Chapter 262: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 262 Who are you?!

When Ramon and Xu Lang drove back, they saw the back of the RV. They were heading towards Tianzhong City at that time.

Ramon quickly drove to catch up.

When they were about to leave the ramp, before reaching the toll booth, a car directly ran in front of them and blocked their way.

Xu Lang’s eyes turned cold upon seeing this, “Just ignore them. Let’s drive past them from the side.”

Ramon nodded as he reversed the car, planned to go around.

But when the car knew their plan, the driver started the car and continued blocking their way. No matter where Ramon planned to go, the car would go and block them.

Ramon and Xu Lang realized something was wrong.

“This car does it on purpose!”

Ramon parked the car by the roadside and both of them got off the car.

The people that saw it also parked the car on the roadside.

“Senior, what a coincidence.” The ill-looking man came out from the car and smiled at Xu Lang.

He’s not surprised to see Xu Lang now because he understood his senior. Moreover, they had also used some channels before and knew that Colin was poisoned.

From this point of view, when Xu Lang and Colin fought before, Colin didn’t faint, which was suspicious.

Now it seemed like it was just a scene that they acted.

Xu Lang frowned, “Why are you here? I remember that you don’t work for them.”

“I don’t.” The ill-looking man replied.

“Then let us go”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

Xu Lang looked down, “You will go against me?”

The ill-looking man seemed to know what his opponent was thinking, “Senior, you also know that we all have good professional ethics. Your mission is to kill Colin, right?”

“But Colin has saved my life. He has saved an assassin that planned to kill him.” Xu Lang said lightly.

“He could’ve just abandoned me but he saved me without hesitation.”

“You won’t understand that feeling. The feeling where you thought that this was just a cold world, but at the same time, there was a gleam of light that could warm people.”

“You’ve changed, Senior.” The Ill-looking man said.

Xu Lang nodded and admitted, “Right. He’s the one that makes me feel alive again.”

As an assassin, he had emotions. The world was cold and ruthless. It was Colin that made him felt warmth and emotion again.

And Ramon was deeply affected by his words. Didn’t he also live in a cold world before? Colin was the one that gave him warmth. He was the one that let him see the light and feel alive again.

The ill-looking man looked deeply at Xu Lang, “Then, congratulations, Senior.”

Xu Lang looked at her and said lightly, “Stop talking nonsense. Come!”

After both of them looked at each other, they rushed forward.

Both of them fought in an instant.


The small-eyed man looked at Colin and said, “How do you want to die? I have a gun and knife here. You can choose.”

“I have a third choice.”

The small-eyed man raised his eyebrows, “Let’s hear about it.”

“I choose you to die.”

The small-eyed man’s face suddenly turned gloomy, “Colin, I gave you a choice because I thought highly of you. If I’m not happy, I could just torture you before letting you die. Nobody knows your whereabouts after all. I’m not in a hurry!”

“I’m also not in a hurry.”

“Hmph! So what if you’re not in a hurry!” The small-eyed man retorted subconsciously and sensed something wasn’t right, “You’re not in a hurry? You’re about to die and yet, you’re not in hurry? Who are you bluffing?”

“I think, you’re dumbfounded now, right? But it doesn’t matter. You’ll just die anyway!”

After speaking, the small-eyed man didn’t give Colin the chance to choose anymore. He directly took out a knife, “I think that a knife is better when it comes to torture. It can make you deeply feel pain! If you have any last wishes, you can say them now. Perhaps, I can help you.”

Colin was silent for a moment, before asking, “Who is the person that wants to kill me?”

“How can you ask me such a stupid question?” The small-eyed man sneered, “Who do you think it is?”

Colin looked at the small-eyed man. It’s not like he didn’t know about it. He was asking to confirm about it.

The small-eyed man spoke again, “I’ve already warned you before. I’ve asked you to stay in Tianbei City and you insisted to go to Jing City. So what can I do? Then, you must die!”

“If you’re under the same condition as me, you’ll choose the same way too.”

Murder, escape, there’s no way to survive.

Getting killed by an assassin, there’s also no way to survive.

The small-eyed man smiled and touched the blade with his hand, “You’re right. But it’s useless now. Just die!”

After finished speaking, the small-eyed man raised his knife and aimed at Colin.

“No!” Vanessa yelled and stood in front of Colin abruptly to stop it. But because of her fear, she closed her eyes.

However, to Vanessa’s surprise, she waited for a long time but didn’t feel that the knife came to her. She also didn’t feel anyone approached her and Colin.

Huh? What happened?

Vanessa opened her eyes and was mouth agape in surprise.

She saw that the small-eyed man was frozen and motionless while maintaining his posture. And the bulky driver stood behind him.

The driver wasn’t anyone but Gerd, who had ‘died’ in the car accident.

Gerd also held a knife in his hand and it was pressed against the small-eyed man’s waist. If he dares to move, he will bleed on the spot.

The small-eyed man still didn’t know who stood behind him, so he could just ask, “Who are you?”

Gerd took the knife in front of the small-eyed man. He had already taken off his sunglasses and cap.

“Guess!” Gerd replied coldly.

Colin and Vanessa slightly twitched their mouth.

The small-eyed man suddenly widened his eyes, “You! Aren’t you dead?”

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