What could such a decrepit person give away, as far as Sarah’s father was concerned? And in this little box, you’re not giving away razors, are you?
Perhaps, the man is so decadent and unkempt, even he thinks he came from some garbage heap, that such a man comes to join himself in The birthday party? He felt ridiculous himself.
But there was no way, this was Zelda’s boyfriend, what could he do? Should we kick Chuck out?
But he felt that it was his duty to remind Zelda.

“Zelda ah, is he really your boyfriend?” Sarah’s father asked seriously.
“Yes, uncle, he’s my boyfriend.” Zelda cut her off, at this time, she saw that the relatives present, all looked down on Chuck, but she knew that there was no one here. No one has the right to look down on Chuck!
Because Chuck’s fortune was definitely the highest among everyone present!
Sarah’s father sighed, disappointed, he had to know that he used to introduce many boyfriends to Zelda!
It’s ten times better than this one. A hundred times better! Have flowers been stuck in cow dung since ancient times?

“Okay.” Sarah’s dad nodded.
“Happy birthday uncle.” Zelda would continue to hand it over.
Sarah’s dad smiled, “Thank you,”
Taking over the continuation of Zelda’s preparation, his heart was happy, he just wanted to meet Zelda, but such sensible girls are rare.
But, how could such a sensible child find such a boyfriend? I thought we were in a shithole.
He sighed even more in his heart, how come girls have such bad taste now?
“Uncle, just look at what my boyfriend gave you,” Zelda said, she knew that this gift Chuck definitely put his heart into it, so opening the gift then could immediately make the whole house inside Changing her mind about Chuck.
She didn’t want Chuck to be looked down upon by so many people, she was bringing Chuck out for a walk, not to be looked down upon.
“No need to look.” Sarah’s father shook his head, he didn’t even want to open it, but he unwrapped Zelda’s gift and was immediately happy, it was a set of zisha pots, he Liked tea, and saw that the set was no less than 300,000.
Zelda was attentive.

“It’s enough to see you.” Sarah’s dad smiled, joking, really open Chuck’s, what if it’s really a few hundred razors? It’s a laughing stock.
He can’t afford to be humiliated!
Zelda was helpless, Chuck was indifferent.
“Sarah, Zelda, and the others sit.” Sarah’s father smiled and said.
“Okay, this way.” Sarah pulled Zelda and whispered, “Zelda, don’t you feel ashamed?”
Zelda was helpless, she didn’t feel it, she just felt distressed for Chuck.
Before, Chuck still occasionally looked at her body, but during this time, Chuck didn’t look at her legs at all anymore.
“Zelda, tell me the truth, is your boyfriend broke?” Sarah pursued the question.
“No, no,” Zelda stressed.
Sarah sighed, “Don’t lie to me, I advise you to break up with him, he’s like this, devastated, don’t waste your time on him up.”
“Don’t say it.” Zelda was helpless.
“Alright, sit.” Sarah brought Zelda and Chuck over to sit.

Chuck didn’t have any other thoughts, he just wanted to simply come out for a walk, and he also remembered that he hadn’t eaten last night or this morning.
Seeing that there were fruits beside him, Chuck took one and ate it, Zelda smiled and took a few moreover, “Eat slowly.”
Sarah despised it, this was simply a drop in an image, absolutely bankrupt.
“Has this person not eaten for a few days? Come here to rub it in?”
“It’s not so much scrounging for food, but it’s just hard for Zelda to find such a boyfriend.”
The relatives in the family basically knew Zelda and they felt sorry for her, it was like a flower in cow dung.
But they couldn’t say it explicitly!
After all, they were only acquainted with Zelda Maine.

“Grandpa, I want toys.” A bear child pulled Sarah’s father’s clothes, he took a look at the table, but there were no toys in the house, forget about it, but just now Chuck Give yourself a birthday present for a kid to play with Forget it, it’s not a good thing anyway.
Just deal with it.
“Good boy, take this and go play outside.” Sarah’s father smiled and gave this child the gift from Chuck.
“Thank you, grandpa.” The kid happily took the box out.
Sarah’s dad was relieved that the trash, should be disposed of this way, and he smiled as he began to entertain the other guests.
This was a family gathering, few people came and had to be entertained properly, but of course, that kind of person was free, he looked at Chuck who was eating fruit and shook his head and sighed.
The kid ran out and opened the box, he was expectant, but when he saw that it wasn’t even a toy, but a golden card inside, he Disappointed, “What is this? Not a toy…”
He took the card out and tried to break it, but it was no use, and he threw it on the floor in anger. Coming over and staring at the card on the floor, he crouched down and picked it up, immediately surprised, “Who gave this to you, son?”
“My gift, but no, this is a junk card inside.” The kid was disappointed.
“Son, that’s not a junk card!” His father shook his head, this card is made of pure gold, the weight alone and the craftsmanship alone is worth thousands of dollars, not to mention the fact that it has a gold card for a five-star hotel!

The Night Hotel, but it’s a hotel that’s been making a name for itself lately!
It is surprising that someone sent such a gold card, I heard that with the gold card, the presidential suite free to stay for a year, to know that this presidential suite is more than 10,000 a day, ah, then this card is equivalent to send five million ah!
The more he thought about it, the more shocked he became, picking the box up off the floor, he dragged his own son into the house, this must have been his own son messing with the gifts on the table, he’d have to apologize to the gift giver!
He really couldn’t afford such an expensive card otherwise.
He reached the house and looked at the guests inside the house, he coughed, “Excuse me…”
It was quiet inside the house and they all looked at him.
“I apologize, my son was just naughty and took a random gift from the table, I apologize, may I ask who gave this gift?” He picked up the card in his hand.
These people were surprised, some of them laughed, “Who sent this? You’re giving away cards? What kind of card is this? The bank card isn’t, it’s not some kind of restaurant membership card!”
He said that the guests inside the house all laughed, giving away membership cards, this is the first time they have seen, how stingy is it for someone to do this?

“Don’t ask, no one will admit it.”
“That’s right, taking a membership card as a birthday gift, the first time I’ve ever heard of it, it’s a little too stingy, just give something else than this Strong!”
“No, this card is very expensive.” This kid’s father was so anxious, he felt his head sweating. How rich is the person who gave such an expensive gift? One card gave away his entire fortune!
“How valuable can a card be?” A customer shook his head and laughed.
A membership card, just how expensive can it be to get a discount? Optional.
“Night Hotel, it’s a gold card from the five-star Night Hotel!” He said.
“The Night Hotel?”
“I’ve heard about this hotel, I heard it was bought by a rich woman for over three billion dollars, but I didn’t hear about the gold card!”
All the guests inside the house were curious and came over to see it.
“Hey, this isn’t an ordinary card, it’s actually made of pure gold,” someone was surprised, a card was actually made of gold, what did that mean? ?
“Who knows what this gold card is for? Is it a discount card?”
“No, this gold card gets you a free year’s stay in the Night Hotel Presidential Suite, and the Night Hotel Presidential Suite is like 10,000 a day, so This card is worth five million dollars! Oh my God! Who gave this away for five million?!”
“No kidding, right?”
“Nope. I stayed at this hotel and the service was exceptionally good, and I saw the antique tycoon Mr. Goo take this card out at the time. This kind of card is at the very least something you can only be eligible to have if you’re worth three billion dollars!”
The guests inside the house were shocked, they looked at each other, there was such a wealthy person among today’s guests? Who is it?
“Who gave this card away?”
They were curious.

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