Chapter 27 – 28: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 27: Beg me in your way

“You!” Venus Mu was furious that she wanted to defend herself, but she paused when thought about it for a second.

Anyway, he wouldn’t believe anything she said, so what was the point? What’s more, she was indeed not a virgin, her first time….

“Heh… “Kerry Ye laughed faintly and lowered his head to drop a kiss on her cheek, just as Venus was so nervous that she thought he was going to do that sort of thing to her again, he let go of her and prepared to go back to the bedroom.

Venus was surprised and a little confused, but saw that he had let go of her, she immediately groped behind her back, trying to open the door and escape.

Kerry noticed her intention instantly, he became so angry that he once again grabbed Venus’s waist and pulled her to the bedroom and throw her onto the big bed straightly.

She fell into a softness, and Venus’s heart went cold, she thought he would be merciful today….

Sure enough, after Kerry undid his tie and took off his clothes, he pounced over and pressed Venus underneath him.

Venus bit her lips, just when she thought he would make his next move, Kerry turned over and embraced her in his arms, and then he pulled the blanket over, covered both of them, and closed his eyes right after that.

After waiting for some time without noticing any other movement from him, Venus became even more nervous. She was too afraid to move, and she couldn’t figure out what’s on his mind. It’s just that she’s still wearing her clothes and it felt so hot to be covered up like this!

“Sleep!” Just as she was wondering nonsense and trying to move her body, Kerry suddenly opened his eyes and said in a cold voice.

Venus was so shocked that she didn’t have time to say anything, only to hear him say, “If you’re expecting me to fuck you right now, then you can keep moving!”


Of course, Venus didn’t dare to jiggle anymore, so she clenched her teeth. Kerry closed his eyes when he saw she was being obedient, he hadn’t sleep for two days and he’s really tired.

Being held in Kerry’s arms, Venus was hot as hell while he slept well, she didn’t dare to move a bit, afraid that he would get up and pressure her for sex again.

However, it was under such circumstances that Venus stared at the ceiling in boredom, but finally she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

It was already noon when she woke up again, and when Venus opened her eyes, she found that Kerry wasn’t around.

She was a little surprised, but she didn’t think much of it, she directly jumped off the bed and prepared to leave his room.

However, within several seconds she saw Kerry walking out of the bathroom, he has a strong body with eight-pack, and perfect curves…. Once again the temptation of the gorgeous man walking out of the bathroom struck her, Venus took a swallow subconsciously and turned around her head.

Kerry stared at her, wiping his wet hair with a towel, and did not say anything.

Venus stood in the same place not daring to walk away, yet also not knowing what she should do, even didn’t dare to look around. She lowered her head, suddenly thought about what Changrui Mu said, so she nerved herself and said, “Do you want to accompany me go back to the Mu family? Well, just the first visit…”

The first visit is a custom here that means after a female get married, she has to return to her family within three days, and today’s just the third day.

Kerry was startled, then he said sarcastically, “You are merely a woman that I paid for, you don’t have the qualifications to go back to your family.”

“You!” Venus’s face turned pale, she had already known in her heart that he would not agree, but such a blunt irony made her really embarrassed.

“Then I’m… going out…” Biting on her lips, Venus lowered her head and was ready to cross Kerry and leave his room.

However, as soon as she reached his side, he pounced on her and directly pressed her against the wall.

The corner of Kerry’s lips hooked with a touch of sarcasm, “I don’t agree with you going back to your family’s house, you can beg me in your own way, can’t you?”

Venus’s back was against the wall and she was so tense, his words made her face even more pale, she knew what he meant.

“Didn’t you do a good job yesterday in the study? Making advance to me…” Kerry sneered, “Try again today, maybe I can promise you! Slut!”

Chapter 28: Don’t let me know you’re lying

Yesterday was already the line in the sand for Venus Mu, and today… there was absolutely not a chance!

“Kerry, you’re dreaming! Asshole! I will never beg you again, you can forget it!” Venus cursed, pushing him hard and trying to escape.

However, the more Venus struggled, the more excited Kerry Ye became, he stayed close to her body and exhaled heavily, “It seems that I didn’t touch you for two nights, you just don’t admit you want me, huh?”

He said that with hands started to tear her clothes….

Venus was so nervous that she’s trembling, and with a flash of light through her head, she suddenly thought of something and said, “Brother! It’s my brother! My uncle called and said he had news of my brother, and asked us to go back to the Mu family!”

Tianye Mu…

The name coming to mind, Kerry’s move immediately paused and coldness flashed thought his eyes, he asked, “Are you sure?”

Venus nodded her head hastily, “It’s true, that’s what my uncle told me!”

From the last time, Venus had discovered that Kerry seemed to want to know her brother’s whereabouts, and although she didn’t know what kind of trouble there was between the two of them, what she said was true.

Kerry didn’t say anything, he stared at her as if he was questioning what she said, after a while he finally said, “Get dressed up and let John start the car.”

Venus nodded her head and tidied up the clothes that were torn off by him, and then she said, “My clothes are torn, I’ll go to dress up.”

Saying that, Venus left the room, Kerry didn’t make any movement or reaction until she opened the door and walked out.

Venus finally felt relaxed, she took a deep breath, yet just then Kerry, who was behind her, suddenly said, “You better not let me find out that you’re cajoling me!”

His voice was so cold that it seemed as if he came from an ice cellar, Venus shivered and closed the door to block his view without even replying.

Uncle did say that, she didn’t deceive him!


John started the car and the two headed to the Mu family’s house.

When Venus got into the car, she realized that the driver wasn’t there, just when she was surprised, Kerry walked out and got into the driver’s seat.

Was he going to drive today?

Venus was confused, but she didn’t ask more questions, soon Kerry started the car and headed towards the Mu family.

It was about an hour later that the two arrived at the villa of Mu family.

After stopping the car, Venus took Kerry home.

Today was the weekend, Changrui Mu, Xinyi Fang and Yiyao Mu were all there, and the Mus didn’t have a good mood when they saw Venus, but when they glanced at Kerry behind her, they were surprised.

Changrui Mu didn’t even look at Venus, he directly crossed over her and immediately walked forward, bowed and extended his hand with a fawning face, “Mr. Ye, I’m Changrui Mu of the Mu’s Group, Venus’s uncle, the last time we met…”

After sweeping a glance at Changrui Mu, Kerry moved away, not to mention extending his hand, there wasn’t even a second that he spent on Changrui.

Changrui’s face stiffened, he withdrew his hand silently and smiled again immediately, “Come, Mr. Ye, inside please, your first time in the humble abode. Sorry for not being a good host!”

Kerry didn’t speak and followed Changrui into the house, Venus was somewhat speechless.

After entering the house, Xinyi Fang also came over immediately, her eyes were shining, “Young Master Ye, you really look hundreds of times better than in the newspaper, please, sit over there, I’ll go make you tea.”

The Mus were an old couple, yet they were eagerly attentive to Kerry that they even spoke courtesies, it made Venus get goosebumps.

She stood dumbfounded beside them, looking at these three people not knowing what to say, so she sat opposite Kerry directly, anyway, she came back just to know her brother’s information.

Venus thought about it and planned to ask Changrui, however, when she was about to speak, a beautiful figure upstairs rushed down and fell directly towards Kerry with a strong perfume smell.

But what the figure didn’t expect was that Kerry dodged away immediately, sitting aside and distancing himself from her.

That figure was Yiyao Mu, she startled, then she pouted her lips, “Brother-in-law, Yiyao likes you so much and adore you, I read your news and papers all the time!”

Venus was stunned and took back the words she wanted to ask Changrui, looking at Kerry and Yiyao across the room, she had a sense of déjà vu, as if… not so long ago, that’s how Yiyao spoke to Zihang Lu.

Great! Yiyao indeed loves to steal away from her!

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