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Chapter 266: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 266 Give Your Life Back To Me (1)
What you want was what you get. Before Kevin ate up a few grapes, Henry came in in a hurry. He instinctively came to Kerry and was about to speak, but suddenly he remembered that his young master had lost his memory, so he turned to Venus and Kevin, “Young madam, young master, Xuan Chu arrived in S city by flight.”

Kevin got so excited that he got out of the couch, “He’s here finally! I’ve been waiting and waiting. Keep an eye on him and see who he comes into contact with.”

“Don’t worry, young master. Nighthawk is watching. I sent some people to him just now.”

“Is Gavin in S city?” Venus Mu asked.

Kevin’s eyes were shining, “Not necessarily, he could also be lurking in some corner of Sky City. The news of my brother’s return has not spread out. If it gets around, he may make a move.”

“It’s so haunting.” Venus made a complaint about it.

Kerry got confused and asked curiously, “Who are you talking about?”

“It’s the one behind the scenes who made you lose your memory.” Venus explained simply, “It’s either you die or he dies.”

“That serious?”

Venus looked at him with unprecedented firmness in her eyes.

“Yes, that serious.”

Kerry, who didn’t want to live in speculation all the time, said, “Tell me what happened before. That’s what I should know.”

Venus froze for a few seconds, “Well, let’s start with our marriage.”

As soon as Kevin heard this, he got headache. This was not an easy experience for ordinary people. In order to avoid being hurt by accident later, he chose to get out of there as soon as possible.

“Take your time, while for me, I don’t want to look back on the old times.” He went up to Pingan, and hold out his finger, “Pingan, go with uncle. Mom and dad are going to talk about some matters.”

Pingan obediently hugged the toy in his arms, grabbed Kevin’s finger and left.

“Let’s go out and talk. It’s too hot in the room.” Venus did not wait for Kerry’s consent, and went straight out. Kerry had to keep up.

“It should have been two years ago, at that time, my parents had just passed away…”

Venus followed her memory to narrate. She couldn’t remember most of the things, but she still remembered the main line of the story, such as why she got married, why Xinyou Qiao lived in Ye’s house and so on.

The two walked slowly outside the villa, through the garden, through the bamboo forest, through the green lawn, one round after another. The bland voice of Venus floated in the night, and the expression of Kerry became more and more complex.

Not knowing how many rounds they walked, the long story finally came to an end. “That’s pretty much about it. I’ve forgotten some of it, and I don’t want to remember them either. Since you’ve forgotten them, keep forgetting them, anyway, they are bad memories.”

Kerry was speechless. Although Venus said it lightly, he was shocked. He didn’t expect that he used to be like that, which was completely beyond his expectation.

“It’s too late. Go back. There is work to do tomorrow. ” Only when Venus finished the story did she realize that her feet were a little sore. This was an illness caused from the last exposal to cold, so she couldn’t stand coldness for long.

“OK.” Kerry’s brain was a mess of paste. There was too much information tonight, and he was going to lie in bed and sort it out all together.

Their bedrooms are adjacent to each other. When Venus was about to push the door and enter her room, Kerry pulled her by the sleeve. She looked back at him with puzzled eyes. “What’s up?”

Kerry didn’t dare to look into her eyes and stammered, “that…that… “

Venus had never seen Kerry so shy, and amusingly joked, “Which one is that?”

“Nothing. Good night.” With that, Kerry took a few quick steps, pushed open the door next room, and then quickly closed it. As he leaned against the door, his heart was still pounding.

I’m really out of my head. What am I holding her for? What do you want to say?

Even he himself didn’t know “which one is that”.

The corners of his mouth bent up a little bit, and his heart leaped as if there was a deer running around in it. At this point, he couldn’t see how the stars in his eyes were sparkling.

After calming his mood, Kerry changed into slippers. As unbuttoning clothes, he walked inside. As soon as he got to the bed, he was startled.

“Xiaomei, what are you doing here?” Kerry subconsciously covered his chest.

Xiaomei was wearing black tulle pajamas, seducing him with a seductive look. Her voice was so soft that it could be dripped out of water. “Kerry dear, come to me.”

Kerry stepped back, feeling numb, with goose bumps falling all over the floor. “What are you doing in my room?”

Xiaomei Pan replied flirtingly, “I’m being active. What do you think I’m doing?”

Kerry frowned. “Xiaomei, put on your clothes and go back to your room, it’s not appropriate.”

“What’s not appropriate? We are married. It’s normal for us to sleep together.” Xiaomei did not move. It took a long time for her to create this seductive pose, but it had not achieved the goal yet. How could she give up?

Kerry’s head hurt, and he spoke with a serious tone, “Xiaomei, we are not married, the wedding was only half done.”

“That’s because that woman broke it.” Xiaomei responded angrily.

“Xiaomei, don’t say that. She is my son’s mother. ” Kerry almost blurted out that she was my wife.

Xiaomei said unconvinced, “I can give you a son too, not only she can have a baby.”

“Xiaomei, it’s not about that. Eh, you’d better get up first and get dressed,” said Kerry, who did not know where to put his eyes. She herself thought she was very attractive, but in the eyes of men, not so much. Moreover, she was at sea all the year round, so her skin was somewhat dark, and wearing black…well, made her look even darker.

When Venus didn’t show up, Kerry thought he liked Xiaomei, at least not disliked her. Naturally, there was gratitude in it. However, as soon as Venus showed up yesterday, Kerry felt uncomfortable when he looked at Xiaomei again. His feelings for Xiaomei were too calm, and there was no impulse for him to do anything with her.

How could Xiaomei listen to him? Instead of putting on clothes, she lifted up her short nightdress along her thigh.

Seeing her like this, Kerry almost went crazy. He could not dress her up himself nor throw her out, so he bit his teeth and said, “OK, you stay here, I go out.”

Said that, he turned and strode outside. Xiaomei got exasperatedly immediately and rushed to catch him up, “Kerry dear, where are you going?”

Kerry’s scalp became number. He quickened his pace, opened the door and went out. Then, he opened another door and shut it, as if that there was a ferocious wolve or a tiger chasing after him.

It was horrible. Xiaomei Pan he knew was not like this. She used to be lovely and kind-hearted, not so calculating now.

“Who is it?” The cold voice of Venus came over.

Kerry froze, and answered after a dry cough, “It…it’s me.”

The air was full of quietness for over a minute. Kerry heard a sound from the bathroom, and then Venus came out with a bath towel.

The blood in Kerry’s brain was gathering together. The white bath towel wrapped her thin skin, and the eyes were as bright as the most shining stars in the sky. The woman was bare-footed, and the pink round nails looked lovely.

The scene in the afternoon suddenly came to mind. Kerry’s blood began to boil.

“What are you doing here?” Venus asked in surprise. She was just undressed and ready to take a bath. After walking for so long downstairs, she was sweating all over.

“I…” Kerry opened his mouth, feeling his throat burning. He wanted…really wanted…to rub her in his arms and kiss her hard.

Taking a deep breath, Kerry pointed to the next room and said helplessly, “Xiaomei was in my room. I don’t know when she ran into it.”

Venus was not surprised by this, which was all in her expectation. What really surprised her was that Kerry escaped without even changing his slippers.

Venus pressed the towel on her chest. With a smile in her eyes, she deliberately asked, “Since the girl is throwing herself at you, how can you push her away?”

Recognizing her teasing tone, Kerry looked at her with burning eyes. “Didn’t you say that I’m not allowed to sleep with her?”

Venus was burnt by his hot eyes, “Oh, you follow my words that much?”

There seemed to be a pair of invisible hands pushing him forward behind his back, he didn’t stop until he got right in front of Venus. He deeply looked into her eyes, and opened his thin lips slightly, “I don’t do things that I would regret.”

Venus didn’t step back a little bit and looked back him in the eye. This was the man she loved deeply. How could she let go?

When Kerry was smelling her breath, the fire in his heart burnt more vigorously. He swallowed his saliva and said in a hoarse voice, “You are really like a genie. You took my soul right away the second I set my eyes on you yesterday. I was just wondering what magic you have.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 266 Give Your Life Back To Me (2)
Venus freed one hand to slowly stroke the outline of his face with her fingers, and finally stopped on his lips, “Fool, I don’t have magic, it is love that has magic. Even I become a fool and you lose your memory, even we are across mountains and rivers, the power of love would guide us to find each other.”

Hearing this, Kerry’s heart surged with emotions. Yes, his feeling for her was love.

“But I forgot you.”

“Then, let’s start over. Let’s get rid of all the unhappiness we’ve had before. From this moment on, we restart.”

“How about Xiaomei…”

“Shh…” Venus pressed his lips with her fingers, stood on tiptoe, loosened the bath towel, and rubbed his lips. “Don’t mention her. Do you want to continue the thing we didn’t finish this afternoon?”

“Of course, I do.” Kerry immediately devoured her lips and caressed her leg along her sleek waist so that he could kiss her from above.

“Wait…let’s go to the bathroom…” Upon the moment when Venus was about to be carried to bed by Kerry, she said hurriedly.

The fire in Kerry’s eyes became even hotter, and the force of kissing her became even deeper.

Lover bath, he liked it!

What reservedness, what shyness, at the moment, Venus had left all of that behind.

People had passions and desires. Food and sex were people’s necessities. Besides, other women were about to climb into Kerry’s bed, what was the point of her being dignified here. It was stupid. It was better for her to take the initiative and let him thoroughly fall into her irresistible charm. Then, wasn’t it a matter of time for Xiaomei Pan to leave?

What was happening in the bathroom was super kid-inappropriate. Kerry was rushing anxiously like a teenage boy. While kissing the lips of Venus eagerly, he took off his clothes rapidly.

Soon, the two were nakedly sincere with each other.

The moment he entered the woman’s body, he led out a long and comfortable sigh.

Voices of panting, slapping, and clapping were coming out of the transparent bathroom, sounding extremely sexual.

Having been a couple for so long, naturally, she knew every sensitive point in his body. When they got entangled from the bathroom to the bed, Venus was using all the knowledge she mastered on him, which put Kerry sometimes in the sky and sometimes under the sea. It was so cool that he just wanted to roar.

Both bodies hadn’t been opened up for a long time, so after tasting a little bit of sugar, they couldn’t help it but want more. Venus at the moment indeed incarnated as a genie, twirling around his waist, letting Kerry not want to stop at all.

Again and again, in the latter half of the night, the two were finally exhausted, embracing and falling asleep.

The moment before he fell asleep, it suddenly occurred to him that he was going to sort out the things she told him? How came he end up in her bed?

Never mind, as she said, forget the past, they start from today.

As for Xiaomei Pan, he could not marry her, nor could he keep her stay.

With this conclusion in mind, Kerry gently put a kiss on Venus’ forehead and then slept away happily.

Not knowing whether it was because Venus told him the stories about the past, or his brain was really recovering. This night, Kerry dreamed of many things in the past, just like Venus had told him, and something she hadn’t say also appeared in the dream.

Thus, when he woke up the next day, his brain was in such a chaos and he didn’t know whether it was memory recovery or the influence of dreams.

The air was still filled with mysteriously sexy atmosphere. It was lighting up outside the window. Kerry looked down at the sleeping woman in his arms, pinching her nose and squeezing her chin mischievously.

Venus, who was a little uncomfortable being teased, murmured, “Kerry, cut it out.” The voice sounded as soft as it could be. Falling into the ears of Kerry, his whole body became numb.

The huge bed was a mess. Thinking of last night’s madness, somewhere in Kerry’s body became harder. Without hesitation, he turned to press on her body, went straight in and moved slowly.

Venus’s brain was awakened by his morning exercises, with her eyes still closed.

“You…please slow down. It hurts.”

Her soft reminding was just adding fuel to the flames, which made Kerry become increasingly uncontrollable and violent. Under his turning and tossing, Venus was constantly groaning, following by another round of craziness.

After the fierce battle, Kerry was lying in bed looking at the ceiling and couldn’t help laughing. How could he become like this, like a wolf that had been hungry for a century?

“Get up quickly, you have to go to the company today.” Venus said hoarsely.

“Aren’t you going?”

“No. Am I going for them to laugh at me like this?” Venus gave him an accusing look, “I told you not to kiss here but you still did it.”

Kerry looked down, noticing a deep purple strawberry being planted on her white neck.

He chuckled, “Anyway, you’re not going today, how about I plant another one for you?”

“No way,” Venus gave him a push and rolled over aside, “Get up, get up. If you don’t, Pingan is coming, he is a well-known alarm clock.”

“He won’t get up so early.” Kerry apparently had a misunderstanding of Pingan’s diligence.

When the voice had just fell, the door was pushed open, accompanied by a lovely cute voice, “Mommy, mommy, it’s time to get up.”

The couple looked at each other and smiled. Indeed, this little devil was a small artificial alarm clock

“Mom, get up…dad? What are you doing here?” Pingan’s eyes widened and asked in surprise.

Kerry turned blush and said rather embarrassingly, “Daddy…why can’t daddy be here?”

“Oh, that’s right. Dad is supposed to sleep with mom.” Like a little adult, Pingan nodded solemnly.

“Pingan, how about you go out and play with others first and I come to you later? ” Kerry talked to him in a discussing tone.


Pingan happily ran out. The maid who had been standing at the door and waiting for him closed the door gently behind him.

Kerry lifted the quilt, got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom naked.

This was his bedroom originally, having necessities in all varieties. When he came out dressed, Venus was still sleeping. He went over, bend down and pat her on the face. “Aren’t you getting up?”

“No, I’m so sleepy. Let me get more sleep.” Venus was grumbling.

“All right.” Kerry tucked in for her. It was strange that he had known her for such a short time, but he was very skilled in doing these things already.

He went downstairs full of glory, in such a good mood that he was about to fly seemingly. But when he saw the aggressive woman blocking the stairway, he immediately stopped his smile.

“Good morning, Xiaomei.” Kerry greeted politely.

Xiaomei Pan looked up at him angrily, “I’m not good at all. Where have you been last night? “

The feeling of scalp numbness was coming back to Kerry. “I have been in the Venus room.” he answered calmly

Xiaomei exploded instantly. When she heard the little kid shouting around, she thought that he was lying, but she didn’t expect it to be true.

“Kerry! How can you do this to me?” Xiaomei yelled at him.

Instantaneously, a lot of eyes were focused on them.

Kerry defended himself helplessly, “Xiaomei, I’m the husband of Venus. There’s nothing wrong with me doing that. Instead, we shouldn’t have started. I’m sorry. If you want to hate me, you can hit me or curse me anyway you want.”

Xiaomei didn’t expect him to admit it so quickly. Pointing to the upstairs, she said, “You think that woman is prettier than me, her figure is better than me, and she is richer than me, that’s why you prefer her, right?”

“No, it’s because I have a feeling for her.” Kerry said seriously.

“But haven’t you known her for less than three days?” Xiaomei didn’t believe him.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 266 Give Your Life Back To Me (3)
“Xiaomei, sometimes love only takes a second, perhaps it’s just one turning around, or one looking back.”

Kevin Ye was standing not far away. The look on the bottom of his eyes was a little dim. It seemed that it was time for him to leave again. He had been pretending these days, which was hard for him. If his brother indeed recovered memory, his mind would be saw through at a glance by his brother’s sensitivity. In order to avoid another conflict between him and his brother, he’d better leave.

Hearing this, Xiaomei Pan’s eyes moistened instantly, “What about me? What is it between us? You said you would be with me for the rest of my life.”

“Yes, I said that, but now I regretted.” Kerry finally stated his decision. “Xiaomei, you are a very good girl. If Venus didn’t show up that day, I may stay with you all my life, and stay in the small fishing village. But she showed up. Her appearance broke all the peace, and made me more realize that my feeling for you is not love, but gratitude.”

“I don’t need your gratitude! I just need you to keep your promise. Come on, go home with me now.” Said that, Xiaomei grabbed him by the wrist and pushed forward forcefully.

Kerry, after all, was a big man and easily stopped her behavior.

“Xiaomei, calm down.” Kerry shook off her hand, “Xiaomei, I had made a promise to you, but that promise was made under the condition that I didn’t know I had a wife, a child and a family. Now you let me abandon everything and go with you, what about my family? I can’t do it.”

“What about me? Now the whole village knows that I am going to marry you. How am I supposed to go back and face them? What do you want me to tell them?”

Kerry was in a bit of a dilemma. “You don’t have to go back. Stay in Sky City, and Ye family will buy you a house.”

“You want to send me away by a house? Kerry, I’ve done so much for you, serving you like a babysitter, taking care of your eating, drinking, and shitting. Do you think you can finish all this by saying that your feeling for me is gratitude?”

“What do you want then?” Kerry became a little exasperated now.

“Divorce her and marry me!” Xiaomei said confidently.

Kerry changed his attitude of the last two days and vetoed, “No way.”

Xiaomei was upset, “If that’s the case, I have to live here, and I will be your second wife.”

Kerry almost thought he heard it wrong. He opened his mouth slightly, showing surprise, “Xiaomei, it’s not feudal society now, and one man cannot have multiple wives. Besides, I won’t do such a thing.”

Xiaomei was about to be driven crazy by him and almost jumping, “Kerry, how much poison did that woman give you? It has been only two days that she took away your soul!”

“It was me who fell in love with her first, Xiaomei. It’s all my fault. I abandoned you. I’m a scumbag. You can punch me, kick me, or ask me to do anything, I will not make any complaint, but I will never agree to your request.”

Xiaomei stared at him intimidatingly, “Anything I ask you to do?”

“Yes.” Kerry said firmly.

Xiaomei turned cruel and forced him into a deadly corner, “I saved your life before, how about you give your life back to me now.”

Kerry looked at her in silence. After making sure that she wasn’t kidding, he replied coldly, “Give my life back to you and then we won’t owe each other?”


Kerry took a deep breath, “What do you want me to do?”

“Jump down from above, if you die, all the resentment between us will be gone; if you live, it’s God’s intention.” “Above” mentioned by Xiaomei referred to the roof of the villa.

The villa had four floors, plus the attic, the height was at least about 20 meters.

Kerry lifted his head to look up at the magnificent villa and asked again, “Do you really want me to do this?”


“OK, I’ll do it.” Kerry’s face turned sharp and resolute, with a determination in his eyes.

Kevin was shocked to hear that. He quickly grabbed the maid passing by and ordered something. Then he strode towards them and suddenly blocked Kerry’s steps. “Kerry, you can’t do this! Jumping down from that height, even if you don’t die, you will be crippled. You can’t do that!”

Kerry clenched his fist. He didn’t want to do it either of course. He had just found someone he liked, and he had a super-cute son. But…

“Kevin, this is what I owe Xiaomei Pan. If I pay it back, it will be all over.”

The more Kerry said that, the harder Xiaomei’s heart became. She didn’t believe that anyone would sacrifice their life for love.

“Xiaomei, you can have as much money as you want. Do you have to take my brother’s life?”

Xiaomei’s stubbornness had taken over. She sneered, “His life was saved by me, so I have the right to take it back.”

Kevin, such a mild-tempered person, was almost driven crazy by her, “You…why are you so paranoid? Why not take all the money and go enjoy yourself? There are so many younger and more handsome guys than my brother. Why it has to be him?”

“Don’t say so much nonsense. You give me choices to choose and I give you choices to choose too, it is fair.” Xiaomei stared coldly into Kerry’s eyes, “Kerry, it’s your own choice, you can’t blame me.”

“I don’t blame you, Xiaomei. I still want to thank you after all.” After that, he went around Kevin and walked up the stairs. His steps were firm.

The moment he turned around, there was some hesitation in Xiaomei’s eyes.

“Lunatics, a bunch of lunatics!”

Kevin desperately shouted out, “Kerry, you can’t do this!”

When he came to the second floor, Venus, in her pajamas, hurriedly blocked in front of him, “What are you doing?”

A smile came up from the corner of his lips. The tenderness in his eyes was similar to that of the old times.

He raised his hand and gently stroked her face, “Venus, I was thinking too, what kind of poison did you give me that makes me not afraid of dying.”

“What are you talking about?” Venus was in a daze. She was in asleep when the maid ran to tell her that the young master was quarreling with Xiaomei. She didn’t want to move originally, but when she heard the sound outside the window become noisy, she decided to go out and have a look. As a result, she ran into them at the stairs.

Kevin said angrily, “Xiaomei Pan said that she had saved my brother, so if my brother doesn’t marry her, he would give back his life to her. She let my brother jump off the roof, and my brother actually agreed! You have to talk him out of that. Anything, we can talk.”

Venus understood the whole story instantly. She looked into Kerry’s eyes and said, “Have you decided?”

“Yes, I have decided.” Kerry solemnly said, “I’m your husband, and I’m not marrying anyone else, so I’m giving my life back to her.”

“Let me go talk to her.” Venus looked serious, but her arm was held by Kerry, “She won’t listen to anyone, especially you.”

“I can’t watch you die!” She yelled at him, broke free of his hand and rushed down the stairs, while Kerry continued to go upstairs.

Not far away, Xiaomei held her hands tightly behind her back. She was nervous. She was just trying to force him to marry herself. She didn’t want him to die.

However, when she saw Venus coming, her heart, which was just a little soft, hardened again immediately. Especially the hickey on Venus’ neck directly burned her eyes, and the vines of jealousy were wrapping tightly around her heart.

“Xiaomei, will you take back your request? I’m begging you.”

Xiaomei’s vanity was greatly satisfied, saying scornfully, “Aren’t you very proud? Didn’t you look down on me? Why are you begging me now?”

“Xiaomei, let go of Kerry, I promise you, I will divorce him.” Venus blurted out. She couldn’t watch him jump down that high.

It was just a divorce. It was more important for her to see him alive.

In additions, after divorce, they could remarry. Without Xiaomei’s debt, they could still be together.

Xiaomei’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe what Venus had just said. “What are you saying?”

“Take back your request and I’ll divorce him immediately,” Venus said calmly.


“I swear on my dead parents’ spirits.”

Xiaomei became stiff. Happiness came so unexpected, a little hard for her to accept.

By this point, Kerry was already standing on the towering roof. His black shirt was whirling in the wind.

Xiaomei waved to the roof, “Kerry, come down, you come down quickly!”

The brothers on the top were both surprised. Did she figure it out? But the following words angered Kerry.

“Come down quickly, Venus has agreed, she will divorce you!”

The word “divorce” drifted into the ears of the brothers through the wind, and they both froze at the same time.

Kerry looked over to Venus from high in disbelief and shouted angrily, “Are you going to divorce me?”

“Yes, I will divorce you.” Venus shouted back loud, making sure he could hear.

“I will divorce you, I will divorce you…”

Deep in the soul, some memories were waking up. There seemed to be such a voice constantly saying before, “Kerry, I want to divorce you, let’s divorce, let me go…

“No way! Venus, I’d rather give this life back to her than divorce you!” Kerry yelled at her, and then jumped from the top of the building. Kevin next to him didn’t even catch the corner of his coat.

“Don’t…” The two women cried out in unison, and at the same time rushed to the place where he had jumped.

Four floors were not very high and the landing speed was very fast, but when he was half a meter away from the ground, the time suddenly stopped.

Everyone seemed like being frozen, only a small figure ran out of the house. The pair of innocent eyes were shining. He didn’t know what was going on. He went over to push Venus who had become a sculpture, “Mommy, mommy, what’s wrong with you?”

His mommy did not move. Then, he ran to Kerry and looked down into his eyes, “Daddy, Daddy, don’t die, please!”

At this moment, a miracle happened. Kerry’s pupils slowly changed from blue to purple, then he blinked.

“Daddy, your eyes…”

“Have my eyes turned purple?” Kerry said with a gentle smile, and he felt that those memories buried in his body began to wake up.

“What color is purple?” Pingan asked, confused.

“It’s the color of your right eye.”

“Oh, I got it, that’s the color.”

The stop of time was very short, the next second, the wind blew again.

The falling gravity was still there, only weakened by Pingan’s actions just now. When the body hit the ground and Kerry felt all the dizziness, Venus shouted and rushed to him.

“Kerry, Kerry, hold on! John, get the car ready for the hospital!” Her voice was roaring, her hands were shaking, her tears were like broken lines of pearls, keeping rolling down onto his face.

Great, Venus, I finally remember you, will you be happy?

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