Chapter 267 – 268: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 267 The Wedding Night (2)

Seeing the scene, there was a buzz in Kris Chen’s head, and his mind went blank.

Then his desire began to soar from the bottom of the heart and gradually eroded his consciousness.

“You bastard…I’m so hot…”

At the moment, half of Yuhan Qin’s bright red gown had slipped off, showing Yuhan’s fair and tender shoulders.

Suddenly she felt like she was fish suffering dehydration and desperately hoped to get back into the water immediately.

“No…I can’t go there. No! ” Kris Chen took a bite on his tongue with his only existing intellect, and instantly the smell of blood filled his mouth.

With that instant pain, Kris Chen sobered up a little bit and decided to turn his back on Yuhan Qin in case of glancing her. But the ravishing voice kept coming through from his rear, and bit by bit, Kris Chen’s reason was eroded.

“Bastard…Am I that annoying?”

Just then, Yuhan hooked Kris Chen from behind with her soft and delicate hands, and Kris felt that a fiery body came up to him.


Kris could feel the elastic and soft skin strongly even through clothes.

Kris Chen’s eroticism blew up from his abdomen and soon radiated all over the body. It was obvious that the desire had devoured all of his reason.

So he scooped Yuhan up, threw her to the bed, and hurled himself upon her like a beast.

Right at this moment, an ancient Chinese poem can mostly describe this scene, and it goes like “Helped up by a maid, the Imperial Concubine seems so flabby and graceful that immediately she captures the Emperor’s heart. With gorgeous pieces of jewelry worn on the head, the Imperial Concubine’s hair on the temples is just like cloud, and her cheek is flowery, and she’s gonna spend the night with the Emperor in a cozy tabernacle. They are so sentimentally attached that the night was rather short for them, and they stay slumbering long into the morning…”

The maid who guarded the door, heard everything, and blushed. Her charming body even slightly trembled, especially when she heard her Miss’s repining voice.

She remained outside and eavesdropped for a total of two hours before the noise from inside gradually receded.

Then, a low roar came from the room. After hearing it, the maid’s body softened and lay on the ground with a shudder.

She gritted her teeth, and raised herself up from the ground, picked up the dry towel that had been prepared beforehand, pushed the door, and walked in the room.

Once she walked into the room, a smell of flowing fragrance made her feeble legs even softer.

“Master… Let me help you towel off.” The maid dared not take a peep at Kris Chen, who was lying on the bed.

However, Kris Chen had no idea what happened outside currently, and he seemed to reach the wizardly stage.

At this moment, it seemed that the Genuine Energy inside Kris Chen’s body started to function.

One day, two days… thirty-six days.

It fully took a day totally to run two or three breaths of the Genuine Energy, and everyone would be started when knowing this.

Receiving no reply, the maid looked up, but she only saw Kris Chen lying on the bed naked, with his eyes tightly closed.

“Does he lost in contemplation right now?” She was at a surprise and thought to herself.

Contemplation is parlance from Buddhism while it’s also called “Epiphany” by friars.

This contemplation situation is a matter of chance rather than choice, especially for friars.

Not daring to move, the maid turned to look at Yuhan Qin, who was at the time lying on the bed aside Kris with her elegant back exposed. It could tell that Yuhan had fallen asleep with tears in her eyes.

From the maid’s angle, she could see several scars on Yuhan Qin’s back.

“How could the Master have done this? He should be kind to such a beautiful lady.”

The maid groaned but dared not say anything, so she put the towel on the bed and waited for the order.

Kris Chen was woken up by screams the second day.

Had not opened the eyes, Kris Chen felt a pain in his chest. So he looked up with his eyes open and found that Yuhan Qin was biting him.

“I’m gonna kill you! Kill you! You bastard! You crap! I’m gonna kill you!”

Yuhan kept biting Kris’s chest and scratched him with her fingernails forcibly, leaving scars on his body.

“Ah…” Kris hissed as the pain hurt.

“Let go, let go the bite…” Kris Chen pleaded Yuhan to stop, and right now, he dared not run the Genuine Energy to prevent from hurting Yuhan.

Right then, the maid sleeping on the chair woke up and hastily rush to the bed to persuade Yuhan “Miss..Miss. Let go of Master.”.

“Get away, Ugly”. Yuhan Qin was angry and wrathful that Kris had done those disgusting things to her last night. “I’m gonna bite to kill him today, and no one can stop me!”

“If you don’t let go, Master, you’ll bite his meat off. My Miss! ” the maid said anxiously.

“Please let go. It hurts!” Kris Chen shrieked because of the pain, but Yuhan didn’t seem to stop.

Then Kris was irritated as well. Come on. He is also a victim. If it weren’t for her initiative acts, Kris would never make such mistakes.

Subsequently, Kris Chen put down his hand and grabbed and scratched Yuhan.

“Ah…” Yuhan immediately exclaimed.

Kris Chen grasped the chance and jumped out of bed promptly, but right now, he was naked and wearing nothing.


Seeing Kris Chen’s naked body, the maid screamed and turned around with scare.

It’s so…so disgusting! That “thing” is so ugly…

“I’m so sorry…” Kris Chen immediately apologized with a wry smile.

While taking, Kris Chen hastily put on the clothes beside him. However, most clothes got torn last night, so it was either a hole here or a leak there on his clothes after he put them on.

“Er…Are there any clothes here?” asked Kris Chen.

“Oh…Of course.” the maid answered and turned around with her face blushed. Seeing Kris Chen firmly tucked his legs and tried hard to cover his chest, she couldn’t help laughing. How funny the Master is!

Finish talking, the maid grabbed the new clothes that had been prepared beforehand and walked to Kris Chen. “My Master. Let me help you put on the clothes.”

When Kris Chen wanted to refuse, Yuhan Qin lying in bed, shouted, “Ugly. You are not allowed to help that bastard put on clothes.”

“Thanks. But give me clothes. I can put them on myself.” Kris Chen said and snickered.

Taking the clothes from the maid, Kris Chen ran and hid behind the screen(in ancient China, the screen is like a barrier that people used it to separate their rooms) to put on his clothes.

Then the maid walked close to the bead and said to Yuhan Qin “My Miss, it’s time to greet the Lord. Let me help you up.”

“No…No. I’m not going anywhere. Runaway! I don’t want to…” Yuhan buried her into the quilt and cried.

How could this bastard treat her like this? And the pain is killing her. With all these bruises, how could Yuhan meet people right now? Yuhan just wishes she could bite the bastard to death now.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door and asked, “Ugly. Have the Master and Miss awoken yet? It’s time to greet the Lord.”

“Yes, they had already got up. We’re coming,” answered the maid.

“Good. Don’t keep the Lord waiting too long.” After replying, the sound of footsteps receded.

At this time, Kris Chen had put on his clothes already. He gave the maid a glance and said: “I’ve got to go.”

Finish talking, Kris Chen fled the room.


The servants led Kris Chen to the lobby, and he saw that Tongtian Wu was sitting on the seat with one of his hand carrying a walking stick while the other holding a cup of tea.

Seeing Kris Chen, he immediately put down his cup and said with a smile “Did you have a good sleep last night, my dear grandson-in-law?”

“How come there’s only you. Where’s Yuhan.”

“Grandpa Huang…she’s…” Since Kris Chen has already had sexy with Tongtian’s granddaughter, he’s such a jerk for still calling Tongtian Wu as “Dragon Lord Envoy Huang”. Before Kris Chen could finish his words, Tongtian Wu interrupted, “I know. I know. She must be shy as she had been thin-skinned since she was a child.”

Tongtian Wu acted like he had known what happened last night.

Kris Chen awkwardly smiled and said nothing more.

At this time, Tongtian Wu stood up, walked over to Kris Chen, and said, “Since I married Yuhan to you, she has become your wife. And there’s something I should tell you.”

Tongtian Wu sighed, “Although Yuhan is a little bit self-willed, she has no malice and was spoiled by me. So you must have more patience and tolerance for her. ”

Kris Chen nodded approvingly.

Tongtian Wu nodded with content, then he dismissed the rest people in the room and said to Kris Chen, “There is one most important thing I want you to promise me.”

Kris Chen was stunned and didn’t why it became so serious.

It’s like grandpa is giving his last words.

“Of course, I will try my best to accomplish as long as I’m capable of doing it.”

“Good, I know that I’ve never been wrong about judging people.” Tongtian Wu patted Kris’s shoulder gently and continued, “You probably have heard that Yuhan was poisoned by the Cold Toxin, right?”


Yuhan has been poisoned by the Cold Toxin?

Kris frowned and said that he didn’t know about this.

“Does Yuhan get poisoned by the Cold Toxin? Grandpa?” Kris Chen questioned.

“You have no idea of this?” Tongtian Wu looked at Kris in amazement. “I thought you two were in a relationship. Yuhan didn’t tell you?”

Hearing this, Kris was awkward. After all, he and Yuhan are not even friends but dislike each other.

“She must be afraid that you might be upset so she didn’t tell you.” Tongtian Wu sighed and continued the conversation “When Yuhan was five years old, my enemies came for me, and in order to protect Yuhan, her parents were killed by those brutes. But even so, Yuhan still could not get rid of them and was hurt by the Mysterious Specter Palm.”

“The Mysterious Specter Palm is quite fatal. Once you were hurt by it, the Cold Toxin would invade your viscera and organs like maggots.” Tongtian Wu said with sorrow. “What’s worse, you can only prevent the toxin from spreading but can not detoxify. So in the past 15 years, I’ve been suppress the toxin in her body with my internal strength.”

“It’s so oppressive that this toxin couldn’t be detoxified.” Kris thought to himself.

Then Kris asked with curiosity, “Grandpa. Isn’t there anything we could do to detoxify the toxin inside Yuhan, though?”

“Right,” Tongtian nodded at first but then shook his head. “But maybe there is a way.”

“What do you mean?” Kris Chen questioned.

“Only friars who have already broken through to the heaven-human-oneness stage could have the ability to detoxify the toxin of Mysterious Specter Palm. However, there had not been such a friar for nearly two hundred years, so it’s impossible, by the way. But there is another approach. I’ve read in the ancient books, and it said that with an advanced pill called ‘the Pure Masculine Pill’, we can detoxify the Cold Toxin. But since the Dan Clan’s collapse in several hundred years ago, there were no alchemists any more. So currently, the refined pill is the products of the ancient medicine combined with Chinese traditional medicine, but all of them are defective and of no use.”

“So, both two ways are impractical.” Tongtian Wu ended with a wry smile.

“I can’t do anything with these existing methods. I’m such a worthless old fool.”

Kris Chen didn’t say anything but started to recall The Medicine Book in his mind. The Pure Masculine Pill is truly an advanced magical pill and is in the highest-ranking among all the advanced magical pill.

To refine the Pure Masculine Pill, more than 120 kinds of materials need to be prepared. And most importantly, it also needs a ray of the Genuine Solar Fire to refine it. And the Genuine Solar Fire can only be condensed by a friar who’s in the back-to-self stage.

It’s really hard to get the Genuine Solar Fire let alone other materials. And Kris Chen’s only in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

Wait? When did he breakthrough to this stage?

Chapter 268: Secret Passage

Just as Kris Chen was still muddled.

Tongtian Wu said in sorrow, “A few months ago, it took me a great deal of effort to find a Millennium Wild Ginseng. I originally intended to use the Pure Yang medicinal power of the Millennium Wild Ginseng to suppress the Cold Poison in Yuhan Qin’s body so that I could focus on breaking through to the back-to-self stage with all my strength. Who would have thought that she sold the Millennium Wild Ginseng to other…”

Saying this, Tongtian shook his head, “Things didn’t happen as I wished, I also failed in breaking through to the back-to-self stage and suffered a bigger backlash. Within a year… I’ll…”

At this point, however, Tongtian did not continue but looked towards Kris, “I can still help Yuhan suppress the toxicity during this year, but you must break through to the return-to-nature stage within this year. Otherwise, Yuhan will be in danger, when the Cold Poison erupts in her body, the Genuine Energy of the innate-power stage will not be able to suppress it anymore…”

Now, standing in front of Kris was just an old man who was pleading piteously for his granddaughter, instead of the high ranking Divine Dragon Guardian.

Kris couldn’t tell how complicated he was now. It turned out that the Millennium Wild Ginseng that Yuhan had sold him was her cure.

How could she sell it to him, it was so precious and important for her life…

She’s so silly, really.

Thinking of this, Kris stared at Tongtian and said seriously, “Grandpa, don’t worry! I won’t let anything happen to Yuhan as long as I am alive.”

“Good, good boy, I knew I had made the right decision to trust you.” Tongtian nodded in relief.

After coming out of the hall, Kris had been thinking about his breakthrough in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

What was going on?

Was it because of the cross-cupped wine yesterday?

Or did he breakthrough on his own naturally?

Kris had no clue about it, so he simply stopped thinking.

He was already in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage now. The next stage would be the return-to-nature stage.

He was not as worried as other practitioners. When he had consolidated his present power, he could take the Obstacle-Breaking Pill to break through to the return-to-nature stage.

Practicing was a piece of cake for him.

However, if he wanted to cure Yuhan completely, he had to gather 120 kinds of herbs and breakthrough to the back-to-self stage to obtain the Genuine Fire of Sun and refine the Genuine Pill of Pure Yang.

The Obstacle-Breaking Pill was ineffective to the practitioners of the return-to-nature stage, and one had to take the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill to break through to the next period.

Therefore, one year was a very short time for him. Kris had no time to lose.

As he was thinking about these, a man came up to him, “Sub-Headquarters Leader, Xiaolong Tan is looking for you.”

Kris looked up, it was Kuizi.

Kris asked, “What is it he wants to see me about?”

“I don’t know, but he said it was important.” Kuizi shook his head, squeezing and winking his eyes, “Sub-Headquarters Leader, how was last night? How does it feel to be a groom for the second time?”

Damn, Sub-Headquarters Leader was freaking awesome. He already had a wife and still got married again. That’s amazing! Kuizi considered Kris his idol.

“Get out of my sight!” Kris was already anxious because of Yuhan’s illness. Hearing Kuizi’s words, he got even more vexed.

Arriving at Xiaolong’s residence.

In the hall, Xiaolong Tan and Wudi Geng were drinking tea. Seeing Kris, Wudi joked, “The groom is here! How about last night? Does it feel good? Shouldn’t you be grateful to me for my kick yesterday?”

“Black Dragon Guardian, don’t joke with me.” Kris laughed but was criticizing in his heart, “Damn it! So you were the one who kicked me yesterday.”

“Come on, Kris!” Xiaolong moved to let Kris sit next to him and poured a glass of water for Kris, “The six major schools will probably launch a general attack in the next two days.”

Hearing this news, Kris almost spurted out the water in his mouth.

The six major schools would launch a general attack?

What’s going on? Kris was informed that they were retreating.

“With all the hostages we have, how dare they attack us?” Kris questioned.

“What if they don’t care about the hostages?” Xiaolong said with a chuckle.

“The message from the spy shows that the Deputy Head of the Huashan School, Master Jinglian of the Emei School, the East Sword King and South Sword King of Wuliangjian School insist they launch the battle.” Wudi said, “So Shaolin School, Wudang School, and Gaibang School were forced to agree.”


Wasn’t the Holy Dragon Cult in danger then?

Seeing that Kris was worrying, Xiaolong shook his feathered fan lightly, “Kris, don’t be nervous. The Holy Dragon Cult holds a natural advantage, it’s not that easy for them to attack us.”

“Xiaolong is right!”

“So, what about those hostages in the dungeon?” Kris asked.

“Oh… Of course, we will kill them!” Xiaolong said with a cold smile, “They’ve lost their value, but it’s boring if we just kill them now. We should kill them one by one in front of the people from the six major schools when they attack us and see if these so-called upright and noblemen attack or not.”

Hearing Xiaolong’s words, Kris was chilled to the bone. What an insidious scheme!

At this moment, Xiaolong did not resemble Wolong Zhuge(a person of great wisdom and resourcefulness). Instead, he resembled Xu Jia(a talented strategist who didn’t care about other people’s lives, only focusing on his aims).

Ruthless, it was too ruthless.

“I have to save Lan Yu,” Andy thought.

After returning from Xiaolong, Kris was thinking about how to rescue Lan.

The Holy Dragon Cult was heavily guarded. There were cliffs over a thousand feet deep on its two sides and dozens of meters-high walls in front and behind.

In the end, he came to the conclusion, it was impossible to save her! But how could he just stand by and watch her die in front of him?


At nine o’clock in the evening, when the sound of snoring was heard from the surrounding rooms, Kris sneaked out of his room.

Unlike the last time, the patrolling disciples had suddenly increased by two or three times tonight, which greatly increased the difficulty of sneaking out.

It took him a great deal of effort to sneak into the kitchen. After grabbing a handful of flour, Kris was about to go out. He then heard a voice from outside, “You guys come in with me, I heard a noise in the kitchen.”

Damn, Kris cursed in his heart. This kitchen was small. Where could he hide?

Seeing the fire outside getting closer and closer, Kris’s heart instantly sank.


The door was pushed open, and a few patrolling disciples walked in with torches in their hands.

The leader of these disciples looked around and found nothing. The kitchen was empty.


He slapped the person behind him in the face.

“Fuck, no one’s here.”

The man who was slapped touched his face and said grievously, “Leader, I clearly heard a sound in the kitchen.”

Then, a disciple beside him suddenly said, “Leader, look at the ground, there are footprints!”


The leader squatted down to take a look. There were footprints and flour on them.

These were definitely footprints left by the chef.

“Alright, don’t be so sensitive. It must have been left by the chef.” The leader said, “OK, let’s check the other places. All of you brace yourself up. Don’t let your guard down.”

Saying this, he took the disciples out.

The sound of footsteps gradually faded away, and Kris, who was hiding under the table, breathed a sigh of relief.

He almost got caught.

“Let’s go out of here,” Kris said.

“Gu… Sir(a form of address for a man used by the members of his wife’s family), we can’t go out. There are a lot of people patrolling tonight. Come… Come with me, I’ll take you out…”

“What? You called me Sir?” Before he finished talking, Kris felt the floor he was standing on suddenly disappeared.

He fell down with a poof.

Cough cough cough…

“Damn it! Where the hell are we?” Kris almost choked to death from the dust.

Then a sound of lighting a fire came suddenly.

A small torch lit up in front of Kris. And the person who lit up this torch surprised him a lot.

“You… Aren’t you the personal maid of Yuhan?” Kris pointed at the little maid and said, “Why are you here? How did you know there was a secret passage under the kitchen? How did you…”

Seriously, Kris was muddled by what had happened.

He looked upwards, and it was so black that he couldn’t see anything.

Seeing Kris’s talking was incoherent and confused, the little maid puffed out a laugh, “Sir, you must be curious about why I was in the kitchen and why I know about this secret passage? Right?”

“Yes! That’s right.” Kris nodded.

The little maid smiled and said, “Actually, this secret passage is something I discovered by chance. As to why I was in the kitchen…”

The little maid paused and said with some embarrassment, “It was because I woke up in the middle of the night and was a bit hungry, so…”

As simple as this?

Although Kris felt something was wrong, he could not tell what’s the problem.

No! There was a problem!

Kris snatched the torched in her hand and pointed at the chains on her hands and feet, “Why are there chains on your hands? How did you evade their patrol with your hands and feet locked in chains?”

He stared at her seriously. With the chains, even walking slowly would make a tinkling sound, let alone avoid the patrol. The patrolling disciples were not deaf, how could they not hear it?

Seeing Kris was full of question, the little maid smiled and said, “Don’t be anxious, I’ll explain it to you. This chain was locked by the old Master. As to why I was not discovered by them, it’s simple. There are other exits of this secret passage.”

“Other exits?” Kris frowned and asked.

“That’s right, there are other exits.” The little maid nodded.

“Can you take me out?”

“Sir, come with me…” Said the little maid who took the torch from Kris’s hand and walked forward.

Although Kris was suspicious, he could only follow behind her.

The secret passage was very deep and long. The further they went in, the higher the temperature became, and he could also hear the sound of rushing water.

“Little maid… What’s your name?” Kris asked.

“You can call me Ugly, which is the name Miss Qin gave me.” The little maid answered.

“Ugly? What kind of person would give a girl this name!” Kris didn’t know what to say. Yuhan Qin was really unruly. It’s not her fault to born ugly, Yuhan deliberately gave her such an unpleasant name. She was simply outraging the little maid’s susceptibilities.

“It’s not a nice name, from now on I’ll call you… Little Guy.” The little maid was small and plain. Calling her Little Guy was suitable.

“Thank you, but you’d better call me Ugly.” The little maid looked back at Kris and shook her head, saying.

“Why?” Kris was puzzled.

“Miss Qin will definitely be unhappy if she knows that you gave me this new name.”

“It’s fine, I’ll call you Little Guy. As for Miss Qin, I will explain to her.”

Calling a girl Ugly, that’s too insulting.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be…”

Kris hadn’t finished talking, Little Guy suddenly stopped and blew out the fire.

“Why did you…”

“Shh, Sir, there is someone in front.” Little Guy covered Kris’s mouth and whispered.

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