“Disgusting,” Kristen turned her beautiful eyes to stare at Chuck.
Chuck was already in a bad mood, Yvette was missing, and now he had encountered this matter of Queenie, just now apprehensive waiting, now for no reason at all To be scolded, Chuck couldn’t help it, “You’re enough, what’s it to you if I’m disgusted?”
Kristen’s beautiful eyes were annoyed, “You’re disgusting.”
“I’m disgusted, aren’t you going to sleep with me? You think I can’t get you pregnant in one night?” Chuck asked.
“Shameless and disgusting,” Kristen turned around angrily and left.
Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to her, just now Chuck understood that Kristen wasn’t someone who liked to make small moves behind her back, she wouldn’t say anything nonsense about today’s incident.
But Chuck scolded her so, and then regretted a little bit of guilt, how to say that Kristen also helped Zelda, let her continue to renew the contract ah, was scolded by her a few sentences even, just now why did he talk back ah!
Forget about it, it’s good to give her an apology sometime.

Chuck walked over to Queenie.
“I’m sorry, did I come at a bad time?” Queenie lowered his head.
“No, don’t think about it, how did it turn out?” Chuck was nervous.
Queenie was silent, and Chuck felt bad, “Queenie, say it.”
Counting the time, that time between Chuck and Queenie was more than twenty days ago, not even a month, just now when Chuck came over for a checkup, he specifically asked if it could be checked out, and the nurse said it could be.
“Sorry, I was wrong, there,” Queenie whispered, her voice particularly bottomless.
Chuck’s head was muddled at this moment, really winning the bid, and Chuck felt sorry for Queenie.
So what now?
“Chuck, don’t worry, I just asked and said that those less than fifty days old can have a medical abortion, I’ll just buy my own medicine and take it.” When Queenie heard the results just now, she also panicked for half a day before coming back to her senses.
Where had she encountered such a thing, ah, she was only a sophomore in the second half of the year, she was really panicking.
Chuck felt even more guilty, “You don’t want it right?”
Chuck himself was not even strong enough to ask.
“We’re still…, I’m still young, I still have to study,” Queenie said she was scared on the one hand, but on the other hand, she could see that Chuck was nervous and knew even more about the relationship between Chuck and Yvette.
And if you do, what’s next? Wasn’t it an embarrassment to Chuck?
“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Queenie comforted Chuck, she also knew that Chuck hadn’t meant it that day.
Chuck laughed bitterly, it was obvious that he was wrong, but he still let Queenie comfort him?

Chuck took Queenie to ask if it was a medical abortion or a human abortion, money was not a problem, the main thing was not to hurt Queenie’s body.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for and what you’re looking for.
I’m not sure if this is the best way to go, but I think it’s a good idea.
That was to wait a few more days, raise more than thirty-five days, and almost when he and his mother returned, he would be able to take Queenie to get an abortion.
The main reason was that Queenie had been working part-time, and several part-time jobs a day, and was extremely tired, and her health was so poor that the doctor said she was lucky to be pregnant.
Queenie was apprehensive, “Can’t I take the medicine myself?”
Chuck consoled that it was safer, but the key was that Queenie was not well and was already weak, and the doctors did not even recommend doing so, saying that taking pills It’s very risky, it can damage the uterus and lead to subsequent pregnancies that are not too good to carry, this pill, what if it hurts the inside? What if the body is weak?
Chuck didn’t want to feel too guilty about it.
“En.” Queenie listened to Chuck, and she felt at ease that Chuck would definitely do it after promising so much.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take you to dinner and then send you back.” Chuck consoled.

Chuck went to the pharmacy next door to the hospital to buy a little tonic for Queenie, so that she could take care of her body first, and only after he returned did he take a good day out to bring her over to do so.
Queenie waited in the car, Chuck took the tonic and just saw Kristen’s car, he hesitated, walked over and knocked on the window, wanting to say sorry.
But the window didn’t open, Chuck was confused and walked to the front, saw Kristen sitting inside staring at him, beautiful eyes very cold.
Chuck could only walk to the window of the side of the car where she was sitting and didn’t care if she could hear or not, he said, “I’m sorry just now.”
Chuck felt a little less guilty in his heart.
Chuck turned around and left, but the car window opened, revealing Kristen’s face, and she knew what Chuck had said through the shape of Chuck’s mouth.
Chuck turned back and came over, “I’m sorry just now, I shouldn’t have said that to you.”
Kristen’s beautiful eyes were cold, she was just in the car, she was almost angry, she really wanted to rush out and hit Chuck, but she actually said that to herself.
“Drive!” Kristen commanded, and her beautiful eyes stopped staring at Chuck.
Chuck was sort of at ease, but Chuck thought of something and said, “Right, I’m going out for a while, if there’s a problem with Zelda’s shop over there, you…”
“Stop the car! Aren’t you disgusting? Getting someone’s girl pregnant on this side and pretending to care about other women on the other?” Kristen was annoyed.
Chuck didn’t want to explain, and there was no need to explain after all.
Chuck turned around and headed over to his car.
“What are you going out for?!” Kristen’s cold, cold voice came through.
“Going out with my mom for something,” Chuck said, learning about fighting Chuck didn’t say anything about it.
When he didn’t hear Kristen’s voice, Chuck turned his head and saw Kristen’s beautiful eyes were cold and ordered, “Drive.”
She left.
Chuck shrugged his shoulders, returned to the car, instructed Queenie, how to eat these supplements, he was assured to take Queenie to eat, looking for a restaurant to eat, eat and play Chuck sent Queenie back, on the way Chuck let her recently don’t part-time job, otherwise the body will get worse and worse.

Queenie agreed, but whether she would secretly go to work or not, Chuck had no bottom in his heart, no matter what, Queenie’s character is like that.
When she arrived at the downstairs of her home, Chuck took out her tonic and sent her upstairs to put her mind at ease.
“Sleep early.” Chuck put down the tonic, he wanted to go back and have a good rest and go out with his own mother tomorrow.
Queenie bit her lip, “Thank you,”
Chuck felt guilty, “Don’t say that,”
Queenie was like this, Chuck felt even more guilty, he comforted Queenie for more than half an hour before he went downstairs and drove himself back, not back to the place where Yvette rented a house but went to the house he bought.
Because Susan still lived there, it was inconvenient for him to go over there, did he sleep on the sofa? That definitely wouldn’t work, people like Susan would be uneasy.

When Chuck returned home, he took a bath and went to bed, which was a little bit of peace of mind, and when he would return Queenie’s body will be almost well healed, it would be safest to do it then..…


“Rubbish, you’re rubbish!” In the damp room, Yvette was kicked all over, her beautiful eyes stared at the person who hit her.
“It’s been more than ten days and you’re still so rubbish, you’ll never get out for the rest of your life know that?” This man sneered.
Yvette climbed up with the pain.
“Haha, I’ll tell you one thing, our people, however, have been secretly monitoring your so-called husband, you know where he went today? Haha, you wouldn’t think it, he took a woman to the hospital to have an abortion, this woman, you know her, is your student. Queenie.” The man laughed, full of sarcasm.
“No way, I forbid you to talk about my husband like that. FORBIDDEN!” Yvette’s beautiful eyes stared at him, so instantly, she was in a cold rage!
It was possible, how could Queenie do something like that with Chuck? No, Yvette knew this clearly.
“Not allowed? Haha. Do you know how long I’ve been monitoring you? You remember the first time Queenie visited your house, right? Do you know what the two of them did?” The man snickered.
“You’re not allowed to talk nonsense!!!” Yvette rushes over and this man kicks. Yvette falls out, the pain makes her almost faint.
“You don’t know, do you? It doesn’t matter, I saw it clearly at that time, the two of them were inside your room, and that woman was helping…” the man said.
Yvette’s eyes were cold as ice, “I forbid you to talk about my husband that way, no!”

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