Chapter 27: Sufferings of flesh – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Why is that, Big Brother Bob?” Hai Su felt like weeping but had no tears, one hand holding his leg and the other covering his swollen face.

Yet no one around dared to run up to stop him. Seeing her grandson beaten black and blue all over, the old lady’s heart wrenched, and she hurriedly urged several youths of Su family to walk over.

The youths ventured to walk over to Bob Sun, their bodies trembling slightly with fear. With superiority in numbers, they summoned up all their courage to cry out, “Stop…stop it!”

“Damn it! Dare you to call your men?” Bob Sun was in the climax of his exasperation, and with his iron rod raised high, he threatened savagely, “If anyone of you dares to stop me today, I will break one of his hands! If someone is to stop me repeatedly, then I will cripple him!”

As the words were spoken, everyone at present froze with an increasing fear of Bob Sun.

“You guys, come here! Beat the crap out of him! If you hospitalize him, then I will take all the consequences!” As Bob finished speaking, the men who had been standing behind him rushed over and began to violently punch and kick Hai Su.

The people around got so frightened by Bob’s words that none of them dared to come over.

With her hands trembling with outrage, the old lady’s gaze raked the youths of Su family, none of whom dared to look up at her.

“You bastards! Why do you just stand by and watch your brother being beaten up?”

“Grandma, it’s not that we don’t want to stop him, but we just can’t do that. Bob Sun has warned that if we came over to stop him, he would cripple Hai Su’s limbs. You’ve heard that too, right? And it’s better to undergo some sufferings of flesh than to get crippled,” said someone in the crowd at that very moment, with many people echoing his words.

“He’s right, grandma. Su Hai has been healthy and strong from childhood, and he’ll be fine if he endures that pain.”

“Grandma, help me!” Hai Su screeched with pain.

“Hai! My cherished grandson! My poor grandson!” Hearing Hai Su is screaming for help, the old lady’s heart was torn with anxiety and concern. But she dared not walk up to stop, for the fear that Bob Sun would get really provoked and cripple Hai Su.

Bob Sun walked up to Kris Chen, bent his back to him, and said obsequiously, “Sir Chen, are you satisfied with what I have done? “

Why is that?!

Were their eyes deceiving them? Bob Sun was obviously treating Kris Chen with awe! And he tried so hard to flatter Kris as if he were a dog greeting its master.

That… that couldn’t be! When had that wimp become so powerful? And Mary Su got stunned as well. It was in only a few minutes that her mood shifted from worry to astonishment, which gave her an emotional punch.

Eyes filled with mixed feelings, she looked at Kris narrowly. At that moment, the man before her seemed so strange to her.

Was that man the wimp that she had known before?

Without getting Kris’s reply, Bob Sun got so strung up inwardly that he hastened to say, “Sir Chen, please don’t be so angry! I really didn’t know that it’s you! This guy is the one who should be blamed for all this, and if you are still pissed, I shall chop him into pieces…”

“Alright, that’s enough. Off you go!” Kris impatiently waved Bob away. He was not in his mood then, and after Bob’s involvement, he felt even worse.

Not wanting to stay for any moment longer, Kris turned on his heel and left the hall.

I’m dead, I’m so dead this time!

It seems that Sir Chen has really got pissed off this time.

It’s all Hai Su’s fault! That idiot! Had it not been for him, he wouldn’t have come here!

Thinking of the fact that all this trouble had come from Hai Su, Bob Sun experienced a surge of anger, “Beat him up! Kick his fucking ass! Beat the devil out of him!”

His men were previously tired from beating Hai Su hard, but when they heard Bob Sun’s irate voice, they used up all their strength to beat Hai Su into tears and screams.

“Big Brother Bob, why do you beat me so hard?” Hai Su was overwhelmed with a sense of grievance, for he had received a savage beating without offending Bob Sun.

“Stop it.” Bob Sun snapped before he walked up to Hai Su, who was lying on the floor with his body curling up and his face swollen, and kicked him hard again, “Fuck you! Don’t you know who he is?”

“Who can he be then? Isn’t he the live-in son-in-law of the Su family?” With his hand covering his stomach, Hai Su felt like Bob Sun was kicking the acid out of his stomach.

“A live-in son-in-low?” Bob gave him another kick, “Do you know who Sir Chen really is?”

“How could such a wimpish man have a special identity?”

Bob’s words puzzled the members of the Su family a lot.

Bob Sun let out a sneer. As he was about to reveal Kris’s real identity, it suddenly occurred to him that his foster father had told him that Kris Chen had already left the Chen family.

Thus, he had no idea of Kris’s current identity!

Bob Sun spat in Hai Su’s face as he said,” Whatever, remember not to displease Sir Chen! Should you do that again, I will kill you!”

“Let’s leave!”

Bob Sun waved his hand and swaggered out of Su family with a group of his men.

“Hai Su, are you alright?”

Watching as Bob Sun left with his men, youths of the Su family crowded around to check on Hai Su’s injury.

At that moment, Hai Su’s face was as swollen as that of a pig, and he was not as good-looking as before.

The birthday feast of the old lady was almost ruined up by that incident. Still, Su family didn’t suffer a big loss because they had received many valuable gifts. What really bothered them was that Bob Sun had dishonored them a lot.

“Just forget it. Call the doctor in to examine Hai’s wounds.” the old lady instructed the servants.

As two servants went over to hold up Hai Su, the old lady said to all the guests apologetically, “Sorry to make me a joke, everybody! Please take your seats, and the feast will begin soon.”

At that moment, the gate of the manor opened suddenly, and a Rolls-Royce stretch limousine came in with four Bentley following it.

Then the receptionist said aloud, “The boss of Dynasty Hotel, Youming Zhou, has come to offer his congratulations on Old Mrs. Su’s birthday!”

As he said it, the deputy driver’s door of Rolls-Royce stretch limousine opened, and a middle-aged man in a Tang-style suit got out, one of his hand holding a pair of antique walnuts.

The man, was Youming Zhou!

“The old lady of the Su family is really at the upper class! She has even invited the boss of the Dynasty Hotel, Chairman Zhou! “

“So it is. I have never imagined that the Su family has a close relationship with Chairman Zhou! How surprising!”

All the guests were whispering back and forth, for the man coming in was Youming Zhou, one of the most influential figures in Westriver City.

With an asset worth about billions of dollars, Chairman Zhou had never attended someone’s birthday feast before. Yet that day, he turned up at the birthday feast of the old lady of the Su family, which was simply amazing.

“Chairman Zhou, what makes you pay the visit?”

The old lady was stunned. What is that? She hadn’t invited him!

Certainly, it was not that she didn’t want to invite him, but she wasn’t qualified to do so. Therefore, she hadn’t expected that Youming Zhou would come to her birthday feast without being invited.

“Old Mrs. Su, may I please ask, is Sir Chen here?” Youming Zhou came over to her, with a dozen of huge men in a black suit following him.

“Sir Chen?” the old lady shook her head before she turned to the others in the hall, “I haven’t heard of this person, do you know him?”

All the members of the Su family looked dazed and confused, wondering if there was someone called ‘Sir Chen’ among the guests invited that day.

Kris was the only one present whose first name was ‘Chen’, but he, a wimpish man, couldn’t be the person that had been mentioned by Youming Zhou.

“Excuse me, is Sir Chen here?” Not getting any response, Youming Zhou asked again.

Everyone shook his head in response.

Is he not here?

A clueless look appeared on Youming Zhou’s face.

That couldn’t be. He had sent one of his men to make certain that Sir Chen had been staying at Su family.

The day was Sir Chen’s birthday, and he came specifically to send his gift.

And the way that the Su family’s villa was decorated did imply that there was certainly someone celebrating his birthday.

Youming Zhou shook his head before he took out a nicely wrapped box and said, “Since Sir Chen is not here, I shall leave now. This is my birthday present for him, and do remember to hand it to him when he’s back!”

As he was done, Youming Zhou put down the gift and left the hall with a group of men following him.

Everyone at the present got completely confused, for Youming Zhou had paid such a swift visit. And it was at that very moment that the old lady hurriedly spoke,” Would you please stay, Chairman Zhou? Though we don’t konw anyone who is called ‘Sir Chen’, it must have been a bother for you to cover much distance to send this gift. If you don’t mind it, shall we invite you to dine with us?”

“Thanks for your offer, madam. But I have some affairs to look after, and maybe we’ll dine together next time.” Youming Zhou made off without a backward glance, leaving them looking at each other in confusion.

The moment he had left, everyone at present gathered around to study the box.

As the saying goes — a big tree is a good shelter. Youming Zhou was such a well-known figure in Westriver City that everyone wanted to know what his present was.

Though puzzled, the old lady smiled as she gestured for the servants to unwrap that present.

The instant the servants opened the box, everyone present held his breath, and there was a surreal stillness filling the hall.

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