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Chapter 261 – 262: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 261: We are Going to Kunlun Mountains

Kris was awakened by the ring of his cellphone when he was sound asleep. Damn it, who was it that called me so early in the morning? He picked up the phone, it was Xiaolong Tan.

He kept speechless for a while. He wondered why Xiaolong called him because they never met after they were discharged from prison.

After short-time thinking, Kris answered the phone. As the phone got through, Xiaolong asked warmly, “Kris, you woke up?”

“Xiaolong, I just got up.”

Kris smiled and asked, “Do you have any instructions for me to call me so early?”

“Haha, Where are you now? I will drive there to pick you up.” Xiaolong said and laughed. Kris thought for a second and told Xiaolong his location.

Twenty minutes later, a Rolls-Royce stopped at the gate of Hejing Garden, and a middle-aged man in a black Tang suit came out from the car.

Who could that be if he was not Xiaolong?

Xiaolong hugged Kris once he got off the car. Then he said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Kris.”

“Yes, Xiaolong.” Kris smiled and patted Xiaolong’s back gently.

“Get on the car. We will talk later.”

Xiaolong asked the driver to the airport once they got in the car. Kris felt confused, so he asked, “Xiaolong, where are we going?”

“Kunlun Mountains.”

“What? Kunlun Mountains?” kris was surprised and asked, “Xiaolong, are you kidding me?”

Xiaolong smiled bitterly and asked, “Kris, do you know why I didn’t contact you recently?”

Kris shook his head.


Xiaolong sighed, then he said, “Recently, six major schools are working together to attack the Holy Dragon Cult, I have my hands full. So I didn’t contact you.”


Kris was shocked, then he asked immediately, “Xiaolong, are you okay?”

Xiaolong was touched, seeing Kris cared about him so much. So he said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Just you have to go to Kunlun Mountains with me this time,” Xiaolong explained. “Half month ago, our Bishop asked all sub-branch leaders to Kunlun Mountains. But I didn’t inform you for I believed their attack would not last a long time. I never expected that they are like they had Viagra recently, and I’m afraid they are going to launch a general offensive.”

Xiaolong paused for a second, then he said, “ Kris, remember, you are my brother. Be with me all the time, I will not let you be in danger.”

“Thank you, Xiaolong.” Kris was kind of moved. He didn’t expect Xiaolong went against the Bishop’s order for him.

“We are intimate brothers.” Xiaolong patted on Kris’ shoulder and said: “I have no relative but you, brother.”

Kris felt depressed hearing what Xiaolong said without reason. He was ashamed and guilty.

Actually, he just wanted to help Lan Yu at the beginning.

He could feel that Xiaolong treated him as his brother.

Their Rolls-Royce drove to the airport of Westriver City. They saw Kuizi after they got off the car.

“Sub-branch leader, adviser.”

Kuizi came to Kris and Xiaolong once they got off the car.

“Why are you here?”

“I asked him to come.”

Xiaolong smiled, then he explained, “We are in a difficult situation now. I will feel much more reassured when Kuizi is with you.”

“Don’t worry, adviser. I will never let anyone hurt the branch leader, even though I have to die. ” Kuizi said seriously.

He was the loyal supporter of Kris now. He would fellow even without Xiaolong’s order.

“Good, bro.” Kris patted Kuizi and said, “Don’t worry, we will be fine.”

“Hehe..” Kuizi touched his own head and laughed funnily.

A half-hour later, their plane flew to Kunlun. Kunlun mountains, also known as Mount Kunlun, Holy mountain, and the ancestor of mountains.

It was called the dragon vein. The Holy Dragon Cult was named after it. Kunlun Mountains enjoyed a high altitude, unfortunately, Kris had an altitude effect once the plane was landed.

His symptoms were slight. Besides, his practice was high, so that he adopted it the next day.

I had to tell you that it was super cold here. It snowed heavily, even in September and October.

It was good that there was a mall in the airport. Or Kris and Kuizi would be frozen here as two southerners.

Xiaolong told them after they went out of the airport, ”There are plenty of people from the six major schools. So remember, don’t be discovered. If someone asked what are we doing here, tell them we come here for travel.”

Then Xiaolong gave Kris and Kuizi two travel bags. There was some equipment for claiming mountains and a tent in each bag.

Good, Xiaolong was so thoughtful.

The three of them stopped for a while after some walking, sometimes they took some photos. It seemed they were here for travel.

After a day’s travel, finally, they came to the foot of Kunlun Mountains.

It was shocking to overlook the lofty Kunlun Mountains.

The main road was occupied by the six major schools, so Xiaolong could only lead them to claim up from the footpath. Both Kris and Kuizi were cold and hungry. And they had to keep quiet. Snowslide might be caused if they were careless, then they might die.

It was getting dark, so the three found a huge stone to pitch their tent behind it.

They were supposed to cheat the six major schools with the tent in their bags. They never expected they could use it today. It was nice.

Kris realized that Xiaolong already arranged everything for them. Could you imagine three men stay in one tent to warm themselves?

Kris swore that he would never be in the tent with other men for the rest of his life.

The three men pressed forward on their way the next morning. They finally got to their destination at around twelve at noon. They arrived at the Holy Dragon Cult located in the south part of Kunlun Mountains.

You could never imagine that there was such a majestic building on the top of Kunlun Mountains, which was thousands of meters high.

A ten meters’ tall wall came into Kris, and one side of the gate was a goddess statue of the leopard with a human head, the other side was a gold statue of the dragon with a human face.

If I were right, they were West Queen and King Muwang of Kunlun Mountains in the legend.

The holy Dragon Cult was so rampant that they put the two respected god in front of their gate.

Xiaolong told Kris that it was the Holy Dragon Cult’s back door, and the other side was a thousand meters’ precipice.

Kuizi looked down, and he was scared to death. Damn it, could the six major school attack such a precipitous place?

“Open the door, I’m Xiaolong,” Xiaolong shouted.

“Friends come from a distance,” A sound came from the door.

Xiaolong replied, “We will kill them.”

“Hurry up, open the door. Our adviser came back.”

The closed-door opened slowly. Dozens of followers of the Holy Dragon Cult in helmet and armor got down on one knee and said respectfully, “Welcome back, adviser.”


Kris felt unreal seeing them.

It seemed that he was time traveling to ancient times from modern times.

This kind of feeling got stronger when Kris entered the gate.

Row upon row of buildings appeared once Kris entered the Holy Dragon Cult. The buildings here seemed dangerous compared with the spectacular building of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult. And it seemed much more antique.

Coldness suddenly disappeared once they entered the gate of the Holy Dragon Cult. It seemed like they entered Spring from Winter.

There was a water channel smoking between houses, which made Kris surprised greatly.

Xiaolong Told Kris it was a hot spring.


Hot spring?

How could there be a hot spring in the thousand meters’ mountains? It went against the rules.

No wonder it was as warm as spring here, it was because of the hot spring.

Kuizi was speechless seeing this.

Kuizi was curious about everything here like Grandma Liu entered Grand View Garden.

It was Xiaolong’s world after entering the Holy Dragon Cult. People stopped walking and bent to Xiaolong every now and then.

“Xiaolong, I think it’s better not to walk together with you.”


“It’s too stressful,” Kris smiled bitterly and said.

Kuizi, who was standing beside, nodded in a hurry.

Xiaolong laughed and said, “You are my brother, you have to get used to this.”

“How about this? I will ask someone to lead you to rest first. Relax yourselves in the hot spring to ease your fatigue.” Xiaolong asked two servants to come. Then he said to Kris, “Have a good rest. There will be a grand campfire party at night. I will introduce you to our Bishop then.”

He patted the shoulder of Kris and left.

“Branch leader, our adviser wanted to introduce you to the Bishop. You are going to be awesome,” said Kuizi enviously.

Kris just smiled, he didn’t say anything.

In the afternoon, Kris and Kuizi had a comfortable hot spring bath. Then they had a yummy meal, they were so satisfied.

They fell asleep at last. They woke up when a servant knocked at the door.

It scared Kuizi when he opened the door, because the servants were holding two lanterns in hands.

“Branch leader, the adviser has been waiting for you for a long time; please follow me.”

Kris nodded and followed them.

Damn it, why the servants were like eunuchs.

Kris was like an emperor, and Kuizi was like the general manager beside the emperor. And the two servants were like eunuchs.

Kris laughed out, hearing what Kuizi murmured.

Kris came to a platform after five minutes’ walk. Xiaolong was waiting there for some time.

Xiaolong was in a crown on head and gown. He was holding a fan made of further. He was exactly Kongming Zhuge if his mustache was longer.

“Brother, I have been waiting here for you for a long time.”

Kris shivered without any reason, hearing what Xiaolong said.

What’s wrong? Why Xiaolong talked like this just after several hours?

“Let’s go, the party is going to start. Don’t make the Bishop wait too long.” Xiaolong grasped Kris’ hand and went to the palace while talking.

There was a hubbub of voices in the palace. Thousands of followers were gathered there.

A huge campfire was on in the center of the hall and lightened the palace.

A hot wave overwhelmed them as they entered.

One thing good was there was a top on the fire so that it would not cause a fire.

Xiaolong took Kris to go in, and people began to bent to Xiaolong to show their respect one after another.

Xiaolong smiled at them and went to the Bishop directly.

“Hehe, my adviser came back. ” The Bishop of the Holy Dragon Cult laughed and stood up. “Hurry up, come here, my adviser.”

Chapter 262: Hostage

“Your Bishop!” Xiaolong Tan immediately went down on one knee and shouted respectfully at the Bishop.

“Good, good.” The Bishop said several words in a row and stood up to help Xiaolong Tan up personally. He looked at him carefully, “This has been hard work for you, the military counselor.”

“It’s nothing, it’s subordinate’s job to share the burden for the Bishop.”

Look at what he said, he made the Bishop couldn’t have been more comfortable.

The Bishop’s wife beside also smiled charmingly, “This time, the Six Major Schools besieged our Holy Dragon Cult, thanks to military counselor’s thorough planning, he’s really worthy of being Holy Dragon Cult’s Wolong Zhuge (Liang Zhuge, an ancient Chinese chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period who has been recognized as the greatest and most accomplished strategist of his era).”

“Thank you, Madam!” Xiaolong Tan spoke respectfully. Kris Chen looked at the Holy Dragon Cult’s Bishop and his wife carefully.

The Holy Dragon Cult’s Bishop was handsome and looked much younger than the Sun-Moon Holy Cult’s Bishop.

He was in his early forties at most.

It’s just that the Bishop’s wife was far inferior to Quan Mu.

She was not a beauty who still gorgeous at a second glance, she just looked flirty.

At this time, Xiaolong Tan pulled Kris over, “Bishop, this is Kris, he’s the one who saved my life.”

“Oh! Is this the little brother who saved you?” Bishop looked at Kris and stroked his palm, laughing, “Good, not bad, hero bores in younger generations indeed.”

Hearing the Bishop’s praise, Xiaolong Tan also delighted.

“Kris, why don’t you thank the Bishop!”

“Thank you, Bishop may immortally bless Bishop forever.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiaolong was stunned, and Bishop, as well as his wife, were also confused.

In the next second, Bishop’s wife, Meiji Cai, laughed, “Military counselor, this little brother of yours speaks so wisely, but he’s just like you.”


Bishop also laughed out loud, “Interesting and funny, Madame, what do you think I should reward him with?”

Meiji Cai smiled lightly and said, “Bishop already has an idea in mind, so why do you need to ask me.”

Hearing this, Zaitian Long nodded his head, “Kris, do you know the position of the military counselor in our cult?”

Kris did not speak, standing beside and waiting for his answer.

“I’ll tell you, I’ve got one military counselor, he’s better than thousands of disciples.” Zaitian smiled and said, “You saved the military counselor, this is a great contribution, let’s say, I can’t be stingy, I’ll designate you as the Sub-Headquarters Leader.”


Sub-Headquarters Leader?


Kuizi, who stood beside was dumbfounded, how come Kris has become the Sub-Headquarters Leader within a few words?

The Sub-Headquarters Leader is in the middle and senior level of the Holy Dragon Cult. Its superior can be the Holy Dragon Cult Guardian, who is an absolute regional premier, controlling a quarter of the Holy Dragon Cult disciples.

Kris looked at Xiaolong. Xiaolong smiled at him slightly and nodded gently.

He understood instantly.

“Thank you, Bishop and Madam, I will definitely not fail to live up to the expectations of yours.”

“Stand up.” Zaitian smiled and turned around to sit on the seat, looking at Xiaolong, “Military counselor, quickly tell us what you have achieved after you out of the mountain this time.”

“Bishop, this time I originally split up my troops, I sent one group of troops to the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, the other to capture the disciples of the Six Major Schools alive.” Saying that, Xiaolong kneeled on the ground, “The people we sent managed to convince the Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and we almost could gobble up the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, yet a man ruined the plan at the crucial moment, resulting more than two hundred disciples of our Holy Dragon Cult all sacrificed.”

“Please punish me, Bishop!” Xiaolong said with a sad face as he knelt down on the ground.


As soon as Xiaolong’s words were spoken, the whole hall was instantly in an uproar!

Another two hundred disciples died in the battle.

This… How could it possible!

Kris was stunned, and his heart trembled violently.

F**k, so the 70th birthday of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult’s Bishop was planned by Xiaolong?

Shit, it was quite a coincidence, wasn’t it?

Kris laughed bitterly in his heart, so Xiaolong’s plan was discerned by him.

If it wasn’t for him, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult would have really been gobbled up by the Holy Dragon Cult that day.

He was slightly worried, with so many disciples of the Holy Dragon Cult dead, would the Bishop really chastise Xiaolong?

Zaitian looked calm, no fluctuations could be seen on his face.

“The merger of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult was an unexpected failure, resulting in the burial of two hundred disciples of our cult, and now I am here to announce the removal of Xiaolong’s White Dragon Guardian. However, the siege of Six Major Schools to the Holy Dragon Cult still requires Xiaolong’s counsel, and the Military Counselor is appointed to Xiaolong.”

Saying that, Zaitian looked at Xiaolong, “Do you have any discontent!”

“I’m totally convinced!” Xiaolong groveled on the ground, he made a big mistake, so many disciples had died, and he still retained his position as a military counselor. How could Xiaolong still have any discontent.

Bishop had removed the position of Xiaolong’s White Dragon Guardian, and that meant this position was now unoccupied.

According to the current serious situation, someone would definitely fill the gap.

“Good.” Zaitian said, “Did you achieve anything else this time when you off the mountain?”

“Please wait a moment, my Bishop.” Said Xiaolong standing up and shouted at the stage, “Everyone be quiet, I have something to say.”

As soon as his words were spoken, the entire hall instantly quieted down, only the bonfires were burning with splintering sounds.

“Bring them up here.”

After he said that, a man wearing a high black hat and black robes walked in with a chain in his hand, the other end of the chain was an oversized cage that held dozens of hostages.

“Crunch, crunch.”

The wheels of the car let out a piercing sound.

Then, a man wearing a white top hat and a white robe appeared in Kris’s sight. Another car is full of hostages.

Jesus, why were all these people locked up in iron cages?

Kris fixed his eyes and discovered that there were men and women among these people, and the clothes they wore were different, seemingly… They were disciples of the Six Major Schools.

Damn, these were the captives of the Six Major Schools!

Just as Kris was surprised, four more cages were pulled in from the back.

“Bishop, this is what I’ve done for the past few days!” Xiaolong put his right hand over the left and said, “These six-iron cages hold the disciples of the Six Major Schools separately, as long as these hostages are captured by us, the Six Major Schools wouldn’t dare to attack us rashly.”

“Good, good.” Zaitian walked down and said, “With these hostages, the siege of the Six Major Schools will be resolved easily.”

After saying that, the disciples in the hall knelt down together, shouting, “Bishop Shrewd, Bishop Shrewd…”

Kris also followed them to go down on one knee, but his eyes have gazed at the iron cage in front of the bonfire.

Fortunately, this time Xiaolong wasn’t entirely unproductive, and the Six Major Schools might not be able to attack their base with these hostages.

Xiaolong’s merits could offset his demerits.

Just as Kris was sighing in his mind, a woman in the iron cage suddenly yelled, “Bah, delusional, even if I die, I won’t let you heterodox doctrines succeed.”

After she said that, several other disciples of the Six Major Schools in the iron cage echoed, “That’s right, we will never give in to you.”

“You are looking for death!”

A man in blue and about fifty years old stepped out.


He raised his hand with a whip and lashed the woman right on her body.

The hat on the woman’s head was smacked away, revealing the bald head covered by the hat.

“Yo, a little nun.” The Blue Dragon Guardian Yiqiu Deng laughed, “I didn’t expect you to be a beauty!”

“How could you beat my captives, Blue Dragon Guardian?” The White Ghost wearing a high black hat looked at the Blue Dragon Guardian with a pissed face, “This nun is a presbyter of Emei Mountain and an important hostage. Also they all hit by softening muscle powder so that they can’t withstand your whip, if they’re killed, those nuns of the Emei School will fight you to death.”

“Oooh… The senior apprentice is right, Blue Dragon Guardian, you need to figure out the owner when you beat a dog, oooh…” The White Ghost said with a broken voice.

Hearing the gender-confused voice of the Black and White Ghosts, Yiqiu Deng got goosebumps, he frowned and stepped back with a cold snort.

Kris gazed at that nun, and in the next second, he opened his eyes wide.

FXck, this… Wasn’t she Master Qingyuan?

She… How did she get caught here?

Shortly after, Kris saw Lan Yu, who was beside Qingyuan, at this time, Lan Yu was in a total mess with ruffled hair.

Kris suddenly became anxious, what the hell was going on?

Why was Lan Yu here too?

At this time, Xiaolong turned to Bishop and said, “Bishop, the priority is to spread the news about the hostages.”

Zaitian nodded, “Listen to my order, someone goes inform the Six Major Schools if they don’t retreat, kill all the captives.”

Zaitian spoke in a very flat tone as if for him, kill a person was like killing a chicken.

“Copy that!”

A Holy Dragon Cult disciple ran out in a flurry after receiving the order.

“Zaitian, you shall not die in peace!” Qingyuan looked at Zaitian with a grumpy face.

“How dare you!”

“Stupid nun seeks for death!”

The Holy Dragon Cult disciples in the hall shouted hastily.

“Looking for death!” Black Ghost came to the cage in a flash, his move was as fast as lightning, and he grabbed Qingyuan’s neck, “I’ll fulfill your wish now!”


Qingyuan’s face reddened and gradually turned from red to purple, she gradually been deprived of oxygen.

“No… Let go of Master Qingyuan!”

“Master… heterodox doctrines, let go of my master!”

“Quickly, let go of Qingyuan…”

They couldn’t even lift a shred of strength because they got the soften muscle powder, they couldn’t even turn over except for speak.

They could only watch Qingyuan being strangled by the White Ghost.

As she was about to out of breath, Yiqiu Deng suddenly said with a sneer, “White Ghost… Didn’t you say that the stupid nun was a presbyter of the Emei School, such an important hostage, aren’t you afraid that the Emei School will fight you to the death after you kill her?”

“Ohhh… Senior apprentice, what the Blue Dragon Guardian said… Oooh, seems to make some sense…”

“Shut up, you silly dumb!” White Ghost cursed at Black Ghost, but he loosened his hand, which was strangling Qingyuan tightly.

“Whew, whew, whew!”

Qingyuan had survived from death and was now collapsed in the cage, gulping for air.

She really felt like she was dying at that moment.

On the other side, where the Six Major Schools camped. Shaolin School’s Chief of Dharma Hall Master Shiming, Wudang School’s leader Yuanqiao Zhang, Emei School’s leader Master Jinglian, Gaibang School’s leader Daxiao Ma, Huashan School’s leader Butong Hao and Wuliangjian School’s East and South Sword King.

The seven decision-makers of Six Major Schools were in the tent discussing when to launch the general attack.

At that moment, panicked voices came from outside.


Followed by a Huashan School disciple who crawled in, “Bad news, bad news!”

Butong Hao stood up and said at the disciple, “Don’t worry, tell me what happened…”

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