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Chapter 258: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 258 I Feel Like I’m Going to Die….

“Marquis won’t fall. You can rest assured. The chairman’s personal matter is indeed more important than Marquis.”


After hearing Nina’s words, everyone became dissatisfied with Colin.

His personal matter is more important than Marquis?

Adam also looked up and stared at Nina curiously.

Nina didn’t explain about the private matter and only said, “In short, the chairman won’t neglect Marquis. What we have to do now is to deal with the current crisis under the leadership of the chairman’s wife.”

When the words were spoken, the people who intended to continue refuting were silenced.

They didn’t hear wrong just now, right?

The chairman’s wife?

“Assistant White, what did you say just now? The chairman’s wife?”

Everyone’s gaze fell on Doris which made her more nervous and terrified.

Nina used the chance to let Doris sit down and put her hands on Doris’s shoulder, “Yes, she is the chairman’s wife.”

“Now, she has the right to sit at the chairman’s seat, right?”

Everyone couldn’t refute for a moment.

Nina said, “Come, sit down.”

At the same time, she whispered to Doris, “Don’t be afraid. Just do what I’ve taught you before.”

Doris sat down, didn’t look at anyone, and just stared ahead without expression.

It was taught by Nina.

Nina knew that based on Doris’s current condition as a child, they would’ve failed with just a gaze since they’re facing a bunch of intellectuals. So, Nina taught her to look straight ahead and not to look at anyone. If she’s still afraid, she could look at Nina.

Everyone looked at each other.

They respected Colin because Colin’s trick during his term of office made them couldn’t help but respect him. So naturally, they respected Doris.

Nina said lightly, “Chairman has instructed that for now all the matters will be handled by the chairman’s wife. Her words are the same as the chairman’s words.”

After she spoke, everyone looked at Doris.

Doris kept her hands under the table. She clutched her fists tightly as she’s very nervous. Her mind kept repeating the words that Nina taught her.

Nina patted on Doris lightly then she returned to her senses and pursed her l**s.

“Everyone, you have to do what you must do. I’ve known about the matters in Marquis. I’ll deal with it as soon as possible. Please be rest assured.”

Nina slightly nodded upon seeing this. Doris was expressionless and she spoke in order well. It seemed like that’s all. The meeting would be dismissed after a while and no one would notice it.

The directors were slightly relieved after listening to what Doris said. When someone came to manage the general situation, they wouldn’t say anything much. But…

“Mrs. Chairman, you can say that way. But this time, our loss is too big. How will you make it back, Mrs. Chairman? Are we just going to wait for you to solve it, Mrs. Chairman?”

“Right, Mrs. Chairman. Can you tell us what to do? Maybe we can also offer some help.”

Everyone talked at the same time which made Doris nervous.

Nina slightly frowned and said, “Mrs. Chairman has just arrived. Even though she has known the situation of Marquis, she can’t just think of a way in a brief time. After she finds the way, I will notify you, directors.”

Doris nodded immediately upon hearing that, “Right”

When everyone saw this, they had no choice but to shut up.

However, some people were really irritating.

“Mrs. Chairman, I heard that the chairman has committed a crime. Is that true?”

Nina had explained about it just now that Colin was dealing with private matters. But everyone couldn’t just trust it easily and the chairman’s wife happened to be heard, so they had to ask clearly.

“Yes, if that’s the case, then please tell us the truth, Mrs. Chairman.”

“Yes, as a member of Marquis, if the chairman committed a crime, we have to make adjustments in time as directors.”

Their so-called adjustment could only mean that if the situation was unfavorable, they would immediately escape.

Doris knew through Nina that the person they were talking about was Colin, her most favorite uncle. So, without having Nina say anything, she said, “He is fine and he’ll return soon enough.”


Someone still wanted to ask more clearly.

Adam had seen the situation clearly and immediately stood up, “Enough!”

“You’ve already heard what Mrs. Chairman said. Why do you still have so many questions?”

“Could it be that you’re planning to force Mrs. Chairman to report the chairman’s private matter to you?”

“She has said that the chairman is fine. You can just behave well, don’t ask nonsense anymore!”

Adam said it with righteous indignation, then said to Doris with a smile, “Mrs. Chairman, we will follow your arrangements.”

Doris could sense that Adam was on their side. So for the first time, she bravely took a glance at Adam and saw a smiling face. She also slightly smiled and nodded.

Seeing this, Adam thought that Doris was very satisfied with him. He immediately became happy and said to everyone, “Okay, Mrs. Chairman must be busy figuring out the solution. Let’s continue our work.”

Everyone had no choice but to nod as a response.

The meeting ended.

After a while, only Nina and Doris were left inside the conference room.

Doris could finally at ease. Her voice was slightly trembling, “Nina, they’re so scary!”

“It’s fine now. You’ve done very well.” Nina was very satisfied. Luckily, Doris had stunned them, otherwise, these directors would’ve been a problem.

Flora came in with Vanessa.

“How was it? Did it go well?”

Nina nodded, “Doris acted very well.”


Inside the office of Baker’s company.

Baker seldom came here usually so the chairman’s office had no function. But now, someone was inside the office.

He was the one that escaped from the police station, Colin Ward.

Colin was very weak this time as he lied on the sofa without any strength.

He knew that his body couldn’t hold it anymore. If he still didn’t take the antidote, it wouldn’t be long before he died.

But he’s not willing to.

He still hasn’t done so many things.

There’s someone that harmed him so much. He wanted to strike back and avenge him.

Doris hadn’t recovered her memories. He wanted to be together with Doris and wanted to have children with her.

“Cough cough….”

Colin couldn’t help but coughing lightly several times, “I can’t see anymore….”

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

Colin didn’t check it. The only one that knew someone is here, is Ramon.

Ramon came inside without waiting for Colin to answer.

“Boss” Ramon was very worried after seeing Colin’s weak condition.

Ramon has become an employee here, so it’s convenient to come here.

Colin frowned, “How is the situation?”

“Everything is done.” Ramon replied, “Gerd is the only one left.”

Colin hummed, “Ramon, I feel like I’m going to die…”

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