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Chapter 267: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 267 Kiss After A Long Separation (1)
“Kerry, you are a madman, a madman…” Venus burst into a flood of tears.

Xiaomei Pan, standing next to her, had been completely froze and her brain went blank.

John the butler in a panic shouted for Fang to drive the car and called the hospital.

At this moment, Pingan pulled the sleeves of Venus and whispered, “Mom, don’t cry, dad is OK.”

Venus was shocked. She wiped her tears and looked at her son, “What did you say?”

“Dad is OK. He spoke to me just now.” Pingan seemed to be sharing a secret with her, which was very mysterious.

Venus was stunned. Kerry obviously landed on the ground directly, which she saw clearly. How was he able to talk to Pingan?

Wait, when did Pingan show up here? He didn’t seem to be here just now.

Suddenly thinking of something, Venus quickly took a look at Xiaomei, who was still in a daze, and asked Pingan in a low voice, “What did dad speak to you?”

“Dad asked me if the color of his eyes became the same color as my right eye.”

Venus looked at her son’s right eye, which was purple.

So, was it that the power in Kerry’s body was activated in the process of falling and made time still? Or did the son use the power in his own body?

“Pingan, don’t tell anyone else about it, OK?” Venus reminded him in whispering.

Pingan nodded seriously.

At this time, Fang parked the limousine in front of them. Two bodyguards hurried up forward to carry Kerry.

“Slow down.” After listening to Pingan’s words just now, Venus settled down a lot. She was much more calm and less flustered now.

Kevin ran down all the way, jumped right into the limousine and anxiously asked, “How’s my brother?”

Venus had checked his pulse and said softly, “Not dead.”

“God bless him.” Kevin prayed by putting his hands together.

“John, take care of Pingan.” Venus called out to the outside and then she said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

Less than two meters away the limousine drove, Xiaomei suddenly came back to her senses. She rushed to catch up, clutching the car window and yelling, “I’m going too.”

The car speed was not very fast, so Xiaomei could keep up with them.

Venus turned to look at the woman running outside the car and said coldly, “He gave his life back to you already. How he is going to be in the future has nothing to do with you.”

Xiaomei’s eyes moistened. “No, please let me go with you. I won’t stay at your house forever. I just want to see him awake with my own eyes. As soon as he wakes up, I’ll leave Ye’s house immediately.”

Venus’ heart softened. Let it go, Meimei Pan was just another stupid woman in stupid love.

“Fang, stop the car.”

The atmosphere in the car became extremely oppressive. Venus’s eyes were completely focused on Kerry. She wanted to know what happened to Kerry as he fell.

After a while, sobbing sounds were heard. Without looking around, she knew for sure that it was from Xiaomei who was sitting in the back of the car.

She, who had been through so much turmoil, was scared by Kerry just now, not to mention such a young girl, so she didn’t stop Xiaomei sobbing.

She needed to vent her terrified emotions.

Kevin didn’t hear the story from Pingan. At the moment, he was very worried, meanwhile, he heard Meimei sobbing, the anger in his heart rose at once and exploded, “My brother is not dead, what are you crying for?”

Xiaomei was startled, but then she cried louder though, saying, “I didn’t mean to…I was just being angry with him…Who knows…”

Kevin gave her a hateful look. The good education he received since he was a child prevented him from speaking ill of a woman. He could only hold Kerry’s hand and pray that he could continue the good luck of last time and something bad would not happen.

“I don’t want him dead,” She kept sobbing, “If I knew he would really jump, I, I would never let him jump. He was the first person I liked. How could I want him to die?”

Xiaomei started to cry bitterly, with tears and nasal mucus mixed together on her face.

Listening these, Venus felt annoyed and sympathized at the same time. She took a paper box from the front desk of the car and gave it to Kevin, showing him to pass it to Xiaomei.

Kevin gave her a stare helplessly, and reluctantly passed the paper box to Xiaomei. “OK, we know you didn’t mean it, all right? All blame to my brother’s stubbornness. It was us who couldn’t stop him and it was his own decision. But do you really promise not to force my brother to marry you any more?”

Wiping tears, Xiaomei nodded and said, “Yes, I won’t force him anymore.” As saying that, she had a look at Venus in front, and said grievingly, “He doesn’t love me, and I can’t force him to love me. After all, the melon picked forcefully is not sweet.”

“If only you had thought so earlier.”

Thought so earlier?

It was only three days. How could Xiaomei think through clearly already? Besides, she really liked Kerry and liked him very much. Seeing that the man who she had loved for more than three months suddenly fell in love with another woman, she went crazy with jealousy. All she had in mind was how to get him back. How could she really decide to let go now?

If it wasn’t that Kerry was so determined to jump off roof today, she herself didn’t even know what else would she do in the future.

When they arrived at the hospital of last time, doctors and nurses were waiting at the gate. As soon as the car stopped, Kerry was carried onto a stretcher. John had told the doctor of the cause of injury over the phone, so the doctors didn’t ask and directly pushed Kerry into the emergency room.

Venus was fidgetingly walking at the door of the emergency room, hands tangling together and keeping looking inside through a small window.

Xiaomei had stopped crying. She was curling up in a chair with red eyes, and the expression on her face was a bit dull.

Time was in slow motion like a snail crawling. Not knowing how long it had passed, the door to the emergency room opened, Venus and Kevin rushed up to the doctor nervously, “How was he?”

“His vital signs are relatively normal. We did an ultra-sound radiography for him. There is no sign of organ damage in his body, and his bones and everything are all in good condition.” Said the doctor.

“Is he awake?”

“Not yet. It should be a temporary coma. He should wake up after a while.”

As soon as the doctor’s words finished, a nurse behind was heard exclaiming, “Doctor, the patient is awake.”

When Venus and Kevin heard the news, they ran into the room in surprised happiness. Then, she saw his eyes which were full of tenderness. Just a glance, Venus knew that he had recovered his memory.

Her tears fell involuntarily, and the most beautiful smile bloomed on her face.

“Venus, come here.” Kerry reached out to her.

Venus couldn’t help but change into a chuckle. She went over with tears still on her face, and her soft punches fell on his chest, “How dare you scare me, how dare you! Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you? To make it worse, you lost your memory. Were you trying to piss me off to death?”

Kerry let her punches fall on him without stopping her. When she had it enough, he grabbed her wrist, pulled her into his arms and covered her lips.

It was a kiss after a long separation, gentle yet affectionate, whispering each other’s loving secrets.

Looking at this scene, Kevin, who was completely ignored, shrugged his shoulders and waved to the snickering nurses around. All of them followed him out of the emergency room while turning their heads from time to time.

After all, it was not usual for them to watch Kerry’s gossip news.

After a deep French kiss, Kerry leaned against the woman’s forehead, with eyes full of doting looks.

“As sweet as last night.” He said in a deep and cheerful voice.

Venus blushed instantly. It suddenly occurred to her that they were still in the hospital, so she struggled to get up, but she was held tighter by Kerry.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 267 Kiss After A Long Separation (2)
“Don’t move. Let me hold you for a while. I haven’t held you for a long time.” Kerry said gently.

Venus stopped struggling, nestling in his chest like a cat. “When did you recover your memory?”

“It was Pingan who woke me up.” Kerry’s words did not quite answer the question.

“What do you mean?”

“When I fell to the ground, time suddenly stopped, and then I heard Pingan’s voice. The next thing I knew was that I slowly recovered my memory.” Kerry stroke her hair, which was his long-established habit. Before, her hair was very long, black and shiny, which Kerry liked to play with a lot. Now even if it became short hair, this habit still didn’t change.

Venus looked up at him in surprise. “So it’s not your power but Pingan?”

“It’s him,” Kerry affirmed. “He’s much powerful than we thought, at least much better than me. It’s just that he’s not very good at using it now.”

“That’s right,” said Venus, raising her head and looking up at him angrily, “Were you stupid? Why did you jump down from that high, what if you get hurt?”

“I was standing on the roof and wanted to talk with Xiaomei more, but I didn’t expect that you said you wanted a divorce. How could I not get desperate?”

“People divorce and people also remarry. Silly! What should Pingan and I do if anything happen to you?”

Kerry obviously disagreed with her, holding her thin little face and saying, “What remarry? There is no such word as divorce in my dictionary. Don’t you ever even think about it.”

Venus showed not much care, “It’s just a temporary measure. When Xiaomei Pan completely give up on you, we’ll get back together.”

“No, absolutely not. In case you fall in love with another man during the period, there will be no place for me to cry.”

Venus smiled silently, with her head on his chest, feeling his temperature, his heartbeat, and his breath.

“This is good.” Venus said, feeling incomparably happy.

When the two were swimming in loving honey, a nurse pushed the door in, “Mr. Ye, the doctor said you have nothing serious, you can go home now.”

“Thank you very much.” Kerry maintained the high-profile posture of showing affection and said lightly.

“And, you’d better leave quickly. In a few minutes, several seriously injured people will come here for rescue.”


As they walked out of the emergency room, Xiaomei came up with tears in her eyes. She was trying to embrace Kerry, which was stopped by Kerry with words, “Hello, Miss Pan.”

Xiaomei’s action stopped. She looked at the man in front of her in surprise. His eyes were not as clear and pure as before, but rather deep and gloomy, as if he had changed into another person.

Besides, he never called her Miss Pan. At most, he called her full name out of anger.

“You…” Xiaomei was not sure about the thought she had in mind.

Kerry smiled faintly and nodded, “Yes, I remember the past. Thank you for saving me.”

Maybe it was the change of aura. Xiaomei had an inexplicably strange fear of such Kerry, and she didn’t dare to put her hands all over Kerry now like she used to.

Kevin’s excited mood was much more relaxed, and he greeted his brother quietly, “Kerry.”

At this moment, Kerry showed some genuinely hearty smile, “It has been hard for you during this time.” said Kerry.

“That’s what I should do. Let’s go home.” It was still difficult for Kevin to face the real Kerry now. He started to walk towards the gate of the hospital.

Watching his back, Kerry turned to Venus and sighed, “He’s still hating me.”

Venus didn’t think so, “You are being paranoid. If he hates you, he would not make all-out efforts to come back and find you this time, not to mention that he returned the company to you without any hesitation after finding you. It’s narrow-mind of you to assume Kevin like that.”

“Don’t say that about me.” There was jealousy emitting from Kerry’s tone. He still remembered how much Kevin liked Venus in the past, and Kevin hadn’t even spoken to him for two years because of it.

Venus was speechless. She glared at Kerry and said, “Hum, narrow-minded it is. I’m just telling the truth. Can’t you be the more generous one here?”

“No, I will never be generous in this kind of matter.”

“I suddenly feel that the amnestic you are actually better, soft and cute, like a teenager. Look at you now, eh… ” With a long sigh, Venus walked out, and Kerry followed immediately.

“What’s wrong with me now? I’m still very good. You see, still soft and cute,” Kerry held her hand and made funny faces, wanting to make Venus laugh, but was pushed away by her.

Xiaomei, forgotten and left in the hall, was filled with dead ashes in her heart, feeling utterly frustrated. These two persons only saw each other in their eyes and there was no place for her at all.

Her “Kerry dear” may take a look at her, but Kerry now only regarded her as a stranger, a stranger who saved him, nothing more.

Let it go. Something didn’t belong to her in the first place, so there was no reason to force it any more.

Just pretend to have a long and beautiful dream.

The atmosphere in the car was much better than before. Kerry tried many times to find a chance to talk to Kevin, but all dismissed by his younger brother.

Kevin felt a little bit hurt.

Back at Ye’s villa, John the butler was overjoyed. The young master was indeed a man protected by gods, nothing bad happened.

Pingan trotted into Kerry’s arms and looked straight into his eyes, “Daddy, your eyes change back!”

Hearing the sound of “daddy”, Kerry was very happy, giving the boy a big kiss on the cheek, “Stinky boy, you are finally willing to call me daddy.”

Pingan giggled, “I’m not a stinky boy, I’m a good boy.”

“Yes, yes, you are the best boy in the world.”

When the family was enjoying their united time, Xiaomei went upstairs alone in silence and began to pack up her stuff. Her brother next door heard the sound and came in.

“Xiaomei, what are you doing?” Xiaomei’s brother asked in surprise.

“Kerry has recovered his memory. It’s time for us to go back.” Xiaomei took out the clothes from the closet. Many of them were new models bought only yesterday. She decided to take them away with her, useless to leave them here.

Xiaomei’s brother held her wrist. “You want to leave like this? Don’t you want to marry Kerry anymore?”

Xiaomei shook her head feebly, “It’s not about whether I want to or not. This matter is completely impossible. He would rather jump off a building than marry me. What else can I do?”

“It’s only been a few days. You haven’t tried hard enough. How could you think it’s impossible?”

Xiaomei didn’t want to continue this topic. She shook off her brother’s hand and said irritably, “I’ve decided. We leave now, otherwise, we will really be looked down upon by others.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 267 Kiss After A Long Separation (3)
“You are such a fool. What about looking down or not? As long as our goal can be achieved, how would some loss of self-esteem hurt us?”

“You don’t understand. Now Kerry is not the one we used to know. I was scared to death just standing in front of him. How can I fight for it?”

Xiaomei’s brother was very curious, “Is the change so great? Let me go and have a look. Stop packing first.”

After two or three minutes, he came back, drooping his head dejected and sitting on the bed without speaking.

“How about it? Why you are not talking? ” Xiaomei asked as she folded her clothes.

Xiaomei’s brother opened his mouth, “Yes, I saw him, it’s really like you said. He is not the person before at all. He looked at me from a distance, and I felt cold on my back. No wonder he can manage such a big company. He is really not an ordinary person.”

“Then don’t be so dazed. Go back and pack. This is not where we should be.” Xiaomei urged him.

Xiaomei’s brother was still not giving up. “Didn’t they say that they could help us buy a house and find a job in Sky City? I’m not going back. Fishing at sea every day is hard and tiring. I want to stay and live in Sky City.”

Xiaomei got angry. “If you don’t go back, I’ll go back alone.”

She had lost her love, she couldn’t lose her dignity. Deep down in her heart, she didn’t want Kerry to look down on her.

She didn’t bring much when she came here. Xiaomei packed up her new clothes, shoes and bags, and then went downstairs under all kinds of obstruction of her brother.

Kerry, Venus, Kevin, and Henry were talking about Xuan Chu’s affairs. Seeing her carrying her luggage, they were stunned. Finally, it was Venus who broke the deadlock.

“Miss Pan, you are…leaving?”

Xiaomei looked at Kerry secretly and pretended to be calm, “I keep my promise and I’m leaving now.”

Venus obviously didn’t expect her to be so decisive this time. She started to like this girl a little bit.

“Why don’t you stay a few more days? You haven’t visited the Sky City well.” This was from the heart of Venus. Anyway, now that Kerry had recovered his memory, she was not worried at all.

Xiaomei shook her head. “No, I’ll come to visit Sky City myself when I have time.”

“Xiaomei, you are a good girl. You will find a better man.” Venus thought for a while and said, “The terms I gave you before still count. You can think about it.”

“No, I think…”

“Yes, we want them.” Xiaomei’s brother came running from the stairs. He pulled his sister behind him and kept his chest up, “I am her brother, so I have the final say in this matter. We agree to all those conditions you said.”

“Brother!” Xiaomei exclaimed discontentedly behind him.

“You don’t talk. Mom and dad are old already. Do you still want them to go out fishing at sea? Can you be a little filial?”

Xiaomei was unconvinced. “We can make our own money and buy our own house.”

“Do you know how high the price is in Sky City? We can’t buy a house for a lifetime.”

“Then live in the village!”

Xiaomei’s brother got upset, “Are you still be able to go back to our village? Even if you can go back, are you still able to find a husband? Our parents will be laughed at all their lives. Can you not just think about yourself? Think about them for a change, will you?”

What Xiaomei’s brother said was all truth. When such a thing happened, the Pan family had become a laughing stock in the small fishing village. Once they showed up, people would think of that unfinished farce.

Xiaomei’s eyes turned red.

Venus looked back at Kerry, who nodded to her in agreement with her.

“Well, the Ye family has a three-room house vacant, with all the furniture in it. Take it as your reward for saving Kerry. You can take your parents over. As for job…” Venus was not very clear about Ye Huang’s businesses, so she did not know how to arrange it.

At this time, Kerry spoke, “I can arrange for you to work in the factory, but it’s all on the assembly line. You will not be given any extra care, and you will get as much salary as others get.”

“Yes, yes,” Xiaomei’s brother agreed. As long as he could stay in Sky City, he was willing to do anything. He was bored to death staying in that small fishing village.

Kerry ignored him, and set his cold eyes on the woman behind her brother. “Miss Pan, what do you think of it?”

Xiaomei dared not look him in the eye, twisting her ten fingers. “I don’t want your stuff.”

“You deserve it. Besides, we Ye family don’t want to owe others any debts.” Kerry used two or three sentences to widen the distance between the two of them.

“What are you hesitating about? What can you do in that small fishing village? Our life will be better in Sky City.” Xiaomei’s brother kept persuading her on the side.

Xiaomei hesitated for a long time before nodding.

“John, go take the key to the suite in Lianhu District,” said Kerry to John.

“Yes, young master.”

“Henry, you send them over later and take them to get familiar with the environment.”

“Yes, young master.”

Xiaomei was listening to his voice, and her heart turned cold little by little bit by bit. This kind of Kerry was out of reach, even more strange.

The car was waiting at the door. Xiaomei’s brother put her luggage in the trunk and looked up at the magnificent villa. He thought to himself, his life was worth it after living here for a few days.

Xiaomei couldn’t help turning her head and staring at Kerry affectionatedly before getting into the car. After a long while, she said, “Goodbye, Kerry.”

“Goodbye.” Kerry was polite and gentle.

When she got on the car, Xiaomei’s tears rolled down soundlessly, and her heart ached. She was afraid that she would never find a man she worshiped so much in her life.

Xiaomei’s brother sighed, hugged her and comforted her, “It’s OK, don’t cry. There are many good men in the world. You will find someone suitable for you. This Kerry is too tough to be your man.” “Yes.” Xiaomei nodded, letting her tears run wild.

Outside the villa, Venus said lightly, “In fact, this girl is not bad. She just got confused.”

Kerry didn’t comment. It didn’t seem appropriate for him to say anything, so he’d better shut up.

The car disappeared from view. Venus stretched out in laziness. After all the chaos through this morning, she could finally make up for a little sleep.

“Are you still going to the company?” Kerry asked her.

“I don’t want to go today. Let’s see tomorrow.” Venus was very casual.

In fact, most of her reasons for going to the company came from Kerry. Now that he had recovered his memory, there was no need for her to go to work so early. She had been upset all these past times, and she didn’t care enough about Pingan, so she wanted to spend more time with her son.

Of course, Kerry had no objection to this. He would like Venus to be an idle rich wife.

“Well, I will go to the company after lunch. The company’s performance has been falling down a lot,” He said, glancing at someone next to him.

Kevin immediately jumped to his feet. “You can’t blame me. It’s nice of me to hold on so long, OK?”

“Don’t you think about coming back and helping me? There are so many works to do.”

“No, I like to live a free life.” Kevin curled his mouth and flashed his eyes. “Well, I’m going back to Europe tomorrow.”

Venus was about to go, hearing this made her stop, “You’re leaving so soon?”

“My teacher called several times and told me to drop out if I can’t go back.” Kevin casually made an excuse. In fact, when he left the school, he went through the suspension procedures already. He just didn’t want to be fed more single-dog food. His fragile heart couldn’t bear it any more.

Kerry looked at him and solemnly said, “Thank you, Kevin.”

“Thank me for what?” Kevin raised his eyebrows.

“Everything you’ve done for me during this time.”

“That’s not necessary. I came back from Europe not for you, but for my lovely little nephew. Pingan, come here. Uncle will take you to have fun.”

“Great!” Pingan came over with a cheer.

Kerry, looking at the back of his brother and his son, smiled bitterly. Well, he admitted that his son had a lot of weight in his brother’s heart.

Venus was afraid to speculate about what Kevin was thinking in his heart. She had to pretend that she didn’t know anything.

“I’ll tell brother and Xiran about this. So that they won’t worry.”

“Yes,” said Kerry, “They won’t worry about me.”

“Of course, I’m afraid they worry about me.” Venus understood his vulnerable heart.

“Ah, Venus, I find you don’t love me as much as you used to,” said Kerry, putting his arm around her shoulder and giving her a venting kiss on the lips.

“You brought other women back. It was nice of me that didn’t shoot you twice, OK? You have so much to ask for. “

“I lost my memory. If I had not lost my memory, I would have crawled back even if I had broken my arm and leg.”

“You don’t have to crawl. You make a phone call and we’ll pick you up.” Venus suddenly remembered something and asked him, “By the way, what happened that night?”

“Well, it’s hard to say. Go to sleep first. I’ll tell you more when I have time.”

“All right.”

In the afternoon, as soon as Kerry arrived at the company, he ordered secretary Liu to hold a high-level meeting. Secretary Liu was acutely aware that Mr. Ye today seemed to be somewhat different from yesterday.

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