Chapter 269 – 270: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 269: Zaitian Long died

Kris listened carefully, and not far away came the sound of water and a woman’s laughter.

Damn, how could there be a woman’s laughter in this secret path?

At this moment, Kris’s hair stood up, wouldn’t she be a female ghost? After listening for a while, it seemed that there was still a man’s voice, and it seemed that they were having sex in a bathtub together.

“Honey, I miss you so much.”

“Brother, I…I miss too,” and a merry voice was made by the female: “Be tender, my love, do not be so rash every time.”

“I cannot wait.”

“Aren’t you afraid of my husband’s showing up?” the woman said.

“Don’t be afraid. Didn’t you say that he was in retreat?” The man said with a lewd laugh.

Damn it!

This sound was so familiar, Kris must have heard it somewhere.

A sexy female body suddenly appeared in Kris’s mind, no, how was this possible?

This man’s voice was not that of the Bishop’s at all.

Little One was by the side of Kris, and as she heard the lewd sound made by the adulterer and adulteress, and she couldn’t help but clamp her legs.

She couldn’t help thinking of what she saw this morning and couldn’t help being shy. Was that ugly thing(the d!ck) really so powerful? Because it was so close, she could hear Kris’s heartbeat.

Especially the dizzying masculinity emitted from his body, she couldn’t help but want to get closer to Kris.

At this time, Kris heard the sound and felt it too.

Especially Little One’s body had a good smell of vanilla.
But the ugly face of Little One suddenly came into his mind, and he woke up from that kind of fancy instantly.

“Girl, let’s go forward and have a look.”

As he said, Kris held Little One with one hand and walked past the sound after touching the secret tunnel wall.

Little One took Kris’s hand and forgot to think that kind of thing.

After walking for about a few steps, a faint light suddenly appeared in front of him, and Kris was glad that they seemed to be just ahead.

After another twenty or thirty steps, the light became stronger and stronger. At a turning point, Kris’s eyes suddenly opened wide.

He saw a hot spring pool, and lotus lights were lit next to the hot spring pool to brighten the huge hot spring pool.

No wonder the temperature rose as they went inside the secret road, it turned out that there was a hot spring inside.

When Kris clearly saw the two people who were having sexual intercourse in the hot spring, he was stunned, and Little One yelled, “Ah”.

Kris quickly covered her mouth, his heart beating wildly.

“Who is it?”

“Who is hiding somewhere, get out!”

“I have seen you…”

At this moment, Kris felt that the atmosphere was rather strange and heavy, and the little one held his arms, shaking with fear.

Just as Kris was about to run away with Little One, a tall figure suddenly came out from the side.

This person was the Bishop of the Holy Dragon Cult, Zaitian Long!

“Bishop!” Yiqiu Deng was almost not scared to death the moment he saw Zaitian appeared before him.

“Lord, why you come here, you are not in retreat?…”

“Why did I suddenly come here, right?” Zaitian gritted his teeth.

“No…no, Lord…you help me, otherwise I… I will be raped to death by him.” Meiji Cai, the Bishop’s wife, burst into tears, and regardless of being naked, she stood up directly from the hot spring pool.

In order to prevent Little One from making a sound, Kris directly covered her eyes.

Meiji cried and picked up the clothes next to the hot spring pool and put them on her body.

Yiqiu, who was still in the pool, quickly knelt on the ground and begged for forgiveness: “Lord, please let me go… Please…”

Meiji wanted to throw herself in the arms of Zaitian, but she fell down on the ground.

“Lord, why…”

“Enough, you really brought shame on me!” Zaitian Long showed a trace of sadness in the eyes. Do you think I don’t know what you have done with him?”

“Bishop, I was wrong, I was really wrong, all of this is my fault, please let me go, let him go…” Meiji knelt on the ground, kowtowing incessantly.

“Bitch, you have made such a big mistake, you still wanted to plead for him?” Zaitian looked at her with a heartbroken voice.

“Master, kill me if you want to kill, don’t kill Meiji. Thousands of mistakes are all on my head, all is my fault… it has nothing to do with her…” Yiqiu pleaded.

“No…Brother, you go!” At this time, Meiji suddenly hugged Zaitian’s thigh and shouted to Yiqiu.

“You son of bitch….” Zaitian hurriedly attacked Yiqiu Deng, but spouted a big mouthful of blood.

Yiqiu was taken aback, and then there was a look of ecstasy on his face: “Meiji, he has something wrong in practice, this is good opportunity to finish his life, you quickly get out, let me kill him, and no one can stop us from being together.”

With that, Yiqiu jumped up from the pond, condensed all the inner energy in his palm, and hit toward Zaitian.


Meiji spurted blood, splashing on Zaitian’s face.

“No… my love!”

“Ah…you beast.” Zaitian raised his hand and hit Yiqiu on the shoulder, and directly knocked him off the hot spring pool.

“Bishop… I am so sorry for hurting your heart, and I will repay you in the next life….” Meiji tilted her head and died.

Zaitian held Meiji’s corpse and screamed to the sky, his profound skill almost fainted Kris.

“Meiji, wake up, wake up, wake up.” Zaitian said sadly: “You know what, I actually knew that you still love Yiqiu, the blue dragon guardian,… but you shouldn’t have sex with him during my retreat…”

As Zaitian was speaking, a big mouthful of blood came up to his mouth, he was just hitting the sixth phase of the Holy dragon scripture Kungfu. As long as he breaks through the phase, he will be able to reach the top stage of Kungfu immediately. The six major schools will not be a threat to the Cult even though they were besieging the Holy Dragon Cult.

But at a critical moment, he heard the dialogue between Meiji and Yiqiu, and the real yuan went violently for a while, and his success fell short! Practice of high-level Kungfu is like sailing against the tides. If you do not advance, you fail. However, if the practice failed, there is only one end, and that is death…

At this moment, Yiqiu, who had fallen into the hot spring, stood up.

He was naked and didn’t mind the ugliness being exposed to others.

“You killed my love… You killed my Meiji, you are the murderer, you are the murderer!” Yiqiu yelled at Zaitian, “It’s all you if it weren’t for you to steal love, My Meiji and I will not be parted, all of this is caused by you.”

As he said, Yiqiu suddenly grew violent, and took out his sword and cut in the Bishop’s face all of a sudden.

Zaitian Long, the Bishop of the holy dragon cult, was dead.

Kris was surprised, and angry watching from the side, the leader of the Holy Dragon Cult was killed by Yiqiu.

“Hahaha, you are finally dead, you are finally dead!” Yiqiu kicked Zaitian’s body over, picked up the body of Meiji, and went away.

After he disappeared, Kris said, “Go, Little One, let’s go and take a look.” Kris took Little One and came to Zaitian’s corpse.

However, Zaitian died in a very ugly manner, his head was smashed by Yiqiu.

Little One frowned and looked at Kris: “Kris…Let’s take the leader’s body away first.”

Kris nodded, and Yiqiu’s hatred for Zaitian would definitely thwart him.

Although he didn’t have much communication with Zaitian, he treated Kris quite well, and he was appointed a leader as soon as he came to the Island.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Dragon Cult leader died in the hand of a woman and an adulterer, which was really a shame.

Seeing that the six major schools were about to besiege the Cult, clearly, the Cult did not have the strength to resist the six major schools.

Just as the two were trying to drag Zaitian’s body away, Yiqiu walked out from one side: “Hey, I didn’t expect that there were still people!”

The scream just now was clearly a woman’s voice, so he took away Meiji’s body and pretended to be leaving.

“No, uncle, hurry up, let’s run!” Little One’s expression changed drastically, and she pulled Kris and try to run away.

“No running, stay here for death!” Yiqiu’s expression changed drastically. If he let these two persons escape, he will be finished!

“Uncle, don’t look back, do be caught by him, otherwise we’ll be over.” Little One said it out of breath.

FK, the passage was so dark that one can’t see anything. Kris was hit by the protruding stone several times on his head.

“Little One, are you familiar with this tunnel?” Kris asked.

“I’m not familiar with it, it’s the first time I walk this way!” Why then you took me into it.

Yiqiu followed the two people firmly. Although he couldn’t see it, the noise made by the footsteps was enough for him to distinguish the position.

“You two-person, don’t run away, you can’t escape from my palm.”

“Little One, why can he still keep up with us?”

“Uncle, it may be the sound of the iron chains on my hands and feet, so he knows our direction and position.”

“Little One, if I found an opportunity, I would help you remove the chains from your hands and feet .”

“It’s useless, this iron chain is made of meteorite iron from the outside world, it is extremely hard, and the key is lost.”

Little One answered breathlessly while running.

“Damn, is there no way to break this chain?”

“Yes, there is…”


The two people suddenly stepped on their feet, and then they fell off with a “swish”.

Hearing the scream of the two people in front of him, Yiqiu quickly stopped, thinking,”There won’t be any traps ahead, right?”

The scream made by the two persons just now wasn’t a pretended one.

“Hey, you two bastards, don’t hide, I have seen you.”

After speaking, he erected his ears to listen carefully.

Based on his practice in Kungfu, he had reached the later period of the return-to-nature stage. Heartbeats within ten meters can be heard clearly by him, the space in this passage is narrow, and he can perceive wind and grass within 20 meters.

Guessing that there were really traps ahead, these two persons must have been killed by the trap.

Thinking of this, Yiqiu quickly retreated back along the same path.

Chapter 270: Holy Dragon Cult was sieged

Without knowing how long past, Kris Chen woke up. “Sir, sir, wake up…” The Little Guy said.

As soon as Kris opened his eyes, he saw the Little Guy. “Little Guy, why are you crying?” Kris said. Kris stroked the lump on the back of his head, twisting with pain.

After seeing Kris woke up, Little Guy bursts into tears. “Sir, you scared me to death…” Little Guy said.

Kris touched her head and said, “Well, I’m fine!”

Then Kris got up from the ground and looked around.

This is a stone chamber of several hundred square meters. The walls of the stone chamber were illuminated by bright candles.

One side of the stone chamber was filled with memorial tablets.

Oh my god!

Kris was startled.

Is here the shrine of the Holy Dragon Cult?

“Little Guy, where are we?” Kris asked.

Kris couldn’t recognize the characters on the tablets. Kris is an expert in treasure authentication. He has learned dozens of languages while studying treasure authentication. But the words written on the tablets are beyond Kris’s understanding.

“Sir, they’re Tianmo Words…” Little Guy said.


Tianmo Words?

Kris looked at Little Guy curiously and said, “Do you know these words?”

Little Guy hesitated for a moment and then nodded. “Sir, you see, the first tablet is of the first leader of Tianmo School-Hou Luo.

Tianmo School?

Kris was appalled.

Hadn’t the Tianmo School died with Danzong School hundreds of years ago? And how could the shrine of Tianmo School be in the secret path of Holy Dragon Cult?

Questions flooded into Kris’s mind. And why Little Guy knows Tianmo Words? Isn’t she a personal servant of Yuhan Qin?

“Little Guy, who the hell are you?” Kris looked at her in a complicated way and said.

“Sir, I’m really just a maid of Yuhan. I have always been Yuhan’s side since Yellow Dragon Guardian brought me here five years ago.” Little Guy said.

“Sir, don’t worry. I’m really not a bad person.” Little Guy looked at Kris, sincerely and said.

Kris smiled and nodded.

“Everyone has secrets these days. It’s OK as long as Little Guy doesn’t hurt me.” Kris thought.

“Little Guy, I believe you,” Kris said.

“Thank you, Sir!” Little Guy said with a sweet smile.

“But why the memorial tablets of the leaders of Tianmo School are in the secret path of Holy Dragon Cult?” Kris asked.

“Sir, I don’t know if you’ve heard a rumor. It’s said that Holy Dragon Cult is Tianmo School.” Little Guy said.


Holy Dragon Cult is Tianmo School?

Isn’t that to say Tianmo School hasn’t been destroyed?

Kris looked at Little Guy in shock. So the news that Danzong School and Tianmo School were destroyed was false.

“Sir, you misunderstood me. Tianmo School did die with Danzong School. Holy Dragon Cult was established on the site of Tianmo School.” Little Guy said.

Kris had a moment of enlightenment. Then the tablets make sense.

Little Guy went to the tablets. She got down on her knees and banged her head three times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then an amazing thing happened.

The wall full of tablets in front of them shook suddenly. Then the wall rolled over, and a mummified body in a purple costume appeared in front of them.

Judging from the clothes worn on the mummified body, it must be from the Southern Song Dynasty, which has been around seven or eight hundred years ago.

In front of the mummified body are a parchment scroll and a small jade bottle. Behind the mummified body is a line of Tianmo words.

“I’m the hundredth leader of Tianmo School-Bomo. When you see me, I have already died. Before my death, I have left Tianmo Book! the unique skill of Tianmo School. The one who masters Tianmo Kungfu is the next leader of Tianmo School. What’s in the jade bottle is Tianmo Pill, which can increase your power for 20 years. It’s my gift for you. If you want to get out of the stone chamber, you must practice Tianmo kungfu to the third layer, and then you can break the stone wall to escape. –The last words of Bomo.”

After translating that, Little Guy showed an incredible expression. “Oh my god, he is the last leader of Tianmo School. I can’t believe he died here!” Little Guy said.

Unfortunately, Bomo died without knowing Tianmo School had been occupied by Holy Dragon Cult. Just as Kris was about to say something, Little Guy slipped the scroll and jade bottle into Kris’s hand. “Sir, practice Tianmo kungfu…” Little Guy said.

Kris let out a wry smile. He looked at the enclosed walls on all sides and said, “Little Guy, Tianmo kungfu is the unique skill of Tianmo School. It’s not that easy to practice. Besides, I don’t know any of the words on it…”

“If you want to practice Tianmo kungfu, you have to condense your energy into Sturdy Energy, or your meridians will be reversed, and the Genuine Energy will pour back.”

“You see, Sturdy Energy is a must for practicing Tianmo kungfu. I am in the innate-power stage of a fulfilled period. Although there is just a gap of a stage, I can’t practice Tianmo kungfu.” Kris said.

“Sir, others can’t practice it, but you can. If I remember correctly, the reason why you could send Jingang Huo to fly on the day of joust for a spouse is because of Body-guarding Sturdy Energy.” Little Guy smiled and said.

Kris was stunned. Body-guarding Sturdy Energy?

How’s that possible?

“Sir, think about it. Have you practiced certain Kungfu…” Little Guy said.


In the room of Yuhan. Yuhan tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. All she could think about was Kris.

I haven’t seen Kris since this morning. Does he want to give me the cold shoulder after having sex with me?

Just as the saying goes, a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. Yuhan was desperate and wanted to kill Kris in the morning, but she missed Kris very much in the evening.

“Ugly monster, where are you? Get me a glass of water.” Yuhan said. The more Yuhan thought, the angrier she was. She called out several times, but no one answered her.

“Ugly monster, where the hell have you been? Get me a glass of water!” Yuhan said again. Then Yuhan got out of the bed and opened the door, but there was no one outside.

“Ugly monster, how dared you to leave with my permission,” Yuhan said angrily. Just when Yuhan was about to close the door, a gong suddenly sounded in the distance. “Dong! Dong! Dong! Wake up, everybody. The six major schools are attacking. Dong! Dong! Dong! Wake up!”


Six major schools are launching an attack?

Yuhan’s facial expression changed greatly. She hurried back to her room and got dressed. At that moment, Tongtian Wu walked over with a walking stick. “Yuhan, come on, ask Kris to follow me to the hall!” Tongtian said.

“Grandfather, Kris is not here,” Yuhan bit her lip and said.


Tongtian frowned and looked into the room. There was no one inside.

“Well, you go with me first,” Tongtian said. Then he took Yuhan’s hand and walked to the hall.

The hall was ablaze with the bonfire. All the Sub-Branch Leaders and those whose rank is higher than Sub-Branch Leaders were there. Others were defending the attack on the city wall.

It’s a serious matter that six major schools launched attack in the middle of the night. The Bishop summoned everyone to the hall to discuss what to do.

“Blue Dragon Guardian, why Bishop is not here?” White Ghost said bleakly.

“Uhhh, six major schools are attacking us. Where is the Bishop?” Black Ghost sobbed.

Hundreds of people in the hall looked at Yiqiu Deng.

Yiqiu walked to the stage and said to everyone, “Bishop is closing himself in the door to practice to reach the later period of back-to-self stage. No one is allowed to disturb him during this period.”


Is the Bishop about to reach the later period of the back-to-self stage?

That’s a good thing. Those who were attacking are six major schools, of them, the most powerful one is in the back-to-self stage. If Bishop reaches the later period of the back-to-self stage, it’s just a piece of cake to defeat them. But at that moment, someone raised a question, “Blue Dragon Guardian, there must be someone to give the orders, right?”

“Yes, there must be someone to give the orders!” After hearing what they said, Yiqiu pressed his hand with a smile. “Don’t worry. Look what this is!” Yiqiu said.

There was a token in his hand.


It’s the Holy-Dragon Plate of Bishop. Just like Dragons Ring, it is the token of Bishop. To see the token is to see the Bishop.


All of a sudden, all the people in the hall knelt on one knee. “Bishop!” They said.

Yiqiu nodded with satisfaction. “During the time when Bishop is closing himself in the door to practice, you have to obey my arrangements,” Yiqiu said.


The crowd shouted in unison.

At that moment, Xiaolong Tan frowned and said, “Blue Dragon Guardian, why doesn’t Wenji Cai give orders by herself, but you give orders?”

“Consigliere, are you questioning bishop and Wenji?” Yiqiu said coldly.

“Yiqiu, I think it’s best to let the consigliere give orders. The consigliere is resourceful and ingenious. It’s best to let him give orders.” Wudi Geng said.

“Yes, I agree with what Black Dragon Guardian said,” Tongtian said.

“Are you trying to rebel? Are you paying no attention to Bishop?” Yiqiu said coldly.

Then, with a cold face, he took another thing out of his pocket.

“Open your eyes and see what it is!” Yiqiu said.

As soon as Yiqiu said that, everyone looked at him.


Everyone gasped.

Isn’t that the Dragons Ring worn by Bishop?

“Hum, you all show no respect to Bishop. The Bishop has foreseen that you won’t obey him during his absence. Now, who dares question me? Who’s not convinced?” Yiqiu held Holy-Dragon Plate and Dragons Ring high and said.

As the Bishop has given Yiqiu the Dragons Ring, no one dared to stick his neck out.

Wudi took a look at Xiaolong and Tongtian and others. Then he knelt on one knee with a wry smile and said, “Follow the instructions of the bishop.”

“Follow the instructions of bishop…”

After seeing Xiaolong and others kneel down, Yiqiu felt great. “I didn’t know you’d be kneeling at my feet one day. Then I will give you a big gift,” Yiqiu thought.

“Hum, they will not give in until they are dead. Now the six major schools are attacking us, and Holy Dragon Cult is in danger. Everyone must work together to repel six major schools,” Yiqiu flapped his sleeves and shouted at the crowd.


The crowd shouted in unison.

Yiqiu nodded and said, “Bring the Pledging Wine!” As soon as he said that, the disciples of the Holy Dragon Cult came over carrying the jar and poured a bowl of wine for each person.

At that moment, Yiqiu held a bowl and said to the crowd, “Cheers!”


Then everyone picked up their bowls and drank it in one gulp.


Yiqiu threw the bowl on the ground violently. Then there were continuous sounds of smashing bowls.

Xiaolong and others looked at each other and drank out of the bowl with a wry smile.

“Brothers, let’s go out and kill these sons of bitches…”



As soon as they said that, several Sub-headquarters Leaders who rushed to the door fell to the ground.


Everyone’s facial expressions changed suddenly.

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