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Chuck returned home, he really wasn’t interested in Zelda’s invitation just now, and he wouldn’t have any other thoughts if Yvette didn’t return.
Even if he did, it was just venting, how could Chuck take Zelda as such an object?
I can only say that I’m sorry Zelda, not to mention that it’s not good to let Aunt Logan see it.

Chuck sighed and saw Logan who was sitting on the sofa smiling, “Aunt Logan…”
“Take a walk, is that better?” Logan smiled and stood up.
Chuck had been so decrepit lately that it made her heartache, but she had unleashed her entire network of connections and there was no clue at the moment.
Yvette was well hidden, but she knew that Yvette was definitely still alive.
It was only a matter of time before she was found.
“Much better, thank you Aunt Logan for your concern.” Chuck felt guilty that he hadn’t taken Aunt Logan out properly for so many days.
“Why is this child so polite?” Logan smiled and stroked Chuck’s hair, looking at Chuck as if he was a child Chuck was really pure.
“Aunt Logan, you’re going back right?” Chuck was surprised as he saw that it was Logan’s suitcase at the door.
“Right, Sister Karen called me, she said that she will take you to a place tomorrow and start teaching you fighting techniques, so I have to go back,” Logan said.
Chuck sighed, Old Mom had already mentioned this, last week, but just how did Chuck have the heart to put it off until now.
Presumably, Mom was anxious, so she had taken mandatory measures.
“Now?” Chuck was relentless.
Logan had been taking care of herself all this time, and Chuck was used to it.
Chuck was already feeling guilty, so of course, he was too embarrassed to stay, but he couldn’t help but reach out and hug Logan, “Aunt Logan, I’ll miss you, and be careful on the road.”
Her eyes startled, then she laughed softly, “I will, and if you miss me, call me, okay? I’ll come over to you, or you can come over to the capital to play.”
“En.” Chuck reluctantly released her, actually, he wanted to hug her for a little longer because it felt so amazing to hug her like this, just to hug her any longer. Aunt Logan would be angry.
“Aunt Logan, let me take you to the airport.”
“Okay.” Logan smiled, she had to get her luggage, but how could Chuck be reluctant? Busy lifting luggage for Logan, Logan smiled even more beautiful Chuck, really understanding.
Chuck and Logan out, these days, he did not re-buy a car, he didn’t even send his scratchy sports car to repair, he was lazy, Yvette’s disappearance, disrupting his plans.
Putting her luggage in, Chuck drove Logan to the airport.

At the airport, Chuck brought her luggage out and reluctantly watched Logan enter the special channel, Logan had a private jet, of course, she took the private jet back.
When he saw Logan go far away, he couldn’t see her beautiful legs.
It is estimated that he won’t be out for too long, as the school will start in twenty days or so.
Logan turned back and smiled as she answered a phone call from Karen.

“How’s that, do you have a feeling for Countermeasure?” Karen asked, a little nervous, how to say these ten days, both of them at home ah, might do something, that’s best. But she thought it was unlikely.
First of all, she knew Logan’s personality, very disciplined, wouldn’t do that kind of dry-hearted thing.
“Chuck is too young, no,” Logan’s beautiful eyes watched Chuck go up to her car, the smile on her lips a little deeper.
“Alright.” Karen was disappointed.
“You don’t have any news on Yvette’s side?” Logan watched as Chuck drove away, she went through the passage to her private jet.
“No, I think that Yvette has been missing for so long, I guess she is being trained, Yvette is physically gifted from what I’ve seen, just no one to teach her.”
“So you’re so anxious for Chuck to go over there with you to learn to fight?”
“Yes, I’m afraid that by the time Chuck sees her again, Yvette will already be a fighter, that Chuck isn’t, and that he’s softhearted how can they be a rival?” Karen was worried, this was something she was anxious about, it had been more than ten days, Yvette was hidden too well, definitely training in secret.
“En, hurry up, and teach Chuck well. I’m afraid he’ll be no match for Yvette by then.” Logan stopped, her beautiful eyes once again looking over towards the entrance of the airport, but unfortunately, Chuck was already gone.
“It will be, but… you seem to be quite concerned about my son, and this concern doesn’t seem right.” Karen laughed.
Logan was a little embarrassed and said. “Sister Karen misunderstood, isn’t it normal for me to care about Chuck? I treat Chuck like a child…”
She looked at the import with beautiful eyes, “Why is Chuck walking so fast?”..…

Chuck arrived at the square and explained something to Yolanda, telling her that he was going out for a while, Yolanda was surprised, “Where are you going? ?”
“Go to a place to strengthen yourself, it is considered a further study, here is my card, there is about 900 million in it, you hold on to that land project, I hope that when I come back, there will be good results,” Chuck took the card out.
These ten days, Yolanda had been running every day, very attentive, it should produce results soon.
Yolanda was shocked, “You’re giving me so much money to hold, what if I run away?”
“You sold your body to me.” Chuck joked.
Yolanda blushed and nodded, “En, I’ll try my best…”
Chuck was relieved, he had to go back and get a good night’s sleep, then tomorrow he’d go with his own mother to learn to fight and train himself!
“Chuck, where are you going?” Lara who came in looking for Yolanda asked anxiously.
She hadn’t seen Chuck lately, she thought something had happened to him, but she had just come in and heard him going out.
“You still have the face to come over to see me?” Chuck’s eyebrows furrowed, it’s all because of your big mouth, you let Yvette know that the square is your own, otherwise, you wouldn’t have taken Yvette out that day! If she sleeps with Yvette in her arms at night, then how did Yvette disappear?
“I, I… “Lara panicked, did Chuck know about that world medicine?
“You have a big mouth, who told you to talk nonsense?” Chuck stared at her.
“I, I didn’t say anything nonsense, what did I say nonsense?” Lara was relieved but aggravated.
“If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll send you fruit photos, do you hear me?” Chuck said coldly.
Lara was so frustrated that she cried, “What did I say out of context?”
Chuck ignored her and walked straight out, Lara chased after her, “Chuck, I’m not talking nonsense.”
“You’re afraid that I’ll send your fruit photos, right?” Chuck stared at her.
“You send, but I didn’t say anything nonsense, no!” Lara shed tears in aggravation, Chuck’s brows furrowed, wasn’t she?
Chuck came over, “Didn’t you tell Yvette that Square, it is mine?”
“I didn’t, no, how dare I say it?” Lara shook her head and choked until she cried.
Chuck saw her aggravation and got impatient, “Don’t cry, it’s not what you said, forget it.”
Then who said it? Zelda, Yolanda won’t even say.
So who is it?
“Oooh.” Lara wiped her tears and cried even harder, “Don’t wrong me,”
“Alright, I’m sorry, I thought you were looking for Yolanda for something, you go.” Chuck turned around and left, but when he heard Lara’s cries, Chuck was helpless, “I’m sorry, what more do you want? If you cry again, I’ll send your fruit photos.”
Lara was so scared that she hurriedly covered her mouth, aggrieved, “Don’t send it, don’t send it, I won’t cry.”
“Okay, go find Yolanda, I have something to go back to.” Chuck went.
“Where are you going?” Lara came after her.
“It’s none of your business.” Chuck took the elevator down and looked back at Lara, the tears in her eyes started to swirl again.
Chuck was helpless, he suddenly saw Queenie, he was confused, he came out of the elevator and walked up to Queenie, “Queenie, how are you and your spirit?”
“Ah… “Queenie was frightened, she was relieved to see that it was Chuck, but she kept her head down.
Chuck wasn’t very nice, “Queenie, I have to go out, you take care of yourself for a while,”
“Chuck, you, where are you going?”
“Going somewhere, are you up to something? Something happened? You talk to me.” Chuck said, having other feelings and guilt regarding Queenie.
“Chuck, it, it didn’t come this month,” Queenie whispered.
“What didn’t come?”
“Relatives, relatives didn’t come.”
Chuck was startled, but thought of what she meant and was stunned, “You mean you’re pregnant?”

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