Chuck is really confused, after that last time with Queenie inside the toilet, Chuck sent her back at night, she all said she would take medicine, but How come the relatives didn’t come this month?
How is that possible?
“Queenie, when do you usually meet relatives?” Chuck pulled Queenie aside.
“It’s around the twenty-fifth of every month, but today it’s the first,” Queenie said in a small voice with a blush.
Chuck had to calm himself down, what should he do if Queenie was pregnant?
Chuck felt a little confused, how to say, that day in the bathroom, Chuck really made a mistake, she saw Queenie inside the bathroom with her back to herself at that time, there was moisture, and Queenie squatted down to press the shower gel, Chuck seized the opportunity.
At that time, Chuck was confused, because he came in thinking that Yvette was inside the bathroom, so he secretly that, but did not expect that it was Queenie.
For a moment, Chuck was regretful and guilty.
What to say, Chuck even had a dream that night, dreaming that Queenie had a baby, Chuck thought it was a dream, but now it came true?

What Chuck wants is Yvette, Queenie is really a misunderstanding ah.
Calming the mood, at this time, it was useless to think about this, the key was that something had happened, how to deal with it now.
“Queenie, did you take that medicine?” Chuck was a bit nervous, and Queenie said she would eat it, saying that she said she woke up at night and suddenly thought of it, and she went downstairs at night to buy medicine I should have eaten it.
I bought it and was about to eat it, but then my sister suddenly came into my room and asked me questions. I didn’t eat at the time, and my sister stopped going to her room at the time and insisted on sleeping with me, making me almost late for bed the next day, and I was late in the morning. I went to work, so I forgot to eat, and by the time I remembered, it was the third day, and I… I wanted to tell you then, but I think it should be fine because you were on a single trip and it shouldn’t be that coincidental, but I found out the other day that my relatives weren’t coming and I got scared! …Chuck, will you blame me?”

She was anything but, the first time she was taken by Chuck, how did she know? She was very panicked.
Chuck sighed, Queenie’s character Chuck knew, simple and kind when the two of them were at the same table.
She definitely wouldn’t do this on purpose, so she just forgot to eat, Chuck was already guilty of Queenie, because the two of them had sex twice, and both of them were sneaky, so how could Chuck blame her?
“No. Are you free now? I’ll take you to the hospital for a checkup.” Chuck thought that he still had to be sure.
This kind of thing was no joke, Queenie was only nineteen years old, this had to respect her opinion, whether she was beaten or born, this was up to her, Chuck would be responsible for it anyway, if she was beaten, then Chuck would take care of her for the rest of her life, but if she was born, Chuck…
Chuck thought about it, he panicked, and was torn, even confused, so what should Yvette do?
If you’re born, you can’t leave your child without a father, right? Chuck would definitely give Queenie a name, which was to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a license, but what about Yvette?
She is missing now if she comes back and knows that she is going to be a father, then Yvette will definitely be very sad, not to mention, his wife has been Yvette since she was a child, although there is no collar, Chuck’s heart has long been.

But, now the situation is considered cheating? What should I do if I’m cheating on my wife? The first time Chuck encountered such a thing, he didn’t think he was good enough to hit the target with a single shot.
Like many men, Chuck was panicking.
“En, I’m going to take my leave from the foreman.” Queenie graced, Chuck was distressed when he saw that she was about to cry, “It’s fine, go to the hospital first.”
“En.” Queenie went to take her to leave.
Chuck waited over here if it’s true, then the matter of going out with mom tomorrow, then it must be delayed, but what reason to look for? Did you tell Mom directly? She didn’t know what expression it would be.
Chuck sighed, and after a while, Queenie came out of it and changed into her usual clothes, and Chuck asked, “Why didn’t you spend that money?”
Because there was no change all over Queenie’s body, how to say that the money that Shane compensated for the last meal, Chuck gave her all of it, she should spend this money.
“This is what you gave me, I can’t use it,” Queenie said.
Chuck sighed, her character was too simple.
It was also not good to persuade her much, directly taking her downstairs, Queenie was the first time to ride in a sports car, so she was more reserved, her hands hugging the small backpack, very careful, afraid of breaking Chuck’s car.

This point Chuck helpless, and she said to relax a little, Queenie before blushing relaxed, to the hospital, Chuck immediately take Queenie to check.
This matter is not clear, Chuck simply can not feel at ease with his mother to go out to study together, not to mention the matter of Yvette?
Chuck was already in a trance.
Queenie went to check, Chuck was apprehensively waiting for the results, at this time, Chuck saw an acquaintance, it was actually Kristen, she What’s going on here? Did she have one, too? Chuck was busy keeping his head down and heading over to the toilet.
Originally, Chuck was afraid of running into someone he knew, so he specifically went to choose a hospital that was far away, and this one was a private hospital with a good reputation, so Chuck brought Queenie over, after all, Chuck was not short of money, so he definitely wanted to give Queenie the best.

But thinking of Kristen’s character, Chuck suspected that this woman would be coming over to acquire this hospital, right?
There is a possibility that Chuck came forward and spent more than two billion yuan with his mother’s money, when his mother said that she was going to prepare to build a hospital, now in the end to start or not, Chuck does not know, but with his mother’s character, he must have already arranged to start, it is impossible to waste time, it is estimated that now ah, the renovation has been started for a long time.
Although the hospital is not that easy to open up, the old mother can handle it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this. Kristen walked over, “Why are you hiding from me?”
Chuck sighed and stopped, it had been more than ten days since we had seen each other, and she still had a hot body and a beautiful face.
“No,” Chuck was embarrassed, he couldn’t say that he was bringing someone over to check, could he?
“What are you doing in the hospital without you?” Kristen doubted it.
“The medical examination,” Chuck said.
“The medical examination, do you think I’m stupid?” Kristen’s eyebrows furrowed, this was not the place for a medical examination. Seeing Chuck’s head bowed, Kristen associated with something, coming to the hospital for no reason, sneaking around, is it checking the men’s department? En, it should be now.
Kristen didn’t ask much, it was still hard to ask such questions.
“Your square don’t you want to do it more, do you? It’s been more than ten days and you don’t even go there once.” Kristen’s tone was cold, she had gone to the square several times and hadn’t seen Chuck, she was a bit disappointed, “If the square doesn’t want to do it anymore, sell it before it’s too late! Give it to me.”
How shall I put it, Chuck was disgusting, but Kristen felt less disgusted than at first.
“I have something to do.” Chuck said, “You go and get busy.”
“Why are you branching me out? I’m going to buy this hospital, you can come over later and get it for free.” Kristen said.
Chuck was shocked, was he really thinking right? For a private hospital of this size, it’s not about the money, it’s about the relationship, right?
Kristen was very strong.
“En, I got it.” Chuck felt that this woman was a bit crazy, but at this time, Queenie came over with the inspection report.
Kristen wasn’t stupid, she saw a little girl standing behind Chuck and was still cautious, but the key was that she had the inspection report in her hand, she instantly understood why Chuck was sneaking around and avoiding her, so she had brought someone’s little girl over for an inspection?
Chuck, how dare you mess around with Zelda behind her back!
And got someone’s little girl pregnant, Kristen was so angry that she suddenly felt disgusted by Chuck, “You’re disgusting.”
Kristen turned around and left, Chuck pulled her back, “Don’t say anything nonsense.”
Chuck didn’t want Kristen to say anything to Zelda and the others, in case it reached his old mother’s ears, then she might get mad.
“Speak nonsense? You’ve already done it, why don’t you admit it? Disgusting.” Kristen struggled to shake off Chuck’s hand, and Chuck sighed, “I admit it, what I meant was that you shouldn’t go out and say anything.”

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