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Chapter 265: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 265 I Call the Shots in This House (1)
Follow them, Secretary Liu was at a loss. “Mr Kerry, we didn’t get the notice, so the office wasn’t ready in advance.” Secretary Liu said.

“It doesn’t matter. Since my brother is back, this office is still his, of course. You can just find me another office.” Kevin said.

“Well…” Secretary Liu said. Secretary Liu looked calm, but he was very surprised actually. He had no idea that the vice president would be so easy-going.

After hearing what Kevin said, Kerry thought, “I don’t know anything. What am I gonna do if Kevin is not with me? No, absolutely not.”

“Well…bring another desk to the office, and Kevin will work here.” Kerry said.

Secretary Liu was more surprised. He had never heard of such a thing as two presidents share one office.

“Mr Kerry, is it all right to do that?” Secretary Liu asked.

“Of course,” Kevin said immediately, “Anyway, I won’t be in the company for long. I will go to school in ten days or half a month at most. My brother is right. I will work right here.”

“Well.. OK.” Secretary Liu said. Secretary Liu was shocked and he felt that Kerry was much kinder this time.

When they were still discussing about the office, seven or eight company executives rushed in at the door, headed by Mr Chen and Mr Su.

“Ah, Mr Kerry, you’re back. We haven’t seen you for a long time, so we come here to see you.” Mr Chen said with mixed feelings. Mr Chen was so excited that he almost went over to hug Kerry.

Kerry tried to keep calm and said, “Hello!”

Venus felt that Kerry’s palms were sweating.

Kevin noticed Kerry’s discomfort, too. “Since everyone misses so much of my brother, Secretary Liu, please inform the managers and above to go to the meeting room, and by the way, ask them to report to my brother the work of the company in the first quarter.” Kevin said.

“Yes, Mr Kevin.” Secretary Liu said.

“All right, you just go to get ready for the meeting. You can say anything you want to in the meeting later, OK?” Kevin said. Kevin usually doesn’t have much of a president’s swagger and speaks casually, which managers of all departments know clearly.

“Yes, Mr Kevin.” Mr Chen said.

When the office was quieted down, Kerry said blankly, “What should I say in the meeting?”

Venus let go of Kerry’s hand and said, “You don’t have to say anything. You just need to sit there and listen. You can kill two birds with one by learning about the company.”

Kevin put his hand around Kerry’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go to the meeting room.”

As Kerry and Kevin walked out of the office, Kerry realized that Venus was not following them. Then Kerry stopped and turned to ask Venus, “Aren’t you going with us?”

“No. I don’t understand those things. I will have a headache if I be there.” Venus waved her hand and said. She didn’t want to go the serious and depressing meeting room, where she has to be careful even if she drinks water.

Kerry didn’t say anything more. In fact, he was hoping Venus would be there.

After Kerry and Kevin left, Venus was alone in the large office. After looking around, she found the layout of the office largely unchanged, except for a few more plants and one or two more trinkets on the desk.

She hasn’t been there for a long time. How time flies!

The atmosphere in the meeting room has never been like this before. The air was full of excitement. Everyone looked at Kerry with hot eyes, as if they were looking at a long-lost lover.

In fact, the employees have a good impression of Kevin, but he is not the right person to run a company. Kerry used to be able to read the documents in half an hour and point out what’s wrong, while Kevin needed at least one day and understood nothing at last. Fortunately, Kevin is open-minded enough to ask the advice of others and is not inclined to make absurd decisions.

Yehuang Group is an efficient company, and Kevin undoubtedly slowed everyone down, leading to mediocre performance of the company in the last three or four months.

The performance of the company is related to the employees’ salary and year-end bonus, so everyone was anxious, but they couldn’t say anything. They only secretly expected that the wise and powerful Kerry would come back soon.

Finally, the day everyone had been waiting for came, so they were very happy.

Kerry sat at the head of the table. Even though he had a cold face, as Venus said, he couldn’t help feeling nervous. The eyes of the male employees present were too hot that he was a little overwhelmed.

“Oh my god, can you stop looking at me? I’m not a beauty.” Kerry thought.

Kevin laughed secretly. Then he gave a dry cough and said, “Usually in the meeting, you are all downcast, as if you haven’t eaten for three days. Today, however, you are all in high spirits when the president comes back. Can you care about my feelings?”

After hearing that, everyone burst into laughing. “Mr Kevin, we all respect and support you.” Mr Chen said.

“Forget it. I know what you say about me in private.” Kevin curled his lips and said, “Anyway, I won’t be here for long. I don’t want to go after you for that. Let’s start the meeting with the marketing department. Make your report brief and concise.”


Kerry was confused at first. But with his high level intellectual ability, he seized the gist after he listened to the reports of two departments. And he became more and more interested, as if he knew these things by nature.

Kevin, on the contrary, almost fell asleep.

After a little more than an hour, all the departments finished their report. Before Kevin said something, Kerry said coldly, “Make a spreadsheet out of all the things you’ve just talked about and bring it to my office this afternoon.”

After hearing what Kerry said, everyone felt worried, because they knew Kerry must be dissatisfied with the performance in the last few months.

“Yes.” The employees said in unison seriously.

“You’re dismissed.” Kerry said.

Kerry pushed away his chair and stood up to walk out of the office. Kevin hurried to chase Kerry in surprise and whispered in his ear, “Brother, do you understand what they said?”

“80%.” Kerry said with a frown.

Kevin opened his mouth wide. “Why is there such a big gap between us when we are brothers? Doesn’t he have amnesia?” Kevin thought.

“And I think they are very verbose. They shouldn’t do that next time.” Kerry said.

After hearing that, Kevin absolutely adored Kerry. He gave a thumbs up and said, “Brother, you are awesome. You deserve to be the top businessman in Sky City.”

Kerry raised his eyebrows. “Do I have such an honor? It sounds good.” Kerry thought in his mind.

“Well, I can get rid of this troublesome work in advance.” Kevin said.

Kerry glanced over his shoulder at Kevin and asked doubtfully, “Don’t you like being president?”

“Why should I like to be a president?” Kevin asked.

“Well.. just to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with power, or have more wealth. Aren’t brothers fighting among themselves in rich families like ours?” Kerry said.

Kevin almost laughed out loud. He put a hand on Kerry’s shoulder and smiled as he walked. “Brother, where did you get that information?” Kevin said.

“It’s often on TV.” Kerry said in an adorkable way.

Kevin couldn’t help laughing. “My dear brother, those TV plays are all made up, but there are some cases you mentioned. But I am discursive person by nature and I don’t like to be tied down in one place. Besides, you are naturally good at making money, so I can slack off. Why do I have to go through all this trouble?” Kevin said.

Kevin said casually, but every word he said was from the bottom of his heart. If he really wants to usurp the throne, he could definitely do that in the past three months. He doesn’t have that kind of thoughts at all.

Kerry smiled and shook his head.

When they went back to the office, Venus was sitting in the chair, drawing. Hearing them come in, Venus raised her head and asked, “How’s the meeting?”

“I can leave the company in advance.” Kevin said happily.

After being stunned for two seconds, Venus knew what Kevin meant. She looked at Kerry in surprise and said, “Do you understand what they said?”

“Almost.” Kerry said. After lost his memory, Kerry became modest in character.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 265 I Call the Shots in This House (2)
“He is too modest. I was almost asleep in the meeting room, but the more he listened, the more energetic he became. I absolutely admire him.” Kevin said. As he approached the table, he saw a number of costume designs lying at random on the table. “What are you doing?” Kevin asked Venus.

“I remember there used to be my things in this cupboard. I tried to find them and I succeeded. I’m just practicing my craft. Why don’t you throw them away?” Venus said.

Kevin leaned against the desk and said with a smile, “Since these things are so neatly organized, I know they are the treasuries of my brother. I dare not throw them away.”

After hearing what Kevin said, Kerry was curious. Then he stretched out his head and saw there were several old design notebooks, several costume drawings, half an eraser and two used pencils on the table.

“Are these my treasuries?” Kerry thought.

Venus packed the things on the table up quickly, as if ready to carry them away. “Go on with your work, I’ll go to the design department. That’s my base camp.” Venus said.

“Why don’t you just put these things here? It’s not convenient for you to carry them with you.” Kerry said without knowing why.

After hearing what Kerry said, Venus stopped packing these things up. Then she looked up and said with a smile, “OK. I’ll just leave them here. I will come here to get them when I need.”

It’s a good sign that Kerry has taken the initiative. Venus didn’t want to force Kerry to make any choice. The best way is to make Kerry fall in love with her again.

By then, Venus wouldn’t have to do anything to Xiaomei Pan, and Kerry would send her back by himself.

And Venus believes that even if people lose their memory, many of their feelings and habits will not change, such as Kerry’s habit of falling in love with her.

Kerry, flushed by Venus’s gaze, quickly moved his eyes away from Venus.

Venus smiled and put the things back in the drawer. Then she walked out of the office.

After Venus went to the design department, it’s filled with happiness knowing no bounds. Even Meiling He, who usually doesn’t join in the fun, walked up to Venus and asked when she would start work.

“Pretty soon. But now I’m running low on inspiration and I haven’t drawing for a long time.” Venus said embarrassedly.

“It doesn’t matter. You have a good foundation, anyway. It’s simple for you to get back on track. I am optimistic about you.” Meiling said seriously. She didn’t seem to be sucking up. Of course, she disdained to do that.

Venus smiled shyly and said, “Well, I’ll make some preparations and start work tomorrow.”

“OK.” Meiling said.

After a working lunch in the company, Venus felt sleepy. She had just wanted to take a nap at Kerry’s office, but she didn’t expect that she would sleep for the whole afternoon.

Kevin disappeared after he handed over the work to Kerry.

Kerry forgot everything when he worked. Secretary Liu knocked on the door and gave Kerry a new mobile phone when Kerry worked.

“What’s this?” Kerry asked in surprise. He didn’t buy a cell phone.

“Mrs. Ye ordered me to buy it this morning. She said your phone was broken.” Secretary Liu said.

“Oh…yes. I forget my phone was broken.” Kerry said. Actually, he didn’t have a cell phone. Xiaomei said as he is at home, he don’t need a cell phone. He thought what Xiaomei said is true and he didn’t want to get one.

But at that moment he felt he had been isolated form the society for long.

Looking at the exquisite gift box of the phone, Kerry remembered Venus, who was still sleeping in the break room. Suddenly he had an impulse to go to the break room and see her. Before he knew it, he had opened the door of the break room.

The break room was quiet. Venus curled up on her side and fell asleep. Kerry walked slowly and quietly to her. Then he stood in front of her, gazing silently at her.

It’s probably that Venus had slept for a long time and so her little face was pink and pretty.

Kerry suddenly felt the scene was very familiar. It was as if he had seen her sleep that way before.

Venus’s appearance is not perfect, but it’s pleasing to the eye. She has a kind of natural beauty, making people want to protect her.

“I just knew her more than a day, and why I have an obsession with her?” Kerry thought.

Kerry looked at Venus carefully, his eyes finally resting on her red lips. He longed to kiss her to see if her lips were as sweet as he had imagined.

With this in mind, Kerry had already bent down and pressed his lips lightly against hers.

Kerry just wanted to get one kiss, but he couldn’t stop after he kissed her. The wonderful touch ignited the fire inside him. He eagerly pried open her teeth and wanted to taste more.

Venus, who was asleep, was awakened by his behavior. She was about to kick the one who’s kissing her off when she found it’s Kerry on top of her.

Did he get some memory back?

Venus, stirred by the warmth of his kiss, involuntarily responded with the tip of her tongue. Kerry was stunned for a second and then kissed Venus harder.

Venus felt that he was very much like his usual self in his overbearing manner.

The temperature in the room gradually warmed up. They two squirmed in the bed and was eager to have more intimacy. But when Kerry put his hand under Venus’s skirt, he stopped.

Venus was waiting for Kerry to touch her, but then he stopped. Besides, Kerry got off the bed. “I’m sorry.” Kerry lower his head and said.

“Shut up!” Venus said angrily.

Kerry looked up at Venus, a little flushed.

“Fuck, if you don’t want to have sex with me, why you kiss me? Besides, you’re my husband, and I’m your wife. Isn’t is natural for us to have sex? Why did you apologize to me?” Venus said. Venus sat up angrily from the bed and straightened her dress, which he had ruffled. Then a name popped into her head. Venus’s face clouded and she looked up at Kerry, asking coldly, “Are you afraid to betray Xiaomei?”

“No…” Kerry said. In fact, he didn’t know why he stopped. He just didn’t think it’s the right time to do that.

Venus grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. “Get out of here. Don’t stand in front of me.” Venus said angrily.

Kerry did not dare to move but stood there to be hit by the pillow.

“Just go!” Venus said.

Kerry took a deep breath and looked at Venus’s angry eyes, saying, “Can you give me some time?”

“What time do you need?” Venus said.

“Give me some buffer time.” Kerry said seriously, “We have known each other for less than two days. You are a surprise to me. We don’t know each other well, so give me some time to know you. Maybe we can get along a lot better.”

Venus didn’t expect that Kerry would say these words and half her anger was gone. “I can give you some time, but I have a request.”

“Go ahead.” Kerry said.

“You can’t have sex with Xiaomei.” Venus said deliberately, “That’s my bottom line.”

“I promise you.” Kerry said without hesitation.

After glaring at him, Venus waved her hand and said, “Go back to your office. I’ll get some more sleep.”

“OK. But you’ve been sleeping all afternoon. You can’t sleep at night if you sleep too long.” Kerry said.

Venus thought what Kerry said is right, so she pulled back the quilt and got out of the bed.


Xiaomei and her sister have been shopping all day. As the credit card if from Venus, they spent money like water. They walked into a shopping mall and bought the clothes, bags, and shoes they like. They stopped buying when there were too many shopping bags for them to carry.

“I finally know why everyone wants to be rich.” Xiaomei’s brother said.

“Why?” Xiaomei asked ignorantly.

“Because it feels so good to spend money, especially when you swipe the credit card.” Xiaomei’s brother said.

“Yes, I feel the same way.” Xiaomei nodded happily and said.

“Xiaomei, so you must get hold of Kerry. In this way, our family can live a rich life.” Xiaomei’s brother said.

“But I think Venus is a hard nut. I’m afraid I am no match for her.” Xiaome looked hesitated and said.

“It’s only the second day. Why are you so discouraged? Have you been bribed by Venus’s 200000 yuan?” Xiaomei’s brother said, “It’s only 200000 yuan. The money is a drop in the bucket for Ye family. You will get much more than 200000 yuan if you marry Kerry.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 265 I Call the Shots in This House (3)
After seeing Xiaomei frown and don’t speak, Xiaomei’s brother said, “Besides, don’t you like Kerry? Don’t you want to marry him?”

“Of course I like Kerry.” Xiaomei refuted.

“Then you should try your best to conceive Kerry’s child before he gets his memory back. In this way, even if you can’t marry him, there will be a place for you in Ye family. And you can be with him forever.” Xiaomei’s brother said.

Xiaomei’s thought that was going to disappear was stirred up again by her brother’s words.

“Brother, I know what I should do.” Xiaomei said.

It was already dark when Xiaomei and her brother went back to the villa of Ye family. They walked into the door with a lot of shopping bags. Before going to the living room, they went to their rooms to put the things they bought down.

At that time, Kerry was playing in the living room with Pingan, while Venus was sitting opposite, reading a magazine. Xiaomei walked up to Kerry and stood in front of him. “Kerry, do you think this dress looks good on me?” Xiaomei said with a smile. As she spoke, she turned a circle.

Kerry looked her up and down and gave an affirmative answer, “You look good.”

At the same time, Venus gave Xiaomei a sidelong glance. Then she curled her lips and said nothing. Xiaomei’s skin is too dark to wear bright clothes.

“Really? I think it looks good on me, too.” Xiaomei said. Xiaomei sat down beside Kerry and naturally took his arm, saying, “Kerry, I’ve been to a lot of shops today. Everything there are so beautiful and I’ve never seem them before. I spent a lot of money to shopping. Are you angry with me for spending money like water?”

Kerry was delivering parts to Pingan and said casually, “I’m not angry with you. Venus gave you the money and you can buy whatever you want.”

As soon as Kerry said that, both Xiaomei and Venus were shocked, because Kerry called Venus directly by the first name.

Maybe it’s just an unconscious slip of the tongue. But who can say it’s not the memory lurking in the back of his brain?

Kerry didn’t realized what he had just said. Feeling that Xiaomei was silent, he looked up at her. Seeing the queer expression of Xiaomei, Kerry asked, “What’s wrong with you? Are you hungry? Mrs Qin has left some food for you.”

“I’m not hungry. I and my brother have dined out.” Xiaomei said. Xiaome’s facial expression was ugly. After happened to see with the corner of her eyes that Venus’s smiling, Xiaomei became angry. She leaned closer to Kerry and said, “Kerry, I want to stroll around tomorrow. Can you accompany me to do that?”

Kerry refused her without thinking, “No. I have just taken over the job and I still have a lot to learn. I don’t think I have time.”

Xiaomei was not as persistent as Venus and soon she couldn’t stand Kerry’s attitude. “You promised me you’d be with me wherever I want to go. Why you break your promise so soon?” Xiaomei said angrily.

Kerry was a little upset. “Xiaomei, I did promise you that, but you have to show understanding for me. There are so many things I have to do in the company. How can I have the mood to stroll around with you?” Kerry said with a frown.

Then an idea came to Xiaomei’s mind and she said more gently, “Can I work in your company? In this way, I can be with you all the time.”

Kerry was stunned. “I’m afraid not.” Kerry said.

“Why can’t I work in your company? You are the boss. It’s just a piece of cake for you to give me a post in your company.” Xiaomei said.

Kerry’s frown deepened. “But there are rules in the company, I…” Kerry said.

“I don’t care about that. I must go to work in your company.” Xiaomei shook Kerry’s arm coquettishly and said. Kerry was a little dizzy by the shake and said, “I’ll ask Kevin later.”

Xiaomei wanted to say there is no need to ask Kevin, but she was afraid that Kerry would be angry, so she said, “Where is Kevin? I will go and ask him now.”

“He went out drinking with his friends. I think he will be back soon.” Kerry said. Just then, a man came in. It happened to be Kevin.

Kevin is a good drinker. Although he had drunk a lot of wine, he was still clear-minded.

“You’re back. We’ve been waiting for you.” Xiaomei said excitedly.

Kevin wondered why Xiaomei said that. Then he walked unsteadily to sit beside Venus and kneaded his aching temple, saying, “What are you waiting me for?”

“I also want to work in your company, but Kerry said I have to ask you first. Kevin, I can work for your company, right?” Xiaomei said.

After hearing that, Kevin sobered up immediately. When he reached out his hand to take grapes from the tea table, he took a look at Venus secretly.

Venus smiled lightly and gave him a look.

“Brother Kevin, just answer me.” Xiaomei said eagerly.

After hearing Xiaomei called him brother Kevin, Kevin got goose bumps all over. Why does it sound ill-disposed? Venus, however, couldn’t control herself and burst out laughing.

What an intimate address!

Kevin adjusted his facial expression and showed the rigorous attitude of HR. “What are you good at? Do you have any work experience?” Kevin asked seriously.

After being stunned for a while, Xiaomei said, “I used to work as an assembly line worker in a factory, but I didn’t make much money, so I went home to fishing with my father.”

Kevin refused her without caring about her feelings. “Then you can’t work in our company. Our company is now hiring great creative employees, or beautiful eye candy. You can’t work in our company without a profession skill.” Kevin said.

“But that’s your company. Why can’t you give me a post?” Xiaomei said doubtfully.

Kevin toughened his scalp and explained, “We are the owners of the company, but everything should follow the company’s systems, which are the missions of the company since it’s established. Even my brother is the president, he can’t break the rules. The company will be in a mess if employees are hired casually.”

Venus gave a thumbs up for Kevin’s nonsense in her heart.

Xiaomei was stunned by Kevin’s words, but she was not confused in mind. She pointed to Venus and said, “What is she capable of? Why can she work in your company?”

Kevin smiled and said, half-genuine and half-sham, “The reason why Venus can work in our company is because of her talents. Before she married my brother, she had won the first prize in a fashion design contest and she is an outstanding graduate of their department. Later, when she joined the company, her image was published on the title page of an internationally renowned magazine, and the clothes she designed got the highest turnover in the sales of the season. Every time the director of the design department sees me, she asks me when will Venus go back to work. So those are the reasons.”

Venus forgot many of the things Kevin said, and she didn’t expect that Kevin could remember them all. Except for the honor of the outstanding graduate, what Kevin said is true.

Kerry couldn’t help looking at Venus. It turned out that once she was so excellent.

It’s a pity that he forgot.

After hearing that, Xiaomei didn’t know what to say. She thought that Venus is just a rich lady had nothing good at except for her beauty. She didn’t expect that Venus is so excellent.

“But I want to work in your company.” Xiaomei unctuously squeezed out several drops of tears and said.

Kerry sighed helplessly and said, “Xiaomei, Kevin said that I can’t break the rules also.”

Venus couldn’t stand it anymore and closed the magazine in her hands. “Miss Pan, you don’t have to embarrass Kerry. There are jobs aren’t that demanding.” Venus said.

“What’s that?” Xiaomei said with shinning eyes.

“You can go to the rear-service department to be a cleaner.” Venus said, “My cousin once pestered Kerry to arrange a job for her. There was a vacancy in the rear-service department at that time and so she worked there. But she quitted after only worked for two days.”

Xiaomei looked scornful and said, “I won’t be a cleaner.”

Venus shrugged and said, “Then there is no job for you.”

“You are just bullying me,” Xiaomei said, “You just don’t want me to be with Kerry.”

Venus smiled in a scheming way and said, “Miss Pan, what delusion made you think I will give up my husband to you? The reason why I didn’t throw you out of here with a check like any other women do and I watched you sit beside my husband is because you saved Kerry. So, you’d better not reach out for a yard after taking an inch. Otherwise, I might throw you out of here one day if I don’t appreciate your kindness anymore.”

Venus said that in a domineering way and Xiaomei didn’t know what to do. Xiaomei ducked behind Kerry and said with tears, “Kerry, have you seen how she treated me?”

“You don’t have to ask help from Kerry. He’s not the only one in charge in this house anymore, and he can’t do anything to me.” Venus said. What Venus said is true. Venus was of more authority than Kerry in Ye family at that time, because everyone knew that there’s something wrong with Kerry’s head.

“Kerry, how can you spend the rest of your life with such a tigress? I advise you to divorce her as soon as possible.” Xiaomei said angrily.

“Divorce? Well, the marriage certificates are locked in the cabinet in my room and we can divorce anytime. But, before I divorce, I will ruin Ye family and you will get nothing.” Venus said with a smile.

“For you alone? I don’t believe you can do that.” Xiaomei said.

“You can ask Kevin if I am talking nonsense or not.” Venus said.

Kevin nodded very seriously. “Venus is not lying. She is telling the truth. Her brother and sister-in-law are not ordinary people.” Kevin said.

Xiaomei suddenly remembered the man and woman who had come back with her by plane that day. They are not easy persons to deal with.

“Xiaomei, there is always someone who is better than Kerry. Kerry may be the best person in your heart, bur he is not in mine. So, I advise you to broaden your horizons. There are so many good men in the world. Why do you have to hang yourself in a tree with a crooked neck?” Venus said in earnest. In the final analysis, Xiaomei’s nature is not bad. She is even a kind person. Xiaomei was just temporarily blinded by love and money, so Venus was willing to give her time to think it through.

After hearing that Venus said he is a tree with a crooked neck, Kerry was not happy. He thought he is a very straight poplar.

“You…” Xiaomei said. After being given a lesson by Venus, Xiaomei stammered for a long time before she said, “I won’t go to work in the company, but I won’t give Kerry up easily.”

Then Xiaomei left with her bottom wiggling and skirt swirling.

Venus leaned lazily on the sofa and sighed deeply. “How could the girl not be persuaded? What’s so good about Kerry?” Venus said.

“Why you married if I am not good?” Kerry said somewhat unhappily.

“You forced me to marry you. Never mind, you forgot it anyway.” Venus said impatiently, “I’d rather you broken your arm but not lost your memory? It’s really pissing me off that there are so many women want to be with you.” Venus said.

Kevin was amused by what Venus said. “Venus, don’t be so grumpy. My brother doesn’t want there are so many women want to be with him either.” Kevin said.

Venus looked at the ceiling and said, “Maybe I and Kerry did a lot of bad things last life, so god just punishes us this life. Ever since we got married, we almost haven’t lived a day in peace. When can we just live a normal life?”

“It’s almost there. Don’t worry.” Kevin said.

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