Chapter 261: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 261 Let’s Continue Our Plan

The man trembled in fear upon hearing it, “Brother…. Please be merciful. Please be merciful…. You… You…can also cut my hand off…. As long as you don’t call the police…..”

As an assassin, they didn’t only have one or two lives. If they were caught by the police, they would only be executed by shooting.

Xu Lang didn’t answer but looked around.

At this moment, inside a convertible car nearby, there was a man with small eyes wearing hip-hop clothes.

The small-eyed man had seen everything and spoke through his Bluetooth headset, “Xu Lang! It turned out to be fake!”

A female voice came from his headset, “Luckily we didn’t move, otherwise, we would be trapped.”

“Yeah” The man spoke, “Let’s just watch again. Perhaps, Colin is nearby.”

Ramon had called the police then he quickly returned to the car. But Xu Lang was still outside the car as he kept his eyes over the situation.

After waiting for a long time, the road was gradually cleared and the cars were moving slowly.

As the two assassins saw this situation, they knew that there wouldn’t be another chance if they didn’t leave now. So, they looked at each other.

Xu Lang’s sharp eyes had noticed it too.

As soon as both of them were about to jump off the railing, Xu Lang grabbed their collar and pulled them back.

“Such cowards, how could you be assassins? It’s an insult for this job!” Xu Lang’s voice was heard in their ears.

Both of them were terrified, “You’re right, Brother. We don’t cut out to be assassins. Just let us go, Brother!”

“We are really wrong, Brother. Please let us go!”

Xu Lang didn’t care and took them as he walked forward.

Ramon had slowly driven the car forward.

Inside the RV behind, Colin felt that the car was moving, he closed his eyes, “Is it done?”

He was asking a question indeed, but it was surely because he trusted Xu Lang.

Vanessa was silent. She only looked at the window then looked at Colin.

“Acupuncture is useless to you now.”

Colin hummed, “I know”


The small-eyed man inside the small car suddenly saw the RV that had been following the VW. An idea flashed through his mind.


“What happened?” A question came from the Bluetooth headset.

The small-eyed man said, “Damn it! Colin is really tricky. I thought that he would hide in some ordinary place. I didn’t expect that he would boldly sit inside the RV!”

“Do you mean that Colin is inside the RV?”

“Right! That RV has been following Ramon’s car and they kept the distance not to be too close. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t find it.”

“He’s really tricky!”

“Since he’s here, let’s continue our plan.”

“I’ll go hijack the car first. You can pick me up later.” The man said.

“Okay, be careful. Don’t get caught.”

“Don’t worry. He’s dying now and he had no time to pay attention to me.” The man replied.


The small-eyed man deliberately drove closer to the RV.

He deliberately hit the RV with his car. The RV stopped down.

Inside the car, Colin and Vanessa looked at each other.

After the small-eyed man got off the car, he saw the RV driver also got off.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it just now. Did I break anything?” He said in regret.

The driver shook his head upon hearing that, “It’s fine.”

After speaking, the driver was about to turn around and returned to the car when his back was pointed with a gun, “Don’t move! Let’s return to the car, I’ll go with you and do as I say.”

The driver naturally didn’t want to die and nodded vigorously.

Following the small-eyed man’s order, both of them arrived at the driver’s seat, and then the driver continued driving.

After a while, the car started moving.

Colin and Vanessa were silent inside the RV.

After half an hour.

“Damn it!”

Ramon noticed that the RV that should’ve followed behind was gone.

“What happened?”

“Colin and the others didn’t follow us.” Ramon’s face turned pale.

Xu Lang frowned, “Go back”

“Go back?” Ramon was taken aback, “But this is highway….”

Xu Lang’s voice turned deeper, “Go back”

Ramon thought of Xu Lang’s skill and didn’t dare to say anything. He immediately turned the car and drove back.

And under the instruction of the small-eyed man, the driver had driven the RV out of the highway and was heading towards the suburbs.

After a while, the RV arrived in a deserted place without any signs of people.

After the small-eyed man asked the driver to stop, he used a knife to knock the driver off, then he walked towards the RV.

“Hey, you look so miserable.” The small-eyed man’s playful voice was heard.

Vanessa was shocked, “How can you get in?”

Colin leaned weakly on the sofa. He was slightly excited when he saw the small-eyed man. It was him, he was the drugger!

The small-eyed man shifted his gaze towards Colin, “You look so close to death, and yet, you’re still going to Jing City? I think that before you arrived, you’ll die!”

“We haven’t known for sure who is going to die yet,” Colin replied lightly.

The small-eyed man sneered, “After you see me, you should’ve known that I come to kill you. And now, we are in the deserted place, who would come to save you?”

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