Chapter 263: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 263 Getting Closer, Who was She (1)
Venus smiled, “I know.”

Kevin knew how powerful Xiran was, besides, Tianye would also stand at Venus’s side, they had the strength to destroy Ye family. So he said in a hurry, “Don’t worry, I promise Venus will lead a good life in Ye family.”

“That’s the best.”

Tianye walked to them, and after looking around, he said to Kerry in a harsh manner, “Kerry, I know that you’ve lost your memory, but don’t do anything stupid before you regain your thoughts, or I won’t forgive you this time.”

Kerry looked at him in puzzlement, not knowing what he meant. What did he want to say? Did he mean Xiaomei?

After Tianye and Xiran left, Venus said to John differently, “John, ask someone to clean up two guestrooms, and take Kerry to change his clothes, we’ll go to the hospital immediately.”

Hearing this, Xiaomei immediately grabbed Kerry’s hand, and said arrogantly, “I want to live with Kerry.” Then people were all stunned.

However, Venus was clam and said, “I am the mistress of Ye family, and I am in charge here.”

“But, Kerry is the owner of this house, he is more powerful than you.” Xiaomei shook Kerry’s arm, and said with a smile, “Kerry, we should live together, we’ve already had a wedding.”

Before Kerry opened his mouth, Venus said, “Let me remind you, all you have is just a farce, it proves nothing.”

Venus’ words also indirectly clarified the situation for everyone.

“Kerry,” Xiaomei immediately changed her expression, and said to Kerry in an aggrieved manner, “Look at her!”

Venus also looked at him indifferently, “Take your own decision.”

Kerry patted Xiaomei’s shoulder to calm her down, at this moment, Pingan who was held by Kevin, suddenly asked, “Mom, who is she?”

Although only one-year-old, Pingan spoke fluently.

Hearing this, people were all quiet, then Kerry looked the child who was very identical to him. That was magical, although it was his first time to meet this child, he felt a sense of familiarity, as if he had dreamed many time at night.

Venus smiled warmly and said, “You can ask your father.”

Pingan was very obedient, then he smiled and asked Kerry, “Daddy, who is she?”.

Kerry was stunned, he felt a bit guilty and answered, ” She is a friend of mine.”

Seeing the pure eyes of his son, he didn’t know how to answer.

“Kerry!” Xiaomei was a little angry.

“Well.” Kerry comforted her and then asked Venus, “So where do I live?”

“You’re my husband, where do you think you should sleep?” Venus said in a sarcastic manner.

Xiaomei was about to speak again, but Kerry held her and said, “But I ……”

Before he could finish his words, Venus said, “But you’d better live by yourself under such circumstance. John, clean the room I used to live in.”

“Young Lady, your bedroom is cleaned every day.” John said very respectfully.

“OK, do you have any other questions?” Venus raised her eyebrows and asked them.

Xiaomei was obviously not satisfied with the arrangement, but considering that Kerry also lived alone, she said nothing.

Seeing this, Venus turned back and said to John, “She saves Kerry’s life, so arrange a maid to serve her, don’t let her feel uncomfortable.” Hearing this, John looked up and he understood Venus’s words and the he answered, “Young Lady, don’t worry, I will arrange it.”

“Well, then take him to change clothes, we’ll go to the hospital.”


After they had walked into the house, Kevin asked, “Are you okay Venus?”

Venus sighed and replied, “I’m fine” She said with a smile, “You know what? The first time I saw him in the small fishing village, I was relieved, his life is more important than anything else.”

Seeing this, Kevin felt sorry for Venus, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll ask John to keep an eye on that woman in case that she would cause trouble for you.”

“I’m not afraid of her,” Venus raised her head and looked at the sun with her eyes narrowed, “Getting divorce is the worst situation, no one could stop me now. However if someone dares to grab my belongings, I’ll definitely give her a lesson.”

Hearing this, Kevin smiled, it seemed that Venus became more mature. It was really good.

John took Kerry to the second floor, and instructed the maids to take Xiaomei and her brother to the remotest guestrooms.

When he opened the door, the toys were scattering all around. John explained with a smile, “Little Young Master does not like people to touch his things, and he would clean up these toys when he played them.”

Suddenly, a smell of fragrance hit their nose, and lasted a long time.

A pair of pillows were placed on the bed, and next to it was a small bed, which was probably prepared for his son. There was a family picture on the table. In it he was lying on Venus’s shoulder with a smile, Venus was gazing at Pingan, and Pingan was looking at the shot with a plane in his hand. What a sweet family.

Kerry was stunned, how could he smile so happy?

“That was taken by Tianye,” John explained, ” He is Young Lady’s brother. You ask him to give it to you because you think it looks well.”

“Did I love her?” Kerry asked.

John was stunned and then sighed, “Of course, you are willing to sacrifice yourself.”

Kerry was silent, but he couldn’t remember any of it.

“I’ll tell you more later. Now just come with me to change your clothes.”

At the end of the corridor, Xiaomei’s brother looked around excitedly, he had never seen such a nice house before.

After the servant left, he came to his sister’s room, “Xiaomei, you see, he is really a rich man, you have to garb him tightly. Even if you can’t force him to divorce, you still have to be his mistress, haven’t you seen it on TV? Rich people all have their mistresses. We can get everything we want if you stay him.”

Xiaomei interrupted her brother and said, “I know.”

Outside the door, after hearing what they said, the maid left quietly.

After putting their luggage, they prepared to go to the hospital.

“I’m going too.” Xiaomei walked out and grabbed Kerry’s arms.

“What are you going to do?” Venus asked indifferently.

“I don’t know where you are going. I have to go with you.”

“You are talking nonsense.” Venus mocked, “Would I kill him?”

“Anyway, wherever Kerry goes, I have to follow him.” Hearing this, Venus was speechless, the woman was really clingy.

“Well, it’s up to you. However, you’d better keep quiet in the hospital, or I’ll send you back immediately.” Venus sternly warned her, it would be a serious matter if other people know the matter about Kerry.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 263 Getting Closer, Who was She (2)
“That’s not a big deal, I know no one here, who can I talk to?” Xiaomei pouted her mouth.

Since Xiaomei wanted to go as well, the car became a bit crowded.

In order to avoid some extra troubles, Kevin opened the door of the passenger seat and said, “Brother, sit here!” Kerry understood Kevin’s words and acted as he said without hesitation.

So, Xiaomei could only sat behind, and Kevin was sitting between them.

Seeing this, John said to Mrs Qin, “It looks like we’re going to have some noisy days.”

“Indeed.” Mrs. Qin replied.

At this moment, the maid who had been assigned to Xiaomei came over and said seriously, “John, I have something to say.”

John’s expression changed and he said in a cold voice, “Tell me what you’ve heard.”

The maid repeated what she had heard in a low voice, and the more John listened, the worse his expression became, and even Mrs Qin felt angry.

How could she be so shameless. Even she had saved Young Master’s life, it was not the reason for destroying other people’s family.

“You’ve done a good job, keep doing so, and keep her away form Young Master’s room.” John instructed seriously.

“Copy that.”

Then seeing Fang, John stopped him and said, “Ask everyone to come here, I have something to say.”

“Yes, John.”

“By the way, where is the woman’s brother?” John asked.

“In the room.” The other maid answered.

“Fine.” Then John frowned and said, “I’ll say three things. First, keep Young Master’s matter a secret, if somebody dares to spread it, I’ll definitely give him a lesson.”

“Yes.” Dozens of people said in unison. Then he continued, “I guess you all know Young Master’s feeling towards Young Lady, you have to know who is the head of the house, don’t flatter that women, or you would be punished by Young Master after he regained his memory.”


“Third, Little Young Master is the most important person in the house, protect him carefully since he can run and jump now, I don’t allow anyone to hurt him. Understand?”

They were all very clever and understood John’s words, so they cast a glance at each other and answered, “Copy that.” John was worried that the newcomers would had some bad ideas.

“Fine, then go to conduct your own business.”

After they left, John said to Mrs Qin worriedly, “I am really afraid that the woman would be like Xinyou, I wish her to stay quiet and doesn’t disturb our life.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Qin shook her head, “She won’t give up her purpose, however, she is not as cleaver as Xinyou, so she shouldn’t be able to make any trouble.”

“I hope so.”


Venus took Kerry to the private hospital where she once stayed for it done really well in confidentiality. Kerry went for a full body check under the accompany of the nurse.

Venus was sitting in the lounge, and of course Xiaomei was sitting next to her.

Kevin pushed the door open with two bottles of water in his hands. He handed one to Venus and said, “I ask the nurse to heat it up.” Then he gave the other one to Xiaomei.

Venus took a sip, and then she felt better. Since her legs were frostbitten, Dr. Han instructed her not to drink cold water nor touch it by her feet. It seemed that Kerry remembered that.

“Now Kerry is back, are you going to work again?” Kevin asked her. Then Venus replied bitterly, “I haven’t drawn for a while and nor do I use the scissors. Do you think I can still be a good designer?”

“These are all temporary, I believe you can overcome all the difficulties.”

Venus sighed and said, “Kerry’s treatment is the most important thing, I haven’t think about this.”

“Well, I understand.”

Kevin looked at that girl and said with a smiled, “I still don’t know your name.”

“My name is Xiaomei Pan.” The girl immediately smiled and said, she knew that this man was Kerry’s younger brother and was also very important in the family, it must be right to flatter him.

“Xiaomei, can you tell us how you met my brother?” Kevin asked politely.

Xiaomei smiled proudly, “Well, it’s a long story.”

“You can tell me, we have nothing to do now anyway.”

After thinking for a while, she said, “I remember it was the morning of the 28th of the lunar month and also the last tine I went to sea last year. I was alone that day, and not long after I spilled my net, I saw a man floating in the distance. I was so shocked.”

Kevin and Venus looked at each other, and then Kevin asked, “Are you sure he was floating on the sea?”

“Yes, he was floating.” Xiaomei said firmly, “I rowed the boat over and found that it was a man, not knowing whether he was alive. So I pulled him over with an oar to test his pulse, he was still alive, so I took him home.”

Both Kevin and Venus were shocked, but they were not panic. It would be so weird for normal people, however, Kerry was a special one.

“Since then he was like a vegetable. My family advised me to throw him into the sea because I’m not married and taking care of a man is bad for my reputation. However, it must be the order of the God of the Sea.” Xiaomei’s expression was very pious.

At this point, Venus’s attitude towards her had changed. In fact, putting aside her desire to marry Kerry, she was still a kind girl.

“So I sneaked out to take care of him and bought medicine for him. I did carefully in case that my dad would find it. Maybe my sincerity had moved the God, about two months later, he was awake, but he lost his memory. Besides, he was not recovered yet, so I continued to look after him until he gained his strength. That’s it.”

Hearing this, both Kevin and Venus were silent. It was so hard to take care of a patient, not to mention under such difficult conditions, and she had contributed a lot. It could tell that she was really fond of Kerry, and it was reasonable for she to acted like that on the wedding, after all, she didn’t know that Kerry had already get married.

Venus stared at the bottle in her hand for a while and then said to her, “Xiaomei, thank you for saving Kerry, I am really very grateful. You saved my husband and the father of my child, this is a great kindness to our family, I can give you anything you want expect my husband. I hope you can think more, we can give countless money.”

Xiaomei pouted her lips and said, “But everyone in our village knows about this, I would be so shameful to go back.”

“You don’t have to go back. We’ll arrange a house for you in Sky City and you can take your relatives here, job is not a matter too. What do you think?” Venus said generously. In fact, compared with Kerry’s life, these were nothing at all.

After thinking for a while, Xiaomei replied, “I know my request is rude, but I really like Kerry, and this is the first time I have such feeling.”

“Xiaomei, I understand how you feel. If Kerry was single, he could marry you. But the problem is that he has a family now. You can’t ask him to give up his family just because of you.” Venus was a little anxious when saying this.

Then, Xiaomei bit her lip and said, “I’ll think about it.”

Hearing this, Venus was relieved, she had ran up her words.

As soon as the conversation stopped, the nurse knocked on the door.

“Mrs. Ye, Young Master, the examination is done, our director invites you to come in.”


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 263 Getting Closer, Who was She (3)
They rushed into the doctor’s office, where Kerry was sitting on a stool. There was an empty seat beside him, so Venus naturally sat down. However, Kerry still felt a bit embarrassed.

“Doctor, how is he?”

The doctor frowned and said, “Mrs. Ye, Mr. Ye’s body is fine, but the brain CT shows that Mr. Ye’s hippocampus was once hurt, and this may be the reason for his lost memory.”

“Hippocampus?” Venus repeated, she didn’t understand his words.

Then the doctor explained, “Although the hippocampus is not a storage area for memories, it is a transitional area for long-term memory storage, and when it is injured, memories are lost. Such cases are found in other countries around the world.”

“So how to treat him?”

The doctor shook his head, “Currently there is no medication for such cases. You can tell him something about the past to stimulate his brain nerves, maybe he will remember one day. However, it’s a long process, he may recover in a short period or never get recovered. You have to prepare for that.”

Hearing this, Venus was depressed, that was indeed a long time. However, Xiaomei was very happy. Such result was good for her.

After leaving the hospital, they went home in silence. It was already evening when Henry drove back to the villa with several security guards.

“Sit down to have dinner, you must be hungry. Mrs. Qin cooks some of your favorite dishes.” John said enthusiastically.

Venus looked around and didn’t find her child, so she asked, “Where is Pingan?”

“He is playing with the dog, Henry is accompany him.”

“I’ll go find him, you can eat first.” Then she naturally handed her bag to Kerry and walked out, she was used to do it.

Looking at the bag in his hand, Kerry was stunned, although he did it the first time, he felt very familiar.

Seeing this, Xiaomei rolled her eyes upward, she wanted to grab that bag and threw it away.

John and Kevin simply ignored that and led them to the dinning hall. When passing the living room, Kerry put the bag on the sofa.

“Young Master, this is your seat.” John moved the chair and asked him to sit down.

Kerry did not hesitate and sat there, and Kevin took the seat to his right. Xiaomei quickly stepped forward to the seat on his left hand, but John stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, this is Young Lady’s seat.”

Xiaomei was unhappy and she said, “It’s just a meal, isn’t it? You have too much rules.”

John smiled kindly, “I’m really sorry, it’s our tradition, only Young Lady can sit here. Kevin almost laughed out when hearing this, he didn’t expect John to be so serious when lying. He don’t about this rule.”

Xiaomei was angry, so she asked Kerry for help, “Kerry, I want to sit next to you.”

Kevin thought he would agree, but he heard Kerry saying, “It’s the same, just sit there. By the way, John, ask Xiaomei’s brother to eat as well.”

“The servant has already gone up.”


As soon as John answered, Xiaomei’s brother came down, he directly sat next to his sister, and said with a smile, “Dinner? Why are you waiting?”

Kevin thoughtfully explained, “Sister-in-law and the child haven’t come yet.”

Xiaomei’s brother snorted and said, “Can we eat first?”

“Wait for a while, she’ll be here soon.”

Looking at those delicious food, he was a little angry, but he restrained his anger for not embarrassing his sister.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, Venus came in with Pingan in her arms, she must have washed her hands for they were wet.

She naturally sat on the empty seat and John placed the child seat between them.

Venus looked at the dishes and then said to John, “Bring a bottle of collected wine. We have to celebrate.”

“That’s right, we should celebrate today.” Kevin echoed.

“Well, I’ll get it now.” John was happy to do that.

Kerry very hungry for he ate nothing the whole day, so he took the chopsticks and said, “Let’s eat.”

“I’m very hungry.” Xiaomei’s brother muttered, and then he quickly started eating.

Pingan could eat some easily digestible food, so after making sure that there was no bones in it, Venus fed him a piece of fish.

“Is it good?” Venus asked softly.

Pingan said with a wink, “Delicious.”

After finding that the dishes were all light in taste, Xiaomei suddenly lost her appetite, she liked spicy food.

“Is there anything spicy? It looks so bland.” She asked.

Then Kevin answered, “Yes, my sister-in-law can’t eat spicy food, and gradually, we stopped eating spicy food. And spicy food is not suitable for Pingan.”

Hearing this, Xiaomei felt very unhappy, why should everybody bent towards her taste?

So she said aggrieved, “But I like to eat spicy food, what can I eat then?”

Hearing this, Venus stopped eating and said to the maid, “Ask Mrs. Qin to make more spicy dishes.”

“Yes, Young Lady.”

“Miss Pan, I will ask Mrs Qin to cook some spicy food for you everyday.” Venus said very frankly.

Then Xiaomei looked at Kerry who was eating in silence, and then she said arrogantly, “Kerry eats the same food as me at home, and he also likes spicy food. Ask the kitchen to do more.”

Venus was still smiling, she turned to look at Kerry and said, “Your taste has changed?”

Kerry looked up and after seeing Venus’s eyes, he couldn’t say the word “Yes”.

“Both are fine.” After hesitating for a while, he said this.

“Kerry.” Xiaomei was a bit unhappy.

“Try it first, although the food is light, it tastes good.” Kerry comforted Xiaomei.

Seeing this, Venus smiled, when it came to the cooking skill. Mrs. Qin was comparable to the chef in a five-star hotel, of course it tasted good.

Xiaomei pouted her mouth and started eating, however, she found it delicious, so she said nothing more.

Pingan suddenly tugged Kerry’s sleeve, when Kerry turned back, Pingan said, “Daddy, have some porridge.”

Hearing the vocie, Kerry felt warm in his heart, but he didn’t understand Pingan’s words.

“Have some porridge.” Pingan said again.

Kerry still didn’t get it, so he whispered to Venus, “What does he mean?”

“He want to eat the porridge in your bowl. Just feed him some.”

“Well, fine.” Kerry held his bowl and scooped some to Pingan and said, “Be careful.”

Seeing that Pingan had eaten it, Kerry felt very satisfied.

Xiaomei felt sad when seeing this, Kerry never treated her like that.

“The wine is here.” John held a wine dispenser and opened the wine.

“Pour it for everyone.” Venus said.

Then the smell of the wine scattered all around the house. Venus held the wine glass and said, “We released a Kongming Lantern at the Spring Festival, we hoped that Kerry would be fine, now it turns out that we have realized our dream. First, on behalf of the whole Ye family, I’d like to express my thanks to Miss Pan and Mr Pan. You’ve made great contributions to our family.”

“That’s true, without your help, my brother couldn’t come back.” Kevin also got up and raised his glass.

Hearing this, the siblings smiled and raised their glasses to clink with each other cheerfully.

John poured a small amount for everyone, so Venus happily drank it all, then John quickly added some.

“Now, it’s your turn.” Venus stared straight at the man beside her, then she said in an excited manner, “Thank you for not giving up on yourself, thank you for holding, although you’ve lost your memory, but your presence here is the greatest comfort to me.”

Kerry was scalded by her eyes, and a strange feeling appeared in his heart.

Only later did he realize that it was love. It turned out that no matter how long they hadn’t met, he would fall in love with her at the first sight.

“Cheers.” Venus clicked his glass lightly and drank it again.

Knowing that she couldn’t drink much, Kevin persuaded her and said, “Venus, you should drink less.”

Venus was smiling like a child, “It’s okay, since I’m happy, I can get drunk.”

“We would be the one who suffer the most once you get drunk.” Kevin teased her.

Then Venus glared at him, “Please don’t say that.”

Kevin stopped teasing her and said, “Okay, I’ll just plug my ears tonight.”

Hearing this, Kerry asked with great interest, “Why can’t she get drunk?”

“Because she likes to sing when she’s drunk, but she doesn’t sing well.” Kevin said helplessly.

“Kevin!” Venus was furious, “I can sing the whole night before you room!”

“Please don’t do that to me.” Then Kevin surrendered.

Seeing this, Kerry smiled, it was really warm. He felt so happy.

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