The people inside the house are too curious, some of the several million family members are shocked, who is this, ah, a birthday gift actually send more than five million?
I’m afraid it’s from some good friends of Sarah’s father.
Who else would give such an expensive gift? Such a big deal, what a shock!
This is just dirt cheap!

“Could it be Edward, he’s also worth hundreds of millions, I heard he’s the supplier of vegetables for the restaurant inside the Night Hotel, he has a gold card It’s also reasonable.”
“You’re going to stop it, but the number on this card is the sixth one, do you think Old Chang has it?”
“Is it okay to just ask Old Chang! Chang! Hey, Chang! What are you doing in the corner? Isn’t that right?”
Someone asked, and everyone looked at a man with a big belly.
Eye note, this man shook his head in embarrassment, “No, I’m just a vegetable seller, how can I have a gold card for the Night Hotel? This kind of gold card is held by, as far as I know, only five people, and they are all worth more than three billion dollars to be eligible to have it, I Not even close…”
He said sighing, his face all envious, “This owner of the Night Hotel is amazing, to be a member of the hotel, that’s really Few ah, I’ve heard that the hotel owner has the backing of a super big family behind him, very powerful! After I found out, I dreamed of having one, but now, someone has actually given this card away…”
“Whose is that? There are three billionaires among us? My God!”
The people inside the house were once again shocked.

“Sarah’s father ah, this face is big, someone gave him a gold card, if this were to be told, many people would be surprised!” The man continued, the envy in his mouth to the extreme.
The house was quiet for a few seconds, all envy!
It’s totally a status symbol!
“Since it’s a gift, I’m sure Old Forest knows about it, just ask Old Forest, won’t you? After all, all the gifts have passed through his hands.” Someone suggested.
“Yeah, where’s Old Forest?”
“I just saw Old Forest go upstairs.”
“Sarah’s father,…he’s coming down, he’s coming down.”
The guests inside the house were calling, and upstairs, Sarah’s dad was wandering down the stairs, “What’s going on?”
He wondered how the guests were all standing up and surrounded by someone.
“King, what’s wrong?” Sarah’s father walked over.
“Uncle I’m sorry ah, my son just messed around with the presents on the table and accidentally took an expensive gift out to play with, sorry ah. Uncle.” The man handed the card over.
Sarah’s father smiled and shook his head, “It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s just a card.”
He’ll card next, what’s in a card?
He’s actually a little upset that someone sent a card? Is this a membership card?
But he was surprised, why is the card so heavy? Metal?

“Sarah’s father, this isn’t just any card, it’s a gold card from the Night Hotel, with this gold card, you can stay in the presidential suite for free One year, that’s five million. Sarah’s father, you’ve got a lot of pride! I can’t believe someone gave you a card like that!” A relative enviously said.
Sarah’s father was shocked, “What?”
He recognized that the card was pure gold, a craft that was known to be worth a lot of money, not to mention the word night so obviously on it. The Night Hotel has been in the limelight lately, and this is the gold card of the Night Hotel?
“When did you meet a friend like that, Sarah’s father? And no separate introductions?” A relative enviously said.
To be able to send such a card, one must be worth over three billion, and more!
If they got to know each other, it would be a great benefit to their own business ah, after all, many of the people present were in business, although they didn’t have hundreds of millions of assets, there were still millions and millions of them.
“Yeah, introduce us to each other!”

Sarah’s father had recovered from his surprise, of course, he knew what it meant for someone to give him such a card, and he had such a guest today?
He was so surprised, but who was it?
“Dad, what’s wrong? …Yah, it’s a gold card for the Night Hotel, Dad, when did you get it!!!” Sarah came in from inside the crowd and saw a golden card in her father’s hand, the pure gold texture was like a work of art. It caught her eye right away.
As a young person, how could she not know about the Night Hotel?
“Someone else gave it to your father!”
“Dad, really?” Sarah was surprised, actually giving away gold cards? Your own father is so proud of you!
“En.” Sarah’s father suddenly felt dignified, he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but he wasn’t so extravagant as to give away more than five million in one go, being able to he’s so generous. Is he your daughter’s boyfriend?
“Daughter, it’s from your boyfriend, isn’t it! Where is it, bring him out and introduce him!” Sarah’s father said proudly.
He knew exactly who were here today, his own family and friends, he didn’t think it was from these people because they didn’t reach this level of wealth, then in his opinion, who would be so generous except his own daughter’s boyfriend, his own son-in-law?
“Dad, I’m not ah, single.” Sarah shook her head.
Sarah’s father was suddenly disappointed.
“By the way, uncle, this is the box with the gold card, look who gave it to you.” The man awkwardly handed over the box.
When Sarah’s dad saw it, he was confused, then shocked.
“Dad, who sent it? Dad.” Sarah was too curious.
“Sarah’s father, say it!” The other relatives were also curious about the extreme.
Sarah’s father was seriously serious, “Little Wang, are you sure? Is this really the box?”
“No.” The man shook his head, he saw his son open it, how could he be wrong?
“Grandpa, no mistake, you gave it to me, I asked you for a toy, so you gave me this to play with, but I opened it, and it was a card What kind of toy is that.” The little boy said loudly.
It was quiet in the house!
These guests are looking at me, I’m looking at you, it’s boiling, what? How could Sarah’s father play with such an expensive gift for a child?
This child’s father covered his son’s mouth and was too busy saying the child’s words.…

He also muttered inside his mind Uncle, you’re too generous!
Sarah’s father was embarrassed and Sarah blushed, “Dad, what are you doing? What if you give such an expensive gift to someone’s child to play with, what if he breaks it or scratches it?”
She was just so happy she had to stay in a hotel like this, but what had her father done? It’s almost gone!
“I, I had no idea he was sending such expensive things!” Sarah’s father also regretted it, he was afraid afterward, if such a valuable gift was lost just now, then he would really be gutted.
“Him? Who sent it?” Sarah asked.
“Yes, you know, Sarah’s father? Say it!” All these family and friends asked.
Sarah’s dad was embarrassed, but he had no choice and said, “Zelda’s boyfriend sent it…”
Relatives shocked!
“You’ve got it right, Sarah’s father? Is this gold card from Zelda’s boyfriend?”
“Absolutely you’re mistaken, look at him, he’s decrepit like that, I doubt it, he’s poor at home, how could he send What about such an expensive gift?”
They don’t believe it. It’s impossible!
“Dad, did you admit it or not?” Even Sarah asks, is this possible? In her opinion, Chuck was just broke, how else could he be that way?
“No, how could I get that wrong?” Sarah’s father shook his head and sighed, also helpless, Chuck gave him a gift, he thought it was a razor, so he was particularly “impressed”!
“Is it really him? It’s a good idea to go over there and ask around. We can send a gold card. !”
“Yeah, does he need a thousand dollars for that outfit?”
“Dad, let’s go ask.” Sarah dragged his father towards Chuck who was chatting with Zelda in the backyard.
Chuck was startled, and so was Zelda, what was wrong? Are all these people here?
“Chuck, did you send this card?” Sarah took the card and asked.
Everyone, including Sarah’s father, looked at Chuck nervously.
Chuck nodded his head after being startled, “Yes, I sent it, why? Don’t like it?”

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