Chapter 265 – 266: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 265: Body-guarding Sturdy Energy

“Hey, boy. Tell me your name. I don’t hit the one I don’t know!” Jingang Huo said.

“Hello, I’m Kris Chen. I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight with you. I’m not here for the joust for a spouse.” Kris scratched his head and said.

And then Kris was about to go down the ring.


There was a chorus of hiss from the audience.

“What are you doing in the ring if you don’t fight?”

“Get down…”

“Boo, you’re a coward. Get down…”

“Oh, you’re the boy consigliere brought back. I heard that Bishop promoted you as Sub-Headquarters Leader. Daren’t you fight with me?” Jingang sneered.

Jingang is 28 years old.

Jingang is a Sub-Headquarters Leader of Blue Dragon Guardian-Yiqiu Deng. Before Kris came, Jingang is the youngest Sub-Headquarters Leader of the Holy Dragon Cult.

He has a great future. There are many female believers who admire him and make eyes at him. But all that changed last night.

Kris took his place as the youngest Sub-Headquarters Leader in the history of the Holy Dragon Cult.

The most important thing is that Kris is better looking than Jingang is.

“Fuck, this boy is so thin and weak that I can knock him down with one hand.” Jingang thought.

He was just lucky enough to save the Consigliere.

Why should Kris be the Sub-Headquarters Leader? Jingang was unconvinced.

“Ha, ha, Consigliere, the guy you brought back doesn’t seem to have the guts. Jingang is my best man. He is not only endowed with divine power but also a practitioner in the later period of the innate-power stage. I think you’d better let the boy go down the ring. It’s not good to hurt him.”

Xiaolong Tan smiled and said, “Blue Dragon Guardian, why are you sure that Kris will lose?”

Yiqiu pointed to Kris and said, “See, the boy is so scared that he almost runs off the ring. If he wins, I’ll eat the table.”

“OK, let’s wait and see,” Xiaolong said, clapping his hands and smiling.

Kris wanted to get down the ring, but when he heard the boos and Jingang’s words, he felt he could never raise his head again in Holy Dragon Cult in the future if he got down the ring like that.

What’s more, it might get Xiaolong into trouble.

Although he is a highly respected consigliere and no one dares say anything to his face, but that’s not for sure in private.

At that moment, Jingang sneered, “I’ll fight with you with one hand and let you attack me with three moves without fighting back, how about that?”

Ha, ha, ha…

As soon as Jingang said that, the audience burst out laughing.

“Ho, ho, Bishop, there is something manly about Jingang. It seems that Kris is going to lose,” Meiji Cai said. She chuckled, covering her mouth.

Zaitian Long nodded first and then shook his head. “Dear, the two have not yet begun to fight, and it is not certain who will win,” Zaitian said.

“Bishop, why don’t we make a bet?” Meiji said, biting her finger.

Zaitian was tempted by Meiji’s charming look. “Dear, what do you want to bet?” Zaitian said.

“I’m betting on Jingang. If I win, you should show me the Holy Dragon Scripture. How about that?” Meiji said.

Holy Dragon Scripture?

“It’s the most precious treasure of the Holy Dragon Cult, and only the Bishop can learn it. Dear, can you change your request?” Zaitian said perplexedly.

“No, bishop,” Meiji whispered coquetry to Zaitian. Even the immortals couldn’t help being moved by that delicate voice.

After seeing Zaitian has hesitated, Meiji whispered something in his ear.

Then Zaitian was very happy. “Dear, do you mean it?” Zaitian said.

“Of course, when did I lie to you?” Meiji said.

“OK, I’ll bet with you,” Zaitian said. Zaitian held Meiji in his arms, and he was very happy. But for a moment, there was a flicker of sadness in Zaitian’s eyes. But Zaitian hid it so well that Meiji didn’t notice.

Kris turned to look at Jingang amid the laughter of the audience. “I’ll also fight with you with one hand and let you attack me with three moves without fighting back, how about that?” Kris smiled and said.


Did we mishear?

The boy just said he would use one hand to fight with Jingang? And he would let Jingang attack him with three moves without fighting back?

Is he kidding?

Jingang won twenty in a row. Was Kris not afraid of being torn by Jingang’s with bare hands by provoking him like that?

After hearing what Kris said, Yiqiu laughed instantly. “Ha, ha, ha, it’s interesting. Kris is just a tender young man. You’re killing me,” Yiqiu said.

Double Ghosts also smiled sullenly.

Wudi Geng also wanted to laugh, but it’s not good to do that as Xiaolong was there.

Xiaolong took a look at Wudi. “Laugh as you like,” Xiaolong said casually.

“Ha, ha. I’m sorry. I can’t control myself. Consigliere, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect that it was going to turn out like this, so why don’t I just go to the ring and bring him down there. Then I will explain it to everyone. How about that…?” Wudi held his fist in the other hand and said.

Xiaolong shook his head and said, “No, I believe Kris.”

After hearing what Kris said, Jingang exploded.

“What did you say? Do you want to die?” Jingang said. Jingang clenched his fists, and his muscles tightened. Jingang could send Kris flying by a single blow.

Jingang looked like a gorilla.

Yuhan Qin almost vomited.

She might as well die if she had to live with such an ape.

Though Kris is bothersome, but…

“Kris, if you lose, I will hate you for the rest of my life, and I will never forgive you…”

At that moment, Yuhan, standing at the windowsill, shouted at the ring.


As soon as Yuhan said that, everyone turned to look up.

There was a girl with a pretty face standing on the windowsill of the second floor.

She is the granddaughter of Yellow Dragon Guardian.

All those present were excited when they saw her.

Oh my god, how could the granddaughter of Yellow Dragon Guardian know Kris?

They’re not having an affair, are they?

It is clear from her tone that Kris was her old flame. At that moment, that’s all that the male disciples could think. But what the female disciples thought was totally different.

They thought first that the Yellow Dragon Envoy looked down upon Kris and would break them up.

Then there was the joust for a spouse. In order to get his beloved woman, the spoony man came to the ring resolutely at the risk of being killed.


How spoony Kris is!

Many female disciples were showing the expression of nymphomania.

Tongtian Wu was dumbfounded?

What’s going on?

Does my granddaughter know Kris?

And there seemed to be something between them!

Oh, what a naughty girl! Why didn’t she tell me earlier?

If she’d told me she has someone she likes earlier, there wouldn’t have been the joust for a spouse.

Why took the trouble to do that?

Xiaolong waved his feather fan with a smile, saying, “Well done, well done…”

After hearing what Yuhan said to Kris, Jingang bridled up immediately.

It was as if your fiancée had invited another man to bed in front of you.

“Go to hell!”

Jingang roared and then rushed to Kris.


Before everyone knew it, Jingang began to fight.

At that moment, Kris had his back to Jingang. If Kris was hit, he would be crippled even if he wouldn’t die.

How despicable Jingang was!

Xiaolong immediately pinched his feather fan, and his face clouded.

“There is no need to say who is despicable. They are on the ring. He should be responsible for his distraction,” Yiqiu curled his lips and said.


Some female disciples in the audience had closed their eyes in fear.

“Kris, be careful…”

Standing on the windowsill, Yuhan’s heart stopped in her throat.

Just when Jingang was about to rush to Kris’s side, there was a glimmer of joy flashed in Wenji’s eyes.

However, the joy didn’t last more than a second, and it gave way to astonishment.


Jingang punched Kris on the back violently with his fist. But the one flew out was not Kris, but Jingang.


How’s that possible?

Why Jingang, who launched the attack, flew out?

Looking at Jingang, who was foaming at the mouth on the ground, people around sucked in a breath.

The scene was beyond their understanding.

“Ha, ha, ha, dear, it looks like I won the bet. Don’t forget what you promised me,” Zaitian whispered to Meiji.

Meiji was stunned for a while, and then she said shyly, “I admit defeat for the bet. I’m not a bad loser.” Meiji said.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Zaitian laughed. He then walked down the spectator’s stand with Meiji in his arms.

Blue Dragon Guardian’s face clouded.

How’s that possible?

The one who launched the attack was flown off by the one who was being attacked?

Xiaolong laughed and said, “Blue Dragon Envoy, now you can cash in on your bet. I’ve lived for decades, and I’ve never seen anyone eat a table. Today is an eye-opening day.”

As soon as Xiaolong said that, Blue Dragon Envoy’s face turned from black to white and then to green. Blue Dragon Envoy was very embarrassed.

“Consigliere, you’re kidding me. I was only joking and didn’t take it serious…” Yiqiu said with a fake smile.

“Really?” Xiaolong said, looking at him with half a smile.

“Yes, it’s a joke. Consigliere, I have got something to do, so I’m leaving,” Yiqiu stood up and said.

Then he left with his men with their tails between their legs.

After seeing Yiqiu frustrate, Wudi said, “It’s a rare thing to see Yiqiu frustrate. What a nice thing!”

There is a saying goes in China, Where there are people, there is Jianghu. As Dragon Guardians, they have their own contradictions. Without saying anything, Xiaolong stood up and went to Tongtian’s side. “Yellow Dragon Envoy, congratulations on your grandson-in-law,” Xiaolong said.

After hearing what Xiaolong said, Tongtian smiled and said, “Consigliere, it’s very kind of you.”

At that moment, Wudi came over and said, “Yellow Dragon Envoy, why don’t you go and announce it in the ring? If your grandson-in-law is defeated, your granddaughter will cry to death.”

After being reminded by Wudi, Tongtian quickly caught on.

Tongtian jumped into the ring and struck a gong in his hand. “Now I declare that Kris is the final winner of the joust for a spouse. He’s marrying my granddaughter tonight!” He said.


As soon as Tongtian said that, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

Then Tongtian took Kris’s hand and said, “Grandson-in-law, follow me!”

Tongtian took Kris to walk down the ring.

“Kris, you’re good!”

Yuhan said that with a red face and she had complex feelings.

There was a gleam came into the little servant girl’s eyes when she looked at Kris’s back as he left. She said in her heart, “Body-guarding Sturdy Energy.”

Chapter 266: The wedding night

Actually, Kris Chen was still dumbfounded at that moment.

Kris didn’t react to Jingang Huo’s sudden attack.

Kris only felt a jolt all over him, and Jingang flew away.

Tongtian Wu held Kris’s hand with the greatest satisfaction and said, “Grandson-in–law, tell me the truth. Do you know Yuhan Qin?”

Kris thought for a while and nodded.

After seeing Kris nod, Tongtian sighed. “Why Yuhan Qin doesn’t tell me she is in love? It’s no need for me to ask Bishop to hold the joust for a spouse.”


“When did I fall in love with Yuhan, a naughty girl?” Kris thought.

“Yellow Dragon Guardian, I’m married,” Kris said to Tongtian with a wry smile.


Are you married?

Tongtian was stunned for a moment, and then his face clouded. “What’s going on? Don’t you want to marry my granddaughter? Do you want to forsake Yuhan after having dallied with her?” Tongtian said.


Kris was speechless.

“I was telling the truth. Why Tongtian said I wanted to forsake Yuhan after having dallied with her?” Kris thought.

“I tell you, you must marry Yuhan today,” Tongtian said.

When Kris was about to explain, Tongtian reached out his hand to hit at certain acupoints on his throat. Then Kris was unable to speak in an instant.

Then Tongtian hit at certain acupoints on Kris’s waist, and Kris’s body was stiff instantly.

Tongtian put Kris on his shoulders and snorted, “Boy, do you want to lie to me? When I started to seek career and fame, you parents weren’t even born yet.”

Kris suffered pain in his heart. There is forced sale, but no forced marriage.


In The Academy of Six Major Schools in Westriver City. It was Lan Xia, the head teacher’s lesson.

As soon as Lan Xia entered the classroom, she looked directly at Kris’s seat.

Then her face clouded immediately. The asshole missed the class again.

He has missed so many classes. Didn’t he know Wu Xiang has been keeping an eye on him?

After seeing Lan Xia was upset, everyone sat rail-straight for fear of offending her.

Finally, the class was over.

Lan Xia walked out of the classroom with high-heeled shoes, and she saw Wu Xiang was pestering a female classmate in the doorway of class 20.

The female classmate was none other than Mary Su.

“Teacher Xiang, please get out of the way.” Mary looked at Wu Xiang helplessly and said.

“Mary, can I have the honor to eat dinner with you? I swear I just want to know where my brother is. There is nothing personal about it.” Wu Xiang said with a smile.

“I told you I don’t know,” Mary said.

“How could it possible? My brother used to tell me that he pays the most attention to you,” Wu Xiang said. Then he reached out his hand to grab Mary’s wrist.

“Wu Xiang, let me go!” Mary said.

Lan Xia clenched her teeth and walked over.

Wu Xiang frowned and wondered why such a disturbing woman was here again.

Then he let go of Mary’s hand.

Mary hurriedly ran to Lan Xia’s side and looked at Wu Xiang vigilantly.

“Wu Xiang, as a teacher, it’s not right for you to harness female students, is it?” Lan Xia said.

“Miss Xia, I just want to talk about my brother with Mary alone. How can that be harassment?” Wu Xiang said with a smile.

“You know everything you need to know about your brother. Don’t let me see you pestering her, or I’ll tell the director.” Lan Xia said. Then Lan Xia left with Mary.

There was an evil look on Wu Xiang’s eyes when he saw their leaving figures.

Lan Xia and Mary went to the office. Mary was still frightened and patted her chest. “Thank you, Miss Xia!” Mary said to Lan Xia.

Lan Xia waved her hand and said, “You’re welcome.”

“By the way, I have something to ask you. Kris has often been absent from school recently. Do you know where he has been?” Lan Xia said.

Mary bit her lip and shook her head, saying, “I don’t know.”

Recently, Kris was often left without reason. Once he left, there was no news from him for several days. His phone couldn’t get through, and he didn’t reply message. No one knew what happened to him.

Even Mary didn’t know?

Lan Xia frowned and wondered if Kris fooled around.

“Miss Xia, he must have something important to do and so he didn’t ask you for leave. I’m his wife. I ask you for leave for him,” Mary said.

It’s so embarrassing to ask the headteacher for leave for Kris in the name of his wife.

Mary’s face blushed instantly.

After hearing what Mary said, Lan Xia felt a mixture of things. “I see. You can go now…”

Lan Xia waved her hand and said.

“OK, Miss Xia, I’m leaving now,” Mary said.

“Wait, if Wu Xiang still pesters you, come to me…” Lan Xia said.

Mary was happy. “Thank you, Miss Xia…” Mary bow and said.

Lan Xia didn’t know why she said that. By rights, she and Mary should be in a state of hostility.

Was it because of her teacher’s virtue?

A teacher should throw himself into the breach subconsciously after seeing unscrupulous teachers harass schoolgirls.

Yes, it must be that.

Lan Xia thought to herself.


In the room of Yuhan in Kunlun Mountain. A few chaperons in red were decorating the wedding room. One of them is about sixty years old, who twirled the two thin twine in her hands in Yuhan’s face.

It’s to screw off the fine hairs on the face.

When the fine hairs on the face were screwed off, Yuhan was no longer a girl, but a real woman.

Yuhan has lanceted eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, a Roman nose, and a small mouth. Bright red rouge made her face red and jubilant.

She wore a phoenix coronet, a bright red dress, gold, and silver jewelry, which showed indescribable riches and honor.

The little servant girl looked and Yuhan and said, “Yuhan, you are so beautiful!”

“Yes, Yuhan is one of the rarest beauties in the world!” A few chaperons nodded and praised.

The chaperon who screwed off the fine hairs on Yuhan’s face said with a smile, “Today is the wedding day of Yuhan. I only hope Kris can take good care of Yuhan.”

After hearing what the chaperon said, Yuhan was nervous without reason.

“Do I really want to marry this naughty guy?” Yuhan thought.

When the chaperons dressed up Yuhan, Kris sat dully on a chair and let chaperons dress him up.

When the chaperons changed pants for Kris, he wanted to find a place to hide for shame. But he was hit at certain acupoints, and he couldn’t move or speak. He’s so miserable.

“Wow, Kris’s d!ck is so big. It’s a blessing for Yuhan…” As experienced people, the chaperons couldn’t help teasing.

After hearing what the chaperons said, Kris was very embarrassed. He then closed his eyes like a statue.

Time went by, and soon it was dark.

Tonight is the wedding day of the granddaughter of Yellow Dragon Guardian. The groom is the youngest Sub-Headquarters Leader in the history of the Holy Dragon Cult.

They are a perfect pair.

As a little princess without the crown of the Holy Dragon Cult, Zaitian Long went in for Yuhan’s marriage in a big way.

The whole Holy Dragon Cult was in high spirits.

The bonfire illuminated the hall. To the beating of drums and gongs, the bride and groom entered.

“The bride and groom-thank heaven and earth!”

The disciples shouted loudly at the entrance of the hall. Then the hall burst into thunderous applause.

Tongtian’s wrinkles piled up when he laughed. Yuhan has no parent, so Zaitian adopted her as his daughter.

Kris and Yuhan bow to Zaitian and Meiji Cai when they should bow to parents. After seeing that, Tongtian’s face was covered with tears.

When the couple should bow to each other, Kris was pressed down by force because he was hit at certain acupoints.

“Nuptial Wine!”

Then two disciples took a wine vessel made of gourd and poured Kris and Yuhan a cup each. With the help of others, Kris drank the wine.

As he drank, a sudden rush of hot air rose from his belly and rushed to his head.

Kris suddenly felt his head was dizzy, his mouth was parched, and his tongue was scorched. He was unspeakable hot.

“The wedding ceremony is over. It’s time for the couple to go to the nuptial room.”

As the emcee shouted, the crowd sent Kris and Yuhan to the bedroom boisterously. After sending them to the nuptial room, the crowd began to eat and drink in the hall.

Xiaolong Tan was inexpressibly happy. As Kris became the grandson-in-law of Yellow Dragon Guardian and the Bishop adopted Yuhan as his daughter, Kris really took root in Holy Dragon Cult.

Kris and Yuhan sat on the bed in the bedroom. Then with a jolt, Kris was able to move. With great joy, Kris stood up immediately and was about to leave.

Kris didn’t want to marry Yuhan. But as soon as he reached the door, the voice of two chaperons came out of the door. “Kris, it’s late at night. Just rest with Yuhan. The Yellow Dragon Guardian said only the sexual intercourse can remove the poison from you.”

What? I’m poisoned? When did it happen? Was it because of the wine? Kris took a deep breath, and then there were a sharp pain three inches above his abdomen. His face was pale with pain immediately.

Kris also found he was unable to mobilize the Genuine Energy in the public region.

“FXck, Yellow Dragon Guardian is so vicious. It’s not a big thing that he poisoned me, but how could he seal up my public region?” Kris thought.

Tongtian is a Practitioner in the return-to-nature stage, and Kris was unable to break the Sturdy Energy he left.

“Stunk, you can’t touch me!”

At that moment, Yuhan, who had been silent, said.

“You can rest assured. I will not touch you,” Kris said. Then Kris got up from the ground and sat down on a chair beside him. He felt unutterable thirst.

Kris drank several cups of water, but he could not quench his thirst. Kris felt himself burning, and his skin turned red.

“Stunk, I’m so hot. Why I’m so hot?” Yuhan said.

“I don’t know,” Kris said. Kris opened his collar and fanned the air.

“I’m thirsty. Get me a glass of water,” Yuhan couldn’t help saying that.

“Why are you so troublesome?” Kris said. Then he poured a cup of water and walked to Yuhan to lift her red bridal veil, saying, “Here you are.”

At that moment, Yuhan’s eyes were sultry, and her skin turned pink. After taking over the water, Yuhan drank it in one gulp. But she was still thirsty. She licked her lips with her tongue and said, “I’m still thirsty. Give me another glass of water.” Yuhan said.

“There is no water. That’s the last glass of water!” Kris said. Kris ripped open his clothes to reveal his stout chest and walked around the bedroom to cool off.

“Hum, stunk, I’m so hot…” Yuhan said.

Then Yuhan pulled open her clothes, revealing the deep white gully of her breast…

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