Chapter 257: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 257 A Random Woman On the Chairman’s Seat

The news about Colin’s prison break was known quickly by Hui.

“Colin was looking for death on himself. He can’t blame me!” Hui grinned hideously and said to his secretary, “Go to the province and find some people. After you finish dealing with it, spread the rumor and say that he commits suicide to escape punishment.”

The secretary understood and nodded before leaving.

Actually, the news about Colin’s prison break was blocked. Hui could find out about it because he has his own channel. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to seize this opportunity.

He believed that it wouldn’t be long before the news about Colin’s suicide would be reported. So, he could mess with Marquis now.

Soon, the secretary returned.

Hui didn’t ask, but said, “What’s the situation of Marquis now?”

“Currently Marquis is almost at a standstill. Their cargo ships have been held by us and they are losing hundreds of millions every day. “ The secretary replied.

Hui nodded in satisfaction, “Very good. If it goes on, it won’t be long before Marquis is finished.”


Hui’s expression turned gloomy upon seeing this, “But what?”

“But the Ye family seems to plan to acquire the Marquis Group.” The secretary replied, “Someone just notified me, Ellie went to Marquis with someone but they haven’t seemed to come to an agreement yet.”

Hui frowned slightly after he heard about it, “It’s not good for the Ye family to interfere.”

The Ye family is placed in Jing City as the top ten. Their Juding couldn’t be compared to the Ye family. But he also wasn’t willing to let Marquis go.

It seemed that he had to pay a visit for Ellie.


Inside the conference room at Marquis.

All the directors and senior executives of Marquis had gathered in the conference room.

“I heard that the chairman is arrested at the police station. Is this true?”

“I’ve also heard about it.”

“It’s almost true then!”

“Now, we are losing hundreds of millions every day. If this goes on, we will lose everything!”

“What has actually happened to the chairman?”

“If Assistant White doesn’t give a reasonable explanation later, I think that we’d better leave before it’s too late.”

“It makes sense….”


Their discussion was intense. Nina brought Doris in.

In order to intimidate them, Nina especially found a set of white business attire for Doris. This way she looked slightly imposing.

Everyone looked over. They caught Nina naturally at the first glance but more eyes were attracted to Doris, who was behind her.

Doris put on the business attire and followed Nina without any expression. Her beautiful face and qualities made everyone involuntarily silenced. At the same time, they were thinking, who is this woman?

Only Adam knew that this woman is Colin’s wife, their chairman’s wife.

Nina glanced at everyone and let Doris followed her to where Colin usually sits.

“Sit down!”

Doris glanced at Nina. Nobody noticed that her gaze looked timid.

Nina smiled slightly and nodded to encourage her.

Doris nodded slightly upon seeing this. But she was interrupted when she’s about to sit down.

One of the directors stood up, “Assistant White, this is the chairman’s seat and you’re letting a random woman sitting there. What do you mean?”

“That’s right! The chairman hasn’t been coming to the office for two days. I heard that he has committed a crime? We haven’t known whether it’s true or not. Can you explain it to us, Assistant White?”

Nina said coldly, “First, our chairman doesn’t commit any crime. He is only dealing with some personal matter, so he hasn’t been in the office for these two days!”

“Second, whether she has the right to sit here or not, it’s not your decision to make.”

“What do you mean, Assistant White?”

“She can sit there when she’s just some random woman. Won’t it be possible for us too?”

“Right, Assistant White. You can’t abuse your power just because you’re chairman’s assistant!”

Nina replied lightly, “As the directors of Marquis, shouldn’t you care more about the development of Marquis? You’ve also known about the current situation in Marquis and now you’re bickering about this meaningless matter here. There’s no use for Marquis at all!”

“Since you’ve said so, Assistant White, then tell us, since so many of our cargo ships have been detained, we must’ve offended someone, right? What can we do?”

“The current loss of Marquis is beyond calculation. We don’t know at all who is against Marquis. Even if we can do something, we don’t know whom to fight!”

“That’s right, Assistant White. Why doesn’t the chairman care about such an urgent situation? Is his personal matter more important than the continuation of Marquis as a group?”


Nina glanced at Adam, who was by the side. In such a situation, as long as Adam stood up and spoke, those people wouldn’t be so aggressive anymore because Adam is the one that has the power of speech aside from Colin.

However, Adam acted as if he didn’t see anything and just looking down at his phone.

But in fact, Adam was hesitating. Colin’s wife is here. Maybe he should behave a bit. But he didn’t know whether Colin really committed a crime or not, and also the situation in Marquis right now wasn’t favorable.

He still needed to wait and see.

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