These friends and family were all stunned, their jaws dropped in shock, it was really from this decadent youth in front of them!
It’s more than five million dollars. Just like that?
The key is just now Sarah’s father also as a toy almost gave a child.
Zelda’s beauty eyes saw the gold card in Sarah’s hands, her beauty eyes drafted, she was invited to the banquet last time, how could she not know about this card?
But she knew that she wasn’t qualified to have this card.
But she was surprised that Chuck had it, and actually gave such a valuable gold card to someone else as a gift?
Sarah’s red lips were so wide open, so shocked that he could stuff an egg into them, wasn’t he broke?

“Uncle doesn’t like it?” Chuck asked.
It didn’t matter, if you didn’t like it, just take it back, your own mother’s hotel was basically full every day anyway, whether it was a regular room or a presidential suite.
“No, no, like, like.” After Sarah’s dad was shocked, he nodded his head like a chicken eating rice.
“Grandpa, if you like it, why are you giving this to me to play with like a toy?” The little boy asked.
His father was too busy covering his mouth, embarrassed again by the child’s words.

Sarah’s dad’s old face suddenly turned as red as a monkey’s butt.
Sarah was embarrassed and whispered, “Dad, what did you just do! Such a precious thing…”
“How should I know?” Her dad shook his head and sighed.
Startled, Chuck looked at Sarah’s dad a few more times again and seemed to smile, “Uncle doesn’t seem to like it very much.”
“No, I just made a mistake.” Sarah’s dad shook his head.
“Yes, my dad made a mistake, why wouldn’t my dad like such an expensive gift?” Sarah also hurriedly said.
She looked at Chuck a few more times and felt a little more agreeable, so there was no bankruptcy ah, but why so decadent?
“Alright, just as long as uncle likes it.” Chuck didn’t bother to pursue the matter, the card had already been given away, so he couldn’t take it back ah! This would make it very difficult for Zelda to do so.
But if other people were like this, then Chuck wouldn’t be polite.
Sarah’s father was relieved, “Thanks a lot, you’re sending such an expensive gift.”
“It’s fine, I should, Zelda brought me here, so of course I’ll give uncle something he likes,” Chuck said.

The crowd was surprised, they heard that Chuck meant that without Zelda, people wouldn’t come over here at all, much less give such a gift.
Sarah was a little embarrassed with her father, but he felt that he still had face, and a card like this would bring benefits to his business.
Sarah is pleasantly surprised that she can go stay in the presidential suite every day.
However, the other relatives looked down on Chuck just now and became envious of Zelda for finding such a boyfriend.
Zelda was also embarrassed, her beautiful eyes turned and looked at Chuck.
“Come on, let’s all take a seat, the food is ready.” Sarah’s father greeted.

Family and friends all headed inside the house, Sarah’s dad muttered, “Ask Zelda to see if his boyfriend has any brothers or something like that. You can find someone like that too, Dad has no objection.”
“Dad, even if he has a brother, but he’s so rich, how can he see me?” Sarah shook her head, she had a hot body, but compared to Zelda, there was still a bit of a gap, and not only her body but also her appearance temperament There was a gap between all of them.
Her father sighed, indeed, with a family of three billion, their family really wasn’t in the same class, it was considered a high level.
After drinking and eating, everyone felt that it was almost time to eat, and many people toasted Chuck, who could only politely refuse, he didn’t really want to drink, he didn’t have the heart.
When they came out, Sarah was still sent.
Driving away with Chuck and Zelda.

The crowd appeared to see each other off.
“Sarah’s father, you didn’t ask him what he was doing just now?” A relative asked.
“He didn’t say much, but my daughter just asked, like he has a square…” said Sarah’s father.
“A square, what square?” The crowd was curious.
“City Square.”
“Hey, isn’t City Square the old king’s? How…”
“He bought it.”
“What? Buy the square, this body, tsk tsk, no wonder you can have a gold card, Sarah’s father, you have face ah, this gold card bull.”
Sarah’s father is proud is okay, my birthday, he gave it to me!..…

Sarah sent Chuck and Zelda downstairs, and Sarah whispered, “Chuck, I’m sorry, my father is… today…”
“It’s fine, as long as uncle is happy,” Chuck didn’t matter, it was over.
Sarah was reassured, “Anyway, thanks, my dad is happy today.”
When Chuck got off, Sarah pulled Zelda who was getting off and asked, “Does he have any brothers?”
“There doesn’t seem to be any, why do you ask?” Zelda was confused, this hadn’t been heard from Chuck, so it meant no.
“Nothing, nothing,” Sarah blushed.
Zelda smiled and got off the car, Sarah looked at Chuck a few more times and drove away reluctantly.
“How is it now?” Zelda was concerned, and she saw that Chuck was a little more relaxed.
“Thank you.” Chuck still had the missing Yvette in his heart, but going out for a spin was indeed a little better.
Only, Yvette hadn’t been found yet!

The two of them went to take the elevator up, Chuck actually wanted to go back to the place where Yvette rented the house, but Susan lived there, and it was still not very convenient to go by yourself.
So they could only stay on their own side of the house, and it was good that Aunt Logan was still here these days.
Arriving at the two’s building into, Zelda bit her lip, “Chuck, why don’t you go to my house and sit down?”
Chuck turned his head startled ……

Somewhere in a room where Yvette was locked in, she curled up, her body trembling in a corner, she was tired and hungry, but she couldn’t get out.
And every day a man came and beat her, and beat her hard, and she had only one weapon, then a dagger.
She had been tortured, and she regretted why she came out when she got a call, “Honey, I miss you so much…you Who the hell is the person who’s going to show me the way?”
Yvette shed tears, but, at this time, the door opened and that person came back in.
Yvette wiped away her tears and stood up from the corner, she beauty cold down, pitiful to not terrible, this person has been tormenting her for more than ten days, she hates this person!
She’s not afraid, she’ll die at worst, but she won’t be humiliated!

“Let me out!” Yvette had a dagger in her hand, she held on as tightly as she could.
“Defeat me and you can get out, if you can’t defeat me, you’ll be locked up here for the rest of your life, do it!” This person came over, Yvette’s beautiful eyes were cold and brake out, but this person easily took her hand.
“Too weak, too weak.” This person disdainfully pushed Yvette away.
Yvette fell to the ground, especially painful, but her eyes were even colder, “Let me out, I want to see my husband, I want…”
“He’s not your husband, he’s your enemy, again!” This person is cold down.
Yvette fell to the ground again, the cold in her beautiful eyes, even more, she rushed up, but it was useless.

This scene was watched by an old man through the surveillance screen.
“Master, isn’t this too cruel to Miss?” Someone beside him asked carefully.
“No, it’s not cruel now, it’s harmful to her afterward, how can you kill Karen Li with such strength? How will you kill that woman? She can’t even beat an ordinary person right now, too weak, at least she’d have to beat a veteran who’s been training for three years to get out.” This old man said, his voice also heartbroken, but helpless.
“Is this possible? Such a hostile environment?”
“Possibly, and if that’s not even possible, then she’s not worthy of being my granddaughter! She has my son’s blood flowing inside her, my son is a top-notch fighter, she’ll inherit it, she will!” The old man’s eyes were brilliant!

Yvette was kicked on the ground, she was covering her stomach and was about to pass out.
“What’s wrong, it’s that rubbish? Still, want to get out of here? You’re locked in here for the rest of your life! Garbage!” This one taunts, “Tomorrow, if you can’t beat me, I’ll make you look good! Eat it!”
He went out and casually threw a dirty steamed bun in, landing in front of Yvette, she looked at this steamed bun, she didn’t even shed tears after facing the torture she just went through, but she did at this time.
She picked up the dirty steamed bun, the hunger of a few days made her eat it one bite at a time, “Honey, I’m not dead, I’ll get out!”

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