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Chapter 271: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 271 I Lost Pingan (1)

“No problem. As you said, I’ll just take it as my study. I know which one is more important.”

“Well, as soon as you feel not good, stop, okay?” Kerry Ye said very seriously, for nothing could be compared to his boy’s health.

“Got it. I’m not a child anymore.”

Venus Mu was listless, leaning on his shoulder, looking out through window. She wished this could continue, with no danger or harm and what she did everyday was work and rest, accompanying by Pingan’ s side.

At dinner, Kerry told Pingan the good news, and called each of his friends’ parents in front of him.

Everyone was very happy to receive the invitation. After all, it was a great honor to receive Kerry’s invitation.

Venus wanted to ask Xiran to come, but she thought that now she was pregnant and the amusement park was crowded, if anything happened to her, then…

Early in the morning on the weekend, Pingan kept chattering in a high mood, giving Venus some pressure.

When they arrived at the amusement park, all the other kids were there, and as soon as they saw each other, they got into a frenzy.

“Hello, it’s been a long time.”

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Ye.” After greeting each other, they went into the amusement park.

As soon as they saw the various cartoon characters, little guys ran over with glee.

The person in charge of the amusement park knew that Kerry was coming and he was standing at the door to welcome him.

“Mr. Ye, nice to see you.” The manager greeted warmly.

“Thank you. Since you’re busy, I don’t mind if you accompany us or not.” Holding Venus’ s hand, he was soft.

The manager was a little surprised, bowing and said, “Okay.”

Kerry needed to take care of Venus, but he was afraid that something might happen to Pingan, so he said to Henry and Fang, who were behind him, “You two go and keep an eye on Pingan. There are a lot of people here, so make sure he won’t run out of your sight.”

“Yes, Young master.”

Kerry held his wife in his arms, afraid that someone would bump into her, “Are you tired?”

“Of course not. It’s just walking,” sighed Venus, looking at the bustling amusement park, “I wish I had been part of the construction.”

“Yeah, thank God you didn’t give me a hard time.” Kerry made fun of her.

Venus laughed, “I was just a puppet at that time. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. By the way, what did MK Company say?”

Kerry laughed contemptuously, “What else can they do? After you left, I detained Xuan Chu, and Mr. Chu gave me the other half of his shares in order to save his son.”

Venus was quite surprised, “That’s a business man, huh?”

“Now it seems to be a good choice, but at that time I only wished that you and Pingan came back to me. I didn’t care the shares at all.”

Venus of course knew this. She watched Pingan running among the various cartoon characters.

It’s been a long time since Pingan was so happy. Children still had to stay with children.

As noon approached, the amusement park became more and more crowded. After getting tired, he would come to Venus, who tilted his head to let his mother wipe his sweat and drank some water, and then ran back again.

A staff member wearing a Donald Duck clothes passed by Venus and accidentally touched her. Kerry immediately held Venus in his arms, approaching, “Hey!”

The staff apologized, “I’m terribly sorry.”

“Let’s go. Be careful later.”

“Yes.” The Donald Duck quickly left, but as Kerry looked down to see if Venus was okay, he looked back at the man.

Venus looked up at him, eyes to his, and after a few seconds, Donald Duck disappeared into the crowd.

She subconsciously felt this Donald Duck was strange, whose voice was quite familiar, as if she had heard it before.

“What are you looking at?” Kerry followed her sight, nothing there.

“Oh, nothing.” Venus thought to herself that she should be thinking too much.

“Have some rest.” Kerry took her to a rest area with umbrellas.

Pingan was playing in the Disney Zone nearby, where were full of classic Disney characters, and children were taking pictures with various princesses and princes as well as Mickey Mouse.

At that time, all of a sudden, two children fell to the ground crying, so their parents went to them, and then argued with the staff, saying that the staff accidentally knocked down their children.

The staff, wearing heavy suits, had to keep apologizing, but the parents didn’t receive their apology, saying that their children got hurt, demanding compensation.

The altercation began to draw people’s attention, and because of this, someone grabbed Pingan’ s arm.

Pingan turned around, and it was Donald Duck.

“Baby, do you remember me?”

Pingan shook his head in confusion at first, and when Donald Duck showed his eyes, Pingan suddenly realized who he was and shouted in surprise, “Dudu!”

“Shh…” Donald Duck gestured to him, smiling, “Dudu will take you somewhere, okay?”

Pingan hesitated, “No, mom and dad will be anxious.”

“Do something for Dudu, and when you’re done, I will send you back to your parents.”

Pingan thought about it for a moment and still didn’t agree, “No, I can’t.”

However, it’s not up to him, because the next moment, Donald Duck grabbed him in his arms, covering his mouth, and slipped away.

As the altercation continued, Henry was looking for Pingan in the crowd, and after a quick search, he realized that Pingan was missing.

His heartbeat got faster, and he said to Xiaofang, who was nearby, “Where is Pingan?”

Xiao Fang was shocked, too, and looked for him in the crowd, but sure enough, Pingan was not there.

F**k! Xiaofang cursed inside.

Henry immediately came to Kerry, gasping, “Young master, we lost Pingan.”

“What?” Kerry stood up suddenly, in a mess, “How long has it been?”

“Two minutes ago, I saw him playing with Snow White.” Henry was in a state of confusion.

Venus suddenly remembered the Donald Duck from earlier, and she remembered who he sounded like.

She grabbed Kerry with panick and said, “The Donald Duck who hit me just now sounded like Gavin.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m not sure, for he kept his voice low, but he just left and looked back at me from a distance.” Venus recalled this detail.

Kerry clenched his fist, “Well, I can’t believe he dare to challenge me in my place. Today, I won’t let him go. Henry, tell everyone to come and shut the amusement park.”

“Yes.” Henry then left.

Kerry immediately called Nighthawk, “Is Xuan Chu still in F City?”

“Yes, I’m following him.”

“Take him back to Sky City.” Kerry voice was ruthlessly determined.

“Yes, boss.”

Kerry then called the manager of the amusement park, “Tell all the amusement park staff to look for a child, and I’ll send you a photo. Pay particular attention to someone wearing Donald Duck clothes.”

The manager asked in confuse, “Mr. Ye, who has lost his child?”

Chapter 271 I Lost Pingan (2)

“Mine.” Kerry Ye gritted his teeth to say this and hung up the phone.

Soon, a recent photo of Pingan was sent to every staff at the amusement park, with the following sentence, “This is the son of Mr. Ye. Whoever finds him will be rewarded.

After making all the arrangements, Kerry had time to take care of Venus Mu next to him and asked, “Are you OK? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Venus took a deep breath, waving her hand and said, “No, I’m fine. Looking for Pingan is more important.”

After going through so many things, Venus was no longer the young girl she used to be, who was stronger to withstand all the blows.

“Finding Pingan is important, but you’re also important. Henry and the others have already gone to look for him, and it’s too dangerous here, so let me you to the guest room to rest first, OK?” Kerry was most afraid of Gavin and his companions. He couldn’t let anything happen to Venus.

Venus hands were trembling, and she also wanted to go to look for Pingan, but she knew clearly that if nothing happened to her, she would be helping, so she nodded, “Okay.”

Kerry was so anxious that he picked up Venus and carried her across, “I’ll carry you over there faster.”

Kerry, swiftly, avoided the crowd, running all the way to his office. He swiped his fingerprints to enter and put Venus on the sofa. Before leaving, he k****d her on the forehead, “Be good and stay here, I’ll ask a female employee to accompany you. Don’t worry. Believe me, I will get our son back. “

“Go now. I’ll be fine.” Venus urged him to leave.

Kerry didn’t dare to waste any time and got out of the office, closing the door on his way out.

Venus could not sit still. It was her son and how could she not be worried?

Venus went to the window and looked out, but all she could see was the crowd moving around. She couldn’t help but wonder what Gavin would do to Pingan. As a bargaining chip, or simply to vent his anger, or maybe he just wanted to take Pingan away? They were all


Due to the overly tense mood, her stomach suddenly ached, and Venus took a few deep breaths and got back to sit down, when there was a knock on the door.

Venus walked behind the door, putting her hand on her waist, and cautiously asked, “Who is it?”.

A gentle female voice came from outside the door, “Mrs. Ye, we are employees of the amusement park, and Mr. Ye asked us to accompany you.”


Venus opened a crack, and there were two young girls in work uniforms standing outside, one carrying some fruit and the other carrying several plates of dishes.

“Hello, Mrs. Ye.” One of the girls greeted her, and Venus took a glance at the badge on her clothes, making sure they were the staff.

She opened the door to let the two girls in and closed the door again.

“Thank you so much.” She said.

The girls put the things on the table. Seeing she was still standing, and said, “Mrs. Ye, sit down and have a rest please.”

The pain in her stomach seemed to have eased a lot as she sat back down on the couch, and to distract herself, she asked the two girls, “What do you two mainly do at the amusement park?”

“I’m from the office, and I’m mainly in charge of reception, serving guests and stuff like that.”

The other said, “I’m a docent, but I only work in the afternoon.”

“Oh, you guys look pretty young. Do you have a boyfriend?”

While the three women were chatting, the outside was about to become a mess.

It had been more than ten minutes, and Pingan seemed to have disappeared, with no news at all. The amusement park was large, with a lot of staff, and they all kept searching in the crowd, for a child with eyes in different colors.

Just as Kerry was about to freak out, Henry ran over with a set of Donald Duck clothes in his hands, “Young master, I found this in the trash.

“Where is it?” Kerry asked nervously.

“At the merry-go-round.”

Kerry suddenly remembered something, turning around and ran to the control room, and Henry immediately followed him without saying a word.

It was silent there and Kerry said to the staff, “Get all the videos near the merry-go-round.

The staff had also received the message from the group, and knew that the boss had lost his son, so they didn’t dare to waste any time, and with several clicks, all the videos from the four corners of the merry-go-round area appeared on the screen.

“Show me what you’ve got twenty minutes ago.” Kerry sounded nervous. It took him about five minutes to run over here, and if plus the time that Henry was looking for him, twenty minutes was almost the time.

As the videos went backwards, Kerry watched and asked Henry, “Where’s the dustbin?”

“In the southeast corner.”

Hearing what Henry said, without waiting for Kerry to ask, the staff said, “The southeast corner is the monitor No. 3.”

Kerry then focused on the No. 3, which played normally, but where was the dustbin?

“Where?” He was puzzled.

Henry took a close look and answered, “It’s behind the board, but it’s blocked.”

Three minutes later, a man in white short-sleeved and black long pants approached the dustbin, holding a brightly colored Donald Duck costume in his hand and a child in his hand, his head on his shoulder.

“Pa!” Kerry slapped the table and said fiercely, “What has this bastard done to Pingan?”

Soon, the man, holding Pingan in his arms, left the scene and disappeared.

He always had his back to the camera, so it’s hard to see his face.

The merry-go-round was in the center of the amusement park, with roads in all directions, and it was a popular attraction with huge crowds, so the staff in charge of surveillance searched several nearby shots but didn’t find him.

“How could he be missing?” He said to himself.

Kerry analyzed coldly, “There are two reasons. First, he found a place to hide without surveillance, and second, he has avoided all cameras.”

According to Gavin’s bold character, he would not just sit there without fighting back, so he would choose the second way. In that case, he would be very familiar with the amusement park.

He and Xuan Chu were so close, and Xuan Chu had participated in all designs of the amusement park, with = all the drawings and everything, so it would be easy for Gavin to get them.

Kerry forced himself to calm down, and he really wanted to instantly move to Pingan right now to get him back.

But Kerry couldn’t do that. He’s not afraid of his secret being exposed, but Pingan’ s safety. The rumors were suppressed by Kevin, and if he suddenly appeared in front of everyone, he didn’t care, but what about Pingan? His life hadn’t started yet, and he didn’t want Pingan to spend the rest of his life with others’ strange looks.

“Hello? It’s me and I’m looking for a man in white short-sleeved and black pants, about 1.82 meters tall, thin man, holding a child in his hands. The child should be asleep or unconscious.” Kerry said to the person on the phone.

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

The message was sent word for word to everyone, as well as to the bodyguards Henry urgently dispatched.

Kerry stared at the monitor for a moment, and said to Henry, “You keep an eye here, and call me immediately if you find him.”

“Yes, Young master.” Henry was as nervous and worried as Kerry was, but he also felt a little guilty. It was all because of his carelessness that Pingan had been taken away.

Henry likes Pingan very much, loving to hear him sweetly call out “Uncle Zhang” and his laughter. He was very friendly to everyone, even the maids in the house, who were always greeted by him. In Ye family, Pingan was loved by everyone.

Henry didn’t dare to image if Pingan really couldn’t be found, what would happen to Kerry and Venus, the latter one was even pregnant.

And all of this was because of his carelessness. Henry couldn’t forgive himself.

As time passed by, Gavin disappeared as if he had evaporated without a trace.

No one knew what he looked like, and all he had to do was to change his clothes, but as for the child, there were thousands of children at the amusement park today, and it was difficult to find them.

It was almost the closing time in the afternoon, and the crowds were pouring towards the exits, with more than a dozen bodyguards standing at the exits carefully identifying each child that came out.

Most of the children were jumping and running around their parents, while some were tired and leaning on their parents’ arms. In order not to miss anyone, the bodyguards needed to check them one by one.

But many parents felt they had been offended, “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, but there’s a child lost in the park and we’re looking for him.” This was the only explanation they could say.

They were all parents, so of course they would understand, so they allowed them to check their children.

Around 5:00 p.m., a family of three arrived at the exit. The man was wearing a mask and Hawaii shirt and pants and the woman with white skin, holding a sleeping child in her arms.

“Excuse me, would you mind me having a look at the child’s face?”

The woman was reluctant, “What are you doing?”

“Looking for a lost child,” the bodyguard said again with a serious look, “we’d appreciate your help. Please.”

The woman still didn’t want to, “What do we have to do with the lost child? My baby is having a hard time falling asleep, and you’ll wake him up.”

“It’s just a sec. I won’t do anything to him.”

“What right do you have to do this? You’re not the police.”


Chapter 271 I Lost Pingan (3)

Before he could finish his words, a black SUV suddenly rushed out, and the crowd screamed to get out of the way, while the man and woman seemed to be waiting for the SUV.

When the bodyguard found something was going to happen, he tried to grab the baby from her arms, but the woman kicked him at his balls.

Severe pain made the bodyguard stop and shouted, “Stop them.”

The other ten or so bodyguards ran over, but before they could get close to the woman, the man with a mask knocked them down, who was extremely ruthless, for his moves were all aiming at their eyes, throat and crotch.

At this time, the SUV had already passed through the crowd and stopped in front of the two. The woman with the child hurriedly got into the car and the man got into it too after overcoming the last two bodyguards.

It only lasted a minute.

Kerry Ye was still searching for Pingan in the park, and soon he received the message from the exit, and he ran towards it with worry.

The exit was surrounded by a large number of tourists, and Kerry squeezed through the crowd, only to see his bodyguards all lying on the ground in pain. Kerry picked up one and asked, “Where did they go?

He pointed at the direction of the car leaving, “This way…”

“What car?”

“A black SUV.”

“What does it look like?”

“The woman is beautiful and the man is wearing a mask.”

“Shit.” Kerry then left his bodyguards behind and ran to the parking lot, needing a secluded space.

He got in the car, taking a deep breath, and forced himself to calm down.

His eyes turned purple little by little, keeping saying “Pingan, Pingan, Pingan.”

In the next second, Kerry disappeared in the car and appeared on an empty road.

How did he get here? Did they bring Pingan here?

In confusion, he saw a black SUV came speeding around the corner.

He was earlier than them?

Those in the car were obviously shocked.

However, just as Kerry was about to stop the time, he got shot and fell down onto the ground.

Blood was gurgling out from his chest and Kerry struggled to get up, but someone stepped on his chest, and then he saw the eyes that he had seen before.

“Kerry, you didn’t think you would end up like this, right?” Gavin sneered. aiming the gun at his head.

“You bastard, I’ll catch you.” Kerry said, gritting his teeth.

Gavin chuckled, “How? By your sorcery or superpower? Come on, I’ll see.”

With his fist clenching, he wouldn’t be stepped by this bastard if he could still use even a little bit of his superpowers now.

“What?” Gavin scoffed, “I don’t think you are that awesome.”

“Bastard, what have you done with Pingan?” Kerry asked in a stern voice and his son’s condition was now his primary concern.

“Pingan? Oh, you mean your baby. He’s fine, I just make him sleep for a while.”

Kerry was heart aching to hear this, “You better not hurt him, or I won’t let you go.”

“Oh, no, I love the baby so much, how could I hurt him? But I think those perverted scientists abroad will be very interested in him. You joined hand with pirates to rob my family property, so I think it’s fair to use him in exchange for some money. Don’t you think it’s your fault?”

Pervert scientist?

Gosh, Pingan would be a test subject?

Kerry was extremely agitated, and the more agitated he was, the more blood flowed out, “Bastard, I won’t let you do that.”

“Yeah? But I guess you can’t see it, for I’ll send you to hell now.” With that, Gavin pulled the trigger and aimed it at Kerry’s head.

Just at this moment, Kerry heard something, “Dad, run.”

It was Pingan’ s voice, and he was shocked. He looked into the car and saw his son’s eyes glowing through the layers of steel.

“Dad, run.” He heard that again.

Kerry spoke to him inside, “Pingan, I can’t leave you alone.”

“I’ll be fine. Go!”

Then Kerry disappeared.


Kerry, with mixed feelings, as he traveled through time and space. He was sad because he could do nothing about when Pingan was in danger, but he felt happy to see his son was more powerful than him.

Gavin cursed and got into the car, while Pingan, who was supposed to be sleeping, stared at him with his big and innocent eyes.

“Baby, when did you wake up?” Gavin was surprised to ask. The medicine should keep him sleeping until at least tomorrow morning.

Pingan blinked and said, “Dudu, I’m hungry. I wanna eat something.”

Gavin took out a plastic bag from the back, which was full of snacks that seemed to have been prepared in advance. He handed him a bag of crackers and opened it for him, “Here you are.”

Pingan took a look at it but he didn’t take it, “Mom says I shouldn’t eat these, or I won’t poop.”

Gavin was about to put a piece in his mouth when he stiffened and tossed the cookie into the bag.

“So, what do you want to eat?” He was quite friendly and asked.

Pingan thought for a while, “I want to eat Mrs. Qin’ s porridge. It’s delicious.”

“Baby, there’s no her porridge right now,” Gavin impatiently put the snack between the two of them. “Then keep starving.”

Pingan seemed to be hurt by this, whose eyes instantly were filled with tears, “Dudu, don’t you love me anymore?”

Gavin got gentle again, “Baby, I love you very much, but you have to listen to me, okay?”

“What if I don’t listen?” Pingan asked, full of tears.

Gavin frightened him, “If you don’t, I’ll throw you into the mountains to feed the wolves.”

“What’s a wolf?” Pingan got curious.

“The wolf is a very ferocious animal that eats disobedient children like you.

Pingan said, with a frightened look, “Don’t do that, please. Dudu. But inside, he sneered. After all, he was not an ordinary child.

“That’s right, be good and eat something.” Gavin said, pointing to the bag.

Pingan took out a box of yogurt, took a sip from the tube and asked Gavin, “Dudu, where are we going?”

“I’ll take you to an interesting place.”

“When are you going to send me back?” Pingan asked cautiously.

Gavin took a look at him and said coldly, “You want to come back?”

Pingan said in all seriousness, “Of course, mommy is going to have a girl, and I promised mommy I would take care of her.”

Gavin smirked, coaxing him, “I’ll send you back after a few days.”

Pingan nodded and turned to look out the window, who lost his hope.

When he heard gunshot, Pingan was awakened.

Then he saw his father lying in blood and after hearing what Dudu had said, he suddenly realized that Dudu in front of him was no longer the Dudu he remembered.

Pingan sent Kerry to the side of the road where there was a lot of traffic, and when Kerry tried his best to crawl out of the bushes, he scared a young couple passing by.

As if falling into the endless darkness, Kerry was tired and thirsty, and his feet were as heavy as if they were shackled. Despite of this, he still had to run, for Pingan was waiting for him.

Suddenly, a laboratory appeared in the darkness, which was bright inside. Kerry ran forward to see what was going on, only to see several doctors holding various instruments in their hands. Then he found the one test-bed was Pingan, who was already cut into pieces, but his eyes were widely open. He was screaming in pain and he wanted to get out of here, but the men surrounding him were laughing.

Kerry slapped the glass as hard as he could, yelling at them not to touch his son. He hit the door with his body, but it was useless even he was bleeding all over.

Then he saw a scalpel stab into Pingan’ s purple eye.

“Pingan!” Kerry cried out, waking up from his dream in an instant.

“Kerry, Kerry.”

Hearing Venus’ s voice, Kerry opened his eyes, only to see his wife in distress.

“Venus.” His throat was dry and he found he was in a hospital after observing the surroundings.

Venus wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel and softly comforted him, “Okay, okay, it’s okay.”

Kerry grabbed her hand and said with a trembling voice, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I lost Pingan.”

A tear drop fell on the back of her hand, making Venus more ached. She sat on the edge of the bed and held him in her arms, patting his back, “We need to believe Pingan. He is stronger and smarter than we have imagined. Well, you need to recover soon. If you keep lying on the bad, who can protect me and the baby?”

Kerry pursed his l**s. He wished Venus could scold him, which would make him feel better, but the more considerate she was, the more guilty was inside him.

Why did he bring them to the amusement park? If they hadn’t come, this wouldn’t have happened.

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