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Chapter 272: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 272 I am Your Daughter (1)

Venus’s clothes got wet by his tears. She never saw a strong man like Kerry shed his tears so heart-brokenly. She patted lightly on his shoulder as a comfort. As the cries stopped, she found Kerry fell into a sleep.

“Come on in, Henry!” Whispered Venus. When Henry pushed the door open, she continued, ”Help up your boss, I ran out of my strength.” Henry did as said carefully and lay him on a bed.

“How do you feel, my hostess?” asked Henry. A pale look as she had, she still shook her head and said, ”It is no big deal, I am just a little of out of breath.” In fact, the wound on her chest now broke again because of Kerry’s movements.

“Please take a break, my hostess, I will take care of my boss here for you.” Said Henry.

Venus was so tired and she nodded: ”Thank you, Henry.” However when she lay on bed, concerns seized her mind that what would happen to her son? Was he still alive? Tears fell and she tried her best to held them back. Now she was expecting a baby again and she had be strong enough for her coming child.

The door was pushed open and a voice came outside, “Where is Venus?” It was her brother-Tianye Mu. Venus wiped off tears immediately. She didn’t want his brother felt concerned about her.

“Our hostess is having a break in the inner room.” Replied Henry.

Tianye went closer the hospital bed for a better look at Kerry. “How is your boss?” Said Tianye.

“He lost a lot of blood, but the doctor said that is not life-threatening.”

Tianye nodded and went ahead towards the inner room. In pregnancy, Venus lay on bed on her side. Tianye could clearly see the tear around her eyes. He sighed and said gently, ”Alright, girl, I know you are still awake!”

Venus opened her eyes and said, “Brother, how do you know that?”

“A pitiful girl you are, see, your eyes got puffy from crying, ” Tianye wiped off the tears around her eyes and continued, ”You are now in pregnancy, you should keep a balanced mind, or the baby you bear will be affect by the emotional turbulence in you.”

Venus burst out a playful laughter and said, ”Oh, man, it sounds like you become a puericulturist now!”

Sitting around the bed, he held her hands and said, “Yes, I do. Xiran would like to pay you a visit, but I stop her, she’d better take a rest at home now. ”

“Yeah, she got pregnant much earlier than me, tell her to stay home for a good rest, she can pay me a visit after her pregnancy.” Said Venus. Now Xiran was her sister-in-law since they had applied a marriage certificate.

“Don’t worry, my sister, I’ve sent my men to every corner of Sky City, we will find Gavin and save your son. ” In fact, the Sky City now was surrounded fully by the fellows of Tianye and Kerry. Combined with the deployed police forces , Gavin could hardly run away this time.

Venus turned away her gaze to the trees outside and sighed: “Pingan is a poor boy, he has suffered so much since he was born. I beg you, Almighty, save him and bless him a peaceful childhood.”

“He is a boy endowed with a special extraordinary power, he should be tested by God, but I believe a good and smart boy like he can be blessed with a good luck. ” said Tianye.

“Thank you so much, brother.” Said Venus in a bitter smile. Tianye held her hands firmly and said, ”Trust me, little girl, everything will be fine, all you need to do is to be strong and take care of yourself, Kerry and I will try all we can to take your son back. ”

“I will, and you should know I am not a little girl now, I am the mother of two children.” Said Venus.

“Then have a good rest, I got to go.” Said Tianye.


“Bye!” said Tianye after a hug and then covered her with a thin quilt.

Nanluo Array is most bustling place in Sky City. Two policemen engaged in their searching job among the crowded. A young man with several bags of take-out came near for a peep.

A policeman stopped him and asked, “Man, did you ever see the child in the photo? It is a two-year-old boy. ”

The young man took a glance and said, ”No, Sir.”

“Are you sure? Take a good look!”

“Sorry, Sir, I haven’t seen such a boy with so special eyes. ”

“Alright, thank you!” Then the two policemen went back to the crowded for their searching job.

The young man, however, turned around urgently and went towards a three-story house with a much more quick pace.

Knock! Knock!

The door was opened by a woman.

“You are late!” said the woman.

Instead of giving her a reply, the young man turned to another man in the house and said, “I met two policemen in the array, they are looking for the boy.”

Obviously, it was Gavin. His eyes were full of anger and he said, ”Motherfucker! They press us so hard!”

The young fellow cried with an unease, ”Yes. We have changed our residence site several times yet still failed to conceal our whereabouts, perhaps they are gonna to have a blanket search until they find the boy. ”

Pingan now was playing magic cube on his bed. After a glance at him, Gavin continued in a cold tone, “I didn’t expect Kerry could seek help from the Sky City Police force, perhaps I underestimated his influence here.”

“My boss, so what should we do now? I think within two days the police force will find us if we stay here.”

Gavin took the hold of disposable chopsticks in an impatient manner and said, ”Have a dinner first, then we can get information online. ” The young man exchanged a glance with the woman and then took a seat for the meal. Having been a great one for so many years, Gavin never felt so depressed about his situation. He couldn’t accept the fact that now he was the prey hunted by three forces and all he had now were the shantytown-style house and the ill-cooked meal.

Pingan, however, seemed quite happy when he found it was the dinner time for him. He threw away the magic cubic and gurgled, ”I want food! Food!” Gavin lost all his patience and spared him a box of food casually and said, ”Go Having it on the taboret.”

Chapter 272 I am Your Daughter (2)

Pingan reluctantly gave a response to him and took the meal box to a taboret. The food was so poor that the child from rich family like he could hardly swallow. However, to his starvation, he had to tolerate that. Now the thing occupied his mind was when his parents would save him from Gavin. It was told that Gavin were gonna sell him to some lunatic scientists, which for a two-year-old boy, was an intricate deal, indeed.

Kerry woke up at about 8 P.M. . He seemed much calmer after a good rest. “Did Nighthawk take Xuan Chu Back?” he asked.

“Yes, he did, my boss.” Said Henry respectfully.

“Then go asking him why did Xuan go to the F province.”

“Xuan said he went there for a holiday travel.”

“A holiday travel?” Kerry sent him a sneer and said, ”He is not a good liar. I think he must notice that Nighthawk was tracing him, to divert our attention, he went traveling to F province on purpose. ”

Nighthawk nodded to his speculation.

“What about the SUV around the gate of the amusement park, did you record its license number?” asked Kerry.

“Yes, we found the SUV with the help of the police force, but we didn’t get anyone in the car. It seems that the car their stolen goods. ”

“Damn it! I didn’t expect he was around us. It is all mu fault.” Said Kerry.

Venus offered him a cup of hot water and said, “It is no good to blame on yourself, none of us ever see the real face of Gavin. That’s why we failed to recognize him quickly.”

Kerry took the cup and held her closer to the bed: “Take care of yourself, honey, Henry will do the laundry for us.”

“I am fine, man, I take it as an exercise for me!” said Venus.

Kerry felt a pity when he saw his tired wife. “Honey, I want you to stay in Tianye’s house these days. The condition here is not good for you.” He said.

Venus shook her head and said, “No, I want to stay here to take care of you, and I think the condition here is OK for me, the room is large and Uncle John sends good food here everyday. And more importantly, I will feel painful without your companion.”

Kerry held her hands firmly. They were smooth yet thin, which didn’t look like the hands of a pregnant woman. Kerry felt so sorry for her and the sufferings she had experienced with him.

After a day with Venus’s companion, Kerry got recovered much more quickly than doctor could expect. They never saw a patient got recovered in such a short time.

“I must leave the hospital today, I can’t stay here for a minute for more.” Said Kerry. Then he drove Venus to the Mu’s house. With the companion of Xiran Xiao there, Venus could perhaps feel more relaxed during her pregnancy.

“Go finding your son, I swear I will take care of your sweetie.” Said Xiran in a generous manner as usual.

“Thank you, elder sister.” Said Kerry. However, he didn’t call Tianye elder brother perhaps because he didn’t ever accept anyone be senior to him.(In Chinese, if you call someone the elder brother, you may mean the one you call has the higher social status than you. ) Tianye, in return, made a mockery on him for his trivial attitude about seniority.

Kerry held her face lightly and said, “Honey, stay here, I will pay you a visit in the evening.”

“OK. Take care of yourself, your condition is still not good.” Replied Venus.

“Of course I will. ” Kerry kissed on her forehead and whispered to the baby in her, ”My dear, don’t bother your mommy, OK?”

However, Kerry’s over-affectionate manner annoyed his sister-in-law. Xiran played faces to him and said, ”Well, man, what are you doing here, you look like a maundering housewife now. Go getting your butt out here, we will take care of ourselves.”

“Alright, see you in the evening!” said Kerry and left reluctantly. Venus didn’t went into the house until Kerry’s car disappeared from her sight.

“My sister, would you like some fruits.” Said Xiran.

“No, thank you. I want to have a rest.” Replied Venus absent-mindedly.

“Then let’s go to the living room, the sun is good there and we get wonderful music player in the room. Perhaps then you will feel much better. ” said Xiran. Obviously, she had get used to life as a housewife of the Mu family.

“Thank you, sister, it’s very kind of you. ” said Venus in a smile.

“Now I am your elder sister, I feel obliged to take care of you.”

“But can I call you Xiran as usual?” asked Venus jokingly.

“Of course you can. I don’t care about that at all.” shrugged Xiran.

Venus kept the smile on her face and said, “Oh, I guess my brother will be unhappy about that, I’d better call you my sister-in-law.”

The sofa in the living room was soft and large, and the sunlight through the curtain seemed pleasantly cooler to her. Venus lay herself on the sofa and the playing of piano sounded like heavenly music for her now. Finally, she could find a refuge for her exhausted heart.

Chapter 272 I am Your Daughter (3)

She had a good dream in her tight sleep. It was a scenic village where buds bloomed as if the fairy place where his brother had taken her for a memorable holiday. Venus wondered in the flower-land and the butterflies danced with the delicate moves.

“Mommy!” A tender voice sounded and she turned around to look for it.

“Mommy, I am here.” The voice seemed to be around her, however, she couldn’t locate it no matter how hard she tried. At the point when she felt despair, the voice came again: “I am on your right side, Mommy!”

She rushed ahead and smoothed away the bushes, only to find a little girl standing in the flowery bush, whose clothes was also made of beautiful flowers. Though she couldn’t see clearly her face, she beheld her special pupils. They were mysteriously purple!

“Who are you?” asked Venus in a surprised tone.

“Mommy, I am your daughter. ” said the little girl with a smile.

Venus hesitated for while and continued, “I have a son whose name is Pingan, I don’t have any daughter.”

The girl kept her smile and replied, ”You have one, who stays in your belly. ” Venus touched her swollen belly and asked, ”Do you mean I am gonna to have a daughter this time?”

The girl gave her a cute and playful chuckle and said, “Yes, Mommy! And my brother Pingan is in a place called Nanluo Array, tell daddy to find him there!”

“How do you know that?” asked Venus in a stunned expression.

“It is my brother who told me in my dream. I have to go now, Mommy, you can see me in the coming days.” Said the girl. Then she turned away and bounced into the flowery bush. Before Venus gave any response, a storm appeared suddenly and blew her in a wayward course.

“Wait, please wait.” Cried she. Xiran patted on her face lightly and uttered, ”Wake up, Venus, wake up!”

Venus opened her eyes suddenly and had a check of her belly at once. The baby, in return, gave her a response by a slight movement.

“My sister, what happened to you? Did you get a nightmare? ” asked Xiran.

Venus nodded absent-mindedly and murmured, “I get a daughter in my belly, she paid me a visit in the dream.”

“What? Are you serious? And what did you know from the dream?”

“She told me that, that…” Said Venus, who paused as if something important suddenly came to her mind.

“The phone, give me my phone.” Cried Venus. Xiran did so and she was stunned to find that Venus dialed the number of Kerry.

“Hello? Honey, what’s up?” asked Kerry.

“Kerry, do you know a place called Nanluo Array in the Sky City?” asked Venus in urgently.

After a second of careful thought, Kerry said, “Nanluo Array? I am not sure about that. Henry, google the site online now. And honey, can you tell me how do you know about the site?”

“I got a dream just now, where a little girl told me our son is in Nanluo Array, and she called herself our daughter.”

“What? Our daughter?” asked Kerry in a surprised tone.

“Yes.” Venus nodded. At this point, Henry had completed his searching work and said, ”My boss, Nanluo Array is an urban village in the eastern suburbs of Sky City. And that is place with a heavy traffic.”

“Venus, I will go search the place. You can tell me the details about our daughter in the evening.”

“OK.” When she hanged the phone, she found Xiran was still in a curious stare at her.

“Don’t stare at me like that, OK?”

Xiran came nearer to her and asked, “Come on, sister, tell me what did you see in the dream.” As asked, Venus detailed the dream to her carefully.

“My Goddess! Do you mean she has also a pair of purple pupils? ”

“Yes, though I couldn’t see clearly her face, I caught the sight of her purple pupils, which were so impressive to me.” Said Venus in a firm tone.

Being well-educated at school, Xiran held good knowledge of science and biology in her mind. Though she knew there had been so many unbelievable things happening to Venus and her husband, She still felt amazed about what she heard just now. She touched Venus’s belly and said, “My little baby, you must be a greater one than your father and brother.”

A fetal movement was the answer for her.

“She gave a response! Alas! She could understand what I said. ” exclaimed Xiran.

Venus felt the movement and asked gently, ”My little princess, is that you?”

Another movement! She couldn’t ever believe that all happened in her was real. Xiran seemed much curious about the that and said, ”Little princess, I am your aunt now, can you hear me?”

No responses.

“No, please, give me an answer!” cried Xiran. However hard she tried, she could still get nothing as a reply. ” It seems that she doesn’t have any interest on me, or perhaps she goes for a sleep now.”

“Perhaps.” Said Venus with a smile. It was really a piece of good news for her that she was gonna have a daughter. And because of the information from the dream, she seemed much confident that Kerry would bring her son back safely.

“I am hungry, do you get anything to eat here?” asked Venus.

“Of course. What do you want?” Xiran dragged her up and said, ””Come on, good girl, take a look at the kic for a meal, then we may take a walk outside. Taking a walk is good for pregnant woman to keep fit.” However, when she saw the thin frame of Venus, she quitted it and said, ”Alright, sister, perhaps you don’t need to lose weight, stay here and I will bring you something to eat.”

Different from Venus, Xiran bore twins and, therefore, she had a stronger appetite and gained weight much more quickly than her sister. Now all she wanted was to find something to fill her belly. Perhaps these were why her pretty face turned into an unpleasant fatty one.

Now Kerry had divided his forces into several branches and deployed them for a blanket search in Nanluo Array. Places like hotels, rented houses, convenience stores would be carefully searched one by one. Now he had a picture where a woman hugged Pingan in her arms. That might serve as a clue in his searching job. To his disappointment, most shop owners gave the same response: ”The boy? Is that the one whom the police were looking for? I think I didn’t see a boy like him. ”

“And how about the woman hugging the boy in her arms? “ asked Kerry in a small restaurant.

The restaurant owner shook his head and replied, ”The picture is not clear enough for me recognize her. And since we have thousands of customers here everyday, I can’t remember whether I’ve seen her.”

“Alright, thank you all the way.” Said Kerry. Then he went to a Barber shop and asked the same questions. It seemed that one of female assistants recognized Kerry’s true identity and she looked thrilled towards such a rich and handsome guy. “I haven’t ever seen such a boy, as for the woman, I think…”

“You knew her?” asked Kerry in an excited tone.

“Perhaps, I saw her yesterday.” Said the female assistant uncertainly.

“Can you give me something detailed about her?”

“Hmm, you know yesterday evening there was a woman came here for hair treatment, who looked like the woman in the picture. She has a pretty face and her skin is beautifully white. And she wore hot-branded clothes. So she looked quite impressive for me.” Replied the female assistant.

“Thank you.” Said Kerry. Then he went out as soon as he could, only to find a young man with a suitcase bumping towards him. The young man looked anxious and held firm his property and shouted, ” Watch out, Son of a bitch.”

“Sorry, man.” Kerry went away after an apology. He was so urgent that he didn’t notice the mysterious smile around the lips of the young man, who made a phone call and then went away from another direction.

Minutes later, Henry gave his boss a call: ”Boss, can you take a look here? we find a suspicious house.”

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