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Chapter 258: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 258 Kevin’s Retort (1)
“Well, everyone knows how to say such pleasing words.” Xiran took a bite of the steamed bun. After chewing it, she continued, “God does not treat everyone favorably, if you gain too much, you are bound to lose something.”

“I know.” Kevin lowered his head and said, “My brother has gained very little, so God will treat him nice.”

Xiran was moved by his words, she took a glimpse of him and then focused on eating without speaking.

Venus had a long and frightening dream. She was drifting on the sea in a small boat, and encountered strong winds and waves, then she was knocked to the sea and was completely submerged in water which made her very painful. When sharks chased her, she swam away, but on the way she met whales. She tried to get on the boat, but her feet were too heavy to move, as if someone was pulling her down.

She tried to scream for help, but as soon as she opened her mouth, water poured into her throat.

Just as she was about to be torn apart by the shark, someone had lifted her up and sent her into the cabin. When she looked back, Kerry’s face appeared in the water with his blue eyes blending into it, like sapphires.

“Kerry!” Venus shouted, she wanted to drag Kerry on, however, he directly sank into the sea and was then torn by the shark.

“Kerry!” Venus yelled, she was very sad with tears rolling on her face.

However, all she had seen was Kerry’s smile. She couldn’t hear his voice but she knew that he was comforting her.

Then, Kerry’s entire body was engulf by the blood.

Venus was heartbroken and cried painfully.

In the ward, Venus was crying, she kept murmuring Kerry’s name. Seeing this, Xiran frowned and asked Dr. Han, “What should we do? I can’t even wake her up, and I don’t know what kind of nightmare she’s having.”

Dr. Han didn’t know how to do either, and he started to give naughty tips, “How about you pinching her nose and see whether she’ll wake up or not.”

Xiran stared at him and said, “Is this how you treat patients?”

Dr. Han could only laugh dryly.

“But we can have a try.” Then Xian pinched her nose and covered her mouse. Three seconds had past and Venus’s face turned red, she wanted to get rid of Xiran’s control, but Xiram kept doing so. Then Venus finally woke up after thirty seconds for she couldn’t bear it any longer. As soon as she opened her eyes, she pulled Xiran away.

“Whoa!” The woman coughed and Xiran went up to stroke her back.

When Venus felt better, she turned to looked at Xiran and said, “Do you find Kerry?”

Xiran did not want to lie to her and said frankly, “Not yet.”

A tear fell from Venus’s eyes and she said in a hoarse voice, “Help me sit up.”

Xiran put a pillow behind her and helped her up.

“Don’t be sad, Tianye and his men are still searching, and they will find Kerry.” Xiran took a piece of tissue and wiped her tears.

Venus cried even harder, but she didn’t make any sound which was really heartbreaking.

“Xiran, I dreamt that he died.” Venus said in a hoarse and hopeless voice, “He died.”

Xiran was stunned, and didn’t know how to comfort her.

In fact, she though about this before. When she saw the suit, she guessed that something bad had happened, not to mention that there was no news about him at all. She didn’t dare to tell Venus, for fear that she couldn’t bear it. However, Venus talked about this herself. It seemed that Venus was much stronger than she thought.

Hearing this, Dr. Han sighed, he had heard a few things in the past two days here.

“Mrs. Ye, the old saying goes that dreams are opposite, a bad dream may just shows that Mr. Ye is alive.” Dr. Han comforted her in a helpless manner.

Venus leaned her head against the pillow, feeling endless pain in her heart. Then she said with hollow eyes, “No, I have a premonition.”

“Venus, don’t think like that, you have to trust him.” Xiran looked at her in sorrow.

“Xiran, how long have I sleep?” Venus asked.

“More than thirty hours.”

“It’s more than a day.” Venus sighed sadly, hearing this, Xiran wanted to cry as well.

Dr. Han was also very sad, but suddenly he remembered something and said to Venus, “Mrs. Ye, try to move your left foot and see if you can feel something.”

Venus strained to move her foot, “Ah.” she gasped and felt painful.

Seeing this, Dr. Han relieved and he said, “It’s good that you can still feel the pain, try another one.”

Venus moved her right foot, “I can feel it.”

“That’s good, I’m really worried about your legs.” Dr. Han said sincerely.

Then somebody knocked the door and Xiran said, “Come in.”

The door was open, and a smart face appeared in front of them, it was Kevin, when he looked in Venus’s eyes, his heart beat intensively.

“You’re awake.” Kevin walked in with an undetectable sadness creeping across his eyes.

After seeing him, Venus was totally stunned, he should have been in Europe now. When did he come back?

Kevin squeezed out a faint smile and said, “What’s wrong? You don’t remember me?”

Venus replied, “No, I’m just so shocked.”

“How do you feel?” Kevin asked flatly.

“Fine.” Venus responded simply, she did not need to ask why he came back. As the Second Young Master in Ye family, he had to come back to deal with these affairs since Kerry remained unconnected. However, he was not the young boy any more. He looked so mature and calm, as if he had grown up in a night.

“I went to the beach in the morning, but found no trace of brother.” Kevin looked directly into her eyes, which were still clear and bright.

“I know.” Venus felt very painful when saying this.

Seeing this, Kevin wanted to hug her, but he didn’t dare to do that, he was afraid of scaring her.

“Venus, I have something to discuss with you.”

Venus nodded.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 258 Kevin’s Retort (2)
Thinking that they would discuss something very private, Xiran got up and was about to leave. Then Kevin stopped her and said, “Sister, you don’t need to leave, it is not a secret, perhaps you can also give me some advice.”

Hearing this, Xiran frowned and said, “Just call me Xiran, I’m not that old.”

“Fine.” Kevin moved a stool to sit on the other side of the bed, and then said seriously, “It’s hard to accept the fact, but there is still a tricky matter, that is how to send those reporters away. They are gathered at the door.”

Venus had just woken up and had no idea what was going on, so she asked, “What reporters?”

Xiran briefly talked about the video that went viral on the Internet. Due to silence of Ye family and the words of some bad people, the matter got more and more serious, and there was even a rumor on the Internet that Kerry was an alien.

The more Venus heard, the more shocked she became, and this was the thing that she worried about most.

“We can’t just ignore it anymore, or brother and Pingan will live in the rumors forever.” Kevin was very worried about this.

“What do you want to do?” Venus asked.

Then Kevin seriously talked about his ideas and after that he added, “The New Year is coming soon, and at that time people’s attention will be attracted, so we have to fight back immediately, otherwise people won’t trust us.”

Xiran said with her hands crossed, “Beside the reporters outside, those medias are also an important matter. Once the similar thing pops up in the future, we have to suppress it directly.”

Kevin replied, “Yes, I will go and meet their CEOs one by one. All we need to do is spending money. It’s not a big deal, we can just take it as the propaganda budget. Venus, do you have any other opinions?”

“No, just do as you said,” Venus said in a hoarse voice.

Hearing her voice, Kevin felt sad, so he got up and took a cup of warm water for her, “Drink some, it can make you feel better.”

“Thanks.” Venus took it, her deft fingers were very beautiful, which made Kevin felt tempted.

“Take a good rest and I’ll have those things done.” Kevin stared at Venus and then walked out of the room.

“Kevin.” Venus finally asked him, when he turned back, she continued, “Thanks for coming back.” Hearing this, Kevin smiled and said, “Don’t be so polite, Kerry is my brother, of course I have to come. Don’t worry about that, I’ll handle it.”

After saying that, he left. Xiran was very sensitive and she felt that something was wrong. Although Venus was his sister-in-law, he only addressed her by name, and he looked at her in a warm manner. Did something happen between them?

The idea popped up in Xiran’s mind, but she didn’t ask, everyone had their privacy that they didn’t want others to know.


The door of Ye family’s house slowly opened from the inside, and then the reporters all became very excited for they had been waiting for a long time. However, they only saw the housekeeper.

“Second Young Master invite you to come in.”

“Second Young Master?” The reporters all whispered, and someone asked, “Where is Kerry? We want to see him.”

“If you have anything to say, just come in, Second Young Master will answer you.” John was very kind, and they could not embarrass an old man, so they walked into the house with their cameras.

As soon as they walked in, they felt a sense of warmness, a man wearing a wool sweater was waiting for them. Although identical to Kerry, he had a completely different temperament, which was very elegant.

Kerry was very indifferent and cold while he was warm and gentle, just like a prince that made you feel very pleasant.

“Thanks for all of you, I am Kerry’s brother, Kevin. Sit down please.” Kevin introduced himself very gently.

Seeing that he was so polite, those reporters restrained their temper.

The banquet hall was so large that Kevin asked John to add some soft chairs in advance. A small table was place between two chairs, in this way, it was convenient for communication.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 258 Kevin’s Retort (3)
People found a chair to sit, when someone was about to ask the question, they heard Kevin saying, “John, offer them coffee and snacks, they may be hungry after waiting for such a long time.”

“Yes, Second Young Master.”

Kevin hid all his sorrow and smiled at them. Seeing this, those female reporters were very excited and almost forgot their duties.

Kevin looked around and smiled lightly, “I’m really sorry for your waiting, I just flew back from abroad and thus slept a long time.”

Someone responded politely, “No, you are too polite.” While others ask directly, “Where is Kerry? We want to see him.”

Kevin looked at the man and answered calmly with a smile, “Don’t you know? My brother went to the airport right after the annual meeting. My grandfather is recuperating in Australia, so Kerry and my sister-in-law go there to accompany him.

Hearing this, those reporters were stunned. Did Kerry has a grandfather? They didn’t hear about it.

“Since Mr. Ye went to Australia for the New Year, why do you come back?” The man kept asking. At that moment, the cameras and the recorder were all on.

Kevin smiled bitterly, “In fact, I had already bought a ticket to Australia before I came back, but my brother asked me to come back, I have no choice.”

“I don’t understand, why does he ask you to come back since it’s his business?”

Kevin smiled even more helplessly and said, “The reason is simple, you all work in different medias, and of course you know my brother’s temperature. He wouldn’t answer such fake things, he knows that I am good-tempered, and I’m suitable to address such things.”

Many of the reporters presented agreed with this statement. They had been in the city for so long, and were treated nice by everyone except Kerry. He nearly drove over them last time when they wanted to ask him about the gossip.

“Then Mr. Ye, may I ask your opinion about the video?” Finally, someone got straight to the point and asked the question that everyone wanted to know.

“Don’t be so polite, we are all young people, just call me Kevin or Shaoyan,” Kevin did not directly answer the question, because at the moment, the maids came in with food and drinks on their hands.

“This is the coffee I brought from abroad, it is ground right now and tastes much better than the coffee here. Please have a try.”

The maids put the coffee on a small table, together with some sugar and a plate of small snacks.

The reporters became much more mild after seeing the snacks. They were hungry and cold since waiting for such a long time.

Kevin’s attitude had always been gentle, he said in a modest manner, “I know that you want to know the truth and we also want to know as well. However, we are victims and you are medias, there’s no need for you to place us in the opposite side.”

The female reporter closest to Kevin smiled and broke the dull atmosphere, “You’re right, we just want to find out the truth, we don’t want the rumor to spread any further.”

Kevin nodded at her, “Now that we’ve made our position clear, it’s very simple. Just ask as you want.”

As soon as he said this, all the cameras were aimed to him. People all held their microphones and some even started a live stream.

“What do you think about the video?”

Kevin smiled calmly and spoke very strongly, “This is a frame-up, if needed, I can make many similar videos. Just see the TV series, you can find many there. I’m very curious about why you would believe such things, we live in a modern world and we are educated to trust science. Why are you so superstitious? It’s so ridiculous to say that. People who spread this rumor should have written a science-fiction.”

Hearing Kevin’s words, someone laughed.

“If you are telling the truth, why doesn’t Kerry come out and explain it himself?” Still, someone asked.

“As I just said, my brother went to Australia to accompany his grandfather, it is an insult to him to respond to such a ridiculous thing.” Kevin said in a harsh manner, “As a good citizen of Sky City, my brother is not obligated to respond to such unfounded personal attack. I stand here today to stop the rumor. Such things are only a way of blackmail.”

Kevin said in an indifferent manner, especially the last two sentences, suddenly the atmosphere tensed up. Those reporters were confused as well and they even forgot why they came here.

“Yehuang Group is one of the biggest companies in Sky City, before questioning my brother, why don’t you check the taxation that he have paid? Whenever disasters happen, our company will make efforts to help those in need. We’ve addressed the employment of so many people. The just opened amusement park has provided thousand of jobs. We are all human, you are too cruel to treat a man with countless contributions in such a way.” Kevin was a bit angry when saying this, why would they focus on other people’s scandal?

Now, the atmosphere was very intensive. They thought Kevin was mild, but now it turned out that he was not. The whole hall was silent, nobody dared to ask more. Seeing this, Kevin smiled and said, “I know you want to know more about my nephew, I’ll tell you now in case that someone would ask again.”

People felt relieved when hearing this, then they didn’t have to ask.

“My nephew is a very cute he is almost one year old, I believe you will love him when you see him, it’s his magic.” Kevin’s tone became soft again, he said with a smile on his face, “The colors of his eyes are indeed purple and blue, just as you reported. But is there any problem about this? It’s because the mutation of his genes. You can inquire the experts if you don’t believe.”

“He is still a child, coming to the world with love and curiosity. He done nothing wrong so why do you treat him like this? I believe that most of you have kids, what would you feel if your child is treated like a monster? Would you be angry or just accept it?”

Hearing this, people were silent again.

Because it was a live stream, many people were watching on the phone. When hearing this, they felt a bit guilty. Of course, some were attracted by his smart face.

“God, it turns out that Kerry has such a smart brother.”

“What he said is right, why should we believe such a video? I even commented there, it’s so ridiculous.”

“Me too.”

In the ward, Xiran and Venus snuggled together and after watching the lives stream, they felt relieved.

Xiran said with appreciation, “I didn’t expect him to be so eloquent. Instead of economy, he should major in news broadcasting, he can definitely lash out those foreign reporters.”

“I don’t expect that either.” Venus said faintly, she considered Kevin as her brother and friend this time.

Xiran took a glimpse of her and continued watching the live video.

After answering some questions, Kevin turned to be gentle again and he said, “Is there any other problem?”

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