Chapter 263 – 264: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 263: Rescuing the captives

“My Lord, here is the latest news from Holy Dragon Cult, that, they took disciples from we six major schools, a total of 87 people as captives.” The messenger said anxiously: “If we don’t retreat, they… will Kill them all!”


At this moment, everyone in the tent stood up.


In the hall of the Holy Dragon Cult, the bonfire meeting was proceeding in an orderly manner.

Right at this time, Xionglong Tan was sitting next to the cult Bishop’s left side, and next to him were seated the blue dragon guardian Yiqiu Deng, and the black dragon guardian Wudi Geng. And the yellow dragon guardian named Tongtian Wu was seated at the end of the row, and he was the one who ate an expired obstacle -breaking Pill at the Dingding auction the other day.

However, he was in a coma at that time, so he didn’t know Kris. Behind Tongtian were seated the backbone members of the Holy Dragon cult. It was reasonable that Kris is seated in the third row, but for the sake of Xionglong, he was arranged to sit beside him.

Kuizi was in a miserable situation, and he was sitting in the fourth row, but he was already satisfied with the seat arrangement. After three rounds of scales of wine, a disciple brought a report: “We have news…the six major schools don’t believe we have their disciples in our hands.”

“Hmph, go to hell, all of them!” Zaitian Long said with a sneer: “Go, catch two people and hang them outside the city gate, let them take a good look at their disciples!”

“Yes, m Lord!”

Immediately afterward, two burly men stood up, opened the iron cage, and dragged two people out of it.

They are disciples of Huashan School.

“No, please let me go, please don’t harm me…”

“Master, please, I am willing to join the Holy Dragon Cult…”

The temperature on Kunlun Mountains at night was at least 20 degrees below zero. When they were arrested from the south, they were still wearing thin clothes. Hanging outside was not just a shame, the freezing air would have killed them.

“Bah, such a coward, bringing shame on six major schools!.” Master Qingyuan was furious that she would have killed the coward with her sword.

Not only Master Qingyuan, but the disciples of the other six schools were also angry. The disciples of the Huashan School felt the gaze from the people around them, and they were feeling greatly ashamed and angry.

“Hahaha…this coward is from the so-called righteous school? What a joke,” Yiqiu laughed.

“This kind of coward is not eligible to join Holy Dragon Cult.” the black dragon guardian Wudi curled his lips in disdain: “Only warriors are worthy of joining the cult.”

People around him gave applause to what he said.

Zaitian Long was also very happy hearing that, she nodded his head again and again, and the atmosphere at the scene became more and more lively.

Immediately, he ordered that the captivated disciples of the six major schools be taken into the dungeon.

Ten minutes later, the disciples of the Holy Dragon Cult came to report: “Mr Lord, the six major schools have sent back the word, they agreed to retreat!”


Zaitian stood up abruptly: “Good, good, really good!”

Immediately after Xiaolong and others had stood up, they raised their wine scales and shouted in unison: “Congratulations to our Lord!”

“Hahaha… a month of fierce attack, the six major schools are finally going to give in!” Zaitian was so excited that he raised his glass and said: “Today is a great day, come, everyone enjoys the wine.”


Thousands of people shouted.

The six major schools were finally going to retreat, and all the big rocks hanging on everyone’s hearts were removed.

At this time, yellow dragon guardian Tongtian stood up and said: “Congratulations to the Bishop, the six major schools have retreated, and no one can stop the progress of the Holy Dragon Cult in the future.”

The Bishop of the Cult Zaitian Long nodded and smiled. He didn’t say a word. He knew that this old manager of the cult couldn’t stand up for no reason. There must be something wrong.

Sure enough, after Tongtian finished speaking, he continued: “Master, today is the day of great rejoicing, and there is a request from your subordinate.”

Zaitian laughed and said, “Go ahead, just say it.”

“Thanks, my lord!” Tongtian bowed and said: “I have joined the Holy Dragon Cult for forty years, and I have no children but only one granddaughter. Her marriage is a big concern to me. So I want to get a grandson-in-law for her from among the disciples of the cult, so I need your help.”

Zaitian was glad to hear that the thing was so easy to handle. And it was a good thing!

Tongtian’s granddaughter is very cute and very popular in the Holy Dragon Cult.

Tongtian has no children and no daughters, so he loves Yuhan, his granddaughter, very much. After pondering for a moment, Zaitian said, “Yuhan is only twenty this year, do not be worried about it, she is still young.”

Hearing this, Tongtian became anxious and hurriedly knelt on the ground: “Lord, I am so old, I am afraid my remaining life is just a few years, I don’t want to see Yuhan does not find a good husband before I die.”

Hearing this, Zaitian did not want to refuse him. He knew that Yuhan was suffering from cold poison, and he relied on Tongtian’s profound skills to continue her life. But Tongtian is old, he is afraid that no one will take care of Yuhan after he died.

“Okay, I promise you!” Zaitian walked to Tongtian’s side and helped him up: “I also love Yuhan, so I definitely can’t delay her happiness.”

“Thank you Lord!” Tongtian was grateful.


Since the Huashan school head recognized his disciples, the original plan of the six major schools had been completely disrupted. The head of the Huashan school, Buchi Hao, saw his disciples being hanged on the wall and cried, wishing to slap these two cowards.

It’s really embarrassing, how did their Huashan faction make these two useless.

“Mr. Hao, calm down, the most urgent task is to find a way to rescue the disciples” Shiming, the monk, comforted him.

“Yes.” Daxiao Ma, deputy head of Gaibang School, said, “It seems that the plan to besiege the damned Cult can only be put aside.”

“No!” East Sword King said: “If we just give up like this, our one month’s hard work will be wasted”

“Yes, I don’t agree!” South Sword King said.

“I agree too.”

In the surprised eyes of Master Shiming and Daxiao, Buchi said, “What if this is the strategy of the Holy Dragon Cult?”

“Furthermore, we have been besieging the Holy Dragon Cult for a month, and we are about to completely destroy them. Isn’t it a failure to retreat at this time?” Buchi said awe-inspiringly: “For the sake of the stability of the society, I decided not to save the captives.”

Upon hearing this, both the East Sword King and the South Sword King looked with the admired look.

Yuanqiao Zhang shook his head: “No, that’s dozens of lives. If it’s spread out, how would the world think about us?”

“No, I quite agree with Mr. Hao.” Master Jinglian said: “The long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain. If you want to bring peace back to the martial arts world, someone is doomed to sacrifice.”

After speaking, there was no sound in the big tent, and then an argument broke out.

The result was that no one could persuade anyone, and finally, the thing ended up unhappy. With this quarrel, the six major schools alliance existed in name only.

Xiaolong’s plan was successful, and the effect was even better than he expected. At ten o’clock in the evening, the Holy Dragon Cult crowd dispersed.

The drunk Kuizi returned to the room with Kris on his back. He helped Kris onto the bed, changed the quilt, and then stumbled back to his room. After a few more minutes, there was no sound in the next room.

Kris, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes and then evaporated the alcohol with his true energy.

A few minutes later, Kris cautiously went into the kitchen, grabbed a handful of flour, and found some steamed buns in the kitchen before leaving.

Along the way, Kris met many disciples who were patrolling. Fortunately, he had already cultivated his floating skills to the point where he would not be discovered.

It took twenty minutes for Kris to find the location of the dungeon.

The dungeon was hewn out of the granite mountain, and the gate was a huge broken dragon stone weighing more than ten thousand catties.

Once the Broken Dragon Stone was closed, even gods could not escape.

At the same time, the dungeon’s door was guarded by two disciples of the Dragon Cult. It was impossible to rush in, so Kris had to think of ways to outwit the guards.

Immediately after, Kris kneaded the flour in his hands, a mask as thin as a cicada-wings appeared.

He looked at the disciple’s appearance, guarding the door, put the mask made of flour on his face, and immediately rubbed the acupuncture points on his face with genuine energy according to the technique.

Slowly, Kris’s face changed.

After changing his face, Kris picked up a stone from the ground and threw it out.

“Who is it?”

The disciple guarding the dungeon suddenly turned his head and shouted from this dark place.

“Get out!” the disciple shouted.

“What?.” The disciple next to him was sleeping, leaning on the door, and was awakened by him.

“I’ll go and take a look.”

“It’s up to you, bluffing, who will come here so late.” The disciple muttered and closed his eyes.

“Come out, asap!”

“I saw you…” Before he finished speaking, he lost consciousness when his eyes went dark.

A rustling voice came over, and the disciple who was resting at the door of the dungeon said impatiently: “Hey, what are you doing.”

At this time, a person walked out of the darkness. He shook his body and said with a smile: “Sorry, it was convenient just now.”

“Hmph, I’ve said it, no one is there.” He closed his eyes again.

At this time, the “Holy dragon cult disciple” flashed a glimmer of light in his eyes. He was actually Kris!

Following Kris’s rapid extension of his hand, he pressed the acupuncture point on the back of his head, and the disciple instantly softened down and fell asleep on the ground.

After finishing these things, Kris quickly took a torch and walked in. Before coming to the dungeon, he deliberately calculated the time for the patrol disciple to walk to the dungeon.

He only has thirty minutes.

As soon as he walked into the dungeon, the temperature instantly dropped dozens of degrees, and even the flames were swallowed by the darkness.

So cold!

Kris felt that his hands and feet were almost freezing.

What made Kris more unbearable than the coldness was the disgusting, rancid smell permeating the dungeon.

He had to suppress the nausea and put the torch into the dungeon from the steel pillar with the thickness of his arm.

As soon as the prisoners inside saw the fire, they suddenly huddled together.

“Don’t hit me, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

“I don’t want to die, let me go…”

“No, Lan Yu is not here.” Kris shook his head and pulling the torch out of the dungeon.

The dungeon was very large, almost two to three hundred square meters.

Kris had to look for rooms one by one. The more he went inside, the lower the temperature as if he had entered a freezer.

Fuck, at such a low temperature, they were going to freeze people to death.

Thinking of this, Kris accelerated his search.

Finally, at the end of the dungeon, Kris found the disciples of Emei School.

Chapter 264: Race for Grandson-in-law

In the cold and damp dungeon, a dozen female Emei followers were all together to keep warm.

Even so, they were still shivering.

Kris shouted excitedly, “Is Lan Yu here?”

“Who?” From the darkness came a faint voice.

Thanks god! She was alive!

He signed with relief and threw some steamed bun into the dungeon, “Take these!”

These Emei followers had been so hungry for two days that they put it into their mouths without any hesitation as soon as they saw the steamed bun.

A woman, with a disheveled hair, suddenly stood up from the ground with difficulty, shouting at him, “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

Kris realized in an instant that he spilled the beans.

He didn’t know how to explain it to her, so he had to keep silent.

“Do you know me?”

Kris moved the torch closer to his face.

Lan saw a strange face through the faint firelight.

“It’s not him,” Lan thought disappointedly. “I understand, here is the Holy Dragon Cult. How can he come in?”

Lan gave a wry smile.

“Sir, do you have any more steamed bun? I’m so hungry. Could you please give me more?” Someone said in a weak voice.

However, the other rooms around could also hear the voice.

Instantly, pleading came all over the dungeon.

“Sir, I’m starving. Please give me some food. I’m from Huashan School. Once I’m released, I will repay you.”

“I’m from Wudang School. My master is the deputy leader. “

“I’m from Shaolin School…”

“Shut up!” Kris shouted, “Quiet! Or I will kill you.”

Immediately, no one dared to speak anymore.

Hearing this, they all returned sober that such a heinous follower of the Holy Dragon Cult would really kill them once irritated.

Kris shouted at the woman, “No more food to you.”

The woman was scared not to speak anymore.

Why was his voice so familiar?

Lan thought, biting her lip.

Kris’s voice was very similar to his.

“Sir, could you please give us some clothes and antipyretics?” Lan took a deep breath and said, “It’s so cold, and our clothes are too thin to keep warm. In this case, I’m afraid we will be frozen to death at any time. What’s worse, some have a fever. They will be in danger if not taking fever-reducing medication. “

The followers of Emei School all looked depressed because the nun Master Qingyuan had a fever, so did Yifang. The only one in good shape was their senior sister, Lan.

Otherwise, their backbone would break down.

Kris frowned, wondering how to get the fever-reducing medication at this time.

Suddenly, he remembered some medicinal materials including a Heaven-made Herb, which could help relieve fever.

After considering for a moment, Kris threw it in, “This may help you.”

Simultaneously, slight footsteps sounded from outside.

The patrol followers were coming in!

Kris hurried out of the dungeon and lightly pressed the head of one Holy Dragon Cult follower falling on the ground before the patrol followers came.

“Hurry up! The patrol followers are almost here.” Kris patted his face.

He stood up from the ground in panic.

What the hell? He had been asleep for only a few minutes.

“What’s the point of patrolling so frequently? Won’t the six major schools retreat?”

The followers were muttering.

A few seconds later, several patrol followers walked in with torches in their hands. They said to Kris, “Any problem here?”

“Nothing.” Kris replied, “But I found that the followers of the six major schools in the dungeon are almost frozen to death. You know the leaders attach great importance to them. Why not provide them with some clothes to keep warm.”


Hearing what he said, the patrol followers entered the dungeon hurriedly, only to find what as he had described.

Some were even freezing to death at the next moment.

Once these hostages died, their leader would definitely blame them. About ten minutes later, the patrol followers walked into the dungeon with some quilts and clothes.

After the patrol followers left, Kris took off his clothes to clothe the Holy Dragon Cult followers, unconsciously in the corner, while another guard follower was on his way to the dungeon to check the number.

After pressing his head, Kris left the dungeon.

It had been one o’clock in the morning when he got back.

He lay on the bed with tremendous drowsiness. And not long later, he gradually fell asleep.

That night, he had a dream, an absurd dream.

In the dream, the Holy Dragon Cult was defeated by the six major schools. He turned the tide and finally became the Bishop. But as he was just throned with beauties aside, the door opened.

Kuizi came in and shook him.

“Leader, get up! Something interesting happened outside.”

The beauties in the dream that he was almost kissing now turned to be Kuizi. How could he be happy?

“What’s up?” He said unhappily.

“Long Huang was holding a Race for Husband.”


Kris asked in shock, “You mean Long, an old man? To race for a husband?”

“Oh, no, no, no. It’s all for his granddaughter’s husband!”

Damn it!

That rude girl?

Suddenly he became interested. Of course, he didn’t mean to race to be her husband. Instead, he only wanted to have a look as an onlooker.

Soon, they came to the ring, which was crowded with followers from the Holy Dragon Cult.

This Race for Grandson-in-law was absolutely accessible to any follower from the Holy Dragon Cult, regardless of status.

There were only two conditions; one was that the age must be under 30 years old, the other was above the heaven-human-oneness stage.

The former excluded those over 30 years old.

The latter excluded those below the heaven-human-oneness stage.

As a result, there were no more than one hundred followers left.

The Bishop of the Holy Dragon Cult and his wife had been in the stands, with Xiaolong Tan, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Double Ghosts sitting beside them.

As the initiator, Long stood in the center of the ring and declared the race rules, with a gong in his hand, “Weapons are allowed during the contest. No fatal attacks. Who falls off the ring will be knocked out.”

“The winner will get married tonight with bishop’s witness.”

As he rang the gong, the martial arts contest began.

Meanwhile, in Yuhan Qin’s room, a little maid, by the window, was looking down, whose face was full of scars, chains on her hands and feet. From the window, the ring could be clearly seen.

“Lady, the contest begins,” She told Yuhan. “Would you like to have a look?”

“Shut up, you skank!”

Yuhan covered her head with the quilt. She didn’t expect her grandfather, who loved her the most, should decide to make her marry in such a hasty way as a Race for Grandson-in-law.

She couldn’t help feeling sad when she thought of that she would live with someone she didn’t love for decades in the future. Though she wanted to escape, she wasn’t able to do that because her Dantian had been sealed by her grandfather, causing her to lose the strength to move.

“You are all bad guys. Why bully me?” Yuhan cried.

The maid hurried to her bed and comforted, “Lady, please.”

“Get out of here!”

She forced a wry smile, leaning against the window to watch the race again.

To watch such an intense contest, a pot of tea and some melon seeds would make it more perfect.

Kuizi whispered in Kris’s ear, and he nodded before going to the stands.

“Kris, come here!” Xiaolong waved.

Kris sat beside him and asked, “Brother Long, what’s the problem?”

“Why not participate in the contest?” Xiaolong said with a smile.

“Brother Long, I have my wife. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Kris replied with a wry smile, reacting that his purpose was to let him go to the ring.

“Oh, what’s the problem with a wife?” Xiaolong said. “A successful man should be aspiring. What’s wrong with no less than two wives? Listen, you are the youngest Bishop ever in the Holy Dragon Cult. If you were his grandson, one day, you might take his place when he retires.”

Xiaolong persuaded him patiently.

While Kris had to force a smile to him.

He could never accept it unless he decided to die if such a rude girl became his wife even when he hadn’t solved the problem with Lan Xia.

At this time, on the ring, a man named Jingang Huo won in ten straight sets. He shouted at the audience, “Anyone wants to challenge me? “

He imitated a gorilla to hit his chest vigorously while roaring. No one dared to stand on the ring.

Although it’s stipulated that killing was not allowed, under attacks of such a violent man with brute force, one might be left half disabled if not died.

In the room, Yuhan had stopped crying. She wiped her eyes, asked, “Is there anyone looking fine on the ring?”

The maid shook her head while craning her neck to get a better view, “Lady, not yet…”

Almost at the same time, someone flew to the ring from the stands.


The man fell on the ring with his face down!

FXck! Brother Long, please let me know before you sent it to the ring.

Kris felt his bones almost apart.

In the stands, Wudi Geng, the Black Dragon beside Xiaolong, said to him, “What a plodder. Sir, do you mind my kicking him down.”

Xiaolong laughed while shaking his feather fan gently, “Interesting.”

“Lady, come here. There he is, there!”

“What the hell?” Yuhan frowned, “What are you stammering about?”

“There is a good-looking one.” She told Yuhan, pointing to the ring.

“Humph! Good-looking? Is that true? Let me see.” Yuhan walked to the window and flung her to the ground.

However, she was shocked when she saw the man in the ring.


Why this guy here?

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