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Chapter 268: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 268 Kerry, Perform for us! (1)
It was not only secretary Liu who felt this way, but also the senior directors who attended the meeting. They were whispering. Why are we having this meeting again? Didn’t we just have one the day before?

But when they saw Kerry Ye walking in with a cold face, they were all scared and alerted.

Bang! Kerry threw a pile of files heavily on the table. Several pieces of paper slid far away on the smooth table, and some dropped on the floor.

The meeting room was soon in dead silence, even the temperature seemed to have dropped by a few degrees. One director bent down, wanting to pick up the files on the floor, but got eyeballed by Kerry.

“Why bother picking up this kind of trash?” Kerry scolded.

The director trembled and got back to his seat right away, with his eyes nervously staring at his nose tip.

Kerry looked around coldly and said, “You were having a good time while I was away, weren’t you? It’s the end of the first season and our profit is not even half of that last year. Did I hire you to enjoy life?”

All lowered their heads. Indeed they were having a good time these months.

Kerry walked around with his arms crossed, “I know, you want to push the responsibility to Director Yan, thinking he’s the one to blame because he’s not familiar with our business, huh? I admit this is one of the reasons. But most of the things in the first season were arranged in advance, all you had to do was to follow the arrangement but you didn’t. you have been so lazy about work lately and I want to hear any excuses.”

“I’ve read the reports you handed in. How could you feel proud of what you’ve reported? The Yehuang Group had the same profit even three years ago, didn’t you know? All of you, your one month of merit pay shall be deducted. In addition, if the profit next season is lower than that of last year, you’ll need to get the hell of the company, all of you! The Yehuang Group is not a charity house!”

After scolding them, Kerry walked out of the meeting room angrily.

In the meeting room, someone one glanced at the door and sighed in relief. Then came along the voices of complaints.

“He was quite merciful yesterday in the meeting. I thought he’s a changed person. Hay! I am thinking too much…”

The sales of women’s apparel last year has been the highest in recent years. And we have to exceed that! God! Help me!”

“God can’t help you, only women can! Quit complaining! Find a way to please women. Make them buy clothes!”

Kevin’s leaving tomorrow, so Tianye Mu and Xiran Xiao came to visit him and say goodbye.

The days were getting warmer. In order to make everyone enjoy, John the Butler specially set up the grill by the lake. There were grilled fish, grilled meat sticks and grilled vegetables. The categories and ingredients were as rich as those of a professional BBQ party.

Xiran didn’t know how to cook but she’s quite good at barbecuing. She was easy-going and did not play Lady at all. She asked Mrs Qin for an apron and put on Venus Mu’s flat shoes and started to roast. Tianye joined her, too, fanning and wiping her sweat.

“Sister Ran, I didn’t know you are capable of this!” Kevin admired.

Xiran smiled proudly, “This is nothing. I am best at roasting goat, which is crispy outside and tender inside, with great color, fragrance and taste.”

“Wow, sister Ran, you are skilled in everything! Do you have sisters? Introduce one to me!” Kevin joked.

“Well, no. I am the only girl in my family.”

Kevin glanced at Tianye and laughed, “Then you must have a lot of kids to pass down your excellent genes!”

Xiran flipped the meat sticks in her hands and said, “Of course. I’ve thought about it. I decide to have kids. One’s last name is Xiao, and the other…”

“The other should be Mu, any doubt about that?” Tianye said proudly.

Xiran blinked, “Well, let’s see how you’ll behave.”

Tianye kissed her ear and said shamelessly, “I know, I will work hard tonight.”

The words made Xiran blush. She turned around and eyeballed him shyly.

Kevin covered his chest and said, “Oh God, I am dying! They are making people envious! I have to take a rest!”

Xiran was still focused on the food when she saw John the Butler coming over here with several bottles of wine. She called, “John! BBQ should be matched with beers! Cold beers! Go get some beers!”

Beers? John was confused. Nobody drank beer at home. There’s no beer in the wine cellar.

“No beer?” Xiran asked.

“I’ll send someone to buy.” The capable John could always make things right.

Kevin heard their conversation and took out his phone, “No need. My brother has just finished his work. I’ll call him and ask him to buy on his way home.”

“Oh, okay.”

Venus knew nothing about grill. All she needed to do was to keep an eye on little Pingan, to keep him from running around.

When Kerry got home, he asked John the get the beers in his car and he went directly to his room to get changed. Seeing the beautiful and happy scene by the lake, he felt relaxed and all his tiredness were gone.

“Daddy!” Pingan cheered and ran over to Kerry. Kerry hugged him and held him up high.

“Have you been a good boy?” Kerry tapped him little nose and asked him.

“I am a good boy! I didn’t cause any trouble!” Pingan blinked his big eyes and said.

“Good boy!”

Xiran waved the grilled meat sticks in her hands and joked, “Here comes the forgetful hero!”

“Hi!” Kerry smiled in embarrassment.

Xiran turned around and asked Tianye deliberately, “Well, I remember that someone wanted to fight me on his wedding the other day. Who’s that man?”

Tianye cooperated, “There’s indeed some arrogant guy. Who’s that?”

Kerry felt so guilty and apologized immediately, “Sorry, sorry. I was out of my mind then. I didn’t mean to offend Miss. Xiao. Please forgive me for being rude!”

Xiran was about to tease him more but got teased by his attitude, “You rarely behave so humbly!”

“Of course! I am always aware of my mistakes and able to correct them in time.” Kerry said proudly.

It was getting dark and Xiran had already grilled two big plates of meat sticks. Then Mrs. Qin took her place and continued to grill.

Kerry poured beer for four of them. Venus said hurried, “I want to drink beer, too!”

“You’d better drink juice.” Kerry knew her capacity too well.

“Just one glass of beer! I won’t get drunk.”

“Brother, let her drink1 it’s okay if she gets drunk. We are family anyway.”

Xiran laughed. She already heard about the embarrassing moments of Venus from Tianye. “Yes, yes! We are family! We won’t laugh at her!”

Kerry had to pour her a glass of beer.

Kerry looked so handsome that day. He raised the glass and said, “Brother Mu, sister Ran, thank you for coming here tonight. I am impressed.”

Then the three drank up their beers.

“The second toast goes to Venus,” there’s light smile in his eyes, “If it hadn’t been for you, my brother, brother Mu and I would have hated each other all our lives. We are sitting here together today because of you. Thank you.”

Venus toasted with him, “Oh I am getting shy1 you’ve helped me a lot, too. We are friends, lets’ not be so polite. I shall drink up!” Then she really drank up her beers.

She drank it so fast before Kerry could stop her.

Kevin intended to let her take it easy. But seeing her drink like this, he drank up his beer too.

Then with the third beer in his hand, he looked at his brother, “Brother, this toast is for you. Thank you for all that you’ve done for our family. Because of you, I can chase the life I want and do whatever I want to do. Thank you brother!”

“Come on, you, don’t be so polite! Family should take care of each other!”

Ding! The glasses collided each other.

“Alright! Let’s eat!” Venus couldn’t control herself already. She took a meat stick and took a bite, “Hmm! Yummy!”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 268 Kerry, Perform for Us (2)
“It’s boring only eating and drinking. Let’s play games.” Xiran Xiao made a proposal.

“What games?” Venus Mu asked with a meat stick in her hand.

Xiran rolled her eyes naughtily and finally fixed her eyes upon Kerry Ye. She giggled and said, “Kerry, may I ask, what supernatural abilities do you have?”

On hearing this, everyone got silent. They all looked at Kerry. They were all interested in this. But because it’s too private, they never asked.

Seeing Xiran staring at him naughtily, he got alerted and asked, “What do you wanna do?”

Xiran was not embarrassed at all. She said bluntly, “Nothing. I am just curious. I want to know about this field.”

Kerry looked at the others and they all looked curious. So he compromised, “Well, I am in a good mood today. Let me show you what I’ve got.”

“Are you going to show us?” Xiran couldn’t believe her ears.

Kerry asked back, “What, you will not let me?”

“I will. I will.” Xiran was overjoyed. She didn’t expect that Kerry actually agreed.

“Well then.” Kerry closed his eyes. Then when he opened his eyes again, his pupils had turned to the charming color of purple. He moved his finger then several sticks started to fly above the plate. Then he moved his finger again, the meat sticks were already in front of the other four people’s faces.

The other three grabbed the sticks nervously except Venus.

It’s so thrilling to watch it so closely.

Then Kerry made two bottles of beer float in the air. Just when everyone thought the bottles were about to fall, four branches of liquid circled in the air and flew into everyone’s glass. When the glasses were filled, the two bottles came down slowly.

“And you have seen the sudden disappearance of objects and me flying around. And you have seen the time-freezing trick, which you wouldn’t feel anything even if I do it.” Kerry said lightly.

Xiran and Tianye looked at each other and they were both dumbfounded. That’s so eye-opening!

“Kerry, when did you realize this supernatural power in you?” Xiran asked with great interest.

“when I was in middle school.” Kerry thought back and replied. “One night, I woke up in the midnight and found myself floating in the air. I was scared. I thought there’s a ghost. I wanted to scream but as soon as I made a sound, I dropped back on the bed. Then after several times, I realized that every time it happened, my eyes would turn purple.”

“I remember there’s time when you were very upset locked yourself in your room all the time. I asked you to go out and play with you but you just ignore me. Was it then?” Kevin asked.

Kerry nodded and smiled bitterly, “Yes, when I found that I was different, I was scared. I thought I was a monster or taken by the ghost. I dared not tell our parents. I had to lock myself in the room so that no one could see me.”

Hearing him saying so, Venus felt pity on him. She could imagine how he felt when he was just an innocent student who had to face the fact that he might be a freak all of a sudden.

Everyone was quiet. Several meat sticks started to fly around, but randomly.

“Kerry, quit playing.” Venus dodged a stick of potato chips flying towards her and urged Kerry.

Kerry shrugged, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Then how come are they flying again?”

Kerry seemed to have remembered something and then turned to his son next to him. As he expected, Pingan was having fun.

“Pingan, stop!” Kerry said seriously.

Pingan was startled by his dad and his supernatural abilities suddenly disappeared. Thus the meat and vegetables all dropped on the ground. Lucky that no one got hit.

Kerry held his son by the shoulders and made him look at him and said, “Do not so this unless you are home.”

Pingan couldn’t understand him. So he asked, “Do what?”

Kerry was speechless, “Like that. Making things fly around or walking in the air is not allowed.”

Pingan talked back, “You were doing that. Why can’t I?”

Kerry held his temper and explained patiently, “You are a kid. You can’t control these abilities well. Like just now, you almost hurt mom. If it is seen by anyone else, they would take you away and you will never see mom and dad.”

Pingan show a slice of fear on his face. He then turned around and asked Venus, “Mom, will bad people take me away?”

“Yes, if you do this outside of our home.”

Pingan seemed to have considered well about it then said cautiously, “Well, I won’t do that any more.”

Kerry sighed in relief, “Good boy. I’ll teach you how to use these abilities when you grow up.”

“Okay.” Pingan seemed frustrated. He felt it quite interesting just now. But since mom and dad said he couldn’t do it, then he would have to do it in his own room secretly.

Kevin and the other two were all shocked. Pingan inherited this gene too?

Venus said, “I think Pingan will be better. One night when we got kidnapped a few months ago, as we were sleeping, I turned around and saw Pingan disappeared. Then I saw him floating in front of my face. I was so scared that I almost screamed. I was afraid someone else found out his ability, so I had to grab him by the arm every night when we were sleeping.”

Kerry continued, “And, when I jumped down this morning, he froze the time and woke me up.”

“Huh?” Everyone’s eyes were fixed on him. How could be so powerful at this young age. What would he become when he should grow up?

Pingan turned around and looked at them with a smile, looking innocent.

“I am afraid that when he goes to the kindergarten and uses this ability in front of the other kids. Then it’ll be hard for us to hide it.” Venus said worriedly.

Think about that scene. The teacher is serving food for the kids and suddenly all the bowl and food start to float in the air. What will they think?

Pingan asked seriously, “What is kindergarten?”

“Somewhere full of little kids like you.” Venus said.

Pingan said excitedly, “I want to go.”

“No. You are too young to go now. You’ll have to wait for another two years.”

“Alright.” Pingan lowered his head right away. “Two years is too long!”

Kerry patted his little head, “If you are a good boy, I can consider sending you there one year in advance.”

“Really?” Pingan’s eyes were blinking again.

“Of course.”

“Okay, I won’t do that again.” Pingan said seriously.

A good performance came to an end and Xiran felt she had a whole new look about this world.

The atmosphere got active again. Venus had been drinking a lot of beers and eating a lot of meat without being noticed. Then she stood up, shaking, and said, “I want to sing.”

In an instant, everyone’s face got pale. Only Xiran showed great interest. She stood up with the glass in her hand, “Come, I’ll play the music for you. What do you want to sing?”

“Venus, have a grilled fish. John the Butler cooked this and it’s very delicious!” Kerry tried to make her give up the idea of singing.

Venus was stubborn. She wanted to sing. So she patted her belly and said, “I am full.”

“Come on, what do you want to sing?”

Venus tilted her head and thought for a while, “Now let’s welcome Venus Mu to sing a song for us-An Unforgettable Night!”

“Wow!” Xiran cheered. Pingan joined her too and clapped his little hands.

Venus cleared her throat and was about to start. The three gentlemen were ready to flee.

“An unforgettable night, an unforgettable night, no matter it’s the edge of the heaven or corner of the ocean…”

Xiran was shocked. Then she laughed. Oh my God! None of her tones was right. Why did she even want to hear her sing?

But Kerry and the others held their feelings and looked desperate.

Venus was getting high and even clapped for herself. “Good by tonight, goodbye tonight. No matter new friends or old pal, let’s meet nest year…the green mountain stays green and we stay young…”

When she finished, Pingan clapped excitedly. Xiran also gave her a compliment, “Sounds great!”

Venus then got more confident. She took another sip of beer and said aloud, “Since you like my song, I’ll sing another song now.”

“Oh no!” Tianye covered his face. He did not want to admit this was his sister. He wished someone could take her away.

Xiran sat down and laughed. She was almost out of breath. She knew she asked for it.

Kerry looked at his wife with mixed feelings inside. He wanted to pull her in the room, throw her on the bed and cover her mouth. He would do whatever he could to stop her from singing.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 268 Kerry, Perform for Us (3)
Kevin Ye was laughing too, but there’s pity in his eyes. He might not be able to see Venus like this for a long time from now on, he assumed.

Only little Pingan was clapping for her as her loyal audience.

“Next, I’ll sing a song- Song of five rings! Hope you like it! Music…!”

Xiran Xiao hurriedly started to strike the glass lightly. Venus might never be able to find such a considerate friend!

“Ah…the fifth ring, you are one more ring than the forth ring…”

Then Xiran joined her and sang along with her. Xiran sang better than her. But she got affected by Venus sometimes so it sounded like a duetto.

“One day there will be the seventh ring… oh what to do? You are still two rings more than the fifth ring… oh…clap for us!”

The three gentlemen had to clap their hands unwillingly.


“Wait!” Kerry finally stopped her. “Venus, take a rest. Let other people sing.”

“Yes yes, take a rest!” Tianye hurriedly said.

“Alright.” Venus bowed proudly and got seated.

Kerry was in such a relief and grabbed his brother, “Next, Kevin Ye will sing for us!”

“Wow…” The applause was much louder.

Kevin eyeballed his brother who had sold him out. Alright then. He stood up, arranged his collar and cleared his throat, “Silence from Jay Chou. Hope you like it.”

Applause arose and the most excited person was Venus because Jay Chou was her favorite singer. She couldn’t sing his songs because she did not want to ruin them.

“The piano accompanied me all night long…”

Kevin could sing so much better then Venus. With his charming voice, the scene soon became silent, just as the name of the song suggested.

Voices of singing and laughter lasted till midnight.

Kevin got up at 5am because his flight was 7am. He got changed and grabbed his luggage and went downstairs when suddenly he saw his brother who was smoking by the car.,

“Brother, you…” Kevin was intending to leave silently so as not to disturb everyone.

Kerry took over the luggage and put it in the trunk. Then he opened the door of the car, “Let’s go, I’ll drive you to the airport.”

Kevin’s eyes turned warm and red. His brother was poor in expressing feelings but he did a lot of things for him. On the contrary, he had been avoiding his big brother for emotional issues.

The two didn’t talk much on the way. Great music was being played inside the car.

It was still early and there were not so many cars on the way to the airport. Kerry was drinking at a speed of a hundred miles per hour.

After they got to the airport, Kerry help Kevin get his boarding pass and deliver his luggage. Finally they came to the security check.

Kevin said first, “Brother, go back now.”

“Okay.” Kerry looked at his little brother and felt pity, “Take care of yourself.”

Kevin laughed, “I am a grown man. I’ll take care of myself.”

“When you finish your study, let’s visit grandpa together. It’s been a long time since we last saw him.” Kerry tried to find some topic.


The broadcast urging the passengers to get on board sounded in the departure hall. Kerry stretched out his arm and held his brother tight, “Goodbye.” he said lightly.


Leaving that tight hug, Kevin went into the security check without looking back. Kerry did not walk out until he saw Kevin disappeared.

Actually he meant to say, Kevin, let it go, find someone you really like.

He had to swallow his words. He felt he had been to harsh on his brother. He asked Kevin to give up his study and come back to help him with the family burden, then watched Kevin leave he returned. He was really asking too much.

Such an excellent man as his brother, Kerry believed, would find his Miss. Right.

When he got home, the day already turned bright. Tianye and Xiran had already left after having breakfast. Venus was still sleeping because she really drank too much. Kerry came to the bedroom and saw her asleep soundly and did not bear to wake her up. He kissed her on the forehead and said gently, “I’ll go to make money. Be good and keep sleeping.”

This morning, secretary Liu opened Kerry’s office door and said, “Mr Ye, Miss Wenya of Tianding Entertainment Company is here.”

Kerry lifted his head from piles of paperwork and asked, “Who?”

“Miss Wenya from Tianding Entertainment Company. Fiance of Mr Hao Nangong.” Secretary explained. The media had been reporting such news and it’s hard to to notice.

Kerry suddenly realized that he actually saw her last time in the hospital. But why was this old classmate here?

“Let her in.” Kerry stood up and arranged his sleeves then walked out.

Soon a pretty lady in a nice dress came to him. With soft and attractive smile, she said, “Kerry, I finally see you.”

“Hi, classmate.” Kerry shook her hands lightly and said, “Please be seated.”

Wenya smiled lightly, “You finally remembered me?”

Kerry was a bit embarrassed, “I am sorry for last time. You’ve changed a lot so I really didn’t recognize you.”

“Girls change when we grow up, of course!” Wenya’s voice was soft and pleasant. No one could resist her softness.

She looked around his office and smiled lightly, “You used to be so proud in our class that you didn’t even care to look at us girls. I didn’t expect you would become the most well-known man in Sky City.”

“Oh, you Tianding Entertainment is great, too.” Kerry said humbly.

Then secretary Liu came in with a cup of coffee.

Wenya went directly to the point. She took out an invitation with golden words on it and said, “I am getting married. Please some to my wedding with your wife.”

Kerry was a bit surprised. She seemed to have mentioned this in the hospital last time. He took over the invitation and saw the groom’s name – Hao Nangong.

The weeding date was 6th June, less then a week to go.

They really got together? Kerry just felt Wenya was too good for Hao Nangong.

“Best wishes.” Kerry closed the invitation and said sincerely.

“Actually I am here today to be a peace maker. I’ve heard something between you and Hao. But it’s been so long and you both need to move on. Besides, there will be many chances for our companies to cooperate in future. Peace makes money, isn’t it? Just leave the past behind, for the sake of our of friendship, would you?

Kerry couldn’t help admiring this lady. He thought she was just a brainless beauty, but it turned out that she’s such a smart woman.

Since she asked, he wouldn’t want to seem mean.

“Okay, I promise you.”

Wenya was not surprised at all. She seemed to have seen it coming. “I know you are a man of tolerance. Hao was intending to come and invite you today, but you know him and his bad temper. So I came instead of him. Lucky that you said yes, or he would laugh at me when I go back today.”

Kerry smiled lightly, “Hao must have saved the universe to marry such a good man like you.”

“Ha ha! I’ll tell his about this! So, my mission is completed. I have to go and leave you alone with your work. Remember to come to our wedding! I’d like to see your wife, too. I heard she’s a beauty!” Wenya’s words sounded naughty.

Kerry smiled back. “We’ll be there.”

“Okay, see you.”

“Let me walk you out.”

After waking Wenya to the elevator, Kerry returned to his office and took several looks at the invitation.

Hao Nangong! Don’t you want to escape from the Miss Wenya! She looks like a graceful lady but she’s got way more tricks than you!

She could get deals done over a nice chat and make people comfortable!

Kerry had no reason to mess with such a person. He could be nicer to Hao Nangong for her sake.

When he got home at night, Kerry told Venus about it. Venus hesitated, “can I not go?”

“Don’t you want to see Hao?”

“He’s fine, but I don’t want to see his mom.” Venus poked the rice in her bowl.

“You don’t want to see the bride? She’s my old classmate.”

“Nope.” Venus shook her head.

Kerry didn’t want to force her. He said, “Alright then. I’ll go alone.”

But one day before the wedding, Venus changed her mind.

“Go shopping with me. I am going to the wedding tomorrow.” Venus stood by the bathroom door and watched him brushing his teeth.

Kerry spat out the foam and asked her in surprise, “You said you don’t want to go, didn’t you?”

Venus giggled, “I am suddenly interested. I want to see what kind of girl could grab Hao’s hear. What, can’t I?”

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