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Chapter 261: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 261 I Found Kerry (1)
They walked towards the interrogation room, and Officer Wei said to them: “There are eight of them in total and they are stateless. Yesterday they were interrogated by us for ten hours, and one guy finally told us that they were paid to attack Mr Ye’s villa on December 27th . And that was the only order they got.”

“Who is their employer?” Venus asked.

“They don’t know. They met that person once and that person was wearing a mask.”

Henry and Venus looked at each other. It was indeed Gavin. they thought.

Officer Wei noticed the way they looked at each other, and he asked: “So you know who he is?”

“We know someone who is wearing a mask all the time. His name is Gavin. This guy once kidnapped me when I was traveling with Kerry abroad some time earlier.” Venus said.

“You were kidnapped? Why didn’t you call the police? Oh, sorry, you were abroad.” Officer Wei said.

“Henry, you fought against these people that night. I want you to see them and then we will close the case. We will also keep searching for their boss.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Maybe their boss is among these eight mercenaries. I don’t know. Let’s see whether you can recognize him.”

Venus nodded. She also thought Gavin was probably among these people, and that’s the reason why she came to the police station.

They were now outside the interrogation room. Venus and Henry were standing on one side of a glass wall. Officer Wei said something to the police officer in the room and then he came out again. Soon, a foreign man was led into the interrogation room in handcuffs. He looks very strong and he has heavy tattoos on his arms.

Venus looked down when the man raised his head and looked ahead.

“Don’t worry. We can see him, but he can’t see us, thanks to the glass.”

Venus sighed with relief. She looked at the man again, and found he is obviously not Gavin. Gavin is not that strong.

“Next one.” The police officer said.

The next one walking into the room is a black man. He is tall and thin, and he has very deep eyes. Obviously, he is not Gavin.

Another five people were led into the room, and none of them could be Gavin. Officer Wei said: “There is only one man left. Are you sure that none of these seven people is Gavin?”

Henry shook his head. “I’m sure. I can tell Gavin is an Asian from the color of his skin. And also, he speaks very good Chinese. So he is probably a Chinese.”

“I see. Bring the last one into the room.” Officer Wei said.

The last one was led into the room. He is an Asian. And he is basically as tall as Gavin. But he looks so ordinary. He wore a sly smile and he stared at the glass unblinkingly as if he could see the people standing behind the glass.

Venus looked into his eyes. But there is no resemblance between his eyes and Gavin’s eyes. His eyes are brown, and Gavin’s eyes are dark.

“Pingan, is this Dudu?” Venus asked the baby.

Pingan shook his head. “No, this is not Dudu.”

Venus then looked at Henry and said: “What do you think?”

“I don’t think he is Gavin.” Henry said.

Venus didn’t want to jump to conclusion. So she said to Officer Wei: “Can I talk to him? I know Gavin’s voice.”


Venus then gave Pingan to Henry and walked into the interrogation room.

The man smiled coldly when he saw Venus.

“Is your boss Gavin?” Venus asked directly.

A flicker of shock crossed his face. He said coldly: “Who he is? I don’t know.”

Venus didn’t ask any other question. Because his voice is so different from Gavin’s.

She walked out of the room and said: “He is not Gavin. Gavin is not in here.”

Officer Wei frowned. He said: “This man obviously knows who Gavin is.”

“How do you know that?”

“His facial expression tells me everything.”

Venus felt great admiration for Officer Wei. No wonder he can make such a great police officer. He is so observant. Venus thought.

“We will keep interrogating this man. Before Gavin is caught, you must be careful. I’ll let you know if anything new comes up.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Have you found Kerry?” Officer Wei asked.

Henry said: “No, sir. We are still looking for him.”

Officer Wei wore a serious expression. He patted on Henry’s shoulder and said: “Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need the police’s assistance. Me and Kerry are very good friends.”

“I know. Thank you.”

Officer Wei then looked at Pingan. His expression softened and he said: “This boy is just a small version of Kerry. He is going to have a wonderful life.”

Pingan smiled. He knew the police was saying nice things about him.

“So cute.” Officer Wei smiled.

“We need to get going. See you.” Henry said.

“See you.”

The weather was getting warmer. Summer was coming. And Pingan’s legs were getting stronger. But Venus’s smile was getting rarer to be seen.

Three months had passed. Venus had visited every single village beside the ocean, but Kerry was nowhere to be seen.

Venus kept waking in the night, drenched in cold sweat, wondering where Kerry was now. Is Kerry really dead? She kept asking herself this question. She just couldn’t accept it.

Another day came. It was a very beautiful day.

Venus washed her face. She found she got very dark shadows under her eyes. She couldn’t cover it even with some very heavy makeup.

During the breakfast, Kevin noticed how pale she had become. He said: “You didn’t have a good sleep last night, did you.”

Venus laughed drily. “I don’t know. I keep waking up in the night.”

“Maybe we should ask Doctor Han to come.”

“That’s not necessary. I know what he is going to say. He is going to tell me that I’m under too much pressure. That’s all.”

Kevin stopped eating. He remained silent for a long time, and then he suddenly said: “Venus. Just give up.”

Venus’s hand was shaking after hearing what he said. She didn’t say anything. But her attitude was very clear.

Kevin was very concerned with Venus. She had been losing weight and she rarely smiled. He also wanted his brother to come back alive, but he knew the chance was slim.

“Venus, it’s been very long. He would surly be back if he was still……” Kevin stopped himself.

Venus took a deep breath. She held back her tears and said: “Kevin, please stop. I don’t want to give up. Maybe I will give up someday in the future when I am really tired, but I can’t give up now.”

“I don’t want you to be so unhappy. Look how much weight you have lost!”

“It’s not a bid deal. Don’t worry.” Venus said. She didn’t want to keep talking about it, so she changed the subject. “How is your job? Do you like it?”

Kevin sighed inwardly. He said: “I like my job. Now I can at least understand what they are talking about in the conferences.”

“Good. Trust yourself. You can do the job very well. I need to check on Pingan.” Venus said. She then put down her spoon and left.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 261 I Found Kerry (2)
Kevin looked after her as she left. She looked so thin and fragile and he felt very worried about her. But there was nothing he could do except praying for her and Kerry.

It was another day. Venus and Henry went to a fishing village. It was pretty far so when they arrived, it was already noon. The village is very small, and when they got near to the village, they could hear loud music and firecrackers. There was obviously a celebration activity going on.

They went to a small restaurant for lunch. A little girl said to the owner of the restaurant: “Sister Xiaomei’s wedding ceremony has begun! I want to see it!” And the owner responded: “Sure. But come back when it is over. It’s lunch time.”

Obviously, the music and firecrackers they heard were from the wedding.

The owner of the restaurant is a middle-aged man. He served the meals to Venus and Henry. Venus picked up a pair of chopsticks and asked: “Sir, can I ask you something?”

The man answered: “Sure. What is it?”

“We are looking for a young man. He went missing some time earlier. He is tall and handsome, and he has blue eyes, which is his most striking feature.”

The man rubbed his jaw and thought very hard. He then said: “No. I didn’t see such a man.”

“Did anyone in your village save a man when he went to sea?” Venus said. She had asked this question for many times. She never got a satisfying answer but she never gave up her hope.

The man frowned. “No. Never heard of it.”

Venus felt saddened. Her eyes dimmed.

The man suddenly said: “Did you just say something about his eyes? What’s the color of his eyes?”

“Blue.” Venus answered. Hope flared up inside her.

“Xiaomei is getting married today. She is a girl in our village. And I heard her husband has blue eyes.”

Venus was so shocked when she heard what he said.

Henry was so excited. He stood up and said: “Sir, are you sure about this? Does that man have blue eyes?”

The man was slightly frightened. He moved a step backward and said: “I’m sure. I saw that man yesterday. He is good-looking and he has blue eyes…….Wait a second! Where are you going! You haven’t paid yet!”

Venus and Henry had already left the restaurant.

They didn’t need to ask anyone where the wedding was, because the music was very loud and they could hear it from a far distance.

Venus was running so fast, as if Kerry would disappear if she was late. Her heartbeat quickened. She followed the music and arrived at a place where there were lots of people. Everyone was looking ahead, where the wedding ceremony was happening.

“Let’s welcome the bride and the bridegroom to get onto the stage……” An emcee said though the microphone.

Venus didn’t stop. She squeezed her way through the crowd. She didn’t know how many feet did she accidentally trod on. She only knew that many people were getting very angry with her. Finally, she came to the front of the crowd, and she could see the couple on the stage. Henry soon also managed to squeeze his way through the crowd and came to Venus.

The bride was dressed in a traditional wedding dress and the bridegroom was dressed in a suit. The bridegroom had his back to Venus, but Venus is too familiar with Kerry and she recognized him immediately. The bridegroom is none other than Kerry. Venus had dreamed about finding Kerry for so many times, and at that moment, he was right in front of her.

“He is not dead! He is not dead! He is right there!” Venus thought to herself. Now she felt it was rather silly of her to worry about Kerry. After all, Kerry is not an average man. How can he possibly die. Happy tears rolled down her cheeks. She had never felt this happy before. Everyone there was looking at the new couple, so no one noticed a woman was crying so hard.

Henry also froze when he saw the bridegroom.

“Now, I want the new couple to face each other……”

The bridegroom and the bride turned to each other. And Venus burst into laughter when she saw Kerry’ s profile.

“Damn you! I thought you were dead! Turns out, you find yourself another woman!” Venus thought to herself. And she dried her tears with her sleeves.

When the couple were about to make vows, Venus shouted: “Hold on a second!”

Her voice was so piercing and now she was the focus of the crowd. Everyone looked at her, and the bridegroom was also staring at her. She looked into his eyes, and she found the way he was looking at her was so strange, as if he was looking at a total stranger.

She walked up to the stage and shouted at him: “What the hell are you doing!” Her eyes brimmed with tears.

The bridegroom froze for a second. He then said: “I’m getting married. Obviously.”

Venus’s anger flared up in an instant. “What the hell! You are married! You have a son! Are you out of your freaking mind?”

The crowd lapsed into silence. Only the cheery music wafted through the air.

The bride pushed Venus aside and shouted at her: “Who the hell are you? Are you crazy!!”

That was the first time Venus looked at the bride. She looked beautiful, but she was wearing too much makeup.

“I am his wife!” Venus said confidently. She stood in front of the bridegroom as if she was trying to protect him.

What she said provoked an uproar.

“You are crazy! Ayong, come here!” The bride said to the bridegroom.

“Ayong? Is that his new name? What a silly name!” Venus thought to herself.

What surprised Venus the most was that Kerry really listened to the bride and walked towards her. He even looked at Venus suspiciously.

The emcee asked Venus: “Miss, I think you are mistaken. This is not your husband.”

“I am not mistaken. I know what my husband looks like!” Venus said. She then looked at Kerry and said: “Kerry! What’s the matter with you? You don’t even remember your name?”

The bride then said angrily: “He is not Kerry! His name is Ayong!”

“Shut up!” Venus said. And at that very moment, someone turned the music off. Maybe they wanted to hear this quarrel more clearly.

The bride also lapsed into silence.

Venus then looked into Kerry’s eyes and said: “So your name is Ayong! Right? Let me ask you this: how old are you? Where do you live? Do you have a family? Where is your ID card?”

The bridegroom’s mind went blank. He couldn’t answer any of these questions.

The bride said: “Why should he tell you his personal information!”

“He doesn’t want to tell me? Or he doesn’t know the answers at all!” Venus said. She had a sense of foreboding that Kerry was not in his right mind. Because the way Kerry looked at her was so strange.

She remembered that she once pretended to lose her memories. And now, Kerry really lost his memories. She was sure the bridegroom is Kerry because even though he was acting like a silly man, his quality remained the same.

The bride was angry. She said: “Who the hell are you! Why are you trying to ruin my marriage!”

“I don’t want to ruin your marriage. If you can answer my questions, I will leave this place right now. Another thing that is puzzling me is why are you holding this wedding ceremony at this place? Aren’t you supposed to hold it at bridegroom’s home?” Venus said.

The bride blushed. She said: “I got to know him from work! He is an orphan and he lives in S city. And I don’t think the location of the wedding ceremony really matters.”

“He lives in S city? What a coincidence. I have many friends there. But can you give me a more specific location?” Venus said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 261 I Found Kerry (3)
The bride said: “Who are you to talk to me like that? And why should I tell you where does he live!”

“Of course you can’t tell me. His name is not Ayong, and he doesn’t live in S city!”

The bride was so angry. She shouted to the crowd: “What are you waiting for? Drag this crazy woman away!”

And then, two men, who are the bride’s brothers, got onto the stage and were about to grab Venus’s arms.

“Don’t touch her!” Henry shouted. A few bodyguards soon got onto the stage and stood in front of Venus.

Henry then walked to the bridegroom and said: “Sir, I’m Henry. Don’t you remember me?”

The bridegroom wore a blank expression. Obviously he had no idea who Henry is.

“Henry, he doesn’t even remember me. How can he possibly remember you?” Venus said.

Someone in the crowd got angry. He shouted: “You said he is your husband! What’s your evidence?”

“Yeah! Don’t you try to fool us! Show us the evidence!”

“We are village people but we are not stupid!”

The crowd was obviously angry. Maybe they were irritated by what Venus’s bodyguards did just now.

Venus didn’t want to make anyone feel bad. She said: “Please calm down everybody. Let me explain. I don’t mean any harm. I am telling the truth. This man is indeed my husband. His name is Kerry and he is the director of Yehuang group in Sky City. We have been married for two years and we have a son. He also has a brother whose name is Kevin. Before the spring festival, my husband went missing. We have been looking for him for a few months, and today we find him here. If you don’t believe what I said, you can search Kerry Ye on the internet, and then you will know whether I am telling the truth.”

Some people took out their phone and began verifying Venus’s story.

Venus then said to the bride: “Have you got marriage registration?”

The bride panicked. Obviously they hadn’t registered yet. Venus sighed with relief.

The bride thought of an excuse. She said: “We always have the wedding ceremony first, and then we will get marriage registration.”

Venus laughed. “Stop lying to yourself. You know this man is not Ayong. And you know he doesn’t even have an ID card. How can you possibly get marriage registration?”

The bridegroom had been staring at Venus. It seemed to him that Venus possesses a kind of power that he couldn’t resist. He found his heartbeat quickened every time she talked.

At that moment, Venus looked at the bridegroom. She said: “Are you feeling glad that two women are fighting for you? I would never come to this place and look for you had it not been for Pingan!”

Venus then took out her phone and found Kerry’ s information online. She showed the bridegroom the information and said: “Now look at it. Do you recognize the person in the pictures?”

The bridegroom took the phone obediently. He didn’t know why, but since the woman appeared, he couldn’t think at all. He could only obey the woman’s orders.

There are many news and videos that are related to Kerry on the internet. People can find the speech he delivered on the opening ceremony of the amusement park. People can learn the contribution Kerry made after the earthquake. People can also find lots of pictures of Venus and Kerry, which were taken a long time ago. Some people also leave negative comments on the internet which falsely accuse Kerry of being a freak. And these comments were gradually deleted by Kevin.

The bridegroom looked at these news and videos and pictures on the internet. His expression soon became too complicated to read. He couldn’t believe he was on the news.

Someone in the crowd said: “It is indeed him! The bridegroom looks exactly like the man on the news.”

“You are right! Is he really a huge boss?”

“Xiaomei is so lucky!”

“Nonsense. Can’t you read the news? He is married!”

Soon, the crowd was in an uproar again. Venus took her phone back from Kerry’ s hands. She showed him Pingan’s pictures and said: “This is your son. His name is Pingan. You gave him this name because you want him to be safe and healthy. Look at his face. He looks exactly like you.”

The bridegroom was now numb with shock. He looked at the picture very hard and he found the baby in the picture is just a small version of himself. He found the baby’s eyes so beautiful, and he felt like he dreamed about these eyes before.

The bride said in a chocked voice: “This is a very big world! And the fact that the baby looks like him can’t prove anything!”

Venus felt sorry for her. She said: “I know you must have been taking care of Kerry these days and I appreciate everything you did. But he is really my husband. He is the father of my son. He has his own family, and that means he has a huge responsibility to bear. He can’t leave his family behind and get married with you.”

“I don’t believe what you said! You are lying! He just looks like the man on the news, and that’s all!” The bride said.

Venus heaved a deep sigh. She said: “Fine. I can not force you to believe me.” She then looked at the bridegroom and said: “What about you, Kerry. Do you believe me? Do you want to go home with me?”

The bride grabbed Kerry’s arm and said in a sorrowful voice: “You can’t believe her! She is a liar! You promised you will marry me. You can’t break your promise!”

Kerry looked at her face. He opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything.

Tears then rolled down the bride’s face. She said: “Have you forgotten what did I do for you? When you were injured, I went to the town and bought you medicine in the middle of the night. I want you to recover soon, so I go fishing everyday so that you can have some fish to eat! Have you forgotten all this? You promised you will love me forever!”

Venus rolled her eyes when she heard the last sentence.

Kerry thought about it very hard. He finally wiped tears from the bride’s eyes and said: “Don’t cry. I will never forget what you did for me and I will keep my promise.” He then looked at Venus and said: “I’m sorry. But you are must mistaken. I look like the person in the news. That’s true. But I am not him. I know nothing about running companies or things like that.”

“Sir, what are you……” Henry was shocked.

Venus took a deep breath. She refrained her anger and said: “Kerry, are you sure you don’t want to go back home with me?”

A flicker of doubt crossed Kerry’s face. But he said: “I’m sorry. You are mistaken. I won’t go with you.”

“Fuck you!” Venus was furious. “Kerry, this is not over. I will prove to you who you really are, and if you still want to marry this woman after learning your real identity, I will let you marry her and I will leave!”

She then called Kevin and said: “Kevin, I found Kerry.”

When she said this sentence, her eyes brimmed with tears again. But her heart was still filled with joy.

Kevin was in a meeting, and he was rather sleepy. But when he heard what Venus said, he was wide awake. “What did you say?”

“Kerry. I have found Kerry! But his brain is not working and he doesn’t remember anything about me.” Venus said. Tears blurred her vision.

“It doesn’t matter. As long as he is still alive.” Kevin was so excited and he felt like dancing. Manager Chen was also there and he also got excited.

“Where are you now? I’ll go find you.” Kevin asked.

“Henry will send you our location.”


Venus hung up the phone. She dried her tears with her sleeves. Henry asked: “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Venus said. But there was a tinge of sadness in her voice.

Now the wedding was super awkward. People in the village had never seen anything quite like this before. And they felt so excited and they wanted to see how this would end.

The bride’s parents got onto the stage. They felt very ashamed and they said: “Please go back home. The wedding is over.”

But no one left. They were all very curious about how this incident would develop.

Venus ignored these people. So much had happened within such a short period of time, and she only felt hungry. It was a wedding ceremony, so there were lots of food. Venus went to a table, grabbed a pair of chopsticks and gobbled the food. She knew there was lots of work to do, so she couldn’t be hungry. She would absolutely take Kerry back home. If necessary, she would resort to violence to take him home.

She knew Kerry was not in his right mind, so she couldn’t blame him for what he said. But if he still insists to marry the girl when he is in his right mind, she will surly give him the permission to marry her.

Henry laughed when he saw Venus gobbling the food. He had never seen Venus behaving like this before. Obviously, she was really angry. Henry was also worried about Kerry.

“How would he feel about what he said today when he gets all his memories back?” Henry thought to himself.

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