Auntie’s curses made Yolanda really especially angry, “Auntie, you’ve really gone too far, the money we owe has…”
“Shut up, you have the nerve to call me auntie? You poor relatives, go to hell, you guys!” Auntie looked at Yolanda with a squinch of disgust and contempt.
She was really too annoyed, shopping well and still being threatened because of these poor relatives when she came just now, she wanted to call her husband and ask him to call some people to come over to clean up these harmful poor relatives.
What kind of bad luck did she have in her last life?

“Auntie, please get out!” Yolanda felt it was impossible to talk to her.
“You think I want to stay here? What kind of crap house is this? I’m not coming over here for the rest of my life, and you’re not going to come back to my house, and if you do, you’re going to get hit by a car!” Auntie turned away with a cold snort.
Yolanda’s mother saw her sister say this, she was angry and sad.
“And, if you poor bastards get me into trouble again in the future, I’m not done with you!” Auntie’s cursing voice sounded at the top of the stairs, “Rubbish house, and stairs?”
“Auntie, we’ve paid off our money,” Yolanda said as she walked to the door, she was really angry.
“Fuck paying it off? A bunch of poor bastards, you went to sell yourself to pay off?” There was Auntie’s voice under the stairs.
Yolanda sighed and felt her face start to hurt, she shook her head, how could this be? Why is Auntie still being threatened when the money is paid off?
“Mom, Dad, you rest first,” Yolanda comforted them, she could see that her own mother was sad.

After arranging her own parents, Yolanda said to Chuck, but Chuck had just walked out and saw the scene, he saw Yolanda blush up, he kind of sympathized with her and reached out and touched her face, Yolanda stepped back, “Thanks, I’m fine.”
“Well, what the hell is going on? How could your aunt be threatened?” Chuck was surprised that this shrew would actually come to the door.
“I’m not sure, but just now Auntie said that she was dragged inside the alley while she was shopping to make her return the money.” Yolanda was also surprised, but Auntie had already left, so she didn’t know what to do about it.
Chuck went to the window and looked down and saw that this auntie had just gone downstairs and gotten into her car.
Chuck sympathized with Yolanda, he had wanted to hit Auntie just now, but Yolanda didn’t have any intention of doing so, and he couldn’t hit Yolanda senior either ah!

In the car, Auntie is angry!
“I’ll never come back to this craphole again!” She started the car in annoyance, but at that moment, she got a call from her husband.
She answered, “Honey, I’m slumming, I’ll be right back.”
“Honey, did anyone call you today?” On the phone, it was a rushed voice.
“There is, Yolanda’s poor relatives borrowed money and did not pay back, the debt collectors actually found me, and also threatened me to take pictures of my fruit if I did not pay back the money, I am really unlucky to stumble on such relatives,” the more auntie said, the angrier.
“Honey, no, it’s not because of Yolanda and the others, I…” was her husband’s fidgeting voice on the phone.
“Honey, then whose is it?” Auntie was stunned.

“I, I played poker with someone yesterday, I got trapped, I lost over fifty million, the house. The car, all mortgaged, I still owe seven or eight million, wife, do you have any money in your hand now?”
“What? Honey you…” auntie was frightened and quickly annoyed, “Honey what’s wrong with you? Why did you lose so much money? I already told you not to gamble, not to gamble, so why didn’t you listen?”
“Honey, I’ll be damned, how much money do you have in your hand, how much!”
“A hundred thousand ah, you gave me two hundred thousand last month, I used a little, I…”
“Only a hundred thousand? Hurry up and get someone to borrow the money, or I’m going to get a fruit shot if they find a chopping hand and you’re going to get a fruit shot too, hurry up!”
“I, who do I borrow ah, my gang are all acquaintance friends, are all wine and meat, how to borrow ah.” Auntie panicked, she was over forty, although she maintained her ruggedness, but to be photographed with fruit, how humiliating would that be? Is she going to live or not?

“You should be looking for Yolanda and her family!”
“Find them? How can they be rich when those poor bastards owe themselves over five million dollars and haven’t paid it back yet?” Auntie still looked down on it.
“paid back, their money was paid back today, and the one who lent her father the money was my friend, he said, and he swiped five million dollars straight off the card in the afternoon .”
“What? How could Yolanda get $5 million? How long has the family been broke? Did Yolanda really sell it? It’s so cheap!” Auntie couldn’t believe it.
“No, it’s Yolanda’s boyfriend, he has money!”
“Him? That poor-looking guy has money? Is that possible?” Auntie shook her head and said, questioning even more.
“Yes, that friend of mine said that Yolanda’s boyfriend has a deep background. It’s similar to Master Hong in the capital, so how could he not be rich? Where are you? Go and beg Yolanda her boyfriend for money, quickly!”
“Me, I’m not going!” Auntie bit her lip, she was shocked, she saw the kind of hanging look of Yolanda’s boyfriend Chuck, how could it be similar to the capital’s Master Hong?
“Not going? Do you want me to get my hand cut off? You want to be photographed for fruit, don’t you?” On the phone, her husband was annoyed.
“No, I’m not going! Work it out yourself, I’m divorcing you!” Auntie hung up the phone.

She was exasperated, what was her bad luck? How could you meet such a husband?
You’re a well-maintained and charming woman, and you’re not afraid of finding a man?
“You’re hiding here, get off!” A few strong men suddenly drove over and blocked the way to Auntie, Auntie was terrified, she panicked to drive, but one of the big men a The iron rod came right down, and boom, the car glass shattered open, and Auntie was scared.

This big man opened the car door, dragged the aunt out, and slap out.
Auntie fell to the ground with her cheek covered, this slap, she tears out, “you do not hit me, do not hit me, you need to find my husband! Find my husband!”
“I’m sorry, but your husband’s gambling debt says you have to pay it!” This big man’s sneering hand brought up Auntie.
Auntie screamed in fear, “Help, help…”

A slap came out and Auntie screamed.
“Scream again and I’ll take off you!” The big man threatened, and several other big men came around.
Auntie was terrified, “No, no, this is my husband’s gambling debt, you guys go find him!”
“Hey, looking for him? What does a grown man have to look for? You’re not young, but you have a well-maintained body. Several big bosses are interested in you. Get you to the clubhouse, a few million can still be made back, at least the brothers can have some fun first!” The big man laughed.
The other big men snickered, “I’ll give you a chance to find someone to pay back the money right away! Otherwise, you’ll have a wonderful picture of you in your circle of friends today, haha, I’m afraid some of your male friends will want to see it already!”

“Don’t,” cried my aunt, frightened, “I have no money, really no money, car, you drive away!”
“I’m sorry, but the car is already mortgaged by your husband, as is your house, and it’s not even yours anymore,” the big man mocked.
“Oooh.” Auntie cried, “How did this happen?”
She had just been talking to her friend about going somewhere during the day, but now it was all gone, she felt like she was dreaming, but her face hurt.
“Call now!” The big man threatened.
“I’ll call, I’ll call.” Auntie cried and took out her phone, she called her best friend, “Hey, Little Flower, can you lend me some money? It’s not much. Do you have $6 million? Hey, hey…”
The aunt grieves, this good friend is her best friend, two people out, basically she is to give money, but this time, the loan actually hung up.
She grieves and continues to call, but all the results are like this, she despairs.

The big man was impatient and threw out a slap, “It’s really the same thing, what kind of dog friends are you? You can’t even borrow a few million? I think it’s because you want us to be your photographer, don’t worry, we’ll professionally photograph you beautifully ha, San, drag her to the car!”
“Yes, boss!” His little brother comes over to grab his aunt, she’s scared and crying, struggling. “Don’t shoot me, don’t, I, wait, I have someone to beat, my niece is upstairs, her boyfriend is rich, I’m going up now Find them!”

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