Chapter 260: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 260 Are You Colin Ward?

“It was about to begin.” Colin felt that the car stopped several times. It must be a traffic jam.

When it came to any mishaps, the traffic jam was the most common.

When Vanessa heard the voice, she subconsciously glanced at the window, slightly nervous.

And inside the VW in front, Ramon was really nervous.

Although he’s not afraid, this was the first time he faced such a thing. It’s impossible not to be nervous.

Ramon gulped. Their cars had stopped and there was an endless fleet of cars in front. He didn’t know when the traffic jam would end. In short, they couldn’t move now.

As time passed, Ramon became restless.

“Knock knock….”

Someone came was in front of the car and knocked on the window.

Ramon was surprised and tried his best to stay calm. Fortunately, the person outside couldn’t see inside the car. Otherwise, he would already sense something wrong.

Ramon rolled down the window, “What’s the matter?”

A man in ordinary clothes was outside the car but he looked fierce. His gaze looked stern, and instructed them, “Get off the car!”

Ramon asked, “What happened? Isn’t there still a traffic jam in front?”

“I ask you to get of the car!” The man’s voice became fiercer, “Everyone get off the car!”

Ramon chuckled, “Brother, why should we get of the car?”

“Don’t talk too much!” The man’s hand came inside and pressed a dagger against Ramon’s neck.

Ramon’s eyes widened in fright, “Fine, I’ll get off the car immediately.”

The man also told the person on the backseat, “You, get off the car too.”

The person on the backseat obediently opened the door. The man kept his dagger after seeing it.

Both Ramon and him got off the car and stood on the roadside.

At this time, they saw that aside from that man, there were still two of them. All three of them surrounded them both.

One of them looked at the man who wore the hat, “Are you Colin Ward?”

The man in hat slightly looked up and raised his chin, “I am”

Upon hearing this, the man’s gaze changed, “It’s right, then!”

Upon seeing this, the others came forward and were about to capture that man in the hat.

However, just when they’re about to lay a finger on that man in the hat, he suddenly raised his hand and caught both their wrists. Then, he pulled and bumped both of them in the middle.

Both their heads were bumped together.


Both their horrible shrieks followed.

That man in the hat took a few steps back, took off his hat, and revealed his face that wasn’t Colin, but Xu Lang.

Right, he’s Xu Lang.

Actually, when Colin had a fight with Xu Lang before, which caused Xu Lang to escape the bar, was deliberately acted for people to see. The purpose was to let people know that he didn’t have Xu Lang by his side anymore and he lost another helper.

Who would’ve known that Xu Lang disguised himself and sat in the car?

And those three men were hired assassins. They only knew that they had to kill Colin, but they didn’t know what Colin looked like.

Xu Lang looked at the three of them coldly, “Assassins? Are you worthy of it?”

The three men were provoked by this sentence and suddenly became furious, “Damn it! Did you look down on us? I’ll kill you!”

Xu Lang was expressionless and fought with three of them.

All the three men had knives in their hands and looked fierce. They remembered that in the document, it was written that Colin can’t fight. Therefore, they thought it’s just a temporary reflex just now. It was a piece of cake for the three of them to kill him.

However, they were wrong.

They weren’t facing Colin, but the number one assassin in Jing City, Xu Lang.

Xu Lang looked down when he saw them with knives. He raised his hands and caught one of their wrists tightly then tossed him off behind.


With a scream, that man was thrown out of the highway in an instant. There was a small slope more than ten meters under the road. If he tossed someone off, he wouldn’t die immediately, but his bones would definitely be broken completely.

The other two men were agape when they saw this.

He could toss someone away with just a pull?

Isn’t he fucking abnormal?

At this moment, they still thought that their opponent couldn’t fight. Probably, he was born with great strength.

So the remaining people didn’t withdraw and continued to attack Xu Lang.

Xu Lang snorted, “I’ll show you what an assassin is!”

After speaking, Xu Lang’s shadow flashed quickly that people couldn’t see clearly. The next moment, he appeared at their back and he took out his machete before they could react.

He raised his knife and cut them down.

One of their hands was completely chopped off in an instant.


It was a horrible shriek.

And because of this, all the cars around were attracted.

His movements weren’t so obvious just now. Everyone was inside their cars just now and didn’t pay much attention outside. So, almost no one noticed that Xu Lang had tossed someone off.

But this time, the shriek was too loud and it’s hard not to attract anyone.

But they were shocked when they saw it.

Xu Lang was holding a machete with blood dripping on the edge of it. The other person was holding his wrist and there was only his wrist left. As for his hand, it was currently on the ground.

The remaining person that saw this cursed with bad words and didn’t dare to move.

Can this be considered unable to fucking fight?

He’s better than an assassin. Is he really a businessman?

But as the information on the document, clearly stated that he was unable to fight!

No, his height was wrong!

When they first asked, they didn’t doubt his identity. But when they checked it again now, he didn’t match the information on the documents at all.

In the document, his height was stated at 1.78m while should be about 1.9m, right?

Also, as for his inability to fight, this man is fucking better than an assassin!

So, this person is not Colin Ward!

“Brother, Brother, we’re so sorry. We looked for the wrong person, it’s a misunderstanding….” The man started to beg for mercy.

Xu Lang snorted, “It’s too late”

“No, brother. We mistook you for someone. I’m so sorry! I beg you!”

After speaking, that man knelt down and begged at Xu Lang.

Ramon gulped as he watched by the side. Then, he looked at Xu Lang in admiration. This man is fucking strong!

Xu Lang ignored the begging man and told Ramon instead, “Report to the police.”

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