Chapter 263: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 263 The Leader of Lingnan

“If Gerd and Xu Lang didn’t leave me, how could you possibly come out blatantly to kill me?” The one that replied to him was Colin.

Everything was planned by Colin. The people behind him were Gerd and Xu Lang so he wouldn’t act rashly. That’s why he set up such a plan to let them think that nobody was around him anymore.

Sure enough, after these people knew about it, they couldn’t wait to kill him.

When Colin was talking, Gerd brought the knife in front and pressed it against the small-eyed man’s neck, “Put the knife down.”

The small-eyed man was still shocked and speechless by Colin’s words. At the same time, he noticed that he had been tricked and he was displeased. But it wasn’t the time to think about this. He must get rid of the current mess.

His small eyes looked around and obviously, he was thinking of a way to escape.

When Gerd saw him, he was surprisingly quick as he used his knife to knock him off.


The knife from the small-eyed man’s hand fell on the floor.

Gerd neatly took out the rope from the side cabinet and tied the small-eyed man.

Then Gerd crouched down and searched the small-eyed man’s body.

After a while, he found a hidden pocket in his jacket. When he touched it, he found a small porcelain bottle.

Colin looked at it and was sure that this is the antidote that was taken by Doris.

This could completely detox the toxin but it would cause a decrease in the intelligence and memories of the person that took the medicine.

Colin took the medicine and said to Gerd, “Wake him up.”

So, Gerd put his hand on that man’s thigh and stabbed it.


The small-eyed man woke up because of the pain.

After he yelled, he then realized that the knife in Gerd’s hand was stabbed on his thigh and hadn’t been taken it out, then he took a deep breath at once.

“Damn you! Don’t you want to fucking life anymore?”

Colin snorted, “I also can’t hold on much longer. It would be fine to drag someone to die with me.”

“I have an antidote here! If you release me, I’ll give you the antidote.” The small-eyed man said, “You just have to take it once and you’ll heal completely.”

“Hmph!” Colin laughed in disdain.

The small-eyed man thought that he didn’t believe him, “I’m telling the truth. I really carry the antidote. It’s in my pocket.”

“I want the real antidote.”

“That is the real antidote!” The small-eyed man replied.

Colin’s gaze was slightly cold, “No, it isn’t. After taking it, it will cause people’s memory and intelligence to decline. That’s not an antidote!”

“Uh…” The small-eyed man didn’t say anything.

Colin sneered, “How is it? If you give me the real antidote, I can consider letting you go.”

The small-eyed man rolled his eyes upon hearing it, then nodded, “Okay, I’ll promise you! But the antidote is in my master’s hand. I don’t have it here.”


The small-eyed man was suddenly puzzled.

What does the ‘oh’ mean?

Before he could understand, Gerd suddenly took the knife out.


There was another scream.

At the same time, a female voice came from his Bluetooth headset,

“Brother, what happened to you? Brother?”

After he screamed, the RV was silent. So, they had clearly heard this voice.

Colin raised his eyebrows, “You still have an accomplice!”

Upon hearing this, Gerd immediately took the Bluetooth headset and handed it over to Colin.

“Your brother is about to die. You can say a few last words to him.” Colin spoke using the Bluetooth headset.

The woman over there was silent for a moment then anxiously said, “You can’t kill him! If you kill him, you won’t get the antidote!”

Colin didn’t care, “I don’t care”

“You!” The woman didn’t expect that Colin didn’t care about his life at all, then how could he threaten Colin again?

Seeing this, the small-eyed man said, “Colin! I can take you to my master. My master has the antidote without any other toxins.”

“Where is your master?”


“It’s too far”

Before Colin could arrive at such a long distance, he would probably die.

The small-eyed man panicked, “No, my master can cure you. it was a bit far but he really has the antidote.”

Colin replied, “I don’t believe you. Even if your master really has the antidote, I won’t go to Lingnan. Since you’re useless now, just prepare to die then!”

His tone was very calm. It’s like he’s saying, eat well, but it inexplicably let someone feel scared.

Vanessa looked at Colin and felt slightly timid. Colin really terrifies someone looking like this.

At this time, a voice came from the Bluetooth headset, “Colin, my master is the leader of Lingnan. If you kill my junior, I’ll let you die ruthlessly!”

“The leader of Lingnan?” Colin was uncertain.

The woman thought that Colin was scared and continued, “Yes, my master has always cared about my junior. If you kill him, the entire Lingnan would chase and kill you!”

When she finished speaking, Colin sneered ignorantly, “Sorry, I have never heard about him.”

The woman was dumbfounded.

He had never heard of the leader in Lingnan?

Not to mention Colin, even Gerd and Vanessa also never heard about it!

After a moment of silence, the woman spoke again, “Colin Ward! I’m outside the car now. If you dare to act rashly, I’ll blow you up with a grenade!”

“Up to you. I won’t be the one that kills your junior anyway.” Colin didn’t take it seriously.

“You!” The woman was so irritated that she became speechless. Her opponent was stubborn so there’s no other way.

Colin asked Gerd, “Do your job!”

Gerd took the knife and aimed it towards the small-eyed man.

The small-eyed man widened his eyes upon seeing this, “Wait, wait! No! No! Argh…”

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