Chapter 271 – 272: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 271: Massacre

“Listen up, all my brothers! Today will always be remembered as a day when we destroyed the Holy-Dragon Cult!” The vice leader of Huashan School, Buchi Hao, gave out his order, and the Six Major Schools launched the attack against the Holy-Dragon Cult. But the Holy-Dragon Cult was located in a terribly steep mountain, which made it very difficult to attack. Many attackers were gravely wounded by the stones rolling down from the mountain.

Master Jinglian’s anger boiled up when she saw what was happening. “The sins of these vicious cults shall never be forgiven!”

“Amitabha.” Master Shiming said: “No one wants a nasty cult to exist in this world, and today we will wipe them off the surface of the earth for the sake of the people.”

Yuanqiao Zhang didn’t say anything. His brow furrowed. He could sense there was something wrong. He noticed there was only some average sort of people in the Holy-Dragon Cult defending the wall, and not one single leader was to be seen. The four Divine Dragon Guardians were also absent.

“Everyone calms yourself down,” Yuanqiao told them what was concerning him with a serious expression.

Then, Daxiao Ma, the vice leader of Gaibang School, asked with a grim face: “You mean, the Holy-Dragon Cult has a scheme?”

Yuanqiao nodded.

“You are thinking too much, Yuanqiao. What kind of scheme can they possibly have? We have surrounded them for a month, and if they don’t fight us, they will all be starved to death.” South Sword King said carelessly.

“My brother is right.” East Sword Kind said approvingly.

“Maybe I was thinking too much,” Yuanqiao smiled.

“Chief! I have something important to report!”

“What is it? Zhen Yuan? Tell me now.” Master Shiming looked at Zhen Yuan and asked.

“We have a spy from the Holy-Dragon Cult among us!”

“What?” Everyone was shocked when they heard it, and they looked at each other warily.

Shiming’s brow furrowed. “Zhen Yuan, you can not say something like this if you have no evidence.”

“Chief, don’t you even trust me?” Zhen Yuan said with a grim expression.

“Master Zhen Yuan, can you tell us who this spy is? I have to kill him myself!” Master Jinglian said angrily.

“No wonder the Holy-Dragon Cult always seems to be able to predict their plans every time it is under attack.” They thought.

“Master, tell us!” Daxiao hated this kind of person the most in his life. He would surely teach the spy a lesson with his Dog-beating Club once he found the spy out.

Zhen Yuan was hesitant. He said: “I’ll tell Chief first, then he will decide whether it is a good idea to tell.”

Shiming recited a mantra and said to everyone: “Please turn around.”

They were not very glad, but they turned around anyway.

“Zhen Yuan, come here.”

“Yes, Master.” Zhen Yuan walked to Shiming and leaned towards him, and then a sly smile appeared on his face. He said: “Chief, the spy is….”

And the next thing Master Shiming knew, a dagger was stabbed into his chest. Shiming screamed. The six people turned around in unison. They were all shocked to the core when they saw Zhen Yuan, whose hands were covered with blood, and Shiming, who was already lying in a pool of blood.

“So, you are the bloody spy!” Jinglian recovered herself soon, and the next second, a sword appeared in her hand. She aimed the sword at Zhen Yuan, and then, the sword flew out of her hand and charged into him. “Die, you bastard! Today I will make Shaolin a cleaner School!”

“You are very arrogant, aren’t you.” Zhen Yuan laughed heartily. He felt relieved because he had finally killed Shiming, the one who took the position of the Chief of Dharma Hall away from him. “From now on, there will be no more Master Zhen Yuan, I will be known as Monk Zhen Yuan of the Holy-Dragon Cult !” He thought.

“Then show me what you can do!” Zhen Yuan faced the sword that was flying towards him. And he took out a Demon-Conquering Club and blocked Master Jinglian’s sword.

“What?” Jinglian rounded her eyes in astonishment. “Isn’t he just at the early period of the return-to-the nature stage? How could he block my sword? I’m at the fulfilled period of the return-to-the nature stage after all!” Jianglian thought. Then she said angrily: “ You didn’t tell us your stage honestly!” You bastard!”

And then, Zhen Yuan released his energy unreservedly, which was even slightly stronger than Jinglian’s.

“You bloody nun! I have been expecting this fight for a long time.” All of a sudden, his Demon-Conquering Club fired a sliver needle towards Jinglian, who tilted her head and dodged the needle. But she failed to escape from Zhen Yuan’s King-Kong Punch. So powerful and violent was the punch that Jinglian was sent flying, and blood came up from inside her.

“How dare you!” South and East Sword King blocked Zhen Yuan’s way when he was about to leave.

“Zhen Yuan, you are the elder of Shaolin School, and why would you do it?”

“Yuanqiao Zhang, I’m not afraid of you just because you are at the back-to-self stage!” Zhen Yuan laughed madly. “This is it. I gotta go.”

“Watch out!!!”

Zhen Yuan threw a dozen balls into the air. The balls soon exploded, scattering debris all over the place. People protected themselves from the flying debris with their hands. Then a thick smoke rose up from nowhere, and when the smoke was dispersed, Zhen Yuan was nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it!” Daxiao wanted to chase him, but he was stopped by Yuanqiao. “Daxiao, ask our brothers to retreat! This is a trap! Make Buchi pull our brothers out!”

Daxiao then hurriedly yelled at Buchi, who was commanding at the front: “Buchi Hao! Pull out!!”

“What? Push what?” Buchi didn’t hear him clearly. He thought Daxiao wanted them to push harder, so he yelled at the brothers of Six Major Schools: “Listen up my brothers, we must push harder!”


“Destroy these lousy bastards!!”


All of a sudden, the gate of the Holy-Dragon cult echoed with the sound of squeals, cries, and snarls.

And this fight was also costing the Holy-Dragon cult dearly. None of the high-level members of the cult showed up, and how long could the average brothers withstand such a fierce attack? Had it not been for the natural advantage provided by the steep mountain, the cult would already be destroyed. Because there were many more attackers than defenders.

“Go! Call for reinforcements!” A commander shouted on the wall.



The door to the Hall of the Holy-Dragon cult was shut. No one knew what was happening inside. Everyone was lying on the ground except Yiqiu Deng.

Xiaolong Tan glared at him and said: “Yiqiu Deng! How could you put a Paralyzing Pill in our drinks!”

The Paralyzing Pill is colorless and odorless. The victim has to use an antidote, or all his energy will be drained.

Yiqiu laughed and said: “You are right. But you won’t get any reward.”

“Why would you do it? How did you get the Holy-Dragon Plate and the Dragons Ring?”

“Give us the antidote, or you will be doomed when our leader comes back.” White Ghost shouted at Yiqiu.


“Come on!”

People shouted.

Yiqiu’s face darkened. He waved his arm, and a knife appeared in his hand. Then he walked to a Sub-Branch Leader and cut his throat open, and then, a Branch Leader. He didn’t stop there. He waved his knife nonstop, and soon, a dozen Branch Leaders and Sub-Branch Leaders were killed. The smell of death hang in the air.

Xiaolong and the others were furious. “Yiqiu Deng, you damn…”

“Stop! Yiqiu Deng!”

“If you keep shouting, I will keep killing.” Yiqiu looked at them with great satisfaction. Blood was dripping down from his knife. Everyone was quiet.

“Please. Blue Dragon Envoy. Don’t kill us.”

“Please, we are willing…”

“Let us go..”

“Shut up!” Yiqiu waved his knife violently, and blood splashed over his face.

“You want to live? What about my sister? My sister is dead! And you will die with her!” Yiqiu was completely out of his senses. His eyes reflected his thirst for blood and hunger for flesh.

“Stop! Stop!”

If a stare could be fatal, Yiqiu would long be dead.

“Be more patient. You will be the next one.”

“Grandpa, will we die?” Yuhan Qin looked at Tongtian Wu fearfully.

“Don’t be afraid, my good kid. Our leader will save us.”

“Brother White, I’m so scared,” Black Ghost wept.

“Keep quiet!” White Ghost said. Then he looked at Xiaolong and asked: “Counsellor Tan, is our leader….?”

Xiaolong sighed. He realized their leader was in grim dander when he saw Holy-Dragon Plate and the Dragons Ring were in Yiqiu’s hand. But he couldn’t say so because people still needed a glimmer of hope.

Dozens of people were killed, and the number of people in the hall was halved. The ground literally ran red with blood, and the hall absolutely reeked. It was sheer hell.

“Now, it is your turn,” Yiqiu walked around with a knife. “Who should I kill first?” Then Yiqiu looked at Black Ghost and said: “Maybe you should go first. I’m so tired of your weeping.”

“No, please, Blue Dragon Envoy, I am done crying. I swear!” Black Ghost cried.

“Damn it. Stop crying!” Yiqiu cut Black Ghost on his shoulder, and blood spurted out. Black Ghost screamed and then lost his consciousness.

“Brother Black!” White Ghost was shivering with anger. Yiqiu killed his brother right in front of him.

“You bastard!!! Kill me first if you want to!!!” Xiaolong shouted.

“I won’t kill you because you desire to die.” Then Yiqiu walked to Wudi Geng, the Black Dragon Envoy, and pulled down his pants and began urinating on his face and his body.

“You bastard! I’ll kill you!!” Wudi was so humiliated. He would absolutely tear Yiqiu apart if he could.

“It feels so good,” Yiqiu knew Wudi was a proud man. So he drew much more pleasure from humiliating him than killing him.

Then he squatted in front of Tongtian Wu and said: “Tongtian, I shouldn’t kill you because we bear no grudge against each other, but a few days ago, you helped your granddaughter in a martial contest to find her a date, and I find that rather humiliating.”

Then he stroked Yuhan’s face and smiled slyly. “You do have smooth skin.” He clapped his hands, and Jingang Huo walked to them from a corner.

“Jingang, this girl is now yours.” Yiqiu smiled. “Remember to do it in front of all of them. They can enjoy this little show before they die.”

“Yes. I will.” Jingang was stunned by Yuhan’s beauty. “Beautiful. So beautiful.” He said.

When Jingang’s dirty hand almost touched Yuhan. Yuhan screamed: “You jerk! If you don’t come, your wife will be dishonored!!!”

Chapter 272: The Death of Yiqiu Deng

Jingang Huo froze. Yiqiu Deng also looked around warily. A minute later, Yiqiu laughed. “Your husband is only at the later period of the innate-power stage. He doesn’t have the guts to come.”

Jingang sighed with relief. He looked at Yuhan smilingly and said: “Stop daydreaming my little beauty. I will make you comfortable…”

“Don’t you dare!” Tongtian Wu looked at them. “If you touch my granddaughter, I’ll destroy you!!”

“Of course I wouldn’t have the guts to do so if you were not poisoned by Paralyzing Pill.” Jingang gave a cold laugh. “But look at you now. What can you do? You are as good as a dead fish on a cutting board!”

Then Jingang reached his hand out to remove Yuhan’s clothes. And Yuhan fell into despair.

All the others shut their eyes tightly. They watched Yuhan grow up, and how could they watch her being raped.

Then Yuhan’s coat was ripped, and her delicate shoulders were exposed.

“You bastard!!! Stop!!!” Tongtian rounded his eyes and screamed hysterically. Suddenly, a deafening noise was heard, and the wall at the back of the hall was destroyed by a powerful explosion. Debris was scatted everywhere, and dust swirled like a misty cloud.

Jingang withdrew his hand out of fear, and Yiqiu also moved backward, and his knife was positioned by him in front of his chest to protect himself.

The dust settled, and people’s vision cleared. They saw two shadows standing at the front of the hole.


When they saw them clearly, they all exclaimed.

“Kris, leave here. They are too powerful! Call our brothers!”

“You jerk! Help me!” Yuhan burst into tears when she saw Kris.

“Kris, Save Yuhan, go!” Tongtian shouted at Kris excitedly.

Kris’s anger flared up in an instant when he saw Yuhan lying on the ground, her clothes being ripped.

“Little guy, let’s go.”

Kris held the little guy’s hand, summoned up his Sturdy Energy, and leaped into the hall. “You are still alive?” Yiqiu was taken aback. Then he laughed coldly and said: “That’s alright. Your coming to this place spares me of the efforts to hunt you down!”

Jingang was also shocked by Kris’ appearance. He knew it was a shame to use a sneak attack on a contest stage, and it was more humiliating to be knocked off the stage when he was trying to attack. That’s why Kris must die, or he will forever live under this shadow.

“Little guy, take her away from here.” Kris removed his coat and covered it on Yuhan.

The Little guy held Yuhan up and said to Kris: “You must be careful. This Yiqiu Deng here is at the fulfilled period of the return-to-nature stage.”

“Don’t worry. I know that.” Kris said. Then he waved his arm, and the dagger: Kill Qin appeared in his hand.

Seeing this, Jingang laughed heartily. “Are you kidding? Blue Dragon Envoy is a practitioner at the return-to-nature stage. He can crush you with one finger..” Before he finished, powerful energy was sent out from Kris, and Jingang was pressed on the ground in an instant

Kris said flatly: “I can also crush you with one finger.”

Yiqiu’s face set. “How is this possible?”

Xiaolong Tan and the others also wore an expression of confusion. Only Tongtian laughed heartily. He said: “He is a natural! He is a genius! He elevated himself from the later period of the innate-power stage to the return-to-nature stage within two days! What a genius!”

Xiaolong’s expression altered to happiness when he heard what Tongtian said. “Well done, Kris.”

“Kris, this bastard has been at this stage for many years, and he is only one step away from the next stage. And you just reached the return-to-nature stage, so I think you should run away with Yuhan first, and when you are out there, you should summon all our brothers, and then we will not fear this bastard!”

“You are wrong. It is true that Kris just reached the return-to-nature stage, but he is already at the later period.” The little guy corrected him.

Everyone present was shocked to the core.

“That’s not possible!” Yiqiu shook his head in disbelief. “How could anyone make so much progress within two days? That’s not possible.”

Jingang was so frightened that he almost peed himself. A man at the early period of this stage would be enough to destroy him, to say nothing about a man at the later period.

“I see. You didn’t tell us your stage, honestly! No wonder Jingang could be knocked off the stage by you. You have the Sturdy Energy to protect you,” Yiqiu said angrily.

Kris laughed inwardly. He was thinking for an explanation of his stage, and now this man solved his problem perfectly.

“So what?” Kris said coldly.

“You jerk!” Yiqiu held up his knife and charged into Kris. He practiced a technique called Eight Thrusts, and it is an advanced technique. He can give eight cuts, and each one will be stronger than the last one.

Kris parried his attack with Kill Qin, and the scrape of metal on metal sent up a shower of sparks.

“The second thrust!” Yiqiu thrust at Kris again, and Kris dodged this attack through Mayfly Power.

“The third one!”

“The fourth one!”

“The fifth one!”

“The sixth one!”

“The seventh one!”

Kris managed to dodge all the seven thrusts, but the eighth thrust is the most powerful one. Yiqiu laughed coldly: “There is no way you can survive this one.” Then, Kris felt he was targeted by a powerful energy.

“The eighth one!”

“Kris! Demon’s Descent!” The little guy shouted.

Kris nodded. He summoned up his Genuine Energy, and then he was surrounded by purple Sturdy Energy. The next thing people knew, a demon with three heads and six arms appeared behind Kris.

When Yiqiu’s sword got near to Kris, the demon opened its eyes all of a sudden, and its blood-red eyes were exposed.

“Demon’s Descent!!” Kris shouted, and then he delivered a powerful punch. The punch met the knife, and a sharp noise was sent out as if it were two pieces of metal bumping into each other.

Then, cracks appeared on the surface of the sword. Yiqiu’s face set. “What!!” He shouted in disbelief. And soon, the knife broke. Broken pieces were sent flying, and Yiqiu’s body was pierced. He puked blood violently, and he was surely about to die.

Everyone gasped, and they found this fight absolutely breathtaking. Kris finished Yiqiu, a man at the fulfilled period of the return-to-nature stage, with one single punch.

“Yeah! Kris won!” The little guy exclaimed.

“Long Live our Sub-Headquarters Leader!”

“Kris, find the antidote!” Xiaolong Tan said anxiously.

Kris walked to Yiqiu, who was barely alive and found the antidote. He then gave it to

Everyone and they all recovered.

Wudi Geng jumped up first, and a hammer was in his hand.

“You bastard, I swore I won’t let you die decently!” Then he smashed Yiqiu’s body with his hammer violently, and soon, the body was smashed into thousands of pieces. Wudi was still not satisfied, he then unbuckled his belt and urinated onto the body.

“Save my brother, please.” White Ghost held the Black Ghost and said in an urgent voice.

“Don’t worry, let me see.” Kris walked to them and checked the Black Ghost’s condition. “It’s not a big problem. He lost his consciousness because he bleeds too much. Now we should stop the bleeding and then stitch up the cut.”

He pointed Black Ghost’s important acupuncture points and took out some herbs, smashed them into a paste, and then smeared the paste onto the cut.

“Thank you so very much, my Sub-Headquarters Leader!” White Ghost looked at Kris gratefully.

“You are welcome.” Kris smiled.

Xiaolong also recovered. He stood up in a hurry and said to Kris: “Kris! We must go and defend the wall.”

Then he said to the others: “Come and join us if you can still stand! This is a crucial moment for our Holy-Dragon cult!”

Everyone present witnessed a terrible massacre just now, and there was no other way to vent their anger apart from killing some people from the Six Major Schools.

“Little guy, take good care of Yuhan and her grandpa. I need to go,” Kris said.

On the wall of the Holy-Dragon cult, only a tenth of the warriors were left. The leader was already in despair. Six Major Schools would soon conquer them, but at that moment, someone shouted: “Look! It’s our reinforcements! They are coming to save us!”

People looked back and saw Xiaolong was rushing towards them with thousands of people.

“My brothers! Let’s kill them!”

Everyone began charging into Six Major Schools.

Yuanqiao Zhang sighed. He looked at Daxiao Ma and said: “It’s time to retreat. We failed.”

Shiming was killed, and Jinglian was wounded. Only Yuanqiao himself was at the early period of the back-to-self stage, and all the others were at the later period of the return-to-nature stage. There was no way they could win the Holy-Dragon cult.

Half an hour later, a great cheer went up from the Holy-Dragon cult. Six Major Schools finally retreated. Joy was written all over their faces because they finally survived this disaster.

After collecting the dead bodies, Xiaolong gathered everyone together. When they saw all the dead bodies lying randomly on the ground and Yiqiu’s body, which was already beyond recognition, many people puked.

Xiaolong then stood in the hall and said: “The Six Major Schools were defeated, but our victory came at a great cost. Just now, Blue Dragon Envoy poisoned us with Paralyzing Pill, and killed a dozen brothers in this hall.

Many people froze when they heard it. They were defending the wall outside, and they had no idea what was happening inside the hall. And their anger boiled up when they heard Xiaolong’s narration. They finally knew why wasn’t there any reinforcement.

“He should die!”

“This is what he deserves.”

Jingang Huo, who was tied to a pillar, peed himself when he saw this angry crowd.

“Now, everyone be quiet. Yiqiu Deng was killed, but now there is a partner of his, Jingang Huo. How do you want to deal with him?”

“Burn him!”

“No, that’s an easy death. We should cut him into thousands of pieces.”

“Remove his clothes and put him on the wall, and freeze him!”

Jingang fainted.

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