest. She looked at Kevin up and down seriously. Suddenly she said, “Are you Kevin Ye?”

Kevin had disgust in his eyes, “Yeah, I’m Kevin. Who are you?”

“I’m Xiran, a friend of Venus,” Xiran said. But she hadn’t expected Kevin to treat her any worse.

“Friends? Steal my brother from Venus?”

Xiran laughed. Then she felt angry again. She stared at Kevin with contempt and said, “Do you think all women like Kerry? That’s ridiculous.”

“If you don’t like my brother, why are you living here?”

Xiran didn’t want to talk to him and walked up to Pingan, “Honey, I’ll take you to have breakfast.”

Kevin protected Pingan behind his back, “Don’t touch him.”

Xiran was infuriated by his attitude, “You’ve gone too far.”

She wanted to take Pingan to breakfast, but Kevin won’t let her near him, and then she and Kevin fight in the room. Xiran was good at taekwondo, and Kevin was also good at fighting.

Pingan was always in Kevin’s arms with one hand. He thought it was a funny game and clapped and laughed happily.

John heard the noise in the room and came running to find the two people fighting.

“Sir, stop fighting. This is Miss Xiao. She is a friend of Venus.”

Kevin just dodged her blow and said to himself, “Of course she is a friend of Venus. Otherwise she wouldn’t find an excuse to stay here. That’s the reason why Xinyou Qiao stayed here all the time before.”

Xiran threw a punch that happened to hit Kevin on the shoulder. John rushed forward to help him and stop their fighting. When Kevin was about to move forward, John quickly stood between them.

“Miss Xiao is Venu’s best friend.” John said again.

Kevin gave Xiran a cold look. “John, have you forgotten why Xinyou Qiao was here before?” He said.

John then realized that Kevin had misunderstood Miss Xiao, and was busy explaining, “You really misunderstood. Miss Xiao is Mr. Mu’s girlfriend, and Venus’s future sister-in-law.”

Kevin was stunned for a few seconds when he heard this. He had an extremely embarrassed look on his face.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were ……” Kevin said awkwardly.

Xiran was still furious, “I told you I’m Venus’s friend.”

This time it was indeed Kevin’s fault and he didn’t dare to argue, so he said, “I’m sorry.”

“Not every woman is interested in your brother, except for this woman lying in the bed. And don’t make that face in front of me from now on, or I’ll hit you once I see you.”

Kevin was not happy with what she said and was about to contradict her, but John stopped him just in time.

Xiran went up to Venus, saw that she was still unconscious, and then said to Dr. Han, who was standing outside, “What are you doing standing there? Come on in.”

Then Dr. Han hurried in.

Xiran glanced at Kevin, and said angrily, “You get out!”

“Why should I go out?” Kevin asked rhetorically.

“The doctor is going to examine Venus. Are you going to stay and watch?” Xiran said.

Kevin blushed and quickly walked out the door with Pingan in his arms, and John quickly followed.

“John, who is this woman? Why is she so arrogant and rude here?” Kevin’s tone was full of discontent.

John laughed bitterly, “Don’t mess with her anymore.”


“Then I’ll briefly tell you something about her ……”


Xiran, who was still angry, sat on the chair where Kerry sat before and stared at Dr. Han’s hand.

Dr. Han was uncomfortable with her staring, but he couldn’t let her out. He could only continue to examine Venus under her watchful eye.

“Why hasn’t her fever gone down yet?” Xiran asked angrily.

“She’s much better now,” said Dr. Han, looking at the thermometer.

“Why isn’t she waking up?” Xiran asked again.

“Her body suffered a serious injury some time ago, and her immune system has been weakened a lot, so it’s normal for her to fall into a coma once her fever gets high. Just wait half a day and she should wake up soon.”

Dr. Han lifted the blanket from the bed. Venus’ two legs were wrapped tightly in gauze. He touched her feet through the socks.

The room was warm, but her feet were cold, which was not a good sign.

“What’s wrong?” Xiran looked at Dr. Han’s worried look and asked.

“I think her feet are really badly injured. They’re still cold until now, especially the one that was cut by a piece of glass.”

“Should we take her to the hospital?” Xiran asked nervously.

“When she wakes up, I’ll consider whether we should take her to the hospital. I’ll have two nurses take turns massaging her feet.”

Xiran was sad. She worried more about her.


After John said something to Kevin, his attitude toward Xiran changed dramatically.

“Miss. Xiao, the dumplings are very good. They’re better than the ones sold outside. You may like them. “

Xiran was confused. It had only been ten minutes, but he was completely different from earlier.

“This spring roll is also very delicious.” Kevin smiled as he offered her some food.

Xiran looked at him and asked, “Kevin, what’s wrong with you? You’re a schizophrenic?”

Kevin said with a nice attitude, “Why do you think so? I’m quite normal.”

“Then why are you so nice to me suddenly? Have you forgotten that we were just fighting?”

“It’s my fault. I apologize.” Kevin smiled and said, “Please forgive me for offending you.”

Xiran, however, held a grudge. She didn’t want to forgive him and said coldly, “Your brother is nowhere to be found. I can’t believe you’re laughing.”

Indeed, Kevin’s face sank as soon as he heard this. He was silent for a moment and said, “I’m convinced that nothing bad will happen to my brother.”

“You’re not God. You can decide whether your brother lives or dies.” Xiran said sarcastically.

“I’m sure he won’t die. He has Venus, Pingan and the Yehuang Group. He won’t leave it all behind.” Kevin said with a firm gaze.

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