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Chapter 264: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 264 The Return of Kerry (1)
When Pingan saw everyone laughing, he laughed along with them and parroted, “Please don’t. Please don’t.”

Venus smiled lovingly, pinched Pingan’s little nose and said, “You come to join in the fun?”

“Please don’t. Please don’t.” Pingan repeated, grinning.

“Hahahahaha,” Kevin let out a loud laugh, “Pingan, you are really my good nephew. Come, uncle wants to reward you.” Kevin came to him with a piece of fish and fed it into his mouth.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Pingan said in a clear voice.

“You’re welcome.” Kevin ruffled Pingan’s limp hair.

The laughter had lasted for a while. John the Butler in charge of refilling the wine was deeply touched. There hadn’t been laughter in this house for a long, long time.

While the crowd were happy, someone was angry.

The sound of Xiaomei Pan dropping her chopsticks instantly interrupted the happy atmosphere.

Venus knew what was going on, but still smiled very gently and asked, “Miss Pan, is there anything wrong?”

“Why aren’t my dishes served yet? Am I here to eat or not?” Xiaomei Pan said furiously.

Venus did not get angry. When she was just about to ask John to hurry things up, she saw a maid come over with two plates of food.

“Here, put it here.” Venus moved the dishes in front of Xiaomei Pan to make room, and then took the plates from the maid and put them down.

One dish was peasant fried pork, and the other was Mapo tofu.

Mrs Qin was really casual about it, Venus thought, but she liked it.

“Just like these?” Xiaomei Pan was clearly dissatisfied.

The maid bowed and said, “Mrs Qin said that we didn’t have the ingredients at home, so we can only make these two slightly spicy dishes.”

John quickly figured out what had just happened and explained, “We buy the freshest ingredients every morning, so it’s normal that there isn’t any in the kitchen.”

Xiaomei Pan still wanted to say something, but her brother poked her in the arm and signaled her to shut up.

She had to say, “All right then.”

Venus smiled and sat down, thinking to herself, “Girl, you are in the Ye Family. It is not a place where you can do whatever you want.”

Except for this unpleasant moment, the whole atmosphere at dinner was harmonious. In order to help Kerry restore his memory, Kevin told many funny stories about Kerry’s childhood. For example, Kevin pretended to be Kerry’s parent and was reprimanded by the teacher. A girl put a love letter in Kerry’s hand, but he threw it away and the girl cried. Kevin and Kerry went to play in the mountains and almost got lost. It was the first time that Venus had heard those stories.

During the conversation, Venus had drunk four or five glasses of red wine. When Kerry saw her flushing, he subconsciously said, “You’d better stop drinking.”

But Venus waved her hand, “I’m fine. I can still drink. In the past few months when you disappeared, I couldn’t sleep at night, so I resorted to alcohol. See, I can drink a lot now.”

She said joyfully, but the people listening to her felt bad, especially Kevin who was sitting across from her. He knew about Venus’s insomnia, but he didn’t know that she had been secretly drinking at night.

The light in Kerry’s eyes darkened a bit.

Kevin changed the subject, “Kerry, why don’t you go to the company tomorrow? Maybe you can remember something in that environment. The earlier you recover your memory, the earlier I can escape from the fire pit.”

He really wasn’t the material for managing the company. He got a headache just looking at the weekly reports from different companies, let alone making any monthly plans. He’d rather be a rich and idle man. With his brother around, he wouldn’t be short of money anyway.

Kerry was embarrassed, “But I don’t know anything. What should I do there?”

“You are smarter than me. You’ll definitely learn faster than me even if you have to learn it from scratch. Besides, you don’t have to say anything tomorrow but wear a poker face.”


Venus also agreed, “You’ve always been like this, with a poker face every day, as if someone owed you millions of yuan.”

Uh… he was such a president?

“It is decided then. You come with me to the company tomorrow. Don’t be nervous. I’ll be standing behind you all the time,” said Kevin, staring at the woman across the room and smiling, “Venus, you’re coming with him tomorrow, just to dispel the rumor.”

“What rumor?” Venus asked in surprise.

Kevin stretched his hands helplessly, “What else could it be? The company’s employees all thought I had usurped Kerry’s position, and the rumors went viral, but I am such a kind person, how can I do something like this? So you two must go together tomorrow to clarify for me.”

“Alright, alright. You have described yourself as this pathetic. How can I not go?” Venus was tapping her chopsticks against her cup and humming a tune through her nose.

Xiaomei Pan said at once, “I’m going to the company too.”

Venus’ chopsticks crunched on the glass and she turned her head to look at Xiaomei Pan, “What are you doing there? It’s a company, not a shopping mall.”

Xiaomei Pan straightened her neck and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I went to see Kerry’s company?”

Venus drank a little too much and spoke much more frankly, “Do you know what kind of person Kerry is in front of his employees?”

“How do I know?” Xiaomei Pan was indignant. She didn’t work in the company.

Venus put one hand on Kerry’s shoulder, “He is good-looking and has strong working ability. He is not only generous to the employees, but also loves his wife and family. The employees all treat him like a god. You want to tell everyone that the boss they’ve always respected and admired is actually a scum who can change his love easily?”

Venus said these words without thinking, but when Kerry heard it, he felt extremely unpleasant. So that was how he looked like in the view of his employees?

“But…but…” Xiaomei Pan had stammered for quite a while before she could say anything.

Venus took her hand off Kerry’s shoulder and said, “You seem to want to live here for a long time. If you want to steal Kerry from me, what’s the rush? How about this, you can visit Sky City and I will order some people to take you wherever you want to go and buy whatever you want.” While saying this, she turned her head to John, “John, could you please fetch my purse?”

John didn’t know what she wanted to do, but hurried to fetch her purse in the living room. Venus took out a credit card and rudely put it in Xiaomei Pan’s hands, “There is 100 thousand yuan in it and you can spend it as you want. If it’s not enough, I’ll give you more. A girl should buy more beautiful clothes, bags and cosmetics to make herself beautiful, so that more boys will like her.”

Xiaomei Pan looked at Venus with confusion. Not only she was confused, everyone present was a bit perplexed. Shouldn’t Venus be hostile to Xiaomei Pan? Why was she suddenly so intimate with Xiaomei Pan?

The red wine had a strong delayed effect. Venus’s head was a little dizzy. In order not to make a fool of herself, she stood up with hands on the table, ready to leave, “Em… You can continue the banquet. I’m tired after running for a day. I’ll go upstairs to rest now.”.

She turned around and took two steps, but her footsteps were not steady. She lunged forward and almost fell over. At that moment, Kerry rushed out and held her by the waist.

Venus stood up with the help of his hand, and looked at him with charming eyes, “Thank you.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 264 The Return of Kerry (2)
“You’re welcome.” Kerry was so close to her that he could almost see himself in her pupils. He smelled her aroma mixed with the scent of wine. He instantly felt hotter, and his eyes involuntarily fell on her cherry lips which were pink and shiny, and seemed to be delicious.

Kerry was shocked by such an impulse, and hurried to let go of her.

Venus was really drunk. She touched Kerry’s face in front of all people, laughing and saying, “Oh my. You finally come back. Good.”

Kerry was frozen in place, and when he realized what had happened, the woman who had teased him had already staggered away. Soon Venus began to sing.

“We common people are so happy today; we common people are so happy today…”

She repeated this one sentence again and again, and was out of tune. Xiaomei Pan and his brother couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Kevin shrugged his shoulders, “See, what did I say? We really can’t let her get drunk. It’s us who are being tortured.”

But Kerry thought that Venus was quite cute now.

After the hostess left, the banquet broke up.

“Everyone has been busy all day. I guess you are all tired. Let’s rest early today.” Kevin went to Pingan who had been forgotten by his mother, bent down and said, “Baby, will you sleep with uncle tonight?”

“No.” Pingan refused outright.

“Then who do you want to sleep with?”

Pingan held the finger of the man next to him, “I’ll sleep with Daddy.”

Kevin scratched Pingan’s nose, “You little fella, don’t you like uncle when daddy comes back?”

“I like you too, but I want to sleep with Daddy.”

“Ah, so cute.” Kevin ruffled Pingan’s soft hair again, “Okay, good night.”

“Good night, uncle.” Pingan said sweetly.

Kevin left with his arms stretched. Xiaomei Pan came to Kerry and said, “Kerry, why do you let Venus touch your face?

Kerry sighed, “She’s drunk.”

“That’s not good either.” Xiaomei Pan pouted and pampered, “You’re mine.”

Kerry looked down and saw Pingan looking at him with indifferent eyes. He was so shocked that he hastened to break free from Xiaomei Pan’s hand. He said, “I’m very tired. I’m going to bed.” Without caring how she reacted, he picked up Pingan and hurried away.

John quickly followed to show Kerry the way.

When he went upstairs, Kerry was still wondering why he didn’t have any sexual impulses when he was with Xiaomei Pan, even though she was hanging on him. But when Venus got close to him. he would want to kiss her so much. Was it because of the memory of his body?

John took Kerry and Pingan to the room where Venus used to live. It seemed girlish for it was decorated before.

“Young Master, please rest in this room. Call me if you need anything.”


John closed the door and smiled proudly. Little Pingan was so smart. Even if Xiaomei Pan came in at night, she would probably be kicked out of the room.

Pingan gave a great yawn, leaned his head on Kerry’s shoulder and said softly, “Daddy, can I sleep without bathing tonight?

When Kerry had memories, he always granted all the requests of Pingan, and now was even more so.

“Sure, go to sleep, baby.” Kerry put him on the bed and carefully undressed him.

After been taken off all the clothes, Pingan rolled over into the blanket, revealing a small head.

Kerry smiled and walked into the bathroom.

The warm water sprinkled down from the top of his head and his heart calmed down a little.

Today was definitely worth remembering for the rest of his life. His wedding was first ruined, and then he found out that he had a wife and a son as well as a business empire that he wouldn’t dare to think about.

It was as if he was in a soap opera, waking up and suddenly having everything.

When he returned to bed, Kerry gently kissed Pingan on the cheek and prepared to go to sleep, but Pingan opened his eyes.

“Why are you still awake?” Kerry asked in surprise.

Pingan looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Daddy, don’t you love Mommy anymore?”

Kerry was startled, not knowing how to answer this question, “Why do you ask?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 264 The Return of Kerry (3)
“You used to be very nice to mom, but now you don’t even look at her or smile at her.” said Pingan. He was not an ordinary child. He was much more mature and sensitive than other children his age.

Kerry was confused and didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry. I don’t remember anything from before. “

“So you brought another girl back with you?” Pingan asked coldly, “You want her to be my new mom?”

“No, of course not.” Kerry responded quickly.

“You don’t like Mom. And I don’t like you either. I’m going to leave here with mommy. I’m mommy’s baby.” Pingan said seriously.

“Who told you I don’t like your mother?” Kerry asked.

“I guessed it myself. I don’t want to talk to you now. I’m sleepy.” Pingan said and turned his back to Kerry and closed her eyes.

To be honest, Pingan didn’t want to sleep with his father after such a long absence. He still preferred to sleep with his mom. He just didn’t like Xiaomei and he didn’t let her take his Daddy away from him, so he slept with his dad.

Pingan seldom hated people, but he hated Xiaomei Pan. From the first moment Pingan saw her, he knew that she did not like him.

Kerry looked at the back of Pingan’s head and began to think again about how to face Venus.

He thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep this night, but he did before he could figure things out.

Venus next door also slept soundly. Her worries were finally resolved, and she drank again tonight, so she fell asleep soon.

The next day, Kevin and Kerry had breakfast at the table. Kerry looked at the time and saw that it was almost eight o’clock, but Venus hadn’t come down yet.

“Kevin, isn’t that Venus going to the office too? Why isn’t she up yet?” asked Kerry.

“She’s been having nightmares all this time, always waking up in the middle of the night. Today, she’s sleeping in. Let us wait patiently for her to wake up.”

Kerry was confused. He asked, “Are you that close to her? You know her so well.”

Hearing Kerry’s words, he was worried that Kerry would misunderstand his relationship with Venus. He explained, “Venus woke up every morning with dark circles under her eyes. She told me that she had nightmares at night. Besides, she and I are good friends.”

“I see.” Kerry said awkwardly.

Kevin glanced at him and smiled. “Do you want to know why Venus and I are so close?”

“Not because of me?” asked Kerry.

“There’s a lot going on here. You were mean to Venus at first, and I was always secretly helping her. Over time, we’ve become very good friends.” Kevin said meaningfully.

“I was bad to her?” Kerry questioned this statement. According to his son and John, he should have loved Venus very much.

Kevin nodded heavily, “Yes, you used to treat her very badly. Do you remember Xinyou Qiao? I guess you don’t remember that woman.”

“Xinyou Qiao? Who is she?”

“She came to our house specifically to frame Venus,” Kevin said. “But you were tricked by her at the time. You believed whatever she said.”

Kerry snapped back to yesterday when Venus had said at the wedding that it wasn’t the first time he’d brought another woman home. He guessed that the woman Venus mentioned yesterday might be Xinyou Qiao.

“Good morning, guys.” Venus’s voice came over.

Kerry turned her head to see Venus in a delicate, light dress, her short hair hanging over her shoulders. She pulled out the chair next to Kerry’s and sat down.

Kerry looked at her, his heart suddenly pounding.

Then Kevin said, “Your dark circles are gone, and you look much better. You seem to have slept well last night.”

“Yeah. My worries are settled, so of course I can sleep well.” Venus picked up a dumpling. She found that Pingan was not there, and then turned her head to ask Kerry, “Where is Pingan?”

“He’s with John.” said Kerry. His heart was still pounding.

“What are you guys talking about?” Venus asked.

“We’re talking about Xinyou Qiao. I reminded my brother how stupid he was.” Kevin said.

The smile on Venus’ face faded a little, and she nodded and said, “He was pretty stupid.”

“By the way, I wanted to ask you why you forgave my brother. I didn’t expect you to forgive him. When I heard the news, I thought John was lying.”

Venus looked at Kerry and said quietly, “He saved my life several times, and then he forced me to stay with his own life. I had no choice so I stabbed him in the chest. I took it as a way to end my grudge against him.”

Kerry choked on a dry cough and Venus patted him on the back before bringing a glass of water to his mouth, “Slow down.”

Kerry took a few sips of water, and then stopped coughing. He knew he had the scar on his right chest, but he didn’t think she had stabbed him.

Kevin was surprised too, “You must have been in a lot of pain at the time.”

Venus smiled faintly. “I’m still too soft. I should have stuck the knife in your left chest and killed you. Maybe if I had done that, I wouldn’t have had so much to worry about afterwards.” She said to Kerry.

Kevin laughed gleefully, while Kerry’s look was complex.

Hearing her words, Kerry felt as if he and Venus used to be filled with hatred rather than love. But John also said that he loved Venus, which confused him.

“Let’s talk about that tonight. After breakfast, we need to go to work,” Kevin said.

Perhaps the bed at the Ye family’s house was too comfortable, but Xiaomei Pan and her brother had not gotten up until the three of them left the Ye family’s villa by car.

When they arrived at the office, Kerry was a little nervous. Venus felt his nervousness, held his hand and said, “You are the boss of the company. You don’t have to be afraid.”

Then Kevin opened the door for the two of them. Kerry took a deep breath and got out of the car. Venus took his arm and held his hand tightly.

Kerry looked down at their entwined hands and felt a sense of peace.

The doorman saw Kerry and Venus appear and just froze. When they walked past, he remembered that he hadn’t just greeted them.

The lady at the front desk also looked surprised. She hurried to greet them, “Good morning, Mr. Ye, and Mrs. Ye.”

Venus smiled at her very gently.

Soon, the news of Mr. Ye’s return to the company with his wife spread throughout the COMPANY via social media. Everyone in the company was excited. They were all eager to see Mr. Ye, who hadn’t been seen for a long time.

When they got into the elevator, Kerry asked, “What will I do if someone says hello to me?”

“You can smile at the person, nod your head, or just ignore them,” Venus replied.

“Ignore them? Wouldn’t that be rude?” asked Kerry.

“You used to be like that.” Venus scoffed

Kerry was speechless.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, the four men from the secretariat bent down and said in unison, “Good morning, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry nodded gently.

“Long time no see.” Venus smiled and said to them.

Then Venus gently took Kerry’s hand and motioned for him to continue walking.

Walking into the president’s office, Kerry felt very familiar with everything here.

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