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“Not lending.”
Chuck shook his head, this woman had wanted to slap Yolanda and she hit her just now, he just took care of it, she was Yolanda’s aunt, so Chuck didn’t do it then.
Now you still want to borrow money? Not even the door.
“Woah, Woah…” cried Yolanda’s aunt, “Don’t do that, I’m on my knees to you, you should lend me the money!”
“Who are you? You’re going to let me lend you $8 million falling on my knees? What are you? It’s useless for you to kowtow to me.” Chuck shook his head.
Just kidding, eight million? What does this woman think she is? Kneeling to get the money?
“Don’t do this to me, woo.” Auntie begged, she would be photographed if she didn’t give them money, she didn’t want it.
She regretted how she hadn’t been nicer to Chuck just now when he was over, but it was no use regretting at this point.
“I don’t have any money, they will take pictures of my fruit, but also drag me to the club, don’t, you have to save me.” Auntie hugged Chuck’s leg, crying and begging.

“What does all this have to do with me? You’re shameless and you care about that?” Chuck shook his head, this woman just went down, shrew-like cursing in the stairs, this kind of disgraceful thing has been done, still afraid of A photoshoot?
“Don’t, I…” she crawled up, crying quietly and begging, “I’m begging you, how about I stay with you for a few days and you lend me the money? “
She herself thinks she’s forty years old, but she takes good care of herself, and there’s no difference between a thirty-year-old woman and a young man who might like a woman of her own charm.
It’s better to be watched by one person for a few days, for fun, than by all your friends.
“You’re sick, aren’t you?” Chuck’s eyebrows furrowed.
Yolanda’s aunt has a nice body with feminine charm, but she was Yolanda’s aunt, how could Chuck have that kind of thought?
He hadn’t even looked at her more than once when he’d just gone to her house.
“Wow, ooh, what do you want then?” Auntie broke down.
“I won’t lend you any money, don’t bother me.” Chuck shook his head, this woman was annoying, if it was a man, Chuck would have slapped her out long ago.

Auntie sat paralyzed on the floor.
“Playing with me?” A few big men came over, took one look at Chuck, raised their hands, and slammed Auntie with a slap.
Auntie screamed on the ground, whimpering and crying.
The big men looked at Chuck, “Brother, you really don’t want to lend her any money?”
He speaks politely, how can he be rude he’s out for $9 million, he has to be polite to Chuck!
“Why should I lend it to her?” Chuck shook his head, it was better to let her fend for herself with such a person.
“Okay, brother I won’t ask any more questions, this frakking woman I’ve long heard that her character is like shit, not lending her should be a good thing she has a figure her mouth, barking just hit her!” The big man said.
A few big men immediately grabbed Auntie, Auntie struggled and screamed for help, a little brother, a heavy slap threw out, snap, Auntie screamed and fainted.

“Drag her away.”
A few big men dragged Auntie out, and soon there was the sound of driving downstairs.
Chuck sat down, such a woman should be taught a little lesson, but Yolanda and her mother, both moved with compassion, just now wanted to stop.
Yolanda sighed, “Mom, Dad, you guys go inside and rest.”
“But your aunt.” Her mother was worried and eventually sighed, they went into the room and looked at Chuck a few times as they went in, they still couldn’t believe it. His own daughter had actually found such a rich boyfriend.
“I’ll transfer the money just now to you, no need.” Yolanda came over, she was really a bit flattered, Chuck had already lent five million, but now he actually gave close to nine million, she Couldn’t really afford it.
“No need.” Chuck smiled, this money Chuck gave was of course useful.
“Fine, then I won’t take any salary for ten years,” Yolanda said seriously, how could she take this money?
Chuck smiled, Yolanda was capable, this money made Yolanda completely dead to himself, working for himself, this amount of money was still worth it.

“Chuck, wait a moment, I’ll talk to my parents, and then we’ll take the bus back now,” Yolanda said and walked inside the room.
When they reached the room, the two elders hurriedly said, “Daughter, you can’t take this money, he has already helped your father payback five million.”
“Mom, I know, don’t worry, I know what to do,” Yolanda said, she really felt sorry for her mother, after so many years and suffering so much, she vowed to make her parents live a rich man’s life.
Her mother was relieved, “Well, you two stay here today, aren’t you two a couple? Just take your room,”
Yolanda blushed and shook her head, “Mom, we’re going back, we still have things to do.”
She really couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be in the same room as Chuck, wouldn’t that be embarrassing to death?

“Well, be careful on the road.”
“Will do, you guys get some rest early, we’re going back,” Yolanda said walking out.
“You can go now.”
Chuck nodded and the two of them went downstairs, Chuck was still thinking about Yvette’s call, she said she had something to say to him, what was it?
Chuck also wanted to go back early, but as the two of them were about to go to take the bus, Yolanda suddenly saw a message from his group, which was One has a nightclub to sell. A nightclub? Yolanda knew that this was the best nightclub in this side of the business.
She asked, “Chuck, there’s a nightclub for transfer, are you interested?”
“A nightclub?” Chuck was surprised, this was irregular, right?
“Yes, this nightclub is the most profitable on our side.” Yolanda introduced, and Chuck smiled bitterly. “This, I don’t think it will work, my mom will say me if she finds out.”
His own mother had the ability to successfully open it down, but her own mother would agree?
The bar was almost the same, that could still be taken over, and he still had 800-900 million in his hands anyway.
Yolanda smiled, “En, then let’s go back.”

Chuck had no opinion, he had long wanted to go back to see Yvette, but this nightclub, Chuck thought, let’s see if there’s time to come over and take a look at it, the location is good, you can do something else.
They walked to the side of the road and waited for the car, Chuck thought that it was too inconvenient to take time out these days or better to buy a new car.
“Hey, it’s Yolanda, huh? Back to the city, right? Get in the car!” A Mercedes Benz suddenly stopped in front of Yolanda, Yolanda recognized, this was his classmate.
The one who spoke was a beautiful woman.
“Chuck, how’s it going?” Yolanda asked Chuck’s opinion, it’s really not convenient to take a taxi at this time.
Chuck shrugged his shoulders, what wouldn’t he like about having a hitchhiker to ride in? Two men got in the car.
Driving the car was a handsome man.

“Yolanda, is this your boyfriend?” The beautiful woman smiled and asked.
“No, my boss,” Yolanda shook his head, there was no need to pretend at this point.
“Boss?” The beauty was weird, and the boss doesn’t even have a car? What kind of boss is that?
She didn’t break it down, not expecting Yolanda to be so vain anymore.
The handsome man driving the car looked at Chuck and continued driving without speaking.
“Where are you guys going?” Beauty asked.
“City Square.” Yolanda had moved out of school in the last few days because she graduated, so sometimes she slept in her office while sometimes she only came home.
“No problem,” the pretty girl nodded, “Honey, send them to the city square.”

Yolanda suddenly thought about the filming of the movie, she whispered, “By the way, the filming of the movie over at the square seems to have finished yesterday, recently there were. Do other movies will also come over to the Plaza to film a movie on location?”
Chuck thought that it would be fine to talk to Logan about this, so that she could speak to her film company, and how Chuck had no plans to invest in movies lately.
“Well, if there continue to be film crews coming over for scenes, then there will be a lot more traffic in the square,” Yolanda said, recently the flow of people has really increased a lot, the plaza has been slow to rise, next, if there can be any large supermarkets, Fancy, if you enter the square, then there will be more people.
Chuck nodded.

The handsome man driving the car laughed, with a mockery.
The beautiful woman turned her head and smiled, looking at Chuck again, with a touch of contempt in the depths of her beautiful eyes, “Yolanda, you talk about the plaza, is your boss the city! The owner of the square?”
Yolanda was embarrassed, she had just made her voice small, and since she was heard, she nodded, “Yes, this is my boss and the owner of City Square Chuck!”

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