Chapter 26: Get Out Of The Su Family – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Kris’s words caused everyone to be stunned. When they looked at Kris, their look was complicated.

Mary was also stunned on the spot, but her heart couldn’t help but tremble. She couldn’t believe that he dared to say such words in front of everyone.

“You are telling jokes again? You are her husband?” As if hearing a joke, the Su Family’s old lady couldn’t help but laugh out, “Now, you ask Mary. If she admits that you are her husband, then I’ll not treat her as my granddaughter. If she doesn’t admit it, you get out of the Su Family right now.”

As soon as the Su Family’s old lady finished speaking, everyone’s eyes gathered on Mary.

It was a difficult choice for Mary. On one side was her grandmother, and on the other side was her husband.

Which side would she choose?

While everyone was waiting to see what was going on, Jane Tang walked over and directly slapped Kris in the face.

This slap was too sudden. Kris took a few steps backward, and his face turned red quickly

“The old lady is right. Whatever the hell you are, you’re not qualified to make decisions for my daughter.” Jane yelled at Kris, “You’re just a dog raised by the Su Family. What right do you have to speak here? You’ve been married to my daughter for more than two years, but you haven’t even touched my daughter’s hand. You trash, get out of the Su Family now.”

“This loser is probably already terrifying. Can he live a life without the Su Family?”

“Just wait, he’ll be on his knees apologizing later.”

Everyone thought Kris would apologize, but this time they all guessed wrong.

Kris smiled coldly, and his gaze was also cold, making Jane’s heart chill a little.

His look was so scary. After more than two years, it was the first time that Jane had seen Kris show such a look. She was even a little scared.

“It’s okay. You don’t think I’m your son-in-law.” Kris touched the slapped face and said, “I’ve been married to your daughter for two years. During these two years, I have worked hard and never made any complaint. Even though I didn’t make contributions to the Su Family, I made efforts.”

“It’s okay if you don’t remember my efforts,” Kris said loudly, “If you guys think I make you and Mary ashamed in front of others, I’m sorry. Now that you’ve slapped me in the face, we’re even. Didn’t you always tell me to get out of your family? OK, I’ll go as you wish.”

After saying that, Kris headed towards the door without looking back.

This was beyond everyone’s expectations. No one had expected that he would dare to say such words.

But before Kris reached the door, Hai suddenly shouted, “You stop. We’re not done with our conflict. You can leave Su Family, but you’ll have to leave on your knees…”

Before he could finish, he saw several vans parked at the entrance of the Su Family’s manor.

Immediately, more than twenty strong men came down from the van, each of them holding baseball bats and metal pipes in their hands.

“Brother Bob.”Hai pushed away from the maid who was supporting him and limped over towards the strong man who was leading these men.

The strong man nodded, holding an iron rod in his hand, and said to Hai, “Who bullied you?”

“That’s the guy at the door. Break his legs.” Hai pointed at Kris in the doorway and yelled.

Then Kris looked back and laughed suddenly.

Bob Sun, who was the strong Hai’s backup, had found was the security captain of the Muse Bar. He was also the accepted son of Heqiu Zhao.

Hai’s social networks were so extensive that he could even invite Bob Sun. He was known as a ruthless man. Kris was going to be in big trouble this time.

“Kris, run!” Mary saw that Kris was in danger and just called out.

Although she had never met Bob Sun, she often heard her friends talk about him. It was said that Bob Sun’s was very famous in the nightclubs of Westriver City. He was known for being bold and ruthless, but more importantly, his backer was Heqiu Zhao.

Heqiu Zhao was the owner of the most luxurious bar in Westriver City and also a top big shot.

When Mary looked at Bob with an iron rod in his hand and a vicious look, she was worried that Kris would be caught by him. Even if they didn’t kill him, they would beat him half to death.

She was so conflicted. Although she despised Kris, she couldn’t help but worry Kris when he is in danger.

“Mary, come back quickly.” At that moment, Mingdong Wei pulled Mary and said, “You leave him alone. He deserves to be punished for his nonsense.”

“But I…” said Mary.

“Well, don’t go there. They may hurt you in a fight,” said Mingdong.

“Who dared to hurt Hai. He simply doesn’t want to live in the world,” said Bob.

Hai was very happy. He didn’t expect that Bob brought so many people to help him fight.

Bob was a dozen meters away from Kris. Because of the darkness and the relatively low light, he didn’t even recognize Kris at the moment.

He rushed towards Kris with an iron rod in his hand.

“Kris, run.” Seeing Bob rush over, Mary brought her heart into her mouth. She shook off Mingdong’s hand and tried to rush over, but the Su Family stopped her.

Mary quickly closed her eyes, as if she had already seen the image of Kris covered in blood. But what she didn’t expect was that Bob’s iron rod stopped only twenty centimeters away from Kris’ head.

Kris looked at Bob with a narrow smile. At this instant, Bob’s back was drenched in a cold sweat.

He couldn’t help but swallow hard and let go of his hand holding the iron rod.

Seeing Bob’s delay in hitting Kris, Hai was anxious.

“He’s the one who bullied me.” Hai shouted to Bob, “You beat him up quickly and break his legs.”

“Hai, just teaches him a lesson, don’t hurt his life,” Su Family’s old lady said.

“Grandmother, don’t worry, I know,” said Hai. He sneered. Today Kris had beaten himself up in front of everyone. If he didn’t retaliate upon Kris, he would have no face in front of his family in the future.

At that moment, Bob turned to Hai and asked, “Is he the one you want to beat up?”

“Yes, it’s him,” Hai returned loudly.

After Bob saw the person in front of him clearly, he broke into a cold sweat. Hai was making trouble for him. Even his accepted father would have to address the person in front of him as the Eldest Young Master. How could he dare to offend such a person?

“I’ll ask you again. Is this the man you want me to hit?”

“Yes, it’s him,” Hai was getting a little impatient with the question, “Break his legs quickly.”

“I’ll fucking break your legs first,” Bob roared, holding an iron rod high in his hand, and rushed towards Hai in long strides.

Hai was stunned. What was going on? What happened to Bob?

Everyone was confused as they watched Bob rush towards Hai. Why did he come over to hit Hai instead of Kris?

One of Hai’s legs was already injured, so he couldn’t walk fast enough. When he was surprised by the scene in front of him, the thick iron rod was already hitting him.

“Ouch, My leg,” Hai fell to the ground with his thighs in his hands and screamed.

Bob’s iron rod hit Hai with the right force. Although this rod wouldn’t really break his leg, it could make him lie in the hospital for half a month.

After the beating, Bob still felt that it wasn’t enough, so he grabbed Hai by the hair and pulled him up from the ground, and then slapped Hai’s in the face heavily.

Bob slapped Hai with almost all his strength. At that time, he slapped several of Hai’s teeth out, and Hai’s mouth was bleeding.

“Why did you hit me? Shouldn’t you have hit him?” Hai was confused, he cried,

“Fuck, do you know who he is? You’re making trouble for me by letting me beat him,” Bob snarled at Hai.

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