Chapter 259 – 260: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 259: The Apollo Security Company


The door was kicked open.

Immediately afterward, Xiaoqiang Shao came in savagely. A dozen of strong men with hacking knives followed with him.

Jane Tang felt her feet were weak for being frightened. If she didn’t grasp Changhe for support, she would fall to the ground on the spot.

Changhe wasn’t any better. He was totally shocked.

“Oh, you are all here,” Xiaoqiang looked at Kris Chen and said, “Weren’t you tough just now? Do you dare to do it again?”

Kris’ eyes instantly turned cold, and he said to Mary Su, who was beside him, “Dear wife, take your parents upstairs. Leave it to me.”

“Honey…” Mary wanted to refuse, but Changhe pulled her over.

“Mary, hurry up… Let’s go upstairs,” Changhe said, “it all happened because of this loser, so let him solve it.”

When he finished speaking, he went upstairs, taking Mary’s arm in one hand and Jane’s in another.

“Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance, sucker.” Xiaoqiang picked his ears and said, “You can do it this way. Kneel on the ground to beg for mercy, and then transfer the rest twenty-five million dollars to me. Maybe I will spare you when I’m happy.”

Kris frowned. What was the security department of Tianmeng Garden doing?

How did these people get in?

At this moment, he felt extremely annoyed.

Those who could afford to buy houses in Tianmeng Garden were at least multimillionaires. For them, safety was more important than anything else. Now these people with lethal weapons had surrounded the residents. Would others dare to live in there if they see this?

“Sucker, were you fucking deaf? Didn’t you hear the words?”

At this moment, a strong man beside Xiaoqiang shouted at Kris fiercely.

“Get on your knees, motherfucker!”

A brawny man rushed over, speaking.

Kris’s face went cold, and he kicked at him directly.

Kris kicked him heavily, and he flew out of the house.

“Fuck! How dare him! Kill him, brothers!” Xiaoqiang didn’t expect that Kris dared to resist. He waved his hand, and the men behind him all rushed up, waving their hacking knives.

Unfortunately, they were merely ordinary people, even when they were holding weapons. They were nothing to a practitioner at the early stage of the innate-power stage like Kris.

Kris defeated them with a few cuffs and kicks.

They wailed in pain, lying on the ground. Either was their arms broken or their legs.

Xiaoqiang was completely frightened. He knew Kris could fight, but he didn’t expect that he could fight so well.

These people were all gangsters, and they were holding hacking knives.

“You… don’t come over…”

Xiaoqiang’s legs couldn’t stop shaking.

Kris frowned in disgust. He kicked him over, stepped on his face, and said, “Hurry up and hand over the jewels…”

“What…what jewel?” Xiaoqiang said confusedly.

“Don’t force me to be rough!”

“I’m telling you… don’t go crazy. Bao Xiang will fix you when he comes later.”Xiaoqiang Shao said, “You are doomed when the main troop comes.”

“I don’t care about leopard or tiger, whatever. Give me the jewels!” Kris got impatient. He grabbed Xiaoqiang’s hand and twisted it.


Xiaoqiang screamed instantly.

Hearing the voice, Changhe, and Jane, who were hiding in the room on the second floor, quivered.

“No! Dad, open the door! I’m going down!” Mary bit her lip, feeling nervous.

“Mary, why do you care about that loser?” Jane grabbed Mary, not letting her open the door, “That jinx will only bring us disaster. We will be dead because of him sooner or later.”

“Mom… how could you say that?” Mary stomped anxiously, almost burst into tears being angry with her parents.

“Are you handing it out or not?” Kris resorted to the Muscles Splitting, and Bones Locking technique learned from the hierarch of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

“It hurts me…I’m handing it out. I’m handing it out…” Xiaoqiang’s face was smeared with snots and tears. He felt that his arms were broken. The pain of splitting muscles and locking bones almost made him faint.

“Hurry up!” Kris said impatiently.


At this moment, the harsh sound of car tires rubbing against the ground suddenly came outside.


The sound of rapid footsteps came in immediately, and there were at least forty to fifty people outside.

“Aha, Bao Xiang is here, you’re doomed, boy, you’re doomed…” Xiaoqiang suddenly exulted, “Boy, you will be dead…”

Before he finished speaking, dozens of muscular men carrying axes poured in from the door. The leader was a bald head, who had a leopard head tattoo on his bright bald head.

This person was Bao Xiang mentioned by Xiaoqiang.

Xiaoqiang quickly got up from the ground when Kris was distracted and came to Bao Xiang’s side rolling and climbing. He said, “Bao Xiang…Help me. This guy wants to kill me…”

Xiaoqiang pointed at Kris sniveling and accused Kris of his rascality, “Bao Xiang, you won’t see me if you come later… This guy said that he will cut off your head to make a chamber pot when you arrive…”


Before Xiaoqiang finished speaking, Bao Xiang slapped his face without warning.

“Slash! Slash! Slash! “

Before Xiaoqiang could realize what had happened, there were a few more slaps.


The last slap directly slapped off Xiaoqiang’s last tooth.

“Fuck! Are you blind?” Bao Xiang was shocked and angry. Then fear came over him.

“Bao… Bao Xiang… Why, do you hit me…” Xiaoqiang said vaguely. At this point, he was dull for being beaten up. What happened? Why did Bao Xiang hit me?

“Motherfucker, I don’t just want to hit you, I want to kill you,” speaking of this, Bao Xiang took out an axe from his waist, showing a murderous aura.


Kris shouted sharply. Xiang Bao almost dropped his ax for being shocked.


Bao Xiang felt his legs were weak, and then he knelt in front of Kris, kept kowtowing, “Branch Leader, it was my fault! It was my fault…disturbing you, Branch Leader…”


As soon as Bao Xiang knelt down, the strong men came with him also knelt and kowtowed, saying, “Please forgive us, Branch Leader.”


This scene fell into Xiaoqiang’s eyes. He was so scared that he even peed. A stink of urine came from him immediately.

What… what’s going on?

Bao Xiang actually called him the Branch Leader… Could he be a senior leader of that organization?

Thinking of this, Xiaoqiang almost scared to death.

“Humph,” Kris snorted coldly, “Didn’t Changkong Yin tell you that you are not allowed to do illegal things anymore?”

Since the Shen family collapsed, Kris had issued orders to the Holy Dragon Cult as well as the Sun-Moon Holy Cult that it will not be allowed to do anything illegal.

The Holy Dragon Cult had a Golden Scale Society, and he didn’t worry as Kuizi was there.

Unexpectedly, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult was still lending money at usury.

Bao Xiang was a leader of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, equivalent to the Holy Dragon Cult’s deacon. It could be said that his status was only under Changkong and Kris himself, How could he lead them to make trouble.

He simply didn’t take his words.

“Branch Leader, it was a misunderstanding. We didn’t…”

“How dare you deny it?” Kris’ eyes went sharp. He said, “Then why did he loan usury to my mother-in-law? He also forcibly occupied her villa and took away her and my wife’s jewels!”

“This…this…” Bao Xiang was frightened. He didn’t expect that the bastard would even dare to occupy the villa of the Branch Leader’s mother-in-law. And how dare he take the jewels of the Branch Leader’s wife and mother-in-law? Did they think that they live too long?

“Branch Leader, we were wronged. Since you issued the order, we hadn’t done anything illegal.” Bao Xiang kept kowtowing that his head was bleeding, “We have opened a few pawn shops in Westriver City. This guy is in charge of the pawnshop. The usury was his business. Moreover, he is not a disciple of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, so…”

At this moment, Bao Xiang was half dead, being scared. Now Kris was the Holy Son of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, whose position was only under the leader and his wife. They didn’t dare to disobey Kris, no matter how bold they were.

What’s more, Kris had saved all of their lives. Hence they didn’t dare to overtly agree but covertly oppose him for this point.

Kris frowned. It seemed that Bao Xiang really didn’t know about this.

“Well, get up, all of you. Stop kowtowing,” Kris waved his hand and said.

“Thank you, Branch Leader!”

Bao Xiang’s felt relieved and stood up from the ground. His forehead was covered by blood, but he didn’t dare to wipe it.

“Branch Leader, what would you do with this guy?” Bao Xiang pointed at Xiaoqiang, who was kneeling on the ground. Dozens of disciples of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult stared at him.

All of them showed a murderous aura. Xiaoqiang knelt on the ground and shivered, “Bao Xiang…Don’t kill me! I didn’t know he is the Branch leader. Let me go, please… Give me a chance…”

“How dare are you begging me to let you go after you provoking the Branch Leader? No way…”

“Alright,” Kris said lightly, “Let him return the things and let him go this time.”

“Didn’t you hear what the Branch Leader said, you motherfucker?” Bao Xiang kicked him down, saying, “Hurry up and return the things.”

Xiaoqiang rolled three or four times before he stopped, and then he ran to the car and took out all the jewels they plundered from the villa.

Taking the jewels, Kris pointed at the people he had knocked down, ordering people to drag them away.


Then disciples of then Sun-Moon Holy Cult dragged them away.

Kris said to Bao Xiang, “I have something to tell you. When you are back, ask Changkong to set up a security company and name it…the Sun God…”

Bao Xiang stood by Kris respectfully and listened carefully to every word of his.

“Have you remembered everything I said?” Kris asked.

“I remember it all!” Bao Xiang said reverently.

“Okay, remember, we must not let others know our true identity,” Kris continued, “The security of Tianmeng Garden will be your responsibility in the future.”

“Aye, we guarantee to complete the task!”

Kris nodded in satisfaction and gave Mina Li’s number to Bao Xiang, “This is the number of Tianmeng Garden’s general manager. Contact her when you get back. Tell her that I arranged this, and you will be the manager of the security department.”

Bao Xiang nodded in agitation. He took the number and left excitedly.

When disciples from the Sun-Moon Holy Cult had left, Kris shouted to Mary, who was upstairs, “Darling, come out! They have all left!”

As soon as the words were finished, the bedroom door on the second floor opened. Changhe’s craned his head of the door through the crack and looked out, finding that all the people in the hall were gone, only left Kris.

Then Mary rushed out of the door, ran downstairs quickly, and looked Kris up and down nervously.

Seeing that he was unharmed, she felt relieved, “Honey, it’s great that you are fine.”

Kris felt warm seeing it. He raised his hand and said, “My dear wife, look, what is this!”

Mary saw the sapphire necklace in Kris’ hand, and she was delighted, “The Heavenly City…”

Chapter 260: Burst out

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Mary Su took Jane Tang and Changhe Su to Hejing Garden. But honestly speaking, she didn’t want to bring them here at all.

But their villa in Tianmeng Garden was in a mess. Even a part-time worker couldn’t finish the cleaning in a day or two.

Mary had to bring them here with no choice.

“Honey, is this the house that you rent? It’s too big.” Jane couldn’t help screaming as she walked into the house.

“The house is so luxurious that the rent must be very expensive.” Changhe frowned, “Mary, don’t be mad at us anymore. When the aunt arranged the house, move back and live with us.”

“Nope, I won’t go to your house anymore.” Mary said, “I’ll live with Kris later on.”

“Mary, what are you talking about?” Jane walked to Mary and said, “Don’t be angry with me anymore.”

Then she glared at Kris Chen and said, “It’s all your fault, garbage. You make my daughter like this. Can you afford the rent? Do you want you two to be tramps?”

Mary was fed up with this, and she said angrily, “Enough!”

“Mom, can you stop saying this nonsense?” Mary said with the painful look, “Just now, the usurers came to our house. Didn’t Kris help solve the problem? Didn’t Kris give the money? Why do you always treat him badly?”

And then Mary looked at Changhe, “Dad, why do you come back without telling us this time? Do you just want to get the money? You’ll come back when you’re penniless since I was a child. So what? Is a home a cash machine for you? You never care about me. Why bother now?”

She never felt her father’s love since she was a kid.

Her mom always told her that her father worked outside for the family.

She was naive when she was young. So she studied hard, grew up hard, and worked hard.

She just wants to decrease her father’s pressure. But gradually, she realized one thing.

This was actually in vain.

The money she earned couldn’t satisfy Changhe or Jane.

They always exploited her under the banner of loving her and being good for her, just to make her a guarantee to let them live well. But as the disappointment accumulated to an extent, Mary finally blew up.

Jane and Changhe looked at each other, with full awkwardness over their faces.

“Mary, how could you say this to your dad? He is for our family.”

“Mary, do you remember that I used to buy you your favorite White Rabbit Creamy Candy?” Changhe forced a smile, “I’ll buy you some now, okay?”

“Whatever.” Mary threw this sentence coldly and then went into the bedroom without looking at them.

Such a huge living room was full of horrible silence.

Kris sighed and said, “Dad, mom, help yourself.”

And then he turned around, went into the bedroom and soothed Mary.

“Honey, when does Kris become strong like this? And money? Where does he get that?” Changhe said with confusion, “And it seemed that many people came downstairs just now. I attached to the door and heard that they called Kris Branch Leader.”

Jane smiled coldly and told Changhe that Kris had been sent to prison for stealing a woman’s underwear. And last time, Kris lied that he knew some underworld friends in prison. Jane said this and embellished it.

“So, he borrowed the money?”

Jane curled her mouth, “Or what? Do you really think he was rich?”

Changhe nodded, now he understood. But why did they call him Branch Leader?

“Why are you so stupid?” Jane rolled her eyes at Changhe, “It must be the underworld boss. Kris must be asked him to come here, otherwise how could these problems be solved? Those usurers feared no one but the one who was harsher than them.”

“You’re smarter, honey!” Changhe couldn’t help giving a thumb up to Jane.

“Don’t flatter me.”

Jane said, “Think ways to coax Mary. It’s all Kris’s fault. Mary must be influenced by him.”

“True. Mary has been obedient since childhood and has never disobeyed us. It’s all Kris’s fault! ” Su Changhe’s face clouded and said, “I absolutely won’t allow him to hurt my daughter anymore. I must make them divorce.”

At the same time, in the bedroom.

Mary held Kris and buried her head into his chest, “Honey, I’m so sorry to have parents like them, and… and sorry for letting you be wronged…”

Mary sobbed and said.

“My sweetie, don’t cry.” Kris wept the tears around her eyes with love, “Your parents care about you. Please don’t blame them.” And then, Mary looked up and looked at Kris, “Why are you so nice. They have treated you in that way. Why do you still persuade me?”

Kris smiled bitterly. Frankly speaking, if they were not Mary’s parents, Kris would have already driven them away. But they were still Mary’s parents. Now Mary was just angry, and she would absolutely forgive them after her anger disappeared.

Thinking for a while, Kris said, “Because they’re your parents, my father, and mother-in-law.”

Just then, Mary kissed Kris, “Honey, you’re so nice to me. I won’t divorce you in my whole life…”

On the other side, Master Yi Fang had received Master Qingyuan’s information and set off overnight with more than ten followers on the Emei Mount. But the battle between the six schools and The Holy Dragon Cult had been white-hot, and elites whose stage were higher than The return-to-nature stage had all been sent to the front line. With no choice, Master Yi Fang had to bring more than ten followers of The acquired stage and set off to Westriver City.

More than ten people went down the mountain in the darkness. Just about to take a rest, there was a rustle in the woods.

“Cheer up! Something’s here!” Master Yi Fang stood up from the ground in a hurry and looked around vigilantly.

More than ten Emei Mount followers were back to back and made a circle, with weapons in their hands, looking around anxiously.

Honestly speaking, this was the first time for them to go down Emei Mount, and they had little experience. At this time, someone asked with fear, “Ma…Master, are followers of The Holy Dragon Cult coming?”

Just then, the other female followers became nervous, too. Fear was spreading among them.

“Don’t be afraid! It may be the beast.” And then Yi Fang comforted herself, “It won’t be The Holy Dragon Cult. They were mobbed by the elites from the six schools, how can they come to Emei Mount? This is impossible.”

Just then, a burst of obscene laughter came from the woods.

Jiejiejie… (this is an onomatopoeic word to describe the obscene laughter)

“So many beauties. What a big meal!”

All the female followers felt cold behind them (this saying is to describe one’ fear in Chinese), and looked at the source of that sound, and saw eyes glittering with red light in the dark woods.


A female follower shouted in the crowd. The circle gets messed up instantly.

“Calm down!”Master Yi Fang shouted at this critical moment, “Who are you? Don’t play tricks! Come out now!”


“Nasty. But the nastier you are, the more I like you, the more excited I am…”


A dark shadow darted out of the woods. And then a strong wind blew to the female followers, which caught them off guard, and everyone was knocked down by the strong wind.

Only Master Yi Fang, who was at the fulfilled period of The innate-power stage, stood still.

“Gangfeng, the elite at The return-to-nature stage from an evil cult.”

Master Yi Fang was extremely shocked. How’s that possible! Maybe he belongs to The Sun-Moon Holy Cult?

No, impossible.

According to the news sent from the informers, The Holy Dragon Cult had ruined Bishop of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult’s 70th birthday and made Bishop of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult lose his face.

The Sun-Moon Holy Cult won’t give a hand to The Holy Dragon Cult at this time.

Maybe the news is fake?

Just when Master Yi Fang was in a daze, the ghostly shadow had already rushed over.


A strong and vigorous wind came instantly, and Master Yi Fang fell into a coma with no chance to fight back.


At ten o’clock in the evening, Lan Yu was waiting for Master Yi Fang at Westriver Airport but had not met her, so she called her.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is busy…”

Lan Yu was puzzled and dialed other followers’ number, but still failed.

Her heart suddenly pounded. Do Yi Fang and her followers meet the trouble?

Under this circumstance, Lan Yu dialed Master Qingyuan’s number and told her the situation. And then Master Qingyu with her two female followers rushed to Westriver Airport.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, they took the last flight from Xichuan city to Emei Mount. It took one and a half hours to Emei Mount.

After getting off the plane, Master Qingyuan took Lan Yu rushing to Emei Mount.

At this time, Lan Yu prayed in her heart, hoping Master Yi Fang was safe and sound.

Since her own Master was killed by The Holy Dragon Cult, Yi Fang had been her Master. Though Yi Fang was actually her Master’s fellow, she treated Yi Fang as her second master in her heart.

They came to the foot of Emei Mount with silence along the road.

At this time, a female follower shouted suddenly, “Master, look! There is a phone!”

And then they came up.

“This… This is Master Yi Fang’s phone.” Staring at this pink Apple Phone, Lan Yu shook her body, and recognized it for a glance.

This phone was the birthday gift Lan Yu sent to Yi Fang after she went down Emei Mount. She painted it pink by herself, and at the back of the phone was the group photo of them.

She turned the phone over and saw the group photo.

“Master Qingyuan, how could Master Yi Fang’s phone be…”

“Shh, keep quiet. Something’s moving!” Master Qingyuan made a gesture of keeping quiet.


Master Qingyuan picked up a small stone and carried the small stone with her genuine energy.

“Whiz”, the small stone flew out just like a bullet.

“Pupupu.”(this is an onomatopoeic word to describe the sound when birds fly) And it scared ten owls standing in the branch away.

“Well, it’s the owl. It’s safe.” Master Qingyuan said.

Lan Yu and the other two female followers all sighed with relief.

Just as they let down their guard, suddenly, a human’s crying came from the dark woods.


That voice was like a woman, also like a crying kid.

It made Lan Yu and others chilled and frightened.

“Ma…Master, is there a ghost?” A female follower couldn’t help asking.

“Bullshit! When do you meet a ghost since you have lived in Emei Mount for decades?” Master Qingyuan scolded her and then said loudly, “Who’s that? I’ll let you pay if you don’t come out.”

Just then, the leaves around them made a sound “Suu”, and that woman’s crying was sometimes near and sometimes far away, just like crying besides their eyes.

“Wuwuwu… My senior fellow is true… Wuuuu… I got a big fish today…”


A white figure darted out of the woods.

Then a chill rose from the bottom of their feet. They wanted to move, but they found that they could not move their feet at all.

But just staring…

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