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Chapter 260: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 260 Where Is Kerry? (1)
Was this the magical child? But there was nothing strange about him. He just had a delicate face.

Venus Mu looked up and tried to squeeze out a smile, “What’s going on?”

“Look, here.” Pingan showed the bumblebee to her. It was the bumblebee he had dismantled and reassembled within more than an hour.

“Wow, Pingan is great.” Venus complimented and introduced the two men, “This is Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu.”

Pingan greeted, “Hello, Uncle Chen. Hello, Uncle Xu.”

They liked his politeness, so they replied, “Nice to see you, little boy.”

He was so cute that everyone seeing him wanted to kiss him.

“Pingan, come here, go for your uncle. Mom now is busy.” Tianye and Xiran got up and led Pingan out of the living room.

After the three of them went away, she continued, “Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu, you two are Kerry’ s top men, and when he’s not here, you’re the ones running the show. The reason why Kevin and I ask you to come over today is to tell you something. We see you two as our men.”

“Mrs. Ye, that’s what we should do.”

“We are doing our best, but to be honest, I’m afraid…” Venus’s tears finally rolled down. she had a hard time these days. Kevin handed her a piece of tissue.

Hearing this, Mr. Chen felt sad. He and Kerry were not only superiors, but also friends who worked together.

“Mrs. Ye, I’m sorry. Mr. Ye is always lucky, so he may come back soon.

“I hope so. Thank you.” Venus took a deep breath and calmed down a little bit, “We all wish he’s fine, but we can’ t decide it. Once something happens to him, the shares of Yehuang Group will be greatly fluctuated, and you two should know better than us what will happen then.”

Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu nodded gravely. Of course they knew the consequences.

“What does Mrs. Ye want us to do?” Mr. Xu was always straightforward.

“I hope you will first stabilize the situation. If anyone is looking for him, say that he has gone abroad. Secondly, Kevin will come into the company as a vice president, and he has the largest shares besides Kerry, but he is not very familiar with managing company, so I need more support from both of you.”

Her decision was unexpected. If something happened to Kerry, all the shares of Kerry would be hers, who could become the leader of the company herself. But they didn’t expect that she would let Kevin lead the company.

Wasn’t she afraid…?

To be honest, it’s very common to see powerful families fight over money and power, but she was not like them and even gave up the company. What if Kevin turned his back on her and kick her and the kid out of Ye family?

“Mrs. Ye, what about you? Will you come back to the office?” Mr. Chen asked.

Venus was no a fool, so surely, she knew what the meant. She said frankly, “I’m not going to the company for now, for I’m going to look for Kerry. Even if there is no hope, I still want to try.”

“But…” Mr. Xu looked at Kevin and wanted to remind her, but he didn’t know how to say it.

Venus smiled calmly, “I know what you are worried about. Kevin is a very kind, honest and full of wisdom. If Kerry really can’t come back, he is the most suitable manager for Yehuang. Anyway, he is a member of Ye family, Kerry’ s brother, so I hope you can fully trust him, which I think Kerry will agree with my decision.”

Kevin looked at Venus with mixed feelings. He never knew that he had a good image and he thought it could be bad.

Since Venus said so, Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu naturally had no objections. She was right. Yehang belonged to Ye family and they just worked for them.

“In addition, years ago, Yehuang and Mu’s Group had a lot of conflicts, but that was because my brother and Kerry had a personal grudge, and later they reconciled. So, if the company encounters any difficulties in the future, go to my brother, who will try his best to help Yehuang.”

“Yes, we know.”

Venus finished what she had to say, leaving room for the three to communicate, believing that Kevin was enough to deal with the two executives.

“I’ll leave you guys alone. I need to check my boy.”


The weather was getting warmer. Spring was approaching, and the temperature had risen a lot.

Tianye was on the lawn, teaching Pingan how to train a dog. This snowy white Samoyed was sent over by him yesterday.

Xiran turned around and saw Venus slowly approaching, whose eyes were still a little red.

“Cry again?” Xiran asked helplessly.

Venus sighed, “I can’t control myself.”

Xiran ruffled her short and fluffy hair, “Silly girl.”

“I’m not stupid.” Venus argued weakly.

“When are you going to leave?” Xiran meant looking for Kerry. “Tomorrow.”

“Seriously? Has your foot completely healed?” Xiran glanced at her foot, which was still wrapped in gauze.

Venus lifted her leg to move it, “Almost. I can’t wait any longer. I can’t sit still once I think that he might be suffering somewhere while I live in a mansion enjoying everything.”

“What about Pingan? What about him?”

Venus watched him playing with Satsuma, tenderly saying, “Let him stay at home. It’s too dangerous outside, and it’s not like I’m going out and not coming back. I’ll come back at night.”

“Well, take more people with you.” Xiran instructed.

“Sure. Henry will arrange everything. How about you? When are you and my brother going to get married?” There was always some sadness in Venus’s bright smile.

“What’s the hurry? We’ve only known each other for less than a year, and I want to enjoy my love time. Right, I’m going back to S City in the evening, so if you’re not feeling good, you can call me.”

Venus was a little reluctant to see her go. She held her, leaning her head on her shoulder, “Right, you haven’t been back to S city for a long time.”

“Tomorrow is the first day of work, and as usual, I have to check all the store.” Xiran touched her slightly cool face, “Maybe it will take a whole day’s time.”

“That’s what you should do.” Venus laughed and ridiculed her.

Xiran pinched her face, no more talking.

It was getting warmer and warmer and basking in the sun was enjoyable.

First, she sent off Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu and then his brother and Xiran. After all this, Venus sat in the sunshine and watched Pingan running around with Satsuma. Kevin came over with a blanket and covered her legs.

“It’s still not that warm. Don’t catch a cold.” He said.

Venus leaned back and said, rather awkwardly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Kevin sat beside her, “Pingan likes this Samoyed very much.”

“Well, yes, he does. He almost went to bed with it last night.” Venus smiled.

After a moment of silence, Kevin said, “Venus, don’t we have anything to talk about?”

Venus was stunned and turned her head to look into his sincere eyes, “Kevin, what do you want to talk about?”

“You’ve been avoiding me ever since I came back. What are you afraid of?”

Venus was speechless, with a bit of a pouty tone, “You know it.”

Kevin giggled, “Are you afraid that I’m still crazy for you and will pester you?”

Venus looked embarrassed, and didn’t know what to say.

“Trust me, Venus, you’re thinking too much.” Kevin said with a serious expression.

Venus was a little surprised. Did he mean, he didn’t like her anymore?

Kevin seemed to have made up his mind, “Venus, I used to like you, but time will change everything, and now my feelings for you are more of sister and brother, and of course, friendship.”

“Really?” Venus was surprised.

“Of course. Have I lied to you?”

Venus was much more relaxed, “Then you should have told me earlier. I’ve been worried for so many days.”

Kevin was very innocent, “You didn’t ask.”

“Yes, yes, it was my fault. I should have asked you on the first day you came back, so that we wouldn’t have to be uncomfortable for a few days. You know what? I have to consider every word before I say it.” Venus said.

“It’s not like you,” Kevin teased her.

Venus rolled her eyes, “Isn’t because of you?”

“It seems that it’s still my fault.” Kevin shrugged, whose expression was much softer, “I’ve been thinking a lot in Europe this year. Maybe it’s the first time I liked a girl, so I’m a little paranoid. Then I find out…”.

Venus was curious and asked, “What?”

“Beauties are everywhere in the world.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 260 Where Is Kerry? (2)
“I’m glad you think like this.” At this point, Venus Mu had all let the past go and she changed the subject, “How did it go with those two presidents?”

“Not bad. I’ll go to the office tomorrow.”

“I told you, you’re smart. You’ll handle it.”

Kevin Ye took his eyes off the boy and looked at Venus next to him, “Venus, don’t worry. As long as Yehuang is here, you and Pingan will be safe.”

“Of course I believe you. Pingan is your nephew. I don’t think you will be an asshole. And I also think you are always that righteous and pure young man.” Venus face was wearing a smile, very warm.

“Young man? Come on, I’m nearly thirty.” Kevin was not happy with this title.

Venus stubbornly said, “Age cannot change a person’s soul. I believe you will not change.”

Kevin felt heavy inside, smiling with his head down, “Yes, I won’t.”

“By the way, if you go to the company, what about your study?”

Kevin put his hand on the back of the chair to support, looking up at the blue sky, and said, “I’m gonna take a year off. And I’ll continue when things are settled.”

Hearing this, she felt painful inside. What about her future?

What could she do if Kerry Ye really died?

She never thought about it, and she didn’t want to, because if she did, tears would fall keep falling down.

“You should be careful tomorrow. The bastard who harmed my brother hasn’t been caught yet, and I’m afraid he’ll take advantage of the opportunity to take revenge.”

“I will. Henry will bring more people with us.” As soon as Venus finished speaking, she saw Pingan fall on the lawn with a thud, and was anxious to get up to help him, but in the next second, Pingan got up on his own without feeling any pain, and went after Satsuma.

Kevin was also relieved and praised, “He is the most thoughtful and strongest baby I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, he is.” Venus was delighted.

Kevin looked up at her deeply and stopped talking.

To make her stop guessing his feelings for her, he had been trying very hard. He knew her bottom line, so he didn’t dare to touch it, especially now. He could only stand far away.

He still loved her, but not as much as a year ago. He stopped being stubborn.

He had thought a lot these days. If his brother came back, he would go back to Europe to study what he liked, but if he really couldn’t, he would stay by Venus and Pingan’ s side.

He wouldn’t force her to fall in love with him, for he wanted her to be true to herself. It’s a long time, but so what, he had a lifetime to wait.

Of course, if she fell in love with another man, he would send his best wishes.

The eighth day of the first month, sunny and breezy.

In the morning, Kevin was dressed in a suit, for today was his first day in office. He knew the future was full of challenges, but this was his responsibility for Ye family. It is his duty.

Venus was wearing a charge jacket, warm.

She came down from the second floor and was in a momentary trance when she saw the back of Kevin, like Kerry’ s.

Hearing the footsteps, Kevin turned his head and happened to catch her distracted look, whose heart suddenly ached.

“Good morning. Mrs. Qin has made your favorite sweet porridge for you. Come on.” Kevin said with a light smile.

Venus came back to her senses, laughing awkwardly and joked, “I didn’t expect you to be quite handsome in a suit. Fine, I can already hear the screams of those women in the company.”

“Thank you. I’m going to the office first. You also need to be careful today. Your foot has still not healed yet. Don’t walk too much, there is something…”

Venus immediately interrupted him, “My God, why are you talking so much? Hurry up and leave.”

Kevin shook his head with a bitter smile and got into the car.

In fact, he could have left ten minutes ago. He staying here was to advise her, but she seemed didn’t want it.

Kevin, in the end, met her rebuff.

After breakfast, Venus started their searching journey with Henry. This time the men that Henry asked to go were all smart and strong bodyguards, even as good as him.

Before leaving, Pingan nestled unhappily in John’ s arms. Of course he was unhappy. Yesterday, there were Kevin, Tianye, Xiran and enus, but now they had all gone, only John, Mrs. Qin and a dos left. How could he be happy?

“Mommy will be back in the evening. Mommy is going to look for Daddy. Mowei Venus coaxed him in a low voice.

Pingan blinked and finally gave in. Well, he actually missed his dad.

“Be good at home.”

“Sure.” Pingan was very perfunctory. They didn’t take him out and still wanted him to be good.

They couldn’t waste more time, so Venus kisses him on the cheek and left.

Today, she and Henry’s first stop was a fishing village near the sea. Venus had given up the search in the sea. Days had passed and there was no possibility for them to find him. But if Kerry had been swept up by the waves, someone might have picked him up and brought him home.

“Henry, is there any news from Xuan Chu?” Venus sat in the car and suddenly remembered this man.

“He went back to Hong Kong during the Spring Fesival and is still in Hong Kong now. We don’t see anything wrong.”

Venus was thinking of something, “Keep a close eye on him. He must have seen Gavin’s face.”

Henry was curious, “How does young lady know?”

“Would you fall in love with a woman just because of her character without seeing her face?”

Henry instantly flushed and answered, “Of course, of course not.”

“That’s right. That’ s man.” Venus sneered, “And with Xuan Chu’s identity, the man he likes must have extraordinary looks.”

Henry also showed hatred in his eyes, “Don’t let me catch him, or I’ll make his life worse than death.”

Venus glanced at him and said indifferently, “I just want to shoot him, if I don’t break the law.”

Henry looked at Venus in surprise, turning around and looking at the road in front of him, and said to himself, “The disappearance of young master is too big a blow to her. In the past, when Kerry went out, she had to tell him not to kill, but now she wants to do it herself. She will never let Gavin go.”

The car drove towards the countryside. Now the spring breeze was good.

Yehuang Group

The moment Y Kevin appeared, all the employees in surprise. Wasn’t he the perfect brother of Mr. Ye?

Secretary Liu received the notice from Henry in advance and was waiting in the company lobby. Seeing him coming, he greeted, “Happy New Year, Mr. Ye.”

Kevin smiled and nodded, “Hello, and Mr. Ye is my brother, you can call me Mr. Yan from now on.”

Secretary Liu looked at the smile on his face, like spring breeze. No wonder so many women fell for him.

“Okay. This way, please.”

Kevin had only come to the company a few times when he was a kid, and not since he grew up, so almost no one knew him. However, people knew him from the Internet, which there was no necessity for him to introduce himself.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 260 Where Is Kerry? (3)
The elevator went straight to the president’s office, and secretary Liu pushed open the door, “Mr. Yan, this is Mr. Ye’ s office. Henry hasn’t told me about this, so your office has not yet…”

“It’s fine. This one is good.” Kevin felt stressful when he walked in, for the solemn and strict style of the room was incompatible with his casualness.

“Secretary Liu, tell everyone to attend the meet at 9:30,” Kevin ordered.


The entire Yehuang Group was gossiping, never expecting that after just one year, the president had been changed, by a playboy. People began to speculate.

“What do you think happened to our Mr. Ye? Is it because he doesn’t want to face us because of the rumor?”

“You think too much. That’s Mr. Ye! Why would he ever mind this kind of thing?”

“If he didn’t mind, why didn’t he come on the first day of the New Year?”

“What’s the rush? Isn’t the meeting at 9:30? Maybe this is what they are going to talk about.”

When they were discussing about this, only Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu looked gloomy. Because only they knew that Mr. Ye, whom everyone respected and worshipped, might never come back.

“Well, things have come to this and we can do nothing but our work.” Mr. Xu patted his partner’s shoulder, with a depressed tone.

Mr. Chen smiled bitterly and shrugged, “What else can we do? But I think Kevin is a smart guy, so he won’t mess up. Let’s go, it’s time for the meeting. We still need to help him.”

Mr. Xu put his arm around his shoulder and sighed, “I only hope that Mr. Ye will come back soon. I only trust and respect him.”

“Me too.”

Yehuang’ s conference hall was able to accommodate a thousand people at the same time, and before 9:30 pm, everyone was in place, chattering about the new president.

At 9:30, Secretary Liu pushed open the door and Kevin entered with ease. The room was silent and everyone fixed eyes on Kevin.

Kevin had seen a lot since he was a child, so he was able to handle this.

He sat down on the chair belonged to him. His warm eyes were with some seriousness.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Chen, who introduced briefly, “Hello, everyone, this is our new Vice President, Kevin Ye.”

He then received a round of applause.

Kevin turned on the microphone in front of him, and after a quick glance around the room, he said with steady breath, “Happy New Year, everyone. My name is Kevin Ye. Many of you may have already gotten some information about me from the Internet. Today is the first day of work, so I’d like to explain a few things first.”

The meeting room was as silent, and everyone looked at him with curiosity or nervousness.

“First of all, my brother, the pioneer of Yehuang, as I clarified in the news last time, he is currently in Australia with my grandpa, because our grandpa is not in a good condition. He can’t come back for a while, so I will be in charge for the time being. Please don’t speculate too much.”

“Secondly, I don’t know Yehuang very well yet, so if there is anything I don’t understand, please give me some advice.”

“Finally, Yehuang already has its own mode of operation, and it’s very successful, so I’m not going to make changes to it. You can rest assured about that,” at this point, he paused, and his tone became stern, “However, I also don’t want to see anyone, because of Mr. Ye’ s absence, to slack in their work. Once I find out, no mercy.”

After he finished the three points, he received another round of applause. As a matter of fact, for the low-level employees, what they were most afraid of was the new boss being too strict, or even laying off. But from his words, it seemed not to happen.

Mr. Chen began to admire this young man. He thought he would have stage fright, but he didn’t expect him to be so calm and steady and he even could control the whole scene.

Mr. Xu, however, as usual, was sullen, “Just now, Mr. Yan said very clearly and I hope everyone can do their best in the new year, so as to accomplish our goals of this year. Create new wonders for Yehuang.”

After a simple meeting, Kevin left the conference room and realized that his palms were sweaty.

Of course he was nervous. But he could know how to hide it.

Today, Kevin’s job was similar to Xiran’ s, which was to visit their partners, sending their good wishes to let everyone get acquainted with the new leader.

He was led by Mr. Chen and Mr. Xu, accompanied by Secretary Liu and Kerry’s former assistant.

Kevin didn’t want to familiarize himself with the branch so quickly. He always thought that his brother would come back, but Mr. Xu and Mr. Chen didn’t agree, because their principle was to handle things with the worst possible outcome.

Moreover, in their minds, even if Kerry came back, his brother would still be in the management of the company, so they might let him know about it in advance.

In the morning, Kevin’s smile stiffened in the end and his right arm was sore. Besides, what he talked about was cliché, boring.

Mr. Chen noticed that his voice was a little hoarse, so he asked his assistant to get him a bottle of water, “Are you alright?”

Kevin drank some water to moisten his throat, “Not bad. I just didn’t expect that there would be so much for me to do. I thought it’s just inspection.”

Mr. Chen smiled and said, “It’s not that much. Considering that it’s your first day, we have canceled a few visits to some small companies. You’ll meet them later if you have a chance.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, it’s what we should do. Let’s go, the next factory general manager is waiting.”

Kevin sighed inside and followed. He began to admire his brother, for he needed to be mentally and physically strong.

When Kevin was shaking hands with countless people and smiling, Venus also arrived at the fishing village.

They split up into several groups to search the village, which was bustling with children playing in the streets because it was Chinese New Year.

Henry was worried about Venus’ foot injury and suggested that she stay in the car, but Venus didn’t agree. How could she stay in the car?

“Hello, can I ask you about someone?” Venus stopped a middle-aged man holding a child.

The middle-aged man was enthusiastic, “Sure.”

“I wanted to ask if anyone in your village had saved a man at the beach before the New Year? Tall and blue-eyed.” Venus described simply.

The middle-aged man shook his head without thinking, “No, I’m afraid no one.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Once the winter comes, we will stop fishing. This is a rule we follow for years.”

“Oh, thank you.” Venus didn’t look disappointed, and this answer seemed to be what she had expected.

Henry saw that she was walking with some difficulty and wanted to give her a hand, but due to various factors, he could only watch.

When the phone suddenly rang, Henry took it out and got nervous all of a sudden.

It was from Public Security Bureau calling.

“Hello, Chief Wei.”

“Henry, we just caught a few foreign criminals trespassing, and also found some guns, which may be related to the thing you mentioned.”

Henry was delighted, “Really? Great.”

“And thanks for your information, otherwise I don’t know what a mess this would have caused.”

“This is what I’m supposed to do. Should I go over there now?” Henry excitedly asked.

“No, we’ll do the trial here first. You can come over tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes, thank you Chief Wei.”

Hanging up the phone, Henry said to Venus with expectation, “There’s news from the Public Security Bureau. They’ve caught some foreign criminals. And I don’t know whether they have some relations with Gavin. He asked us to come over tomorrow.”

Venus was surprised, and was filled with energy, “Finally, good news. I hope this is a good start.”

“It will be.” Henry reassured her.

Because of this good news, Venus was able to walk quickly, and searched several villages that day, but without much success.

As the sun set, they set out on their way back.

This was just a start. Venus didn’t know when she would give up. Maybe this was a test from God.

When she got home, Pingan jumped on her, but Venus was unsteady on her feet and was almost knocked down by him. But someone behind her supported her.

When she turned around, it was Kevin.

“Watch out.” Kevin helped her to stand firm, then picked up Pingan, tapping his nose and said, “Mom’s foot hasn’t recovered yet. Don’t rush over like this. She will fall down. Got it?”

Pingan nodded, “Yeah, I won’t.”

Venus walked slowly toward the living room and asks Kevin, “How was your day?”

“I’m so tired.” Kevin sighed, “I used to think that my brother was always easy, but today I know that it’s too hard. I shake hands for a whole day and my arm is so sore. What about you?”

Venus shook her head, “But there’s news from the police…”

Heating this, Kevin asked, “Do you want me to go with you tomorrow?”

“No, you haven’t seen him,” said Venus, whose eyes fell on Pingan, “but I can take him with me.”

“Huh? Pingan?” Kevin was very surprised.

“Yes, Pingan grew up with Gavin, and is most familiar with his eyes, so if he is really caught, maybe Pingan will be able to recognize him.”

When Pingan heard Gavin’s name, a face came to him and he hesitantly called out “Dudu”.

Venus was startled and then realized who he was calling out.“Yes, it’s Dudu. Do you remember him?”

Pingan frowned in thought, then nodded, “Yes.”

“Mommy will take you to play a game tomorrow and see if you can recognize Dudu.”

Pingan smiled, “Okay.”

Kevin didn’t understand and whispered to Venus, “Who is Dudu?”

Venus’s eyes were cold and clear, “That’s Gavin.”

So that it was.

The next morning, Venus dressed Pingan with enough clothes to make sure he wouldn’t catch a cold and came to the police station with Henry.

When Chief Wei saw Venus, he just nodded in greeting, but inside he was wondering why Kerry’s wife and child would come.

But when he saw Pingan, he was stunned for a few seconds. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that there was someone in the world with pupils in different colors.

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