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Chapter 273: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 273 The Man With the Suitcase (1)

“Where is it?”

Henry then sent Kerry a location, and Kerry rushed there immediately.

“This is the room.” Henry said when Kerry arrived. It was a small room for rent, and it was simply decorated. There were three beds, a few chairs and a table. There was a meal on the table and it was still hot. They also found a Rubik’s cube on bed and it was solved.

“How did you find this room?” Kerry was confused.

Henry answered: “I asked the people living downstairs, and they told me they heard a baby was crying last night, which confused them a lot because they are pretty sure there are only two men and a woman living in this room. And one man is wearing a mask all the time.”

Kerry’s eyes were blazing. He said: “The food is still hot, so they haven’t gone far. Go and find them!”

“Yes, sir.”


The young man with the suitcase hailed a taxi. He put the suitcase in the trunk and said to the driver: “I’m going to the seaside. Please be quick.”

“No problem.” The driver stepped on the gas peddle and the car zoomed away.

The driver was probably rather bored, so he tried to talk with the young man. He said: “Hey, why do you want to go to the seaside now? It’s very hot.”

The young man only smiled. He didn’t say anything. So the driver stopped talking with him.

Half an hour later, the traffic became slow-moving. The young man poked his head out of the window and looked ahead. He found a few police officers were doing checks, and there was also a police dog.

“Sir, why are there checks” The young man asked.

“I don’t know. I think it’s just a routine check. But these checks are getting more and more rigorous these days.”

“Do they check every car?”

“Sure.” The driver laughed. “Maybe it’s because some important people are coming to Sky City.”

After a moment of silence, the young man said: “Sir, let’s go back. I don’t want to go to the seaside.”

The driver looked at him through the rear-viewing mirror, and asked: “Why?”

“It’s too hot. Just like what you said. I’ll go there this afternoon.” The young man answered flatly.

“So we go back?”

“Yeah. Let’s go back.”

“No problem.” The driver slowed down a little bit and turned around.

The young man took out his phone and sent someone a message.


At that time, Kerry and Henry were doing an extensive search in Nanluo Alley. They searched every bar and every hotel, but that woman was nowhere to be seen.

“Where can they be?”

Kerry stood in the center of Nanluo Alley. He looked at the continual bustle of people coming and going, and he didn’t know what to do. He asked his people to extend the searching area, and they kept on searching until the dusk approached, and they still couldn’t find anything.

Maybe, Gavin was not in this alley at all, and Venus’s dream couldn’t mean anything. And the hot food in that room was just a coincidence.

Kerry finally gave up. He went back home, feeling depressed. He found Venus and Xiran were doing Yoga in the gym, and he didn’t tell them what happened. He didn’t want to ruin their mood.

When he walked downstairs, he bumped into Tianye. Tianye fetched Venus and Xiran some water and he was going to the gym to give them the water.

“When did you come back?” Tianye asked.

“Just now.” Kerry answered in a low voice.

“Did you find anything in Nanluo Alley?”

Kerry told him what happened.

Tianye frowned. He said: “Maybe I should ask our family doctor to give Venus a physical examination. If the baby is really a girl, then that means Venus’s dream is probably true, and Pingan is highly likely in Sky City.”

Two months ago, Xiran told her parents that she was pregnant, and her parents were so excited. They don’t want Xiran to go to a hospital because there are always many people in the hospital and it is very exhausting to wait in queues, so they spent lots of money and bought Xiran some medical equipment, including an ultrasound machine, a blood pressure monitor and so on, They also hired a famous obstetrics expert to be their family doctor.

Tianye wanted to pay for these things, but Xiran’s parents insisted. They say these things are a gift for their daughter, so Tianye and Xiyan accepted the gift gladly.

Kerry nodded after hearing Tianye’s proposal. He also thought about it on the way back. He found what Venus said about her dream rather ridiculous.

Venus finished her exercise. She found Kerry was standing beside a window, and he looked sad and exhausted. Obviously, he didn’t find Pingan.

It was dinner time. The four of them sat at a table and had dinner. But the atmosphere was rather heavy, and none of them was in a good mood.

Tianye was the one who broke the silence. He said: “Venus, tomorrow our family doctor will give Xiran a physical examination, and you can also have a check-up. Let’s see whether you are going to have a boy or a girl, and then we can also know whether your dream can mean something or not.”

Venus knew what Tianye meant. So she agreed gladly.

Kerry stayed at Tianye’s place that night. He took a shower, and when he came out, he found Venus was already deep in sleep. She always sleeps very fast since she got pregnant, except a few days earlier when she couldn’t sleep because Pingan was lost and she was injured.

Kerry sneaked onto the bed, and held her in his arms gently.

“Have a good dream, Venus.” He whispered to her.

However, Venus didn’t have any dream the whole night.

The next morning, the family doctor arrived at Tianye’s place. She carried out an examination on Venus and she said: “She is having a girl. And the girl is very healthy. Don’t worry.”

Tianye, Kerry, Venus, and Xiran were so shocked. They all remembered what Venus said yesterday.

The doctor was confused. She asked: “What’s the matter? Don’t you want a baby girl?”

“Oh, of course we want a girl.” Kerry explained. “It’s something else we are thinking of. Don’t worry.”

“I see.”

Kerry then helped Venus out of the room, and it was Xiran’s turn to have a checkup.

Chapter 273 The Man With the Suitcase (2)

Pingan had been missing for three days, and Kerry was determined to find his son back, whatever the cost may be. The worst case scenario is to have all his secrets revealed, and if that actually happens, he will leave Sky City and find somewhere else to live. He just wants to be with his family. That’s all.

All the roads were blocked, but they still couldn’t make sure that Pingan is one hundred percent safe. So Kerry and Tianye couldn’t waste any more time and they must hurry.

The sun arose and the temperature soared. Kerry went to a small apartment in the center of the city, and he knocked the door.

“Sir, you are here.” Nighthawk said respectfully.

“Where is Xuan Chu?”

“He is in this room.” Nighthawk then opened the door of a small room, and Kerry walked in. He found Xuan was reading a book leisurely.

Xuan put the book aside when Kerry walked in, and he looked at Kerry coldly, who was once his partner.

“Xuan, we meet again.” Kerry looked at him.

Xuan gave a sarcastic laugh. He said: “Yeah. It is very surprising to see you again.”

Kerry then looked around the room. It is a small room, but there was everything Xuan may need for his daily life.

“Xuan, I’m here to ask you to do me a favor. Of course, You can lay your conditions.” Kerry said.

Xuan laughed coldly. “I am only your prisoner. I don’t deserve to lay any condition.”

“Frankly speaking, you and I owe each other nothing. That’s why I am treating you so well. So I don’t understand why are you involved in this matter again? What can you gain from this?” Kerry said. He wished Xuan could listen to him.

Xuan said: “Stop talking. I have no idea where he is. Or I won’t go to F province to look for him.”

Kerry stared at him unblinkingly, as if he was trying to see whether he was lying or not.

“Don’t look at me like that. I really don’t know where he is.”

“But you know what does he look like.”

Xuan froze for a moment. What Kerry said was true. Only a few people know what does Gavin look like, and he is one of these people. He wishes he had never seen that face. In that way, he wouldn’t be so attached to that person.

“So, do you want to cooperate with me?” Kerry said.

After a few minutes’ silence, Xuan finally said: “What do you want me to do?”

“Easy. If you help me to find that guy, I will set you free.”

Xuan was surprised. He looked at him and said: “Are you sure?”

“I just want to find my son. Your life means nothing to me.” Kerry said.

“What if I disagree?”

Kerry’s eyes gradually turned purple. He reached his hand towards the book Xuan was just reading, and without touching it, he made the book fly around in the air.

Xuan was numb with shock. He had heard about Kerry’s super powers, but that was the first time he witnessed it.

Kerry then made everything in the room float in the air, including Xuan. And Xuan was so frightened. He shouted: “Kerry. Let me down!”

Kerry smiled. His hand moved slightly and Xuan fell onto the bed, and the other things were still floating in the air.

Fear flickered across Xuan’s face. He jumped off the bed and moved away from Kerry as if Kerry was some kind of monster. But suddenly, Kerry disappeared, and a second later, he was standing right in front of Xuan.

“What…what do you want…” Xuan said in a shaking voice. He leaned against the wall helplessly.

“You think I am a monster, don’t you.” Kerry stared at Xuan, as if he was his prey.

Kerry was so close to Xuan, and Xuan wanted to push him away, but he didn’t dare to touch him. So he only turned his head and looked away.

“Xuan, I am now in a very good mood, so you can still make your decision. If you make me angry……” Kerry smiled slyly.

Xuan shuddered nonstop. He swallowed nervously and said: “What will happen……”

“You will be my lunch this noon.” Kerry glared at him. His eyes were murderous.

Xuan closed his eyes tightly. He thought Kerry was serious and he was truly frightened.

Nighthawk, who was standing at the door, almost burst into laughter after hearing what Kerry said. So he walked away immediately.

“Kerry, please calm down. We can talk.”

“That is why I am here.” Kerry said. His strategy worked. Xuan is also a chicken. Kerry thought.

The things in the room soon flew back to their original position. Kerry sat in a chair, crossed his arms in front of his chest and said: “So, you will help me to find that bastard.”

Xuan sighed with huge relief. He grabbed a glass of water and drank it in a gulp. He then recovered himself and said: “I can help you. But you must keep your promise. When we find him, you must let me leave Sky City.”

“I agree.” Kerry said. He just wanted to get rid of Gavin, and setting Xuan free was really not a big deal.

Kerry than said: “Xuan, don’t you dare to escape. If you escape, your family and your business are going to pay the price. When you want to run away, think about what will happen to your parents, your sister, and your workers!”

“Don’t worry. I am a man of my word.” Xuan said.

Kerry stood up. “Let’s go!” He then left the room.

Xuan found his shirt was drenched when Kerry left the room. Turned out, he just broke out in a cold sweat.

Chapter 273 The Man With the Suitcase (3)

Xuan Chu hadn’t come out of the apartment for quite a few days. And he felt refreshed when he finally walked out and breathed the fresh air.

They got into Kerry’s car. Kerry asked: “Where do you think Gavin is?”

Xuan frowned. “I have no idea. That’s why I can never find him.”

“Do you have his number?”

Xuan shook his head. “No. We were out of touch since we went back to Hong Kong.”

Kerry took out a notebook and a pencil. He said: “Can you do a sketch of him?”

Xuan said: “I don’t know how to sketch.”

“Fine. Describe what does he look like. I will do the sketch.” Kerry said.

Xuan had not seen that man for a very long time, but he could still remember his face vividly.

“Where do I start? I can only say that his face is an artwork. Nobody can resist his charm, man or woman. Among all the people I have met, he is the one who has the most delicate features. His eyes are so shining and they are like starts in the sky.”

Kerry got impatient. He threw his pencil aside and said: “I want you to tell me what does he look like! Stop telling me how handsome he is!”

Xuan said: “But he is handsome. He is the most handsome man I have ever met. You are not even half as handsome as he is.”

Kerry laughed coldly. “So you are saying the reason why he always wears a mask is because he doesn’t want people to see how beautiful he is? Like what Changong Gao did?” (Changgong Gao is one of the four most beautiful men in China’s history.”

“Who is that guy?” Xuan asked. He was still thinking about Gavin.

“You should learn some history.” Kerry shot him a sideways glance and said. “Forget about the sketch. If he is really that beautiful, we will recognize him when we see him. Besides, if he really dares to remove his mask, he will be surrounded by the women in Sky City.”

Kerry then took out the picture of that woman and give it to Xuan. “Do you know this woman?”

Xuan looked at it carefully and said: “I think she is Tingyu Zhao.”

“Do you really know her?” Kerry was excited.

“I met her a few times. She is also in mad love with Gavin. So we are enemies.”

“Are you sure she is Tingyu Zhao?”

Xuan looked at the picture again and said: “Yes. There are not many women who can get so close to Gavin.”

Kerry then made a call immediately. “Mr Wei, please help me to find a woman named Tingyu Zhao. Search every hotel in this city!”

“No problem.”

Kerry then called Tianye and told him about this woman. The three of them would search different places so that they could find the woman sooner.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon. Kerry walked into a hotel in the downtown area of Sky City.

“Hello.” Kerry smiled at the receptionist.

The receptionist is a girl. She looked up and she recognized Kerry immediately. She smiled and said: “Good afternoon, Mr Ye. How can I help you.”

“I need to find a person in your hotel.” Kerry smiled brilliantly. He had been using his smile to make various receptionists help him the whole day.

The girl didn’t know what to do. She said: “I’m sorry, sir. But we can’t give you the information of our guests.”

Kerry was still smiling. He said: “Please. It’s really an urgent situation. Please help me.”

Kerry’s smile finally grabbed the girl’s heart. She said: “Fine. What’s his name?”

“Tingyu Zhao.” Kerry said.

Xuan snorted. He was obviously feeling jealous.

“Tingyu Zhao. We do have a guest named Tingyu Zhao.”

Kerry was so surprised and he couldn’t even believe his ears.

“What did you say? Are you sure?”

“Yes. She ordered a room yesterday, and she still lives here.”

Kerry was so excited. He leaned forward and asked: “Which room?”


“Thank you.” Kerry then rushed to the elevator, and his people followed him closely.

“Sir, you can’t go up there!” The receptionist said. But it was no use.

The elevator was still at the seventh floor. Kerry couldn’t wait anymore. So he took the staircase instead.

A minute later, Kerry was standing in front of room 317. Without any hesitation, he kicked the door open. But there was no one inside.

The bed was unmade. There were some female dresses on bed and some cosmetic products on table. Obviously, the woman was in this room not long ago.

Nighthawk walked around the room. He then said: “Sir, I think they escaped through this window.”

“She is must nearby. Take Xuan with you and find her. He can recognize that woman. I will search some other rooms!”

“Yes, sir.”

Kerry then walked to room 318. He knew they would at least order two rooms because there were four of them. Three adults and one baby.

When he was about to kick the room open, the manager of the hotel arrived and said: “Sir, here is the key. Please don’t kick the door.”

Kerry took the key and opened the door. There was no one inside. The bed was tidy. Obviously no one slept on it.

Kerry asked the manager: “Is there someone in your guests who is wearing a mask? Or someone who takes a baby?”

The manager nodded. “I know someone wearing a mask. He lives in room 217. But he doesn’t have a kid with him.”

“Take me there.”


The manager then took Kerry to room 217, and opened the door. There was no one in the room. But there were a bunch of snakes on the table and a small toy car.

Kerry looked around the room. He found a black suitcase which looked rather familiar to him. He suddenly remembered two days ago, he bumped into a young man, and that young man was holding a suitcase that looks exactly like this one.

“Is that man……”

Kerry soon opened the suitcase. And he only found a small shoe in the suitcase. His mind went blank. Because this shoe is exactly the one he put on Pingan’s feet a few days ago.

The suitcase was very large so there was enough space for a kid.

“Has that bastard been hiding Pingan in this suitcase?” Kerry thought to himself, and he shuddered at the very thought. Because Pingan is a very naughty boy, if that man wants Pingan to be quiet in this box, he must has made Pingan eat some kind of drug!

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