Chuck’s heart was all anticipation, what would Yvette’s expression be when she found out that his old mother had returned? It must have been surprising and tense.
But Chuck’s eyes scanned, there was no one in his own mother’s office, where was Yvette?
Chuck called out again, Yvette wasn’t here, Chuck was curious,”Mom, Yvette should have gone out temporarily, I’ll give her a call.”
Karen nodded, but her eyes were scanning and her appearance had changed somewhat.
Chuck took out his cell phone to call Yvette, but what he heard was that the other party had turned off her phone, what was wrong?
Is the power out? Chuck was too surprised.
Yvette’s character shouldn’t suddenly leave ah, even if the phone was dead, she would definitely stay here until she came back, besides, she hadn’t been out for long just now ah.

“The phone is off right?” Karen came over.
“Yes, mom, Yvette should have gone out, she will be back soon, mom, wait a moment.” Chuck sat down, yes, Yvette might have gone to the bathroom, or she might be thirsty and bored, go down there and take a walk, she’ll be back soon!.
Karen sighed, walked to the table, and took out the phone, “Prepare a few dishes to send up, yes, the best dishes, appetizers.”
Hanging up the phone, Karen sat over, quietly without speaking.
Chuck waited, ten minutes, an hour, two hours, Chuck began to panic, what was going on? Why hasn’t Yvette returned for so long?
Is something wrong?
No way, what can happen at your own mother’s hotel?
So where did she go? Chuck thought about the phone call he received from a stranger when Yvette came up, did he? Is it because of this call that Yvette left?

“Mom, help me find out where Yvette has gone.” Chuck was anxious.
It was now past eleven o’clock at night, Yvette’s character wouldn’t be so unaccountable ah!
“Okay, eat your food first.” Karen nodded.
Chuck nodded, but with Yvette missing, where could Chuck eat?
“Mom, I’m staying here today.” Chuck wanted to keep waiting in this office.
“Okay, stay as long as you want.” Karen showed indulgence, standing up and walking inside to get a blanket out and handing it to Chuck. “Chuck, you sleep here, remember to eat your food first, I’ll help you find it.”
His own mother walked out, Chuck hugged the blanket, his heart disappointed and worried, “Yvette, where did you go?”
When Chuck came, he wanted to let Yvette see his old mother today, so Chuck was going to have a baby with Yvette, but why was it gone?
Chuck sighed, maybe Yvette had something to go out.
Probably went back, but unfortunately, he didn’t have Sun Shang Xue’s phone number ……

Karen sat down and stared at the huge monitor screen, the monitor clearly showed that Yvette had taken a phone call and left, Karen stared for a moment, Betty pushed the door open and came in.
“Yvette can’t be found at the moment, probably someone from her family took her away or hid her somewhere,” Betty said.
“It’s similar to what I thought, Yvette might have known something and left suddenly, but she, I didn’t intend to do anything to her, if she was willing to forget everything and be with Chuck, then I wouldn’t object, but the way she is now…” sighed Karen, this was the last thing she wanted to see.
She just doesn’t know yet, how to tell her own son, Chuck… Is it possible that Yvette and you are enemies?

Karen felt that it was too cruel to Chuck, “Keep looking, you must find Yvette…”
“Yes, young master she…need to tell young master?” Betty asked.
“Don’t tell him yet, I’ll take her to a place in the next few days to teach him to fight and survive.” Karen shook her head, the dangers were increasing, she had to strengthen Chuck to do it.
“But, will Young Master make it in time? After all, we can have now, it’s also after twenty or thirty years of hard training…” asked Betty.
“Chuck learning boxing talent is good, fighting is killing skills, the technique is important, the heart is also important, just be ruthless, this needs a Process.” Karen felt the need to make contact with Chuck, or else it would be the slightest mistake to really get into a fight between the families that would kill him. After all, there was a strength to live.
Betty nodded.
“Do your best to find Yvette, but you don’t need to arrest her once you find her, I’ll tell Chuck,” Karen said.
“En, I’ll do it,” Betty nodded and walked out to start looking for Yvette.
In the morning, Chuck woke up, he saw that Mom’s office was still empty, Yvette still hadn’t come back, Chuck took out his cell phone to call her, but it was still off.

Worried, Chuck shouted,, “Old Mom…”
The door pushed open, Karen walked in, holding a computer in her hands to Chuck to see Yvette left the hotel screen, Chuck saw more anxious, Yvette this is who received the phone, out?
“Chuck, don’t worry, I’ll find her.” Karen wanted to put Chuck at ease.
Chuck nodded, “Mom, I’ll go back and take a look.”

Chuck ran out, went downstairs and drove to the place where Yvette rented his house when he arrived home, Chuck opened the door and entered, he heard Susan’s Screaming, she covered her body, “What are you doing?”
She was especially annoyed that Chuck and Yvette didn’t come back last night, so she dressed casually, but she didn’t expect that she just woke up to go to the bathroom and came out of her room wearing a cool one, and Chuck opened the door and came in, and was seen by Chuck again.
Chuck shook his head, “Susan, did Yvette come back last night?”
Although Susan had a great body, where was Chuck’s mind to look at that right now?
Susan ran into the room to get dressed and came out confused, “Wasn’t Yvette with you last night? You two aren’t out getting a room?”
After all, that’s what normal people think!
He didn’t come back all night, not to get a room, so what did he do? She grinned, last night Yvette even said she would bring herself a snack, but she didn’t expect to come back all night, what a sexist.
“No, I haven’t seen Yvette all night, and the phone is off.” Chuck was anxious.
“What happened? Weren’t you the one who took Yvette out last night?” Susan was even strange.
Chuck briefly said about yesterday’s incident, Susan nodded, “Don’t worry, Yvette probably went to meet some friends, and it so happened that the cell phone again! There’s no electricity.”
Chuck certainly hoped so, but was it?
Susan saw that Chuck was absent-minded, and the annoyance of being seen naked just now was gone and came over, “Yvette is smart, it will be fine,”
“En, I’ve sent someone to look for it.” This is the reason why Chuck is quite calm, because his mother is “supernatural”, right? Finding Yvette shouldn’t be too difficult.
“What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you, for breakfast anyway.”
“No, you can eat it yourself, I’m going out.” Chuck shook his head and went in to change his clothes before opening the door and going out, he didn’t have the heart.
Susan trailed off, “Don’t forget to eat it, my ex-boyfriend hasn’t even eaten my breakfast, huh…”

The next few days, Chuck was out of mind, Yvette has been off, and his own mother has not yet found her, Chuck sleeps badly at night, so many years, Chuck is considered the first time I have not seen Yvette for so long, Chuck’s heart is empty.
Where the hell have you been, Yvette?
Yvette suddenly disappeared, so Chuck didn’t even have the heart to go play with Aunt Logan, who was reading books at home every day. What can we do? Yvette left, draining Chuck’s heart.
He hadn’t been to the square for three days, and the good thing was that Yolanda had started working on the planning of that piece of land, and Chuck had no intention of leaving it all to her.
Every day, Chuck went back and forth to his own mother’s hotel, and Aunt Logan’s side, but time and time again, disappointment made Chuck, at this time, lie in Sofa decrepit, Logan saw, distressed, came over, fingers tenderly touching Chuck hair, comfort, “Chuck, Yvette will come back, It’s okay, don’t worry, she’s probably gone to meet someone.”
Logan was aware of Yvette’s identity, she also knew that she couldn’t say for now.
When Chuck heard such a gentle voice, his heart was emotionally aroused, doing up and leaning on Logan’s leg, “Aunt Logan, do you think that Yvette will come back where has she gone?”

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