Chuck smiled and walked over, but saw that the door was closed, Susan should be sleeping inside, Chuck walked over, “What you have to ask wife ?”
“Honey, I know.” Yvette was nervous, she knew that the plaza owner was Chuck, but she hadn’t thought about it all day today, how could she?
Where did Chuck come up with that kind of money to buy a plaza?
Hundreds of millions! Where did all this money come from? She first popped up that it was from Zelda? But Zelda doesn’t have that much money, right?
Or was it from that Lawless woman in the capital?
Yvette had too many ideas popping up inside her head, but they were all dismissed by herself because millions could be given, tens of millions could be given. But what about the hundreds of millions?
Yvette suddenly felt it, did she misunderstand him all before? Your own husband, he doesn’t spend women’s money?
But how did Chuck come by so much money?
Yvette was too eager to figure this out.

“What do you know?” Chuck subconsciously asked.
“Honey, that plaza owner, isn’t it Wang Wei?” Yvette asked, Chuck felt bad, what’s wrong, Zabrina knows, and now Yvette knows too? This Lara’s mouth is too big, she must be punished properly on WeChat.
“Where do I know?” Chuck shook his head.
“Honey, you know right?” Yvette leaned in and kissed Chuck, “Tell me, who is it?”
Chuck could only feel helpless, Lara really has a big mouth! You’re talking nonsense!
“What do you think?”
“Honey, is it yours?” Yvette lay on Chuck’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. Chuck sighed, “Right. It’s mine.”
Yvette raised her head, her beautiful eyes looking at Chuck, she was shocked at this moment, she was prepared for it, but Chuck admitted it himself, she It still feels incredible.
It’s really your own husband’s ah!
Yvette suddenly felt touched that her husband was so rich, but he didn’t dislike her.

In the room, stuck to the door Susan was also jawed shocked, “What? Did Yvette mean that the plaza in which her company is of Chuck’s? This…he’s actually so rich!”
Susan couldn’t get back to her senses at once, she thought at that time that Chuck was more backgrounded and therefore able to have so many things, but actually still Own the square?
That square, she had been there many times, it wasn’t very big, but a square was at least a few hundred million, right?
Susan was surprised.
“Honey, how did you buy the plaza? Can you tell me?” Yvette blinked her beautiful eyes, all curious, this is what she wanted to ask the most, not a rich husband, how to buy it?
“I… “Chuck too wanted to tell her that his own mother bought it for him, but his own mother said that she was still looking at Yvette ah, but What’s so good about Yvette?
Yvette has a good personality, beautiful and capable, too suitable to be a wife, and besides, Yvette is his own wife! It couldn’t wait, Chuck couldn’t wait.
“Hubby, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it.” Yvette reattached herself to Chuck’s chest, “Hubby, thank you for doing so much for me.”

Chuck was torn, he looked down at Yvette’s cheeks, “Honey, I actually have a…”
“Honey, what do you have?” Yvette’s beautiful eyes turned.
“Are you sleepy?”
“Not sleepy, am with my husband,”
“Alright then, you come out with me now.” Chuck decided to get his own mother to acknowledge Yvette, so he had to take Yvette to her on his own accord!

Tell your own mother how much you like Yvette, then she will definitely not have any doubts about Yvette anymore, of course, Chuck knows that Mom was doing it for her own good, but she and Yvette had grown up together, what kind of person, what kind of personality, did Yvette have any problems. You can say that you know best.
“Okay, I’ll go wherever you want me to go, husband.” Yvette sat up straight.
“En.” Chuck stood up.
“Hubby, do I need to change into anything?” Yvette felt that Chuck was taking her out for some candlelight dinner or something, so she wanted to change her clothes, what to say, her own clothes now are too Casual.
“No need.” Chuck felt that it was now the real Yvette, no makeup, but so beautiful with a plain face.
“Then talk to Susan.”
Yvette went back to her room, opened the door, and saw Susan lying on the bed, “Susan, my husband and I are going out, I’ll bring you snacks.”
“Good.” Of course, Susan hadn’t fallen asleep, she had just heard all of Yvette and Chuck’s words, and she was especially curious as to where Chuck’s money had come from?

Yvette was relieved, and Chuck went downstairs and got into the Chuck sports car, Chuck couldn’t wait, the gas pedal pounded, and took Yvette to the His own mother!
Get Mom to acknowledge Yvette.
But this scene was seen by the man who lived across the street monitoring Yvette, and he took out his cell phone to make a call.
“Back to the boss, I saw Miss and Karen’s son go out, probably to find Karen, what should I do? Okay, I got it.”
He nodded and prepared to go out, but at that moment, where he lived, the door suddenly opened, and the man was shocked because it opened so In a flash, a figure rushed in.

Attacking with lightning speed!
The man was annoyed, “Get dead!”
He took out a dagger, but in the darkness, this figure attacked swiftly, and he was outmatched, kicked in the mouth and spitting blood quickly He fainted, shocked, and he covered his chest and sank, “Who are you?”
“What do you think?” In the darkness, a pair of beautiful eyes appeared, and this man was furious when he saw her, “How did you find me?”
“Was it hard to find you? Such a cheap hiding tactic is only done by someone like you.” She came over to a cold, handsome face, as the light from outside shone in.
“I’ve been spying on you since you returned until today, not you, I’m still not sure that Yvette really has a problem, you guys are really durable Sex, and you actually let Yvette, who is only a few years old, stay by our young master’s side, trying to get him to fall in love with her completely?” Betty’s voice was cold.
The man smirked, “So what if you know Miss has a problem? The main thing is, would that Chuck of yours believe it?”
“The young master will believe it!” Betty came over, “And you, remember to be smart in your next life, you’re with the wrong person, but you’re going to die!”
“Haha, yeah? How come it wasn’t Li Ching You himself who came to kill me? She’s so beautiful, I’ve never seen her up close. It’s a pity. Remember, I’ll die at her hands. Not you. The man suddenly laughed wryly and jumped down from the window.
Betty’s eyebrows furrowed as she chased after him, but the man had already jumped and fallen out of a mouthful of blood, running away with a sneer below. Betty hand grabbed the window sill and climbed up, the distance is too high, she took out her cell phone, helpless, “Hey, Li, the man seriously injured jumped off the building and ran. Up, and, Young Master took Yvette to you…”…


Yvette was particularly quiet, she could see that Chuck was very serious, she had the feeling that she was now going to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a license, this was taking herself somewhere?
Yvette expected.
Chuck was also nervous, he couldn’t imagine how his mother would react, would she be angry or happy?
“Honey, are we here for dinner right?” Yvette was curious because Chuck was galloping along and actually brought himself to this five-star hotel, where she had been several times, she Suddenly it occurred to me, the last time I came over for dinner, but it was free of charge at the time, could it be that this hotel owner, her husband also knows her? Because my husband can have a square, then he must know a lot of rich people.
“No dinner, meet one person, but you can eat afterward.” Chuck shook his head and said, “Get off.”
“Okay hubby.” Yvette opened the car door.
They got off the car, Chuck did not take Yvette into the restaurant, but directly into the lobby to do the elevator, while waiting for the elevator to come down, Yvette’s heart pounded The jump, “Honey, are you taking me to see someone?”
“Yes, meet someone, she paid for my car, my house, and the plaza, you meet her then you’ll know.” Chuck said, finally taking Yvette to meet his old mother.

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