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Chapter 269: My Mysterious Husband

chapter 269 Marry Me Again (1)

“That’s good.”

Venus suddenly wanted to go because she saw a report on the Internet that tomorrow’s wedding would be packed with guests and specifically mentioned Kerry and her.

If she doesn’t show up tomorrow, won’t Kerry be embarrassed?

Since Kerry had promised to go, she didn’t want to embarrass him because of herself.

The wedding was held at the most luxurious seaside hotel in Sky City, with pink roses all over the venue and a flower-decorated archway facing the sea.

Kerry caused a small stir when he appeared at the wedding arm in arm with Venus.

The first reason is that most people know the big conflict between the groom and Kerry; and the second is that Kerry hasn’t been seen in public for a long time, and besides, there are some rumors about his origins, Kevin coming back to run the company, and so on. So everyone was surprised by his sudden appearance.

The company has a long history of developing new products and services, and the company has a long history of developing new products and services.

Venus was wearing a very low-key dress, which is a light purple skirt with its edge like flower petals. However, she was so outstanding that she looked like a fairy.

“Mr. Ye, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” An acquaintance went up and greeted Kerry warmly.

“Hello.” Kerry smiled very politely.

“Oh my, isn’t this Kerry? It’s been a while.” This voice is Hao Nangong’s father.

Kerry and Venus turned around and saw that it was indeed Mr. Nangong, and Shuhua Chen, his wife, was standing by.

“Auntie and uncle, congratulations.” Kerry greeted.

Venus was still unconsciously timid under Shuhuai’s indifferent gaze.

Perhaps, Mr. Nangong can still pretend to be nice with Kerry for business affairs, but Shuhua can’t. Hao is her only son. Kerry almost killed him for the sake of the woman in front of her, so how can her hatred disappear easily?

“Kerry, it’s our Nangong family’s honor to have your company today.”

Kerry smiled lightly, “You’re welcome. Hao and I are acquaintances for many years, and Ya Wen is also my classmate. I’m very happy to witness the marriage of the two of them with my own eyes.”

Mr. Nangong’s fathomless gaze fell on Venus, “This is my niece-in-law, right? You’re so beautiful.”

“Hello, uncle.” Venus responded politely.

Kerry did not want him to ask any more things related to Venus, so he asked, “I heard that you were hospitalized before, but are you recovering now?”

” It’s all my bad son’s fault. Thanks God, I’m still strong, or else I’d have died due to him.”

Shuhua pulled his arm and said unhappily, “what are you saying on such a good day? It’s bad luck. “

“So what? You women are always thinking too much.” Mr. Nangong quietly reprimanded his wife, and then asked Kerry with a smile, “I heard from Hao that your son is smart and cute, why didn’t you bring him here today? I’ like to see him.”

Venus said, “Children are so naughty. I’m afraid he will run around and disturb the wedding, so I didn’t bring him.”

“It’s good that your boy’s naughty. “

Venus smiled in response.

There were guests at the entrance again, and they seemed to be big fishes. Mr. Nangong said goodbye to Kerry after one glance, “Kerry, feel free to sit down. I am going to accept the guests.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

After Mr. Nangong and his wife left, Venus breathed a sigh of relief.

Noticing the change in her breath, Kerry patted the back of her hand and asked, “Nervous?”

“A little. Mrs. Nangong is always staring at me, which makes me nervous.” Venus whispered.

Kerry laughed quietly, “Don’t pay attention to her. Anyway, she doesn’t dare to do anything to you. You can just think she’s in menopause.”

The wedding started 11:58 a.m., and after the wedding, they went to the hotel for dinner.

Kerry and Venus tried to find a quite place to sit, but Kerry’s unique aura made him the center of the crowd, no matter where he went.

The important persons in Sky City were so few that they had become familiar with each other, so Kerry was greeted by acquaintances almost every several steps he took.

After a round of greetings, it was almost time for the ceremony.

The MC started warming up the guests under the flower arch, while Kerry was finally free and found a seat at the end with Venus.

Venus tilted her head and whispered, “Mr. Ye is as popular as ever.”

“Really?” Kerry was a little arrogant, “Why don’t I feel it?”

“Don’t get cocky. Women’s eyes are glued to you,” Venus said with a little jealousy.

Kerry laughed happily and lifted her hand to kiss on its back, his eyes full of tenderness, “But I only have eyes for you.”

“That’s more like it.”

The two of them were close to each other when there was a commotion not far away. They turned their heads and found a new couple appearing in a large crowd of people.

Hao was wearing a natty black suit, a white shirt, a small bow tie, and a faint smile on his face.

It’s been a long time since Venus has seen Hao, except for the last time. This time, Hao seemed to be a lot more peaceful, not as impetuous as before.

The bride next to him, Ya Wen, was wearing an extremely exquisite wedding dress, with a chest-baring, waist pinching, beautiful edge, and a long veil that looked like a veil of mist.

With a very professional eye, Venus believed that this wedding dress was definitely from one of the top stores in Europe, and the small diamonds inlaid around her waist were worth a fortune, not to mention that the designer of this wedding dress had done it herself.

“What are you looking at so fascinatedly?” Kerry saw her looking straight at the two and asked in puzzlement.

“The wedding dress the bride is wearing is definitely a masterpiece.” Venus said obsessively.

Kerry was depressed, “Everyone else is looking at the bride to see if she is beautiful, but you are staring to find out who made the wedding dress.”

Chapter 269 Marry Me Again (2)

“It’s a habit of mine.” Venus laughed and then looked at the bride.

She was a very gentle and beautiful woman, although Xiran Xiao was a little bit better than her. And compared to herself, Venus felt that the bride was much better looking.

“Her smile is so gentle. Can she keep Hao?” Venus doubted it.

Kerry turned his head and put his hand on the back of her chair, which meant that Venus belonged to him, “There is an old Chinese saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Ya is by no means as soft as she appears to be; on the contrary, she is strong in her softness. You can see how they get along.”

Venus looked attentively.

Hao seemed to be talking to the people next to him in a fret, which made the people nearby afraid, while Ya acted in an opposite way. She always had a smile on her face as she was talking. When the people left, Ya said something to Hao. The irritation on the latter’s faced ws appeared without a trace, and even a helpless smile was present.

Venus admire this woman as she knew Hao well. A man of such a flamboyant style would actually listen to her, which showed how powerful she was.

“See?” Kerry asked.

Venus turned her head, “Yes, they’re quite a match.”

“From my perspective as a man, Hao is really in love with this girl.”

“Why do you say that?” Venus was surprised.

Kerry looked into her eyes and said, “Because when a man falls in love with a woman, he will abandon all his principles, bow down to her, and listen to her willingly.”

Venus’s heart thumped and her face quietly burned, “Are you talking about yourself?”

“I’m also a man.” said Kerry with a cheeky smile. In other words, he certainly did so.

The auspicious time finally came. Hao walked sideways under the archway, with the blue sea behind him. The waves were lapping against the sand as if they were playing music of love for them.

The bride, accompanied by her father, came down the corridor paved with flowers and looked at the man at the end of the path, with her eyes full of love.

The music started to play, and the host said all kinds of blessing words. Then, Hao strode to where the bride was standing, took her from her father’s hand, and led her to the hall of happiness.

Venus stared at the scene with a little envy. She had forgotten her own wedding two years ago, because she was forced to marry him, so she subconsciously wanted to forget it.

She was so envious when she saw others getting married now.

Kerry understood the expression on her face and felt depressed. If he had known that he would one day adore Venus so much, he would have treated her well from the first moment he saw her, held her in his palms and prevented her from being hurt.


“Huh?” Venus didn’t turn her head.

“Why don’t we get married again?”

Venus was stunned, and then laughed, “What are you talking about? Why do we need to do it again?”

“Because I really want to give you a good memory.”

“Memories are not so necessary. I don’t want to do it again, or I’ll be teased by Xiran and others.”

As she didn’t seem to say it in a fit of pique, Kerry dismissed the idea.

Under the arch, the couple exchanged rings, vowed, kissed and hugged each other in a sweet and romantic way.

After the wedding, everyone went to the hotel for dinner. When the bride came out to make a toast, she was in a classic cheongsam, which made Venus shocked at her first glance.

The cheongsam was very original from the fabric to the cutting, and to the matching. The phoenix on the cloth should be embroidered by hand. Nowadays, it’s rare to embroider in such a way.

“What are you looking at again?”

Venus’s eyes moved back, “I want to go to work.”

Kerry was stunned for two seconds, “Okay, but why do you want to work?”

“Because I so want to make clothes, good looking clothes.”

Kerry knew that this woman was stimulated by the bride’s dressing today. It is good because he can be with her to and from work.

“Good, we can go to the company together tomorrow.”

Hao led Ya to toast one table at a time. Kerry was noble so that they sat in the front seat. Thus, the new couple soon came over.

The moment Hao saw Kerry and Venus, the expression on his face was frozen. He never thought that he would see Venus again at his wedding. He thought that she would not attend.

Ya quietly touched him and smiled very generously, “Kerry, thank you for coming to our wedding.”

“I have promised you, so of course I come.”

Ya looked at Venus with a serene look, “Is she your wife? So pretty.”

Venus also smiled generously, “Hi, I’m Venus. You’re so beautiful today.”

“Thank you.”

Hao took a breath, took two steps forward, raised his glass to Kerry and said, “I didn’t expect Mr. Ye to be so free today and to come to my wedding.”

Kerry still didn’t give him any face, “You are thinking too much. I’m very busy, but the bride is my classmate, and I came for her.”

Hao snorted, thinking that his words were still unpleasant to hear.

“Wish you good years and an early birth.” Kerry and Venus raised their glasses and clinked with the two newcomers, drinking it all. Of course, Venus drank the soft drink.

“Enjoy your meal. If you’ll excuse me, we must go on.” Ya smiled.


Hao’s eyes were hard to move away from Venus. When he stared at her, she never looked directly at him, either looking at Kerry or at Ya, as if she was a transparent person.

Forget it. Let bygones be bygones. It doesn’t matter who she thinks she is.

Ya whispered in Hao’s ear, “You used to have a good eye, but it’s a pity that she has no interest in you.”

Hao curl his lip and stared at her, “I always have.”

“Oh, thank you for your compliment.” Ya lapped up his words.

Hao was speechless.

Eventually, a grand wedding came to an end.

Chapter 269 Marry Me Again (3)

Hao really wanted to know what gifts Kerry and Venus had given. After all guests had left, he looked through the list. When he saw the “1,500 dollars” written on it, he said with disdain, “it’s really cheap and not creative.”

In fact, Kerry and Venus had discussed before coming here what was the right thing to give. When they finally got tired of picking and choosing, Kerry made a decision, “Forget it, let’s just give them a red envelope, in case that the guy will think too much when seeing the gift.

Sure enough, Kerry was right.

Kerry was in a good mood when he saw Hao finally get married, so he had a few more drinks at the table. When they arrived home, he soon fell asleep.

When he woke up, it was already evening.

He went down stairs in a daze while Venus and Pingan were playing a clapping game in the living room. When they saw him, Venus said, “My brother just called and asked us to do him a favor.”

“Tianye? He will even ask us for help?” Kerry poured a glass of warm water to moisten his throat, “What’s it?”

Venus said roughly, and Kerry frowned in frustration, “Hmm, he’s got a lot of tricks.”

“Are you jealous?” Venus raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“No, I’m not.” Kerry raised his head proudly.

A few days later, Venus received a phone call from Xiran.

She was a bit furious, “Venus, have you seen your brother in the past two days?”

Venus put down the pencil in her hand, lolled in her office chair, and said with a smile, “No, he hasn’t called me in days. What’s going on?”

“Who knows what’s going on? He hasn’t been seen for days. He isn’t at home, or the company. Besides, I can’t get through to his number. So do you think something happened to him?”

“Oh, really?” Venus pretended to be very nervous and said, “I’ll go with you to find him?”

“No, just wait two more days. If I can’t find him, I’ll go to the police.”

When Xiran was about to hang up the phone, Venus was busy stopping her, “Xiran, don’t worry. my brother is old enough to take care of himself.”

“That’s the best. I’m hanging up.”

“Wait, do you have time tomorrow night?” Venus flipped through the calendar on her desk and asked.

“Tomorrow night? I have. What for?”

“Kerry has bought a yacht for a test voyage tomorrow night. Come with me.”

“No.” Xiran refused without hesitation. Tianye has not been seen for several days, how can she have the mood to see the yacht.

“Hey… beep, beep, beep-” The phone was hung up before Venus finished her words.

It seems that Xiran is really anxious. But she has to go, or how can the show go on?

So the next afternoon, Venus specifically skipped off work to look for Xiran, who had just come out of the gym.

“What do you want me to do?” Xiran was helpless.

Venus tugged on her wrist, afraid that she might run away, “I know you’re in a bad mood. Come on, I go shopping with you. If a woman is in a bad mood, spending money is the best way to let off steam.”

“I don’t want to go. I don’t have my bank card with me.”

“I do. Just use my card and take it as a gift from me.” Venus exerted all her strength and finally took her into the mall.

She was in a bad mood when she bought a lot. She didn’t even mind the price of the clothes that was over thousands of dollars. And she bought several pairs of shoes and bags before she felt better.

It’s not a big deal for Venus, as she’d have to find someone to reimburse her for the money Xiran spent anyway.

“This one looks good. It suits you so well.” Venus eyes widened, thinking that it also fit the occasion tonight.

Xiran was wearing a long warm yellow dress with imprinted flowers on it. She untangled her long hair and put it in front of her chest. The cloth and her movement made her an enchanting fairy and a goddess who changed into a devil.

“This one is good enough. No need to change it. Please cut the tag.” Venus beckoned the shopping guide.

Xiran sniffed out a hint of weirdness and asked “Venus, are you up to something?”

Venus lied seriously, “No, I just want to make you happy. You are my best friend, so why would I do something bad to you?”.

“But aren’t you worried about Tianye at all?”

“I’m used to it. My brother used to disappear a lot in the past. It’s normal for him not to show up for ten days and even half a month.”

Xiran rolled her eyes, thinking that how could she compare it now with before?

Venus looked at her phone stealthy, then took Xiran out of the mall.

One beautiful woman is enough to attract the attention of passersby, let alone two. They gained a lot of attention along the way.

Henry had been waiting at the gate for a long time. After getting on a car, Xiran asked Venus, “Tell me, where do we go next?”

“The pier. You have promised to accompany me to see the yacht today.”

Xiran was helpless, “I didn’t promise you anything, did I?”

“I don’t care. You’re in the car now anyway. You can’t run away.” Venus looked like she was a cad.

“Oh, you’re an absurd woman.”

“Ha-ha, whatever you say.” Venus smiled playfully, leaving Xiran with no way out.

Henry drove fast, and when they arrived at the dock, it was already dark.

A huge white yacht got anchored in the dock, and Kerry stood waiting on the side, relieved to see Venus take Xiran here, “You’ve finally come. Let’s go.”

The lights on the yacht were dim, and Kerry led the three of them all the way to the deck.

The yacht rumbled to start. The sea wind was gentle, blowing away the early summer heat.

“It’s so comfortable to feel the wind in summer,” said Venus, opening her arms.

Xiran looked at the crescent moon rising over the sea, and her heart was much more peaceful.

The yacht left the harbor and headed for the ocean.

“Xiran, do you think this yacht we bought can take us to travel around the world?” Venus asked.

Xiran gave a very professional judgment, “Yes, this yacht has large endurance and high stability. What? Are you and Kerry going to travel around the world?”

“Just thinking about it. It should be everyone’s dream.”

Xiran said with emotion, “Yes, when I was a kid, I wanted to travel around the world when I grew up. That’s why I kept going out to travel and explore.”

Venus bowed her head and secretly laughed.

The yacht stopped after half of an hour’s travel and Xiran was thinking, “Hey, why did it stop!

Suddenly, a huge firework went off in the sky in the shape of a rose.

Xiran looked at the sky in amazement, and Venus was jumping and laughing, “Wow, it’s so pretty.”

The night sky quieted down again, and a second one was set off in a few seconds. And this time, Xiran’s heart palpitated because her name, Xiran Xiao, was written in the night sky.

A third rose exploded when she sensed something.

“Marry me.”

Her eyes instantly moistened, and she finally knew what the guy had gone to do.

She thought it was over, but there was a fourth one.


There was a huge smiley face behind the word.

The moment the fireworks faded, the yacht suddenly lit up. When Xiran turned around, her man was standing not far away with flowers in his hands, looking at her tenderly.

Around her, there were forty or fifty people who came out of nowhere. All of them were friends she had met during her journey over the years, including many foreigners.

Tianye, holding flowers, approached her step by step from the lantern decorated corridor, then knelt over and pulled out a pink diamond ring. He said with deep feeling, “Xiran, you are the only woman I love in the first half of, and all my life. I will go anywhere you want to go and explore the secrets of the world with you. I will give you everything you want. Are you willing to give me the chance? “

Xiran was touched to cry. The breeze blew up her flowing gauze dress, on which love spirits were dancing.

“I do.” She choked out.

“Oh-” Accompanied by shouts and cheers, Tianye put the pink diamond ring on her ring finger.

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