Chapter 273 – 274: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 273: Meeting the Cult Leader

In order to relieve everyone’s hatred, Jingang Huo was cut into a piece with everyone stabbing a knife.

It was cruel. But it was nothing comparing to the innocent Holy Dragon Cult disciples who died distressingly.

After the punishment. Someone in the crowd yelled, “Ask the Cult Leader to uphold justice!”

“Ask the Cult Leader to uphold justice!”

Suddenly, everyone was asking Zaitian Long to come out.

“Keep quiet, everyone!” Xiaolong Tan waved his hands to the people in the hall, and soon the hall became quiet.

“Kris, it’s better if you tell them,” Xiaolong said in grief.

“Guys, I have unfortunate news to tell you” Kris Chen took a deep breath and said, “the Cult Leader is… dead!”


As soon as his voice fell, everyone was in an uproar.


What did you say? The Cult Leader was dead?

How could it be?

How could the Cult Leader die with his miraculous powers?

“I know this is difficult to accept, but the Cult Leader is dead indeed,” Kris said, “I witnessed the whole process with the Little Guy. Yiqiu Deng did all of this. He killed the Cult Leader.”

Kris told them the process of Zaitian being killed. Of course, he changed the part of Meiji Cai and Yiqiu’s adultery.

Kris said that Yiqiu coveted the Cult Leader’s wife’s beauty and wanted to rape her when the Cult Leader was in closed-door training.

The Cult Leader in the secret chamber heard his wife calling for help. He was so anxious that he went into deviation. Yiqiu knew his deed was revealed, so he wanted to kill the Cult Leader.

In order to save the Cult Leader, his wife stood in front of him and was killed by Yiqiu. Hearing this, everyone was angry and admired the Cult Leader’s wife’s love for her husband.

Some female disciples burst into tears when they heard the Cult Leader’s wife throw herself into the breach for her husband.

Kris had saved Meiji’s face and avoided people knowing that Zaitian was cuckolded when he was dead.

The Little Guy’s eyes shined hearing the words. Of course, Kris had learned Tianmo Kungfu, but he concealed the fact that he had found Tianmo Book underground. He only said that he had hidden his cultivation base.

Finding out Yiqiu’s ambition, he wanted to inform everyone quickly but got lost in the secret chamber, so he came late.

Seeing Kris blaming himself, Xiaolong and others kept comforting him, “Kris, you have done your best. If it weren’t you, no one could have survived. The Holy Dragon Cult will be taken down by the Six Major Schools, and our disciples would be killed by them.”

“Yes, Sub-Headquarters Leader Chen, you saved the Holy Dragon Cult and us.” Wudi Geng said.

“Kris, it’s not your fault. If it weren’t you, we would have all been dead!”

“Sub-Headquarters Cult Leader Chen, everyone has their fate in life and death, and wealth is decided by destiny. We brothers owe you a life!”

“Thanks to Sub-Headquarters Cult Leader Chen for saving our lives!”

In the next moment, the people in the hall said in chorus.

“I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve it. ” Kris quickly made a gesture of holding their arms when they bowed to show politeness and said.

At this time, Xiaolong picked up the Holy Dragon Plate and Dragons Ring, which was scattered on the ground, held them high in his hands, and shouted,” There cannot be without the sun in the sky, neither can there be without a head in the Holy Dragon Cult! We need a new Cult Leader.”


Wudi and Tongtian Wu glanced at each other, showing meaningful smiles.

“Re-elect the Cult Leader!”

“Re-elect the Cult Leader!”

People in the hall shouted in unison.

“Everyone, be quiet!” Xiaolong said, “Since everyone has no objection to it, I will come first!”

“I elect Kris as the Cult Leader!”


Suddenly, everyone’s eyes focused on Kris.

The Little Guy was so excited that his hands started sweating.

“I also elect Kris!” Wudi said.

“As well, my younger brother and I,” Sha Bai said, “We both agree with the Chief Strategist.”

Everyone turned their eyes to Tongtian.

Tongtian stood up slowly carrying a cane, walked to Kris, and then knelt on one knee. He shouted, “Subordinate Tongtian meets the Cult Leader.”

“Subordinate Xiaolong (Wudi, Sha Bai…) meets the Cult Leader!”

“Subordinate the Little Guy meets the Cult Leader!”

“Subordinates meet the Cult Leader…”

Thousands of people knelt together.

They had no reason not to kneel when the chief strategist knelt?

Especially the Sub-Branch Leaders and Sub-Headquarters Leaders who were lucky enough not to be killed by Yiqiu back then, there was no reason!

It was simple. If it weren’t Kris, they would have been killed.

Therefore, they knelt and were sincerely convinced.

Kuizi, in the hall, almost fainted in happiness. This time they visit the Holy Dragon Cult, their Sub-Branch Leader became Sub-Headquarters Leader, and now he even became the Cult Leader.

This world was crazy.

“Xiaolong, Grandpa, you… Get up quickly! I can’t take it!” Kris smiled bitterly, “It’s hard for me to take on such big responsibility when I’m so young.”

“No, Cult Leader, you are wrong!” Xiaolong said respectfully, “It is because you are young, you have unparalleled creativity and future. That’s why you’re our first choice.”

“That’s right, a twenty-five-year-old in the later period of the return-to-nature stage. It was unprecedented.” Tongtian stroked his beard and said, “With your talent, you can break through the back-to-self stag before the age of thirty, almost without an obstacle! Before the age of fifty, you might find out the Taoism between heaven and humanity.

Everyone was shocked this time.

A 25-year-old in the later period of the return-to-nature stage. What kind of talent was this?

At the age of 25, they were still trying to break through the acquired stage. And at the age of 30, they were still troubled by breaking through the innate-power stage.

If they could break through the return-to-nature stage before the age of fifty, they would be so happy that they would even wake up from their dreams, smiling.

“What’s more, if I was not wrong, you cultivate the most advanced Purple Sturdy Energy.” Sha Bai said, “The practitioner in the early stage of the return-to-nature stage who cultivates Purple Sturdy Energy can definitely defeat practitioners in the middle period of the return-to-nature stage crossing level. Even if he can’t beat those in the later period of the return-to-nature stage, self-protection was not a problem.

Sha Bai said with a serious expression, “Furthermore, there has been such a saying since ancient times that those who cultivate Purple Sturdy Energy must reach the back-to-self stag.”

In other words, if a return-to-nature stage cultivator could cultivate Purple Sturdy Energy, he/she could definitely break through the back-to-self stag.

As soon as Sha Bai’s voice fell, everyone knelt to the ground, “Cult Leader, please take the throne.”

Thousands of people asked Kris to take the throne in unison. If Kris refused again, it would be too hypocritical.

“Stand up, please. If that’s the case, then I agree!” Kris hurriedly said, “However, the most urgent matter now is to lift Cult Leader Long and his wife’s holy body from the secret path. We shall discuss the matter of ascending the throne after the funeral.

“The Cult Leader is wise! We shall obey your order!

Yuhan Qin, who was kneeling on the ground, looked at the man who had attracted everyone’s attention and was suddenly stunned.

“Well, everyone, stand up please,” Kris helped Xiaolong and others to get up one by one and immediately promulgated his first decree after he became the Cult Leader, “Count the number of casualties and give compensation to the families of those who died in the fight. The amount cannot be less than five million dollars each person. Give priority to those who are seriously injured in the treatment, and the lightly wounded follows. Those who were severely wounded will be rewarded two million dollars, and the lightly wounded one million dollars. It must be distributed in place. If someone embezzles it, he/she will be punished according to the canon.”

Kris copied the pension standard of the Golden Scale Society. The Holy Dragon Cult was rich anyway.

“Thank you, Cult Leader!”

Everyone knelt down and was so excited that the new Cult Leader was so generous.

Kris’ action bought people’s hearts in one fell swoop, and those who disagreed on Kris to be Cult Leader all shut up.

Xiaolong nodded in satisfaction. This guy was resourceful. He was also good in cultivation and management.

The happiest one was Tongtian

Kris was his grandson-in-law. Of course he would support him. Sure enough, holding a Just Contest was the wisest thing he had done in his life. Otherwise, he would not have such excellent grandson-in-law.

Oh, no. He should be called the Cult Leader now.

Early in the next morning, the six major schools had completely retreated.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Xiaolong brought a mysterious person to Kris.

“Cult Leader, this is monk Zhen Yuan. He had a lot of credit to the retreat of the Six Major Schools this time,” Xiaolong said, “last night, he attacked and killed the Chief of Dharma Hall of Shaolin School, Master Shiming, and wounded the Deputy Cult Leader of Emei School, Master Jinglian, which had severely hit the morale of the six major schools.”


Kris looked at Zhen Yuan up and down and was particularly interested in his long white eyebrows, “How did your eyebrows grow?”

Zhen Yuan took aback for a moment, and then he laughed and replied, “The Cult Leader is really an interesting person. These eyebrows are my treasures. If you like it, I will write down the secret recipe later. Within three years, you can also have such elegant eyebrows as mine.

Kris laughed.

“Cult Leader, Zhenyaun was originally an elder of the Shaolin School. Because he was dissatisfied with the oppression of the Shaolin, he paid allegiance to us two years ago,” Xiaolong said, “this time, the six major schools besieged the Holy Dragon Cult. Thanks to Zhen Yuan’s report, we were saved from being killed.”

Kris nodded and asked, “What position does Zhen Yuan occupy right now?”

“Cult Leader, he had no position.”

Kris nodded and understood what Xiaolong mean. It seemed that Zhen Yuan had been used as a double-side spy by Zaitian.

This time he did killed not only the Chief of Dharma Hall but also wounded Master Jinglian, which was of great credit.

Kris thought for a while and asked in a questioning tone, “Chief Strategist, in your opinion, what position should Zhen Yuan occupy.”

Xiaolong looked at Kris with satisfaction. He didn’t expect Kris to ask him, but he was indeed asking for his opinion.

Sure enough, he didn’t choose the wrong person. After pondering for a moment, Xiaolong said, “Cult Leader, Zhen Yuan should serve as the Blue Dragon Envoy!”

“That’s good!” Kris nodded, “Then Zhen Yuan, from now on, you will be the Blue Dragon Envoy of the Holy Dragon Cult. You will be rewarded the Black Gold Dragon Ring, and you will lead the Blue Dragon Sect.”

“Thank you, Cult Leader!”

Zhen Yuan was overjoyed. He thought that the Cult Leader would bestow him a position of Sub-Headquarters Leader, but he didn’t expect that the Chief Strategist and Cult Leader would point him as the Blue Dragon Envoy and let him lead the Blue Dragon Sect.

What kind of trust is this?

It can be said that his status was only under the Cult Leader and his wife, the Chief Strategist. He was on an equal level to the other two Holy Dragon Envoys.

Kris helped Zhen Yuan to get up and said, “Blue Dragon Envoy, go to rest for a while. I will welcome you in the bonfire assembly tonight.”

“Thank you, Cult Leader!”

Zhen Yuan had never received such attention in Shaolin School. What Kris did immediately gave him the feeling that he would be willing to die for him.

“Go and rest, don’t be late tonight!”

At eight o’clock in the evening, the bonfire assembly began on time.

Except for welcoming Zhen Yuan, the most important thing was to reward the people who had contributed to the defense of the Holy Dragon Cult this time.

Finally, it was to decide the date of Zaitian and Meiji’s funeral.

Xiaolong counted the auspicious days. Two days later, Kris would carry the coffin, sending Zaitian and Meiji to the top of Mountain Kunlun, and bury them in the resting place of former Cult Leader and their wives.

Chapter 274: Rescue 1

It was late at night when a profound silence prevailed overall. Kris Chen opened his eyes and got off the bed with a carp-flip.

After Kris broke through to The return-to-nature stage, Mayfly Power came to fully play its efficacy. Though walking on the roof, Kris was able to move without making any sound. With his face perfectly disguised, Kris slipped into the dungeon.

Two disciples were guarding the dungeon at the gate and condensing his Inner Energy into Sturdy Energy, Kris knocked them unconscious only with a wave of his hand.

After that, Kris went straight deep down the dungeon. Dippig the torch through the bars, Kris could saw a dozen pupils of Emei School huddling themselves in the corner with a thin quilt over them, which had made their situation much better despite the fact that it was too thin to defend them from coldness.

“Who is there?” The cell was extremely dim, and the prisoners became very sensitive to the sudden light source after spending many days without seeing sunlight.

“It’s me!” Kris moved the torch closer to his face. As Lan Yu saw his face, her heart fluttered with joy—wasn’t he the man who had brought her some steamed buns and medicine a few days ago?

“Sir, what made you come here?” Lan Yu asked, much delighted.

“Shhhh!” Kris raised his finger to his lips for silence, then took back the torch, went over to other cells, and knocked other prisoners unconscious with an airy wave.

Getting these things done, he returned again, then took out a bunch of keys and unhurriedly unlocked the cell door.

There was a vile smell coming from the cell, making Kris frown as he came near the disciples of Emei School.

Since these disciples fed and slept and pooped in the cell, even Lan Yu got disheveled hair and a dirty face.

The women in the cell were dazed for a moment when they saw Kris coming in.

“What do you want to do?” Senior Nun Qingyuan studied the man before her with alarm. She was feeling groggy all over, and given that she had had a high fever two days ago, she was weaker than ever before at the point.

“What do you think I can do to you, a cluster of stinky women?” Kris cast a scornful glance at her, then let out a sneer. Even in such a tight corner, she still gave him a long face?

Looking at Qingyuan, Kris waved his hand to knock Senior Nun Qingyuan unconscious. The women were all struck with awe. Struggling to brace herself up, Senior Nun Yi Fang snapped at Kris, “Stop it!”

Yet Kris, without saying a single word, stunned Senior Nun Yi Fang and then did the same to the rest of the disciples. And now Lan Yu became the only waking disciple.

“You…what do you want from me?” Staring at Kris, terror registered on Lan Yu’s face.

“I’m here to rescue you!” Kris replied coldly. On hearing that, Lan Yu became silent for a moment, “Who really are you?”

“There’s no need to know that much. Just leave with me.” Kris directly carried her over his shoulder.

“Let me go! Let me go! I’m not leaving with you!” Trying hard to release herself from Kris, Lan Yu was frustrated to find herself lacking in strength, “I will stay with my sect uncles and sect sisters!”

Slightly annoyed by her blathering, Kris hit at her sleepy acupoint. Back in his room, Kris could hardly resist the impulse to vomit. The stink was so strong that he thought he would need a shower. But when Kris’s eyes reached Lan Yu lying on his bed, he felt stumped.

He couldn’t bathe her, right? It is improper for unmarried men and women to have intimate physical contacts…

I got an idea! Find a piece of cloth to cover my eyes, then I won’t see her naked body, will I?

Yep, great idea!

Fetching a piece of white cloth, Kris pressed the back of Lan Yu’s head to wake her up. Lan Yu got flustered up when she woke up to find herself on a wide bed.

Worse still, a man was sitting on her side, which made her feel even more uneasy.

“You…what do you want from me?”

“I will bathe you!”

“What?” Lan Yu’s face immediately clouded over on hearing that. She snapped through her clenched teeth, “I knew that you didn’t free me with good intentions! You an animal, brute…”

Listening to her curses, Kris allowed a wry smile in his heart –Lan Yu’s personality hadn’t changed even the tiniest bit.

“You’d better shut up. If we should be heard by the patrol, then not only you, but I will be in great danger!” Deliberately, Kris kept a straight face, “If that should be the case, then the lives of your fellows…”

When he said that, Kris gave Lan Yu a cold smile and made a posture of cutting the throat.

“You! How shameless…”

Lan Yu nearly burst with anger, but her voice fell immediately.

“Thanks for your compliments!” Kris replied with a weird smile. With disguise on his face, Lan Yu couldn’t recognize him. And it’s quite interesting to serve her some tricks.

“I’d advise you to obey me. Otherwise, I will go straight back now and take lives of all your fellows.” Kris threatened viciously.

“You…you…” Speechless with rage, Lan Yu’s large breasts was heaving violently. Had it not been for the penetrating stink coming from Lan Yu’s body, Kris might have had fun watching this scene.

“Don’t shed tears. Otherwise, I will go straight back to the dungeon. You should believe that I have the ability!”

The moment he finished speaking, Lan Yu fell silent at once, daring not to utter a single word again. With tears coming down from the corner of her eyes, she closed her eyes tight desperately.

Seeing Lan Yu’s tears, Kris said in his heart, “The girl is too mentally fragile to play a joke with!”

He scooped Lan Yu up from the bed, then headed for the hot spring pond near his house.

As Holy Dragon Cult was in possession of rich hot spring resources, there were a lot of hot spring ponds in its headquarters. As the general leader of the cult, Kris naturally owns the best pond. And his house had been put up exactly where the source of a hot spring laid.

Wrapping the white cloth tight around his eyes, Kris began to undress Lan Yu, depending on his sense of touch.

A strong feeling of humiliation sprang up inside Lan Yu, and she felt so angry and ashamed that she would want to die. As the chief disciple of Emei School, she had never been subjected to such insults. But to save the lives of her sect uncles and sect sisters, she had to…

Wait, why is that?

Why did he have his eyes covered?

Seeing this scene made Lan Yu completely stunned.

“Hey, would you tell me where to land my fingers? I can’t see anything now. How should I undress you?” Kris said, “You’ve got an intense smell on you. If we don’t wash it off, the disciples of the cult may be attracted to us.”

Looking at Kris, who would like to but dared not to touch her skin, Lan Yu suddenly became enlightened.

Is that for this reason? She…she had misunderstood him!

Trust can sometimes be such a simple thing. With a good first impression of Kris, Lan Yu was naturally convinced by his explanation.

Lan Yu bit her lips before asking, “You really couldn’t see?”

“I don’t have X-Ray eyes. How could I see it?” Kris let out a wry laugh.

“Fine…move your hand up a little bit.”

Following her instruction, Kris moved up his fingers to touch a button and undo it.

“Now, move your hand down.”

Following all her instructions, Kris undoes those buttons one after another. When the last button was unfastened, Kris took off Lan Yu’s dress.

“Now… Come behind me and undo my…”

Lan Yu could get no further. It was shameful enough to ask a man to take off her dress, and now she was even urging him to take off her…Could there be something more shameful than that?

Kris did not speak either. He just moved behind her and reached for the only left piece of clothing on Lan Yu.

“Yikes! Where are you placing your hands?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean.” Kris apologized again and again.

“Moved over a little more.” Lan Yu instructed, her face blushing. Was that bastard doing so deliberately?

Kris gave an embarrassed smile as the brief contact between his fingertips, and her skin sent a shiver down his spine. Her skin was so smooth and soft.

Placing his fingers on Lan Yu’s back again, it took Kris four or five minutes to undo her bra since it was tightly buttoned, and Kris had no relating experience.

However, throughout the process, some physical contacts were unavoidable, of which the details are not the focus of our storytelling.

Finally, after taking off the last piece of clothing, Kris placed Lan Yu in the hot spring pond.


Kris exhaled out a breath of relief. That was a grinding process, and he finally got it finished.

“Sir? Could…could you please do me another favor?” Lan Yu stumbled over her words.

“Speak out. What do you want?”

“Could you…could you just please wash my hair for me?” Lan Yu went very red in the face. She felt that she nearly got head lice after days of imprisonment in the gloomy and damp dungeon.

“Is that so? No problem.” Kris nodded. So long as she doesn’t ask him to rescue her fellows, he wouldn’t refuse to do her another favor.

“Just a minute.”

Kris found out a set of toiletries, which seemed to have been left by Meiji Cai. Then he covered the cloth over his eyes again and started to shampoo her hair.

“Thanks, sir!” Lan Yu said gratefully.

“It’s nothing much.”

Lan Yu put on a brand new image after Kris got her hair washed.

If Kris had taken off that piece of cloth at that moment, a verse would pop into his mind, “Natural beauty of hibiscus rises out of clear water.”

Lan Yu, who had washed off all dirt over her body, finally revealed her original features.

However, Lan Yu was emaciated from days of coldness and hunger, which made her look so vulnerable and touching that everyone saw her would be protective towards her.

At that point, Lan Yu felt her mind relaxed, and both her spirit and flesh got refreshed all over. Eyeing the man who had rescued her from the dungeon and bathed her, an inexpressible mixture of feelings welled up in Lan Yu’s heart.

“Sir, who really are you?”

Without saying a word, Kris remained silent in response to her question.

“You knew me?” Lan Yu asked again.

There was a dead silence.

Looking at Kris, who remained silent, Lan Yu let out a sigh and implored, “Sir, please, could you rescue my sect uncles and sect sisters? I will not forget your great kindness even when I’m old enough to lose all my teeth!”

Kris got up and replied in a cold voice, “Do you think I am God? It is tough enough to help you out, and you want me to rescue them all? Do you think the disciples of Holy Dragon Cult are all as stupid as pigs?”

“Sir, I knew it’s hard for you. But…I beg you…” Before she could finish speaking, Kris refused her without hesitation, “No way. I’m not rescuing them.”

Being refused, Lan Yu was at a loss of what to do. She bit her lips before speaking tentatively, “Sir, you are a lot like one of my friends. Every time when I asked him for help, he would kindly agree to help.”

Her friend?

Which of her friends?

Wasn’t she talking about him?!

Kris sneered in his heart. Lan Yu had never thought of sharing her gains with him in normal times, yet every time when she was in need of help, she would come on to him really hard.

“I’m anyone but that friend of you,” Kris replied coldly.

“Sir, please! I beg you!”

“You beg me for help? Do you think I’m the Messiah?”

Kris sneered, “What’s more, what are the benefits of rescuing them?”


“Have nothing to say now, huh?” Kris curled his lips.

“So long as you can rescue them from the dungeon, I promise to work like a horse and toil like an ox for you. I promise to be either your wife or your mistress, and never betray you!” Lan Yu promised earnestly, “I swear by almighty God that if I should violate my oath, I will definitely end up dying distressingly!”

Without saying a word, Kris just pulled a bath towel off the screen beside him. He covered Lan Yu’s body with the towel, carried her out of the hot spring, and placed her on his bed.

“I swear that, really, if you…” But Kris interrupted her, “Listen, I will only rescue two of your fellows, but not a person more!” With that, he took off the piece of white cloth covering his eyes, “But I can promise you that all of them will be sound and safe!” As he finished, Kris pushed the door open and went out.

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