Chapter 270: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 270 You’re Pregnant? (1)

“Congratulations, Honey.” A voice came over.

Xiran Xiao turned her head to see that it was her mom and dad, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Xiran was surprised and threw herself into her mother’s arms and hugged her for a moment.

“Mom and Dad, when do you come here?” asked Xiran.

“It is Tianye who went to invite us to come.” Xiao’s father said gently.

Xiran’s mother wiped the tears from Xiran’s face, “Sweetie, finally you’re getting married. We’re so happy.”

Xiran couldn’t refrain from smiling through tears. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back beforehand?”

“Tianye said he wanted to surprise you, and we thought it was a good idea, so we agreed.” said her mom.

As the three of them were talking, Pingan squeezed out of the crowd. “Should I call you Auntie Xiran from now on?”

“Why do you want to call me auntie?” Xiran asked softly.

“Uncle Tianye said he would give me a big red envelope if I called your auntie,” Pingan said.

The crowd roared with laughter.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into today’s proposal.”Tianye hugged Xiran in his arms and whispered.

Xiran gave him a light punch on his chest, “I haven’t seen you for several days. Your phone is off all the time.”

“I’ve missed you a lot these past few days too. I almost can’t help calling you.” said Tianye.

Tianye did many things during the time he disappeared. First, he bought the cruise ship, then he went to a fireworks manufacturer and had them specially made, and then he went to Europe to bring Xiran’s parents back.

While he was busy, he took the time to polish the pink diamond himself.

He also thought long and hard about where to propose to Xiran. In the end, he decided to propose to her at sea, where they first met.

Xiran was moved to tears when Tianye whispered to her about what he had done.

Not far away, Venus also cried from happiness, while Kerry regretted that he had missed out on a lot of good times with Venus because he had treated her badly.

“How long are you going to hug Xiran? Do you want so many people to watch you hug each other all the time?” Kerry said unhappily.

Tianye glanced at him before letting go of Xiran.

“Your boyfriend is so nice to you. When he called me to tell me about it, I thought he was a scammer,” One girl said enthusiastically.

“So why do you guys come here finally? Aren’t you afraid that he is a scammer?” Xiran asked.

“He bought us round-trip tickets. He was so sincere, so I figured he wasn’t a scammer.” said the girl.

Xiran looked at the number of people. There were almost fifty people there. That was a lot of money for a round-trip ticket for fifty people.

“You must have spent a lot of money on this.” she asked Tianye.

“It was a lot. I made a lot of money on two projects from Kerry last time, and it is enough to pay for it,” Tianye said.

When Kerry returned home at night, he wanted to be alone with Venus, so he locked Pingan out of the house. While Pingan was outside, he rapped on the door and yelled.

“Pingan is knocking on the door outside. You go open the door for him,” Venus said.

“No. He’s been with you the last few days. He won’t let me stay with you.” Kerry said. “If I let him in, he’ll stay with you again.”

John heard Pingan shouted from downstairs and then he rushed upstairs to take him away.

“We haven’t had sex in a long time. Tonight you belong to me.” said Kerry.

Hearing Kerry’s words, Venus blushed.

Then Kerry then gently went to undress Venus.

Xiran and Tianye’s lovemaking was more frenetic than Venus and Kerry’s gentle lovemaking. They kissed and undressed all the way from the moment they walked in the door. Before they walked into the bedroom, they made love on the couch.

They both wanted to take control of their lovemaking, so they made love intensely.


Now, Venus also started to work. After spending a few days in S City, Xuan Chu flew to F Province where he had been looking for the treasure.

When Kerry knew that Xuan Chu had gone to F Province, he thought Xuan had gone to look for the treasure again. “He hasn’t even given up looking for the treasure. He’s a bit too paranoid.” Kerry thought.

Venus’ period didn’t came on schedule. She thought that she was pregnant, but wasn’t sure. She planned to buy a pregnancy test tomorrow to see if she was pregnant. Last time Kerry had said he wanted to have another child, but she said no. But if she did get pregnant, she would be also happy.

In the evening, Venus pushed Kerry away from her as he kissed her in the ear.

“What’s wrong these days? Why won’t you let me touch you?” Kerry asked.

“I’m so tired these days,” Venus said perfunctorily.

“Let’s just do this one time today, okay?” Kerry whispered in her ear.

“I’m really tired,” Venus said. She was worried that it would be bad for the baby if she were pregnant.

Kerry sighed mournfully, lay on his back for a moment, and then got out of bed.

“Where do you go?” Venus asked.

“Take a cold shower.”

“Wait,” Venus blushed, “I……”

Kerry leaned into her neck and asked “You agree?”

Venus smiled and pushed his hand away, then whispered in his ear.

Kerry’s blue eyes lit up instantly. He kissed her on the mouth, “Darling, you are the best wife in the world.”

Then he stroked Venus’s body. Venus blushed shyly, not daring to look at him.

“I’m so sleepy.” Venus muttered quietly. And Kerry continued to kiss her on the cheek. Although she was tired, she was still cooperating with Kerry.

The next day at noon, Venus used the excuse of having lunch with a colleague to go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test. Then she immediately went to the restroom. Seeing the stick showed no sign of pregnancy, Venus was disappointed.

Chapter 270 You’re Pregnant? (2)

Venus sat in the chair and thought for a while, and then she searched on her phone. It said that the test had to be taken in the morning to be accurate.

She decided that if her period didn’t come tonight, she would take another test in the morning.

As she thought about it, her phone rang. It was from Kerry.

Venus asked, “What’s up?”

“I have a social engagement tonight. I guess I won’t be home until late. I’ll have Henry take you home first after work.”

“Yes, Okay.” Venus said happily.

Maybe Kerry heard Venus’ happy tone of voice and asked, “Are you so happy that I’m going to a social function?”

“No. I am just thinking of inviting Xiran for dinner tonight.”

“Well then, have Henry go with you.”

“Okay.” Venus hung up the phone. She then called Xiran to ask her to dinner tonight, but Xiran declined her invitation.

“I’m busy. Let’s eat together some other time.” said Xiran.

Venus was confused, “What are you busy with? I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“There’s been some trouble with business in S City. I’m dealing with it these days.”

Hearing that it was business, Venus was busy saying. “All right, and then call me when you’re done.”

Putting down the phone, Venus stretched her arms.

After returning home from work, Venus went to bed with Pingan and came to the bedroom. She took a quick shower and then lay down to play with her phone, wanting to wait for Kerry to return. But within three minutes, she was asleep.

It was almost 11:30 when Kerry came back. His clothes were full of the smell of cigarettes and alcohol, mixed with a woman’s perfume.

He was worried that the smell would bother Venus, so as soon as he entered the bedroom, he went into the bathroom to take a shower. When he got out of the shower, he saw Venus’ cell phone still by the pillow. He knew that she had fallen asleep waiting for him.

Kerry held her in his arms and then fell asleep.

When Venus woke up in the morning, she opened her eyes and found Kerry’s face facing her.

She stroked his curled eyelashes with her fingers, and then Kerry opened his eyes and mumbled, “Are you awake? Get some more sleep.” Then he took Venus in his arms.

“What time did you get back last night?” Venus asked.

“It’s almost midnight,” Kerry said with her eyes closed.

Venus frowned. “Have you been drinking a lot again?”

“I didn’t drink a lot, just a little,” Kerry said.

“I don’t believe it,” said Venus, and then she suddenly remembered something. She pushed Kerry’s arm away and went to the bathroom.

She gingerly pulled the pregnancy test out of her purse and went into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, she ran out with a happy face and shook Kerry awake, “Kerry, get up.”

“What’s wrong?” Kerry rolled his eyes.

Venus brought the pregnancy test to his eyes.

Kerry looked at it for a few moments, and then sat up in bed with a start. He grabbed the pregnancy test and looked very excited. “This is …… .”

Venus sat on the edge of the bed giggling.

Kerry looked at the pregnancy test a few times, then at Venus’s belly, and was overjoyed, “Are you really pregnant?”

Venus nodded.

Kerry tossed the pregnancy test away and held Venus in his arms again. “You are wonderful. I love you so much. When did you find out you were pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“My period has been delayed for four days. I just wanted to use a pregnancy test first to see if I’m pregnant.” Venus said, “I wanted to wait until I got the results before I told you.”

“Is that why you won’t let me touch you these days?” Kerry said gently.

Venus nodded happily.

“If you had told me, I would never have made love to you.”

“I was afraid you’d be disappointed.”

Kerry kissed her hair, “I love children, but I love you the most. If you don’t want to get pregnant, I’ll never force you.”

“But I want to have another child now,” Venus said.

Kerry was quite surprised, “Why do you want a baby again?”

“Since I’m pregnant, of course I have to love my baby. It’s my duty as a mother. Also, I think Pingan is so lonely playing by himself. If there’s another child with him, then they should all be happy.”

“I also think so,” Kerry put his arm around her shoulders and let her lean against his chest. “I didn’t take good care of you when you were pregnant with Pingan. I wasn’t there for you when you had him, either. I felt very remorseful. That’s why I’ve always wanted to make it up to you.”

“I even tried not to have Pingan, but now that I think about it, I kind of hate myself for that.” Venus said sadly. Fortunately, Kerry had tried to stop her from aborting Pingan, otherwise she would not have seen such a cute and smart child.

“Don’t hate yourself. It’s all in the past. We still have a chance to make up for our mistakes. We can give Pingan the most love, and also the best love we can give this little baby.” Kerry said.

Venus nodded.

The two of them sat happily on the bed for a while and then got dressed and went downstairs.

As soon as Pingan saw his mother, he jumped over to her, and Kerry quickly picked him up.

“I want my mommy to hold me,” Pingan said unhappily.

Kerry smiled and shook her head, “Mommy can’t hold you now.”

“Why? Doesn’t Mom love me anymore?” Pingan asked.

Kerry whispered a few words in his ear. Then Pingan immediately shouted loudly, “Mommy has a little baby in her tummy?”

“Does Pingan prefer a brother or a sister?” Venus asked with a smile.

“I like them all.” Pingan excitedly got down from Kerry’s arms and ran toward the dining room, shouting, “Mommy has a little baby in her tummy.”

With Pingan’s publicity, in less than three minutes, the entire Ye family knew that Venus was pregnant again.

Then Mrs. Qin removed all the food from the table that was bad for pregnant women and made a nourishing soup.

“I’ll go with you to the hospital for a checkup later,” Kerry said gently.

“Yeah, okay.” Venus said happily.

“I’m going too.” Pingan said.

Kerry shook his head directly, “No, there are too many germs in the hospital. You can’t go.”

“What’s germs?” Pingan asked curiously. He has a lot of whys now. Whenever he didn’t understand something, he asked. Sometimes he left John speechless.

Kerry frowned, “You’ll understand when you grow up.”

Then Pingan made a face.

Venu had the experience of being pregnant with Pingan, so she drank a lot of water on the way to the hospital. After the registration, she went straight to the ultrasound room

“Your baby is developing healthily, don’t worry. Just come for regular checkups, and be sure to get plenty of rest from now on.” The middle-aged woman doctor who examined her said to her.

Kerry was very happy at the moment. He needed to share this joy with someone, so he called Tianye Mu.

Tianye was on his way to the office when Kerry called him.

“Hey, what are you calling me about so early in the morning?”

Kerry’s voice was filled with overwhelming joy. He first cleared his throat and said in a raised tone, “When exactly are you getting married?”

Tianye was confused, “What does it matter to you when I get married? Why don’t you ask me what kind of wedding gift I want?”

Chapter 270 You’re Pregnant? (3)

“I suggest that you get married in two years. By then, my two children will be flower girl and page boy for your wedding.”

“You only have one child. Why do you say you have two children?” Tianye Mu asked. “Oh, wait, Venus is pregnant again?”

“Yeah, I already have two children, but you’re not married.” Kerry laughed.

“You give the phone to Venus. I’ll talk to her.”Tianye said excitedly.

Then Kerry handed the phone to Venus.

“You’re pregnant? How is your body?” Tianye asked several questions in a row excitedly.

“Yeah. I just finished a checkup at the hospital and the doctor said the baby was developing very well.” Venus said calmly.

“That’s good. Take care of yourself.” Tianye said. “Remember to call me if you need me.”

After hanging up the phone, Tianye smiled happily. He was thinking that there would be another baby who would call him Uncle Tianye.

As he laughed, he wondered if he should get Xiran pregnant before he married her. But on second thought, he felt that it would be unfair to Xiran.

While thinking about this, his phone rang again. It was from Xiran.

“What’s up?” Tianye said in a happy tone.

“Come to S City immediately. I have something important to tell you.” Xiran’s tone was very serious, and Tianye’s smile immediately faded at the sound of her serous tone.

“What happened? You sound serious. “He asked with concern.

“It’s pretty serious. Please come quickly.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Hanging up the phone, Tianye said to the driver, “Go to the airport quickly.”


After two hours, Tianye arrived at Xiran’s house.

“Where’s Xiran?” Tianye asked the butler.

“She’s upstairs,”

Then Tianye ran upstairs, pushing open the bedroom door, where Xiran was lying on the large couch, eating an apple leisurely.

“What’s wrong?” Tianye asked breathlessly.

Xiran sat up on the couch and threw a medical form at him with an angry expression, “Look what you’ve done!”

Tianye was even more confused by her words.

He saw it carefully, but jumped straight up. “You’re pregnant? I’m having a baby?”

Xiran saw how happy he was, and stopped pretending to be angry. She suddenly smiled.

Tianye ran up to Xiran and kissed her hand fervently, his eyes getting moist, “Thank you, Xiran,” he said.

He had one more family member in the world besides his sister.

Xiran stroked his hair and smiled, “Why do you thank me? This is also my child.”

Tianye gently placed his hand on her belly and tilted his head up to ask, “How many days pregnant are you?”

“More than thirty days.”

“Then you should have gotten pregnant the night I asked you to marry me.” Tianye said.

“You didn’t wear a condom that night.” Xiran said with a pout.

Tianye smiled. He now regretted a bit that he had not gotten her pregnant earlier.

Suddenly, Tianye remembering something important, “Let’s get married then.”

Xiran leaned back on the couch, “But getting married is a hassle. There are so many things to do.”

“You don’t have to do anything, just leave everything to me,” Tianye promised.

Xiran hesitated for a moment and reluctantly said, “Okay, then.”

He got up and sat next to her, and put his arm around her shoulders, “All you need to do is just put on a beautiful wedding dress and marry me. I will definitely give you a perfect wedding.”

Xiran chuckled and nodded.

“Do you want to come to Sky City with me?” asked Tianye.

“Yeah, I’ll. It’s too hard for you to travel between places.”

Tianye kissed her hair, “That’s good. Venus is pregnant too.”

Xiran asked in surprise, “Really? When?”

“Just a few minutes ago, Kerry told me about that. He also laughed at me for not being married.” said Tianye.

To take care of Xiran, two of the Xiao family’s cooks and butler flew to Sky City with them.

After Xiran knew she was pregnant herself, she strictly followed the doctor’s instructions on what she could and could not eat.

Venus, on the other hand, was much more relaxed because of her experience with childbirth, and she still went to work. Kerry advised her to stay home, but Venus didn’t want to. She said she was in good health and that moderate exercise was good for the health of the baby.

Of course, when Tianye told Kerry about Xiran’s pregnancy, he bragged about it, too.

On weekends, Kerry would drive Venus and Pingan to the Mu family. The two pregnant women shared their experiences, and the two men took Pingan fishing at the lake.

When they were about fifty days pregnant, the two went to the hospital together for a check-up. After seeing Venus’s sonogram, the doctor took a long time to look at Xiran’s.

Tianye was waiting anxiously. “Doctor, what’s wrong?”

“You wife is pregnant with twins, and they are developing well.” The doctor said bluntly.

Tianye and Xiran were completely stunned.

The doctor turned to look at them, “Didn’t the doctor tell you that the last time you had a test?”

“No.” Xiran said.

“That would be because the embryo was too small to see it in the first place. You are indeed carrying twins. It’s hard to carry twins.” The doctor said.

“Okay, thank you, doctor.” Tianye said.

Tianye helped Xiran up and then bent down to put on her shoes. Tianye was still basking in the joy of the “twins” when he helped her out.

Venus looked at their strange look and asked, “Xiran, what’s wrong?”

“Venus, it’s twins. I’m having twins.” Xiran said with a trembling voice as he took Venus’s hand.

“Really?” Venus was surprised. “Great, that’s so great.”

Venus hugged Xiran and tears of joy fell down her face.

“It’s a good thing, don’t cry.” Kerry comforted her.

“My brother has children now. They’re also twins. Mom and Dad will be very happy.” Venus said excitedly.

After thinking for a while, Xiran made a decision, “Tianye, let’s not have the wedding yet. My belly will get big soon, and I won’t look good in a wedding dress. I think we can have the wedding after I give birth to the twins.”

Tianye thought about it and said, “Okay, let’s go and get the marriage license first.”

“Why do we have to get the marriage license? I’ve got your child, and you’re afraid I’ll run away?” said Xiran.

“Xiran, it’s better to get a marriage certificate first. It’s also easier to register the child,” Venus said.

Finally, Xiran agreed.


Summer vacation was approaching, and in order to attract students, the amusement park offered a series of discounts and a variety of activities for students.

When the manager in charge of the amusement park reported these plans to him, Kerry suddenly remembered that he hadn’t taken Venus and Pingan to the amusement park since they returned. He had planned to take them to an amusement park, but the weather was too cold and Pingan was too young, and then he himself lost his memory, so the matter was delayed. Tomorrow was the weekend, and Kerry wanted to take them to the amusement park.

When Kerry and Venus drove home from work, he told it to Venus, and Venus agreed, “You should also invite Pingan’s friends. Pingan said he missed his friends very much.”

“Okay, I’ll invite them later then.”

Then Venus stretched and snuggled softly on his shoulder, “I’m exhausted.”

“What have you been up to today?” Kerry asked, touching her belly.

“Director Meiling has given me a new assignment. There’s a competition next month, and she let me participate in it.” Venus said.

“That’s a good thing. It means she recognizes your strength.”

“But I always felt like she let me participate in the competition because of you. I know I’m not so capable.” Venus said.

Kerry laughed. “You shouldn’t belittle yourself. I know Meiling’s personality. She won’t do this kind of flattering thing. Since she let you join the competition, it means that she thinks you’re capable.”

“Do you really think I can do it?” Venus still didn’t have much confidence.

Kerry stroked her cheek, “You are my wife. I’m sure you can do it. Even if you don’t win, it’s no big deal, just think of it as gaining knowledge. Since it’s a professional designer competition, the designers here must be very good, so it’s good for you to learn from them. But I’m just worried about your health. After all, joining the competition will need a lot of energy.”

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