Your niece? That Yolanda? Isn’t her family broke?” This big man’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked up above in question, how many millions of people could live in this kind of neighborhood?
“Her family is broke, but she got lucky and found a rich boyfriend,” said her aunt, who still had doubts in her mind that the hangdog would be rich?
But what can we do now? Are we going to get a fruit photo?
“Rich boyfriend? I heard Yolanda is very pretty. It’s not difficult to find a rich boy. Okay, take us to her. Remember, if you can’t borrow the money, I’ll personally take the pictures for you!” This big man sneered.
Auntie cried even harder, and she had nothing at all in her heart, for she had said she would never come here again, and she had just been so right to the Yolanda and the others, and even mocked Yolanda’s boyfriend, will Yolanda and the others help? Will you borrow money?

The big man threw out a slap, “Dilly-dallying, trying to waste my time? Get on it!”
Auntie screamed and cried even harder as she covered her cheeks, begging, “Please don’t hit me.”
“Dilly-dallying, if I don’t hit you who will? Quickly lead the way!” The big man was impatient.
Auntie cried and led the way.
Arriving at Yolanda’s door, these big men questioned even more, “You’re not lying, are you? Yolanda really has a rich boyfriend, and he’d let Yolanda’s family live in a place like this?”
This place is so run down, there’s no elevator, how is that possible? A few of them were not at all convinced.
“I, I’m not sure if her boyfriend has any money or not, I…” the aunt fidgeted.

The big man slapped out in annoyance and his aunt fell to the ground screaming.
“You play with me? Drag her away, take her picture, and I’ll do it myself!” The big man commanded.
“Ah, no, let me ask, what if her boyfriend is really rich? Please.” Auntie begged.
“Well, why don’t you knock on the door soon?” The big man was impatient.
Auntie cried and crawled up from the floor, she knocked on the door, and soon it opened to a puzzled Yolanda, who had just heard a voice, she wondered what was wrong, she opened the door and she froze, it was… her own aunt?
“Yolanda, you save your Auntie.” Auntie cried out.
Yolanda’s mother and father both heard the noise and came out, and saw such a messy aunt, they were both stunned, what happened, just went down, it was still fine, how come it’s only been ten minutes, it’s become like this?

Chuck also stood up from the couch.
“What’s wrong with you, Auntie?” Yolanda sighs.
“That bitch at my house gambled and lost all her money and still owes money, you have to save me, I don’t have the money to pay it back, they’re going to take pictures of me and drag me to sell it, Yolanda, save Auntie.” She wept bitterly, grieved to the core, life had changed too much, the ups and downs were too great.
“Right, if you have money, lend it to her, otherwise later you will also see her fruit photos, that will be interesting,” these big men sneered into the room.
Yolanda’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Didn’t you just say you’re not coming to our house?” Yolanda’s father snorted softly.
“Brother-in-law, I was wrong, Yolanda I was wrong,” my aunt cried even harder.
“Was it or not ah? No, I’m going to take your picture!” The big man is impatient, what kind of money can you get from living in a place like this? He was growing disbelieving.
“No!” Auntie cried and shook her head, “Yolanda, help Auntie,.”
“How much do you owe, Auntie?” Yolanda asked.
“Close to eight million now! Not a lot.” The big man spoke up for his aunt.
“What? Eight million?” Yolanda was stunned, and so were her parents.
Auntie wept.
“Auntie, I don’t have that much money, no.” Yolanda shook her head, honestly, she was really sad just now, being so insulted by her own aunt, the point was that she had been so nice to her aunt when she was little. When Auntie said she didn’t have any money, she gave her over a million dollars of her crush money to use, but how did Auntie return the favor?

Boom!! drag her out.
“Yolanda, save me for the sake of me being your aunt, save me.” Auntie was anxious.
“I really don’t.” Yolanda shook his head.
“Where’s your boyfriend? He did, he did! Can you let him lend it to me? Okay?” Auntie’s praying eyes looked at Chuck.
Chuck’s face was expressionless.
Yolanda shook his head.
Auntie ran up to Chuck and shed tears, “My husband says you’re rich, lend me money!”
Yolanda’s parents looked at Chuck in surprise, very rich? How rich is it?
Chuck shook his head.
“Do you have the money or not? Lend me some money, I’m your aunt!” Auntie cried.
“You’re not my auntie.” Chuck shook his head, such a woman was also worthy of being his aunt?
“You’re Yolanda’s boyfriend, I’m your aunt, yes!”
Chuck still shook his head.
“You, you don’t have any money, do you? I told you, you can’t be rich, not by a long shot! That bitch still wants me to come to you, to borrow money from your poor ass? Pretend you’re a man!” Auntie went crazy screaming.
“Auntie, you’ve gone too far.” Yolanda was really angry that she said that about Chuck.
“All poor devils, what sins have I done to be related to you poor devils? If you can’t give us 8 million, why don’t you die? Why don’t you go jump off a building?” Auntie screamed.
How ridiculous of her to believe her own husband, to believe that this hangdog would be rich?

“It’s only eight million, and that’s all you’ve got?” Chuck was calm.
“You go to hell! I can still owe eight million dollars, and you kid can’t even come up with eight thousand dollars, so go to hell!” Auntie cried and screamed, she was desperate, she was going to get a fruit shot, what to do?
“I have money! Uncle and aunt, it’s the first time I came over to your house today, I didn’t prepare any gift, so I can only offer you both a red envelope in filial piety.” Chuck smiled and said to Yolanda’s parents.
The two of them were stunned.
“Still pretending!” Auntie cried and roared, she despaired, and this man was pretending?
“Yolanda, I’ll transfer the money to a card, give it to your aunt and uncle.” Chuck took out his phone and transferred 88888 to Yolanda.
Yolanda stayed, ding, her phone rang, she opened it and looked, again stayed.
These big men questioned and came over, saw Yolanda’s arrival alert, they froze, “Hey, really transferred the money, and It’s still eight million!”
These big men re-examined Chuck, and they muttered in their hearts that they couldn’t tell, dressed in such ordinary clothes, but he actually had so much money!
One red envelope is over $8 million! It’s close to nine million.

They came over and saw their daughter’s cell phone, they were shocked, really turned ah, their daughter’s boyfriend actually so rich.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the phone of your daughter, and you’ll see that it’s really turned around.
This hangdog actually has that much money!
Auntie had recovered from her shock, there was hope in her heart, and she cried and ran to Chuck again. “You turned out to be really that rich, lend it to me, lend it to me,”
You can’t judge a book by its cover. Yolanda is so lucky to have found a rich man who is worth 9 million!
“You want me to lend you the money?” Chuck’s face was expressionless.
“Yes, I am your aunt ah, lend me eight million, okay? Please.” Auntie begged.
“I have money, but why should I lend it to you?” Chuck asked.
“I’m your aunt ah, it’s only right that you lend me money, we’re relatives ah!” Auntie cried out.
“Yes? Do you even know the word “relative”? Then why don’t you lend money to Yolanda?” Chuck asked.
“I…” the aunt fidgeted, “Yolanda has a rich boyfriend like you, so she doesn’t need to borrow money.”
“Really?” Chuck suddenly laughed, “I have money, and it has a little to do with whether you lend it or not?”
“Of course I have, you have money and it’s now my turn to borrow it! Stop it, lend me the money, I’m at least your aunt, please, I’m kneeling down for you.” Auntie cried and knelt down, that’s always enough, right?
When Yolanda’s mother came over to borrow money just now, she didn’t even let herself kneel down, and now that she’s kneeling down, you’ll definitely lend it to me, because She’s a relative. She’s your aunt!

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