Chapter 27 – 28: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 27: I give you the double

“Well, since he doesn’t have a job, why does he go to Marquis group? Is he tracking Belle?” Some people wondered.

“Maybe. Colin used to like Belle when he was in college. I guess he still likes her now.”

Seeing this, Dean glared at Colin: “Getting Belle is a pie in the sky for you. She is Xiao Rongtao’s woman!”

Xiao Rongtao was arrogant, “Belle is my girlfriend now. You’d better give up!”

And Belle also said, “Colin, I already have Xiao Rongtao. You’d better forget me!”

Colin was very speechless. Although he used to regard Belle as his goddess, that was the past thing. Doris was much better than Belle.

“You misunderstood me. I…” Colin wanted to explain.

Xiao Rongtao laughed, “what? Do you have a girlfriend? You are poor and not good-looking. Who will fall in love with you? “

Dean said in a strange way: “Right! No woman loves Colin! “

Colin: “…”

Wang Lou sighed and whispered: “you just ignore them!”

Colin nodded and he did not want to pay attention to these people. However, the current situation didn’t allow him to do so.

“Colin, did you hear me? If you dare to bother Belle, don’t blame me for not caring the relationships as classmates and asking someone to beat you! ” Xiao Rongtao said maliciously.

Belle looked at Colin arrogantly.

Others were disdainful and just saw this play.

Just then, there was a sound outside suddenly, “someone is tearing the hotel down!”

People were shocked. All of them stood up and opened door of the box to see what happened.

Wang Lou went out with Colin.

A lot of people were gathered outside, and the sound of broken wine bottles on the table and a lot of noise could be heard.

It was said that they were looking for someone, but they didn’t found. As soon as they were about to leave, one of them was knocked into by a man on purpose. The two sides began to fight, and everything around fell on the ground.

After a while, they finished. A scar face man came out, and said with a smile: “I’m really sorry. I apologize to all of you.”

“Scar? It’s the person I think? “

“Yes, brother Scar!”

“Ah! It’s really him!”

Brother Scar was a famous ma in this area. Everyone had to call him “Brother Scar”.

Colin heard this and looked at the scar face. His momentum was really rare. He was not ordinary man who could be offended.

At the moment, the scar face wiped his hands with the towel handed by his man, and asked calmly, “excuse me, is there a person called Colin?”

People looked at each other because they did not know.

Just then, Xiao Rongtao stood up and pointed to Colin and said, “he is Colin!”

Colin: “…”

Wang Lou looked at Xiao Rongtao angrily, “Xiao Rongtao, what are you doing?”

“I’ll tell the truth! What’s the matter? ” Xiao Rongtao looked at Wang Lou and Colin arrogantly.

The scar face was a ruthless man and looked for Colin. It was estimated that it was Colin that has provoked him and he has come to take a revenge. Therefore, Xiao Rongtao said that

As long as Colin was unhappy, he was happy!

Other students looked down on Xiao Rongtao. Although they didn’t like Colin, they wouldn’t do such a thing.

At this time, the scar face looked over and wanted to confirm, “are you Colin?”

Colin was helpless, but had to nod to admit, “I am.”

“Good!” The scar face said, and slapped.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Because the slap was not for Colin, but for Xiao Rongtao!

“Brother Scar, why do you slap me? He is Colin.” Xiao Rongtao covered his face and said in shock.

The scar face didn’t say a word, but slapped again, “you dare to say that?!”

Xiao Rongtao was slapped again!

People were stunned.

Colin was also stunned. What was wrong?

Xiao Rongtao covered his face, “Brother Scar, I…”


Another slap.

People walked back two steps subconsciously. Someone covered his own face. They seemed to feel the pain.

“Damn it! You are so ungrateful! What a shame on you! “

People, “…”

Colin finally realized. He thought the scar face was interesting.

However, just after Colin thinking about it, the scar face continued to say: “Colin right? Some people want me to break your hands and feet. “

Colin: “…”

Several people looked at Xiao Rongtao, and even Wang Lou and Colin looked at him.

Xiao Rongtao just said that he wanted to find someone to beat Colin.

“Xiao Rongtao, it’s you?” Colin asked.

Before Xiao Rongtao replied, the scar face said: “not him! But he can come to me in the future. “

The scar face just hit Xiao Rongtao but he still wanted to talk about business with him in the future?

Looking at everyone’s shocked expression, the scar face explained kindly, “I hitting you and doing business with you are two different things.”

People, “…”

That made sense!

The scar face looked at Colin: “come on, do you want to start with hands or feet first?”

Colin replied calmly:” neither!”

“Oh! You are a hard bone! But no matter how hard you are, the result is the same. I’ll choose it for you. Let’s start with your feet. ” The scar face’ hands were around the chest. He was ferocious.

Colin was calm on the surface, but in fact he was very flustered. He has never faced such a situation since he was a child, let alone facing a group of people on the opposite side!

“Can you tell me who gave you the money?” Colin asked.

The scar face said: “this is the rule. I can’t say. You just wait to break hands and feet.”

Colin turned his eyeballs: “no matter how much the other side gives, I give you the double. Can you beat the man who is behind?”

The scar face did not speak, but Xiao Rongtao laughed, “ha ha… Colin, do you have money? Double?! It’s so funny! “

People around also had some disdain. People knew that Colin had no money at all. How could he pay the double?

The scar face glanced at Xiao Rongtao, and said: “sorry. We have the basic credibility!”

Colin saw the scar face,”No room for negotiation?”

“No!” The scar face didn’t want to waste time, “stop talking nonsense! Hurry up!”

Seeing this, Colin sighed helplessly and shrugged, “I tried!”

The scar face thought that he has accepted his fate, so he waved to let his men hold Colin.

When one of the younger man was about to catch Colin, his wrist was caught suddenly, and then cried”ah”!

“Bang!” The man was kicked to the ground.

It was a tall and strong man standing in front of Colin, like a wall which could not be shaken.

Colin can keep calm on the surface because of Gerd. If it were not for Gerd, his legs would be like jelly.

The scar face let a person hold up that man and asked.”Who are you?”

“Gerd Ward.” Gerd said two words coldly.

The scar face was puzzled. He has never heard of the name Gerd here, but the man’s momentum showed that he often fought.

Chapter 28: Gerd Ward

“Bro we are here to deal with private affairs. We don’t bother you, right?”

Gerd snorted coldly, and said without any expression: “you bothered him!”

He pointed at Colin.

The scar face understood immediately that Gerd was the bodyguard of Colin, specially protecting Colin!

Damn it! Fox didn’t tell him that Colin had a bodyguard!

Others were shocked.

Colin had such a fierce guard. He hid so deeply!

The scar face was a man who’s worked in this field for a long time, “you alone? That’s not a good today for you! We got money so that we can only do that! “

Gerd was very calm, “well, I also got money to handle affairs.”

The scar face:”…. “

“Brother Scar, come on!” The little brother said, “beat him!”

The scar face glanced at the younger brother, and said to the another younger brothers behind him: “Go!”

After getting the order of Brother Scar, more than ten people rushed to Gerd.

People ran away quickly, so as not to be hurt. Some of them were still watch after retreating to a safe position.

“Tut Tut, a person is against more than ten people. He is over certainly!”

“Ah! It’s over. The result is doomed! “


Xiao Rongtao looked at Colin. He would be beaten even if he had a bodyguard! A bodyguard was useless. When the bodyguard was solved, Colin would be hit by Brother Scar!

Wang Lou looked at Colin anxiously, but Colin stood there leisurely, and found a position against the wall. He was leaning against it, just looking.

Over there, Gerd just moved several times. Some people who rushed firstly have been hit to the ground. And another continued to rush forward.

In a few minutes, those little brothers were all knocked down to the ground by Gerd, and they can not get up.

People were terrified!

“This is… It’s too damn scary!”

More than ten people have been beaten by one person!

Colin also opened his eyes in shock. He thought Gerd was a little fierce, but he didn’t expect that he was so great! Gerd was like a superman!

Now he was really at ease. His life safety was no problem when Gerd was be with him.

And the scar face naturally began to be a little timid, “brother, you are good! I won’t make this money, OK? Let’s go.”

No matter how much money he can get, it was not as important as his own life. Gerd was terrified. If he continued, it would be him whose hands and feet were broken!

Damn it! Fox let me do it without even an accurate information. I almost died here!

If I didn’t settle accounts with him, I wouldn’t be the scar face!

The scar face wanted to go, but he was stopped, “wait a minute!”

“You… What else do you want to do? I said I would not do this one! “

Colin looked at Gerd, and said: “about my proposal just now, do you want to consider?”

“What proposal?” He has been scared by Gerd and can’t remember what Colin said just now.

Colin said: “I give you double price to fight back for me!”

“It really breaks the rule. I won’t do it!” In fact, the scar face was still a little timid. If Colin let Gerd teach them a lesson again, he may agree.

Colin changed his view about the scar face and said: “It’s all right. You can go! “

The scar face was relieved, leading his brothers to go.

At this time, a voice came, “you can’t go!”


It was Gerd, “the master told me that if anyone hurts the young master, I should fight back doubly.”


People were surprised!

Master? Young master?

Who can tell them that when did Colin become a young master?

Wasn’t he a poor boy?

The scar face was afraid, “Gerd, we just said that but we didn’t touch Colin!”

Gerd thought about it. It seemed right! Then he said to Colin: “you tell them that if they make you in trouble again, you will break their hands and feet.”

Colin: “…”

Gerd was a straight-minded man. He was outspoken.

So Colin asked curiously, “didn’t you say double?”

Gerd suddenly realized, and then grasped the scar face’s wrist and pinched it before people could react.


When the scream came, people could not help but cover their eyes. It was so cruel!

Colin frightened, and pulled Gerd,” wait! He didn’t touch me! Forget it.”

Gerd frowned, and then shook off the scar face’s hand, “next time, it will not be so simple!”

With that, Gerd walked into the crowd and disappeared.

Colin wiped the sweat, while the scar face apologized to Colin immediately, and then ran away with his brothers.

Gerd was gone, but who can guarantee that he would not appear again at the next moment?

The scar face was in society for such a long time. He was experienced. People like Gerd can’t be provoked. Therefore, he left as soon as possible. If he met him again in the future, he would never offend Gerd.

Colin, watching them leave, looked at Xiao Rongtao who has been scared. He smiled, “you are really an honest good child. I feel happy for you.”

Xiao Rongtao lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak. What happened just now was still fresh in his mind. Now he didn’t dare to provoke Colin.

Other people looked at Xiao Rongtao with disdain. Xiao Rongtao caused the whole thing. If he didn’t betray Colin, the scar face would go away. How could this happen?

Wang Lou was about to ask Colin but he heard the sound of footsteps and voices.

“Who is fighting?”

Wang Lou saw a figure and said, “the police are coming!”

People have retreated, and only Colin was still.

“What’s going on?” Asked a policeman.

No one answered. The policeman said again, “don’t be afraid. Tell us. We are police and will uphold justice. Who is making trouble here? Say it boldly.”

It was a pity that no one said. Police would leave.

But at this time, Xiao Rongtao stood up suddenly and said, “it’s him! He’s making trouble! Just now, they were fighting. Those who were beaten have been scared away! “

The police turned around immediately and looked at Colin. Then he waved and said, “take him away!”

“Xiao Rongtao! What are you doing?” Wang Lou glared at Xiao Rongtao angrily.

Other students also stared at him, “Xiao Rongtao, we did not expect you are such a person!”

“You are so mean. We are classmates anyway! “

“Maybe I will be trapped in the future! You are too bad!”

Xiao Rongtao blushed, “am I wrong? I just tell the truth!””

None of his classmates paid attention to him.

Xiao Rongtao looked at Belle, and Belle also had a look of disdain, “Xiao Rongtao, I really thought you are a good man. But you are not!”

“Belle, I’m just telling the truth! Belle.” Xiao Rongtao stared at Belle in some flusters.

Belle snorted and said, “don’t say it. I know you well! Let’s break up! “


At this time, a soft and coquettish voice came. Looking at the woman, people were attracted.

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