Chapter 259: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 259 The Bodyguard Is Dead

“Boss….” Ramon was slightly choked up, “How about if you take the antidote?”

Colin slightly shook his head, “I don’t want…to forget….”

After living for more than twenty years, he didn’t have a memory of when he was young. He only remembered the time when he was in that village, where he lived with his sister for more than ten years.

The most important thing is, he didn’t want to forget Doris.

Doris is his entire life’s dedication.

Ramon put up with it but he tried to sound slightly normal, “But forgetting is better than death….”

“You don’t understand.” Colin smiled faintly.

Ramon pressed his lips. He didn’t understand indeed.

Colin spoke again, “How is Doris doing now?”

“She was taken to Marquis by Assistant White to take charge of the situation,” Ramon replied honestly.

Colin was slightly surprised, “Has Doris….recovered?

“No.” Ramon replied, “They just let Madam pretend.”

Colin gave out a bitter smile. He thought that Doris had recovered. It turned out that she’s just pretending!

Ramon felt sad, “Boss….”

Colin closed his eyes, “Don’t call me Boss anymore. You can just call my name!”


Colin hummed, “ You can go and deal with the rest! After you’re finished, we’ll make a move.”

“Okay,” Ramon nodded and looked at Colin again before leaving the office.


As the night fell, a BMW was driven out of Lanbo Port villa towards the suburbs.

Not long after that, a truck was following behind the BMW and ran into it.

The BMW immediately rolled on the ground a few times and finally went out of the highway. On the roadside in the suburbs, there was suddenly an explosion.

The car was burned in an instant.

And that truck had quickly left.

The next morning, the news was released. The Marquis chairman’s bodyguard died in a car accident while traveling and there was nothing left.

As soon as the news was released, some people thought of it as a mess, and some of them thought that his chance had come.

For example, Hui Reed.

“Nobody is around Colin now. It’s time to move.”


It was another day and Colin was weaker than before. He was unable to stand up anymore.

When Ramon arrived, he saw Colin’s pale complexion and said again, “Just take the antidote, Colin….”

Colin shook his head as he decided not to take it.

Ramon sighed, “Even if you don’t remember us anymore, we would still remember you, Colin.”

If it weren’t for Colin, he would still live as a street rat while living a sneaky life. How could he own a frank and righteous life?

And the people around Colin, which one of them that wasn’t impressed by his charm?

And even that assassin also….

Colin didn’t want to speak much, as he slowly got up, “Is the preparation done?”

Ramon came forward to help him, “The preparation is done.”

“Let’s go then!” Colin lightly said.

Ramon nodded as he supported Colin to leave the office.

Both of them arrived at the parking lot.

After a while, an average Volkswagen car was driven out and at the same time, a luxurious RV also followed.

Both the cars were driven on the highway.

The VW was in front and the RV was behind.

Ramon was driving the VW with a man in the backseat, wearing a baseball cap that covered most of his face and his face was unclear.

The RV behind was driven by a bulky man. He is completely muscular and seemed like it happened because he often worked on the construction site. He wore sunglasses with a blue hat on his head and dressed in ordinary clothes.

Both the cars maintained a certain distance through the highway and slowly headed towards Jing City, which everyone looked forward to.


Nina went to Lanbo Port villa to pick Doris up to the chairman’s office.

If they wanted to act, of course, they had to go all out. So, Nina let Doris stayed in the office and pretended to deal with the documents to reassure those people. In fact, Nina was the one who dealt with the documents.

But Nina was just checking the documents. Some things still needed Colin to decide.

And the one thing that needed Colin’s concern the most was about Ellie’s request to acquire Marquis Group.

Nina hadn’t thought of a way to let Colin know about this matter. Colin escaped from the prison, so he didn’t know about this and couldn’t make any decision.

And now, Doris was the one who could decide and Doris’s condition went without having to say it.

Flora was at the Lishi Company now and Nina also couldn’t contact Vanessa now.

Nina was quite worried. She was fine last night when they went home. Why couldn’t she be contacted after leaving in the morning?

After failing to contact her several times, Nina quickly contacted Jason.

“Hello, Captain Brown. I can’t get in touch with Vanessa. I’m afraid that she’s in trouble”

It’s better to have the police looked for Vanessa than to be anxious here.


On the highway, Ramon drove the VW while looking tensed.

After being on the highway for a while, the more Ramon drove forward, the more his instinctive sense of crisis became stronger, which caused him to subconsciously grab the steering wheel tightly.

Ramon knew about the plan precisely this time which made him so nervous.

While being nervous, Ramon still hoped that this operation would be successful. So at least, Colin still could be saved and it didn’t matter whether he survived or not.

Ramon felt that it was worthwhile to have this time.

Unknowingly, the traffic jam started at the highway.

Inside the RV behind, Colin was lying on the sofa while looking pale and his eyes were closed.

Vanessa looked worried as she sat by the side.

When she went out this morning, she received Colin’s phone call and asked to meet.

Colin explained everything to Vanessa and she finally understood but she became more worried.

“Will it really work? What if they don’t have the antidote?”

That’s right. Everything that Colin did now was to get the antidote, the real antidote that prevented him from losing his memories.

Colin said lightly, “If they don’t have it, it can only mean that I’m out of luck….”

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