Chapter 264: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 264 Am I Not Dead Yet?

“Colin! Stop! Stop it!” The woman shouted anxiously.

Colin didn’t listen to her at all. He even threw the Bluetooth headset on the sofa and just let her shout on the other side.

After a long time, the small-eyed man was silent. The woman in the Bluetooth headset was also silent.

Is he dead?

The woman thought about it as she put her hands down. She was dumbfounded for a short time.

Colin snorted, “Nobody can threaten me.”

“Even if I’m dying, nobody can threaten me.”

After speaking, Colin let Gerd crush the Bluetooth headset and threw it on the ground.

The woman’s voice couldn’t be heard anymore.

“Just kill him!”

“No! No!” The small-eyed man watched in horror as Gerd approached him slowly.

Just now, Gerd was just using the knife to stab his thigh but this time, he was really about to die.

The small-eyed man said quickly, “Colin, you won’t be able to hold on much longer. I have the temporary antidote here. You can’t kill me. You can’t kill me!”

“Are you talking about this?” Colin took out the small porcelain bottle.

The small-eyed man widened his eyes, “You….”

He just realized it by now that they must’ve searched his body while he fainted just now. The antidote was in their hands and the one that Colin wanted was an antidote without any side effects.

Colin didn’t want to speak much and said to Vanessa, “Let’s get out!”

Vanessa nodded and held Colin to get out of the RV.

As for what happened inside the RV, Vanessa didn’t want to care about it. The most important thing now is Colin’s health.

However, Colin couldn’t hold on any longer and he immediately fainted on Vanessa as soon as he got out of the RV.



Colin felt that he’s dead. That kind of feeling felt unreal and he felt as if he’s floating in the air.

Is my spirit leaving my body now?

Colin thought so.

But, why could his spirit feel cold?

It’s so cold!

He seemed to feel the warmth even if it’s only a little, it’s fine.

He thought of his sister and also Doris.

How is Doris doing now?

Was she bullied by those bunches of old foxes?

Uh, he couldn’t see it anymore, right?


Colin drifted along with his consciousness and he didn’t even react when he woke up.

It took a long time before he could react, “Am I not dead?”

At this moment, the three people that stood beside the sofa were Gerd, Xu Lang, and Ramon.

Ramon replied, “You’re fine now, Colin.”

Colin absentmindedly nodded and looked at them again, “Where is Vanessa?”

Upon seeing this, the three of them looked at each other, then Gerd said, “There is a problem in Marquis. Ellie is bringing Hui Reed to acquire Marquis. Madam’s condition was disclosed by Ellie.”


Having said that, Ellie also knew about Colin’s prison break. Moreover, Hui also initiatively approached her. So they joined hands and brought people to Marquis immediately.

Nina saw that they brought so many people and even they had brought the specialized lawyer. She knew that this matter couldn’t be solved easily.

At the same time, the directors had also found out about the news and rushed to Marquis.

At this moment, inside the conference room at Marquis, a group of directors of Marquis, Ellie and her lawyer team, and Hui with his secretary were all sitting there.

As a mere assistant, she naturally couldn’t hold back such a big occasion. She had no choice but to bring Doris over, even if they would cast a look on her, at least she could hold it for a while.

Ellie was slightly surprised upon seeing Doris. Doris was sitting on Colin’s seat. Has she recovered?

Seeing that everyone was there, Ellie took the initiative to speak, “Assistant White, previously I proposed to acquire Marquis, I still don’t know what your chairman’s answer is?”

But before Nina could answer, Ellie spoke again, “I’m sorry. I’ve asked the wrong person. Colin has escaped from the prison now, I think you haven’t known about this, right?”

“So, I have to ask Mrs. Chairman who is currently sitting at Colin’s seat. What is your decision?”

After she spoke, the directors of Marquis were all shocked.


“Prison break?”

“The chairman has really committed a crime?”

“And even he broke out of prison?”


Ellie and Hui smiled when they watched everyone discussed.

Those directors had found out about the truth. So, according to their interest, the directors would be easy to convince. The only difficulty was Doris.

Since Colin wasn’t here, then the one who should sign must be Doris.

It’s just that Ellie wasn’t sure whether Doris had recovered or not. If she has recovered, it would be troublesome. if she hasn’t recovered yet, hmph, it’s just a piece of cake to let her sign.

Nina’s face turned pale. The problems that she hardly concealed were disclosed by Ellie in a few words. What should she do now?

The directors had begun to question Nina.

“Assistant White, what’s going on?”

“Didn’t you say that the chairman is handling his personal matters?”

“Please explain to us, Mrs. Chairman.”


Doris had clenched her fists under the table. She completely didn’t know what happened but as she heard them talking about Colin, she was so panicked and scared.

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